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Bruce did not sleep well at all that night. He was worried about his daughter. He wondered how she would feel today. He knew he was fairly miserable the day after becoming the hulk, would she have a similar experience. He did not want to take the video as a definite guide to his daughter's physical wellbeing. She was likely having an adrenalin rush after the events that happened the day she woke, but how would… Forget wondering and speculating, he was going to go find out for himself.

Bruce stepped out of his room and was quickly intercepted by Tony.

"Ready, for the day big guy."

"I was going to check on Lydia." Bruce stepped away from Tony and started again to his daughter's room.

"Pepper's with her right now. We have been ordered to my private area to help Cap with breakfast." Tony started to pull him away, as Bruce raised an eyebrow at him.

"Okay you are going to help with breakfast. I'll, I don't know, set the table. Yeah, I can do that."

Bruce, rolled his eyes and sighed, at least he would have to worry about the kitchen blowing up today. Still he would much rather check in on his daughter. He had yet to spend a day with her.

Twenty minutes later Bruce was plating the pancakes. As he took them to the table he looked up and saw Pepper walking into the room, with Lydia leaned lightly against her. Lydia looked tiered.

"Hey, guys' guest of honor decided to join us." Tony announced happily as he walked up to Pepper. He placed a kiss on Pepper's mouth then looked at Lydia.

"Wow, you look like a teenager." He sounded pleased. "I knew you would rock the hipster look." Ah that explained it Tony picked the outfit.

"Really? I like it. What do you think?" Lydia asked her tiered gaze locked onto Bruce.

Bruce did not know much about fashion, but she seemed to belong in the outfit. Tony did well. He had picked out a floral skirt or dress it could go either way with the comfy looking cream sweater on top. So, Bruce was not the only one to notice his daughter always seemed cold. She wore black, tights, boots and a hat, with a warm scarf that was forest green.

"Looks good." Bruce said, and was rewarded with a happy, if not tiered, smile.

"Come eat you guys." Cap said as he finished setting the table.

Lydia followed slowly behind Tony and Pepper as they made their way to the table. There were frowns around the table as they watched Lydia watcher own feet as she walked to the table. Clearly her head was hung in exhaustion. It left them all wondering if doing this today was a good idea. But, as she made it to the table and looked up everyone was quick to hide their concern.

Steve passed around the pancakes and everyone piled their plates high, except her. Her hands shook as she picked the smallest pancake on the plate. She stared at it for the longest time before she cut it into pieces, and only a couple of those made it into her mouth. All she had the day before was a piece of toast. While he knew from the videos that she had always been small he could not help the nagging in his head that she was too skinny now. Had the other children been that way too? He would have to check with Fury and make sure the other kids were checked. But, Lydia was their responsibility, and he would be keeping an eye on her. He glanced casually at Bruce and knew he would not be the only one. The man appeared to be studying his daughter with a frown.

"So, I was thinking we should pay a visit to Cony Island today." Tony said conversationally.

"I really hate crowds Tony." Bruce groaned

"But she has never been. It's a crime Bruce. I mean hell, even the capsicle has been to Cony Island." Tony sounded truly upset.

"Cony Island?" Lydia asked in confusion.

Tony pointed dramatically to the girl. "The poor child, Bruce. Think of the child."

"I'm not a kid." Lydia huffed tiredly

"I hate to tell this sweetie, but here you are officially the baby in the family." Pepper pointed out in amusement.

"Yes, comrade Barton does not bring his young ones to see us often, so it is very likely you will always remain the youngest in our group." Thor added as he finished shoveling his food into his mouth.

"Do you feel up to going, Lydia?" Bruce asked her.

The girl seemed to tense as she became aware of how she was hunched in her seat. She quickly sat up and looked around the room as she noticed the others were watching her. She plastered a smile on her face. She nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh, yeah. It should be fun."

Lydia looked impressed as she walked up the jet. She had been unconscious the last time she flew on it.

"Don't worry about flying." Natasha said as she walked up behind her.

"Don't worry, I will be fine. I have done things scarier than flying." Lydia stated.

They all turned to look at her with a skeptical eyes.

"Ever diffused a bomb?" Lydia asked

They all nodded.

"Were you four years old?" She asked

Mouths suddenly dropped.

"That old man had a lot of confidence in me." She mused quietly with a smirk on her face.

"How do you mean?" Bruce asked as she sat between him and Tony.

"It was my first time seeing a bomb, I was four, crying, and he sat in the corner of the room watching me." She paused as another thought came to mind. "Of course, he may have just been crazy." She added.

"You were crying?" Bruce sounded upset.

"The kid who had to do it before me was killed. We were all watching and it was scary thinking about being incinerated at four." She shrugged.

"I built my first bomb at eight." Tony said suddenly.

"That explains it then." Tony looked at her strangely as she yawned and leaned back against the wall. "They kept telling me that…excuse me, I had to be better than "The Stark". Made me build a bomb at seven." Her eyes were drifting closed.

"How can you be so casual about this stuff Lydia?" Tony whispered.

"It was all I knew. Besides it never killed me, so why bother being bothered by it. If it had killed me than it would have been over and I would not have to worry about it anymore. You get desensitized to after a while." Her eyes closed. "But, I cannot say I have had much time to really think about, they kept us busy. So, who knows I might be more upset later." Her breathing started to even out and it became clear to Tony and Bruce that she had fallen asleep.

Everyone sat there musing over the new information when Tony let out a startled yelp. Everyone looked at him and saw that Lydia had slid from the wall to her upper body lay cross his lap.

"Want me to move her?" Bruce asked.

Tony looked down at her for a moment, before gently running a hand through her hair.

"No, she's fine. Not like the kid weighs anything."

Bruce reached down and pulled her feet into his lap "She is kind of underweight." He agreed

Lydia turned in her sleep and nuzzled into Tony, and the billionaire could not help the soft smile that found its way to his mouth.

"You have all the luck, big guy." He said as he continued to watch Lydia.

Bruce was smiling as well, but it was partially because of the look that was on Pepper's face as she watched Tony interact with Lydia.

"I'm starting to feel lucky." Bruce agreed. For the first time in a long time he really did feel lucky. Despite their lives having been crap so far, he and Lydia had survived it.

Now they were together and for that he was truly grateful.

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