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Alpha Gamma…Lydia Banner stood up on shaky legs and inspected the men before her. Cap was dressed in his, what her research had proven to be his new suit. Thor looked exactly as she had expected all Norse and Viking-ey. Tony Stark aka Ironman, well he was not as tall as she had expected, but despite that he still had a commanding presence in the room. Admittedly he was the one she was interested in. He spent the most time with Bruce. She had hoped he would be among the rescue party, if not Bruce himself.

"Where is Dr. Banner?" she kept her tone neutral despite her disappointment.

"Probably Fiji, if I was throwing a guess out there." Tony stated with a shrug.

"Oh." Lydia rubbed at her neck.

"Are you all right?" the Captain

"Electricity burns take longer to heal." She simply stated and turned her attention back to Stark.

"You know Dr. Banner very well, yes?"

"I know your father very well." Tony corrected.

"How will he…." Lydia stopped mid statement and turned her head toward the door. Her eyes were narrowed in concentration, but widened suddenly. "Get Down!" she yelled.

Lydia threw herself at Tony, he was out of the armor, and he insisted it would not be needed, but as a barrage of attacks made their way into the room he was starting to rethink the decision. The sound of fighting was coming from the hall.

"What on earth happened?" Cap shouted.

"Not everyone here dislikes this place as much as I do." She answered as continued to cover Tony.

Something clanged across the floor. Causing her to look toward the sound. A bomb had just been thrown into the room. She growled low in her throat as she jumped up to get rid of it.

The sound she made startled Tony. She dodged around the attacks being thrown into the room with impressive grace as she made her way to the bomb. With a swift motion she grabbed it and tossed it back out the door, just as it exploded. She then threw herself out at who Tony assumed to be the one who had decided to play lets blow up the Avengers. Tony jumped up to follow after her. She would make Banner happy, he just knew it, and he would be damned before he was going to lose her.

In the hall he found her fighting two men who were much larger than her like it was nothing. A swift punch to the throat had the larger of the two men down in seconds. The smaller man was just as fast a Lydia, but not as agile. The girl pulled a couple of impressive flips that Natasha would be jealous of and landed behind the behemoth she was fighting. She reached into his belt and pulled out a syringe and injected the contents into the back of his neck, and seconds later he was unconscious.

"Impressive." Tony stated.

"She is called Alpha for a reason." Tony turned to find a woman pointing a gun at his face. Thor and Cap had long since joined the fight to subdue the children, so he was on his own.

"Really?" he stated casually. As he made an attempt to back into the room.

"Stop moving Stark. Do you have any idea what you ruined today? No I think not."

"I was tipped off about this place, so someone clearly grew tired of being here."

"Really? Alpha Gamma I am assuming this was your doing then?" the lady turned to the girl who was standing frozen at the sight of the blond woman who was now standing in front of Tony. Tony was cautiously watching Lydia.

"Why would you do this to your mother?" Tony and Lydia's heads snapped to the woman. One in confusion the other in anger.

"You may have carried me, but you are not my mother." Lydia stated with such venom that Tony shuddered.

"Naughty Alpha Gamma. Now you need to be punished." She waved the gun in her hand and smirked. "Your favorite drug my dear how lucky I thought ahead."

The woman moved the gun toward Lydia, and put her finger on the trigger, but she smirked suddenly and turned her head toward Tony.

"The again you always did hate to see others in pain." The gun was at Tony's shoulder and as the bang sounded Tony braced himself for pain.

None came, but a weight was suddenly pressed against him. He opened the eyes he had not even realized he had shut, and found Lydia leaned heavily against him. He could feel her shuddering gasps against his neck as she collapsed fully against him. Whatever was in the drug must be taking affect. He quickly put one of his arms around the girl to support her and used the other hand to pull the dart from her neck. The girl shuddered against him, and he gently lowered her to the ground.

Lydia's pupils were blown and the shuddering intensified to seizure like tremors. The girl's breath was now coming in short quick gasps, as painful moans escaped her mouth.

"What did you do to her?" Tony spat at the woman. The only answer he got was a cackle, which was cut off abruptly by the sound of a shield on the back of a skull.

"Is Lydia okay?" Cap asked concern leaked through his tone. Tony was somewhat relieved to find that he was not the only one growing attached.

"I don't know what psycho queen just gave her."

"You should sedate her." A young voice spoke up from down the hall. Agent hill was standing with a child who looked to be around twelve.

The little brown haired girl walked up to the unconscious form of the psycho queen and dug around in her pockets until she came across a syringe. Tired and sad blue eyes meet Tony's brown.

"Nightmares are better than pain." She handed the syringe to Tony then took Agent Hill's hand and the two walked back the way they had come.

Tony looked at the syringe in his hand for a moment then at Lydia, tears were running freely down her face. She was in pain because of Tony, for the second time in less than twenty minutes. He poised the needle at her neck and quickly pushed the stuff into her system. He owed her release from pain and so much more. The shaking stopped and her breathing slowed. Lydia's eyes turned dazed as she looked up at Tony with a vulnerability that can only be brought on by drugs being forced on you.

"I just want my dad." She whispered quietly as her eyes slipped closed.

"I know sweetie, I know." If anyone could relate to this sentiment it was Tony. Peace momentarily took over the girls features and she truly looked like a child.

Tony bent down to scoop the girl up in his arms. Cap took point and lead them out of the building. Thor joined them not long after and kept watch at the back. All three men determined to get Lydia out of this lab.

Three hours later the group arrived at the Avengers compound, and were meet at the doors by Natasha.

"Who is this?" she asked Tony as he carried the girl in his arms inside.

All the men looked pensive the nightmares the younger girl had mentioned started about ten minutes into their flight back. They could hardly process all the things that the girl had cried about for the last three hours and forty minutes. One thing had become abundantly clear the girl wanted to meet Banner.

Tony settled the girl in the nicest room they had available in the compound. He then walked down the hall to one of the many offices that they had available. He pulled up a computer and then sent a message to Natasha. Who stared at what she had received.

"You knew where he was this entire time."

"I built that plane of course I know how to track it." He scoffed.

"Why are giving me this information now? Does it have something to do with the girl you brought in?"

"Lydia." Cap stated


"Her name is Lydia." Thor said.

"Lydia Banner." Tony stated and to turned to find the astonished face of the Black Widow staring at him.

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