Warning: Plot ahead

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"Well?" Stiyl asked, when the strange boy did not immediately answer. Stiyl did not move his hand from his rune cards. "Why do you claim to be a member of science, when you have obviously had magic training, and why do you not generate a shadow?"

Touma could not detect mana, but that might be what was giving him that weird sensation. He looked down at the boy's feet and saw that even with the light generated from the emergency lights, there was no shadow around him in any direction. How is that possible? He turned his eyes back to the boy and watched him closely. Touma was not sure what was going to happen.

"Hmm," Jason said rubbing his chin. "I do not know if the amount of mana I have is a lot, but the reason I generate mana is pretty obvious. I have had magic training. A group of people, who called themselves magicians from a Protestant Church, taught me some techniques a while back. I was told it was an experiment to see if an ability user could learn magic and it was supposed to be a way to help smooth relations between the magic and science sides." He shrugged. "At first I thought magic and science was the same thing, but I learned quickly they were fundamentally different. Though in the end, it seemed like they did it for themselves, to further their own goal."

"Wait," Touma interrupted, remembering something important he was told by Sherry Cromwell, a magician who infiltrated Academy City not too long ago. "I was told by a magician that people can't learn magic if they are an ability user. They run on different pathways or something that conflict with each other and leads to the person's death."

Jason shrugged again. "Maybe I'm special?" He started to laugh slightly, until Stiyl threw a rune card in front of him, which exploded. Touma and Jason both jumped back to avoid the flames.

"This is not a laughing matter," Stiyl growled angrily. "Do you have any idea what you are? If you can use magic and science freely, then you are breaking the balance between our worlds."

Touma and Jason both look at him in confusion, and then, in unison, they ask, "Why?"

Stiyl sighed and rubbed his head. "It would take too long to explain. Answer the second question first."

"The second question is easy," Jason said. "It was stolen by the magicians who trained me."

"They took away your shadow?" Touma asked. "Why would they do that if they trained you? Wait… can you explain how that is even possible first?"

"It was a method of control," Jason said, a little bitterly. "They felt I was a danger to them. However, they got sloppy and this group of scientists killed them and took me here. As for the magic they used, I don't know what it was. My training…. was limited."

"I want to test something," Stiyl spoke up. "Kamijou, go up and hit him with your right hand."


"Just do it," Stiyl demanded.

Touma sighed and walked over to Jason, who was watching him with his face full of curiosity. I don't know what this is going to prove, he thought to himself. He went over and put his right hand on Jason's shoulder. "See noth…" Touma started to say, when he heard the constant breaking noise that sounded a little like glass shattering. Everyone stared at his hand, while the noise continued, but no noticeable effect seems to be happening to Jason.

"Wow," Jason commented. "Interesting hand you have there."

Stiyl sighed and scratched his head. "My job was to capture this alchemist alive, and we did that. I do not have permission to capture a resident of this city, even if he is a magician. However, I am not getting involved in their problems. I may be back if my superior decides that you are a threat." He walked over and picked up the unconscious body. "We most likely will meet again Touma Kamijou." He turned and left the way they came from.

Touma watched him go and then turned to Jason. "Where is your shadow?"

"Umm," Jason responded his face screws up in concentration, while looking around. "Sorry, without my shadow, it is very hard to concentrate. It should be one floor up and in that direction." He pointed.

"Let's go then," Touma said, leading the way to the stairs.

Jason did not immediately follow. "Why would you help me so much?" he asked suspiciously. "What is in it for you? We just met and your companion obviously doesn't trust me. He thought I was a vampire at first. Wouldn't his distrust make you doubt me?"

"I don't need a reason to help someone in trouble," Touma answered. "Besides, what makes you say that he thought you were one?"

"I can read minds a little, mainly what's on the surface. That sensory deprivation device was messing with my head. That's why he was acting so serious against me. But you, you are different. I can't get any information from you. Except you seem to be an…idiot?"

"It's my ability," Touma replied, with a twinge of annoyance. "My Imagine Breaker can destroy any supernatural ability. Also, even if I get called an idiot all the time, I will still help anyone who needs it."

"Fascinating, I definitely want to study that ability sometime. It looks impressive."

Touma laughed, "It definitely has it uses. Let's go, get your shadow, and then get out of here."

They continued up the stairs and down a corridor to a locked room. Jason moved his hand over the lock and it clicked open. They enter a room and looked around. It was empty, except for a metal table with an innocent looking wooden box covered in runes resting on it. They moved neared it and the runes started glowing.

"Seems to have a ward against living things," Jason frowned, watching the runes. "If we try to force it open, it will start trying to fry everything around it."

"Let me do it," Touma volunteered, as he touched the box with his right hand. The sound of glass shattering was heard and the runes stop glowing instantly, "Done."

"Very handy ability," Jason commented. He went over and opened the box carefully. Touma, at first, didn't think anything was in the box. The inside seems to be painted black, until the black paint started moving and exploded upwards from the box, like a geyser. The dark water-like substance then arced towards Jason and obscured him completely from sight. The dark water eventually stopped coming out of the box and Touma watched the shadow start forming around Jason. Touma then felt something weird, his right hand seemed to start pulsing and he couldn't understand why. When the water stopped, so did the pulsing and Jason was standing their smiling. The shadow seemed to give Jason brand new clothes, black denim pants and a black shirt. It would have looked pretty normal, except he also had a black cape billowing behind him. It was moving in ways no cape should be able to without heavy winds. Touma noticed Jason also started to generate a shadow like a normal person. "It feels good to be whole. Without my shadow, it was like I was missing a piece of myself."

"Can you do something about the cape," Touma asked. "It could lead to some awkward questions when we leave." What kind of ability is that? His shadow appears to act like water, but can actually materialize physical clothes. He stared at his right hand. What was that feeling in my hand?

Jason nodded and the cape rolled up and disappeared against him. "It's pretty versatile."

Touma and Jason quickly left the building. On the way, Touma stopped at a pay phone to call Anti-Skill, the police force of Academy City, to leave an anonymous tip about the lab. They both left the area as fast as possible and headed back to the residential district. They walked in silence for a while, until Jason turned to Touma.

"I really want to thank you for saving me," he admitted. "I have not met many people like you, willing to help a complete stranger for nothing in return."

Touma waved his hand, as if to say no problem. "If someone needs help, I will help them. It's not that complicated." They continue in silence, until Touma spoke up, "If you need a place to stay, you can crash with me."

"I appreciate the offer," Jason replied. "But I do have my own residence."

"Ah that's good. Thought you might have had trouble finding a place to go…" Touma trailed off as he saw all the fire trucks ahead of him, surrounding his dorm, and the crowd of people watching. "AHHHH, I forgot that alchemist blew my dorm up trying to kill me!" he cried. "Such misfortune," he mumbled to himself, while Jason looked at him with amusement.


A malicious voice was heard from the alley near them and they both turned to see Index approaching towards Touma. Touma started to back away in fright. "Index," he tried to explain. "I am glad you are alright, but that fire is not my fault, it was…STOP BITING ME PLEASE!" Index had attacked him before he could finish explaining.

"So," Jason said. "I see we might have to reverse that offer. You two can stay with me, as long as you need to."

Index turned toward him and then looked up at the sky. "I wish to thank you lord for sending us such a helpful person in our time of need. Excuse me, if you don't mind me asking, how do you know Touma?"

"He saved my life."

Index sighed, "Sounds like him. He always helps others and doesn't think about himself at all." She turned to Touma, "You are going to tell me where you were tonight and how you know this helpful person."

"Wow, is this it?" Touma asked, as they stood in front of a rather impressive apartment building.

"Yep," Jason confirmed. "7th floor."

They rode the elevator in silence, as Touma had finished telling Index what had happened and Index had finished giving Touma her stern lecture. When they reached the 7th floor, Jason put in a code and the door opened. They stepped out of the elevator and walked down a large white clean hallway. On the third door to the right, Jason inputted another code and the door opened to lead to a really nice living area, with a kitchen in the corner and another two open doors leading to the bedroom and the bathroom.

"Wow," Touma gasped, impressed. "It's like five times the size of my dorm."

"Touma, Touma," Index cried excitedly, looking at the view through the windows. "We are so high up." Touma joined her and agreed.

Jason yawned, "Man it's late and I'm exhausted, and I bet you two are too. Index can have the bedroom and Touma and I can share the pull out couch."

Touma quickly agreed, but Index wanted to sleep in the same room as Touma. After much arguing, she finally relented. The lights had just been turned off before Jason fell asleep. Touma laid awake, staring at the ceiling, feeling he forgot something important, but was not sure what. He even did his homework early, and then it hit him.

He had finished his homework, but it was in his apartment.

Touma woke up the next morning and looked around in surprise at where he was, until he remembered the events from the night before. He was so out of it because of the alchemist, Jason's imprisonment, and his dorm exploding, he didn't even question spending the night here instead of calling his friends. He realized what noise woke him up. Index had just turned on the TV. He sat up and stretched, looking at her and then around the rest of the apartment.

"Where's Jason?" Touma asked her.

"He said he had to leave and run errands," Index replied, turning to face Touma. "But he made us breakfast first. It was delicious. I'm so full."

Touma nodded in acknowledgement and walked to the kitchen area. He looked around and saw some bacon and eggs, sitting under a cover, with a note attached to the front of it. He picked up the note and read.


Sorry, I had to get up early. A lot of stuff came up that I needed to get done. I left food for you and Index. She woke up when I was making it, so I just fed her. How much can she eat? I will probably go through a week's worth of food by tomorrow.

If you want a free lunch I plan to be by Joseph's Diner around 1.


Touma shook his head and smiled slightly at the comment about Index's food consumption. He also wondered what kind of person Jason was to just go out like normal after being a prisoner, for who knows how long. He stretched, grabbed the plate of food, and started eating, while looking out the window. It was finally sinking in about losing his apartment. He did not have a lot of belongings, but he lost a lot all his clothes and furniture. The only thing he had on him was his keys, wallet and phone. He smacked himself in the head, he still had his phone. He pulled it out of his pocket and turned it on. It had been turned off because he and Stiyl where trying to capture the alchemist discreetly. As he turned his phone on, it virtually exploded from all the missed calls and texts.

Kami-yan what happened? There was an explosion and your dorm was on fire.

Kamijou, I saw on the news your dorm was on fire, what did you do?

You idiot, what did you do? Where are you so I can kick your…

Etc., etc. and over 50 missed calls.

Touma continued to read through all the texts and noticed that most of his friends and classmates saw the fir on the news. It had been declared a stove malfunction, which lead to the explosion. The exact cause of the explosion was declared to be a gas leak in the stove. Touma shook his head and noticed several calls were from his teacher, Komoe-sensei. Touma sighed and dialed her number. It rang a couple times then…

"Kamijou-kun?" a young female child voice asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes Komoe-sensei," Touma replied. "I wanted to let you know I was fine because you seemed worried about me."

"Of course I was worried," she cried. "When I saw your dorm was destroyed, I thought one of my cute students was hurt." He thought he heard her sniff and start to cry.

"I'm fine really sensei," Touma reassured her. "Though, my homework got a little burnt in the process."

"That's fine," she replied cheerfully. "I am sure we can give you the homework Monday."

Great, Touma thought to himself, and then said, "I will see you tomorrow Sensei." He hung up and went back to Index to watch some TV. It seems like the report on the dorm explosion was still playing today. He sighed. Nothing else to do the rest of the day, might as well start replacing things I lost. "Index, I am going out for awhile, will you be ok?" Index nodded, but didn't really seem to be paying attention to him, because a show about a magical girl had just started, so her eyes were now glued to the screen.

Touma sighed. He spent most of the day shopping for stuff the fire destroyed. He had to use up his food budget to purchase a few changes of clothes for himself, along with school supplies. He hoped Komoe-sensei would tell the school he needed a new uniform. He gazed up at a clock outside of a store. It was almost one. Maybe I should go and meet Jason since it's nearby.

"Hi Misaka-san," called out a girl waving to Mikoto. She had long black hair and a single flower on the side of her head.

"Hi Saten-san,' Mikoto called back to her friend Ruiko Saten. "Looks like Kuroko and Uiharu are going to be a little late because of a problem with Judgment."

Ruiko nodded in understanding. "Uiharu texted me. They just left, so they should be here soon. Want to go in and wait for them? It looks pretty busy." Mikoto nodded and they both entered Joseph's Diner.

"Wow it is busy," Mikoto agreed, looking around at the crowded tables. "I thought it would be emptier since we got here so late."

"They are having specials all day," Ruiko replied. "I think it's their anniversary of opening in the city. We might have trouble finding a place now." She looked around and then got a big smile on her face. "I think I see a spot, come on." She grabbed Mikoto's hand and dragged her through the crowd.

"Whoa," she said. "There's no need to drag me so fast…." She stopped and saw who was at the table Ruiko was heading to. You have got to be kidding. Ruiko was dragging her to one of the corner tables in the back, were two people were sitting. One of them was the person she had such a complicated relationship with, the idiot, Touma Kamijou. She had never been able to beat him in battle, but what really annoyed her was his nonchalant attitude about beating her. She was, after all, the third strongest ability user in Academy City and this boy tells her that he was just a level 0. She did not believe this for a moment. Mikoto saw him defeat the strongest ability user Accelerator by himself and even saved her life. Since that day, she has had weird feelings about him, but she wasn't going to talk about it to others. She noticed he was talking to someone else, probably his friend, who had blonde hair and weird orange eyes. Is he a foreigner?

"Hi Kamijou-san," Ruiko greeted him. "Do you mind if we sit with you two? It is really crowded today."

Touma looked up at her. "Hi Saten-san and Biri….I mean Misaka." He changed direction immediately when he saw a spark from Mikoto. He glanced over at the other person at the table, who nodded smiling. "Sure, there's no problem, plenty of room here," Touma told them. "This is my friend, Jason Kagere. Jason, this is Ruiko Saten and Mikoto Misaka."

Jason waved to them and Ruiko sat down next to Touma, while Mikoto sat down next to her. Mikoto didn't realize why she felt so annoyed at Ruiko sitting next to Touma. Wait, when did I start thinking about that idiot with his first name? To stop those thoughts, she asked, "Why are you two here?"

"Lunch," replied Touma and Jason simultaneously, while Ruiko broke out laughing. Mikoto face palmed. "You know what I mean," she amended, as the waitress brought them water and menus.

"Nah," Touma said. "That's the only reason. I had shopping to do and Jason said he was going to be here."

"His dorm blew up," Jason added.

Saten and Mikoto where just beginning to drink their water, when they did a spit take. "What? How did that happened?"

"Umm," Touma answered, thinking fast. "They seemed to believe it was a gas leak with the stove. For now, I'm staying at Jason's place."

"Your luck is the same as ever," Mikoto sighed, while Touma gave her a small grin.

"Yea, I am full of misfortune. After all, that's why you like to shock me right."

"I only shock you because you deserve it, like yesterday, idiot."

Jason and Saten watched their friends bicker for a minute, before looking at each other. Saten caught Jason's eye and winked, while Jason gave a thumbs up. "So Touma," Jason asked. "Is Misaka-san your girlfriend?"

This comment caused both Touma and Mikoto to do a spit take.

"Come on Uiharu," Kuroko called out, looking behind her. "We are late already and we can't leave Onee-sama waiting."

Kazari Uiharu gasped for air, as she tried to keep up with Kuroko. She was a small girl, with short black hair and a headband decorated with many flowers. "Coming Shirai-san," she replied, following her friend. They both arrived at Joseph's Diner, only a little after their scheduled meeting time with Ruiko and Mikoto.

"They must be inside saving us a table," Kuroko said, looking around and not seeing their friends outside the diner. She and Kazari walked into the diner and made their way through the crowd.

"Wow it is busy," Kazari commented. "I hope we can find them…" She stopped when she felt a dark murderous aura coming over Kuroko. "Shirai-san, what's the matter?" She looked in the same direction Kuroko was facing.

Kuroko stopped and she had to do a double take. There was her precious onee-sama and Ruiko sitting at a table, but with TWO boys. One of them was the ape that kept taking all of her Onee-sama's valuable time. That ape was not worthy of being near such a noble and talented girl like Mikoto. Only Kuroko could ever be her partner. What was worse was it seemed like Mikoto was having a good time over there talking to the boys with Ruiko. She quickly moved to their table, with Kazari following closely behind.

"Hello Onee-sama," Kuroko said, trying to be cheerful, but still seeping her malicious aura. "I did not know these two gentlemen would be accompanying us today."

"Umm, Kuroko," Mikoto replied hesitantly. "The diner was really crowded, so Saten-san asked if we could share a table with them, since they were here before us." Touma, Mikoto and Ruiko looked nervously at Kuroko. Jason had never met Kuroko before, but noticed the change in the atmosphere.

"Shirai-san," Kazari said, tugging on her shirt. "We should sit down, we are drawing attention." People were beginning to look around to see what was causing the chills to go down their spines. Kuroko looked at her and stiffly nodded, before sitting down next to Mikoto. That left Kazari to sit between Kuroko and Jason. Jason smiled at Kazari, who blushed and looked away.

"This is Kuroko Shirai," Ruiko said to Jason, because Touma had met her before, "And this is Kazari Uiharu. Uiharu, this is Touma Kamijou and Jason Kagere." Kazari smiled shyly at both of them.

"So what have you been talking about?" Kuroko asked, with a smile that did not reach her eyes. Mikoto, Ruiko, and Touma did not want to tell her about their discussion on if Mikoto and Touma were dating, but Jason did not keep his mouth shut.

"We were just talking about if Touma and Misaka-san were dating…..ouch," Touma had kicked him under the table, while Mikoto had a red blush appear on her face.

Kuroko's eyes grew wide at this comment and Jason realized he probably said something wrong. "Onee-sama…..dating this…..this….. TROGLEDYTE?! Impossible! She is smart, talented, and the Ace of Tokiwadai. How could she ever date someone so low born, untalented and such average looks? I am the only one who could ever have enough love for her….." She was cut off, as Mikoto hit her on the head.

"You are causing a scene, sit down and be quiet," Mikoto hissed angrily. Kuroko sat down, while glaring at Touma. "We are not dating and, even if we were, that's none of your business…" Mikoto started off stern, but got a little softer near the end. This was not unnoticed by Kuroko, Ruiko and Jason. Kuroko's eyes grew wide, while Ruiko and Jason smirked to each other.

"No, it can't be true," Kuroko gasped. "My precious Onee-sama can't have been defiled by this ape…." She got cut off as Mikoto hit her again.

The rest of lunch went by uneventfully. Ruiko talked with Touma mostly, while sneaking glances at Mikoto. Kazari had begun to talk to Jason. Mikoto talked a lot with Kuroko, but kept glancing at Touma talking with Ruiko. For some reason, she kept thinking Ruiko was watching her and smirking at Mikoto on purpose. She also had to keep Kuroko off of her. Kuroko wanted to talk mainly with Mikoto and Kazari, but kept glaring at Touma, while trying to snuggle against Mikoto's arm.

"So why were you both late," Mikoto asked Kuroko and Kazari, after their food had arrived.

"There was a situation at Judgment," Kuroko explained. "We have a vigilante roaming the streets taking the law into his own hands."

"What do you mean?" asked Ruiko. "Oh, is it the legendary rumored ghost-boy that goes around and saves helpless people? People say he appears out of nowhere and takes out criminals with a single wave of his hand, before disappearing in plain sight" Her eyes started sparkling.

"Of course not," Kuroko huffed at her. "There are no such things as ghost. It's just someone who wears all black and a white mask."

"He has helped a few people," Kazari elaborated. "A few civilians who have seen him said he moves in quickly and takes out criminals with inhuman speed. It sounds like a strength boosting ability."

"But we can't have civilians taking the law into their own hand," Kuroko added. "So we need to bring them in. If they want to join Judgment, they have to go through the proper procedures."

Touma wasn't really paying attention to Judgment matters. He was thinking about the way people kept thinking he and Mikoto were a couple. Do we really seem like one? he thought. They fought a lot, but were always willing to help each other if the other one needed it. He was also a little happy a cute girl like Ruiko talked to him too. The thought about how much homework he was going to have to catch up with tomorrow began to creep into the corner of his mind, ruining his mood.

Everyone finished lunch and left the restaurant. They were still talking about the vigilante and the ghost rumor, neither of which really affected Touma. Jason looked like he was off in his own little world, gazing at the shops. The four girls were talking with each other, but Touma noticed Kuroko seem to make sure she was between him and Mikoto at all times. Touma had to admit, it felt nice to have a normal day with people and not have crazy adventures with magicians or power crazed ability users trying to kill him. Then he looked across the street and his heart sank.

He saw one of his classmates, and friend, Motoharu Tsuchimikado, a blond hair high school student with sunglasses, gold chain and a Hawaiian shirt. He was staring at Touma, as if he saw something amazing, with his mouth wide open. Touma could almost read his mind from here without any special ability. Motoharu did not know Jason and, since Jason was off to the side, he obviously thought Touma just left a diner accompanied by four girls, two of which were wearing the prestigious Tokiwadai uniform. When Touma caught his eye, Motoharu gave him two thumbs up, and then ran his finger across his neck, waved and left. I am going to regret this tomorrow at school, Touma thought to himself. Such misfortune.

"Well onee-sama," Kuroko said to Mikoto. "I have a surprise for you at our dorm. You don't need to accompany this ape anymore."

"Kuroko," Mikoto sighed. "I do not want to see or think about any of your crazy ideas for surprises."

"Shirai-san?" Jason asks suddenly. "Why do you keep insulting Touma so much? Did he do something to you?"

"He dares go near my beloved onee-sama. I am her faithful watch dog and best friend. It is my sworn duty to make sure all the riffraff stay away from her. She deserves someone as great as her."

"But Touma is a great person. He even saved my life."

"Onee-sama saved mine too. She is perfect in every way. That guy is just an average student. Onee-sama is a level 5 and the pride of Tokiwadai. He is a level 0. She is way out of his league."

"Touma is quite strong no matter what levels say. If he likes her, then they should get to decide."

"Hang on," Touma spoke up, interrupting the two's argument after becoming aware they were talking about him. He had lost track of Motoharu. "Who said I liked her?"

"And what is wrong with me?" asked Mikoto angrily, electricity flowing around her. Ruiko and Kazari took a step back, while the three people arguing turned and look at her.

"Easy Biribiri," Touma said. "I meant…."

"I told you before not to call me that!" Mikoto yelled at him and shot lighting at all three of them. Kuroko teleported away, while Touma was forced to raised his right hand. The sound of glass shattering was heard and he stood there unharmed.

Touma turned and looked over at Jason, because Touma was worried he got hit. His Imagine Breaker could not negate everything in an area. To his relief, Jason appeared unharmed. A circle around him seemed to be smoking, as if the electricity got forced into the ground and left burn marks on the concrete. "I'm sorry," Touma cried and ran off. Jason followed him, but turned around while running to wave goodbye to the girls.

Kuroko teleported back, after Touma and Jason left, while Mikoto was still panting slightly in anger. "Onee-sama you really should try to avoid shocking people. If that ape's friend got hurt, you could get into trouble."

"It was partially your fault too Kuroko," Mikoto pointed out, noticing Kuroko didn't say anything about not hurting Touma. "You were arguing with him." I wonder what he did to stop my electricity. Touma usually negates my electricity, but I felt as if my electricity was getting directed to the ground around Kagere.

"Wow," Ruiko said. "I thought Kamijou-san was a level 0, but he took Misaka-san's electricity like it was nothing." Mikoto flinched at her words.

"That was because Onee-sama wasn't serious. She would never go all out on a level 0."

"Speaking of serious," Ruiko said turning to Kazari. "I think Uiharu might have a crush on someone."

"SATEN-SAN," Kazari cried, pounding her fists on Ruiko while blushing furiously.

The next day Touma woke up early. He was not looking forward to going to school today. With his luck, it was bound to be a really bad day. Extra homework was only the tip of the iceberg. He knew his class was going to question him on the dorm explosion and now the issue with Motoharu. He saw Jason was gone, but he was getting use to him disappearing early in the morning. He went to the kitchen and started to make breakfast for himself and Index. There was a lot of food stocked in the fridge, but he knew Index would go through it quickly. He packed up and looked at the time, surprised he was actually ahead of schedule and thinking maybe his luck was finally changing. Though, something has been nagging at the back of his mind for a while and he couldn't figure out why. He finally realized the problem too late; this apartment was further away than my dorm.

Touma rushed to school and was only a few minutes late when he entered his class. All eyes turned toward him, from the rest of his classmates and his teacher. "Kamijou," they cried in almost perfect unison. Then he got barged with endless questions and comments.

"What happened to your dorm?"

"Where have you been staying?"

"Is it true you were on a date with four girls at the same time?"

"Lucky b ^#$%&."

"You are going to die Kamijou."

"Class," cried Komoe-sensei. "Please calm down or sensei will cry because she has an important announcement for all of you." Komoe Tsukuyomi was Touma's homeroom teacher. She was one of the many mysteries of his school. She appeared to be a 12 year old girl with pink hair, but she was actually an adult. For some reason, her outer appearance never aged. "Kamijou-kun, please take your seat. You can answer questions later." Touma nodded and took his seat in the back of the class, trying to ignore all the eyes on him, including several death glares. "I have exciting news," she continued. "We were supposed to have two transfer students today, but only one showed up. Due to circumstances, both of these transfer students will be attending class sporadically. I hope you will make them feel welcome when they are here."

"Is it a boy or girl?"

"Are they hot?"

"Calm down everyone," Komoe-sensei cried out again. "Sorry boys, but good news girls, both transfer students are boys." The boys booed, while the girls waited to see how attractive the new students were. "Okay," Komoe called out to someone in hallway. "You can come in." A sporty looking guy, with blonde hair and slightly shorter then Touma, walked into the classroom and Touma opened his mouth in shock.

"Jason? What are you doing here?" he yelled out.

"Hey Touma," Jason replied back happily. "I just transferred to this school today."

"Oh," Komoe said looking at them. "Class this is Jason Kagere. I see you have met Kamijou-chan already, so I hope you don't mind if you sit next to him?"

"Not at all Komoe-sensei," Jason replied. "He actually saved my life this weekend, so I am a big fan of his."

"What," the class gasped. They all turned to look back and forth between Touma and Jason. "Well that sounds like Kamijou," someone said and the class settled down, before they started to agree that it did sound like him. They kept talking about how Touma always tried to help others. Then someone asked, "What happened after he saved you?"

"Well," Jason answered, "Afterwards, he couldn't keep his hands off me."

The class went silent as they all looked at Touma with similar stunned expressions. Touma raised his hands and said, "It's not what it sounds like."

Jason's eyes suddenly looked sad. "That hurts Touma," he said, and put his hands on his face. "We even felt the red hot flames of passion between us."

"Don't say things that can be misunderstood," Touma cried out, noticing how many of the girls in class started to get rather red, while others glared at him. 'That fire belonged to Stiyl's mag…ability."

"Kami-yan," Motoharu called out. "I knew you had a harem, but adding Yaoi to the mix too, are you trying to get every possible ending?"

"I told you it's not like that," Touma yelled back at him "Don't be stupid. I don't have a harem."

"Umm, class please settle…down," Komoe tried to say and restore order, but her words came out quite soft, so no one heard it. Her face had flushed into a deep red. Jason also didn't help at all with his next comment.

"He even stayed at my house after we were up most of the night."

It was almost lunch time by the time Touma cleared up the misunderstanding.

I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. There is a lot more humor here than in chapter one. Also some romance blossoming here that may continue to further chapters. Don't want to give to many spoilers. Lots of information was provided in this chapter, along with more characters. Next chapter my favorite character is going to be introduced but I don't want to give it away of who it is.

I like to thank everyone giving ideas, comments, and suggestions.

Poor Touma though, such misfortune.