Mortal Winx

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Chapter 2 (Bloom's P.O.V)

We woke up before the other students and got dressed, went to have breakfast. We went back to our rooms with some food to pack and grabbed some last minute things. For some reason all the girls were wareing the same tan brown shorts shirt with a matching hat and a brown yellow green boots that went to just below thei knews. Me i was wareing my favorite outfit that i always wore back home. (like Mileena's in Mortal Kombat X but turn the pink on her to blue) Looking out the window i saw a large red ship flying to land on our front lawn. So we girls went out to get on the ship. Walking up on i saw 5 boys and 5 girls most likey the Red Fountian and Cloud Tower girls. The Boys were all wareing the same uniform lovely simply lovely but one boy did peek my intresting was a boy with maganta hair he had an intresting aura about him. but the five girls from CT ware the most intresting to me. One girl had long white hair up in a pony tail dark blue body suit who seemed like a frozen bitch but i liked her already. The second girl had long free flowing honey yellowish brown hair and a purple body suit she seemed dark engery. Number 3 had short frizzy purple greyish balck hair with white or silver streaks on the bangs and a maroon reddish dress with matching legging and boots. Girl number 4 had long dark green black hair that looked slightly greasy, a white ripped muscle shirt that showed her belly, a unique necklace, green and purple plaid skirt with grey legging/tights, black boots and red fingurless gloves. And the last girl had short red hair with blue yellow beads in her hair, white shirt with a pumpkin on it, black vest, black skirt , two belts one grey/white the other red that crisscrossed her, deep red carpi leggings, and black boots. Iliked these ladies more and more by the look of them.

(Icy's P.O.V.)

After being picked up by the hero wannabes we landed at Alfea School for losers. I heard footsteps walking up in, i looked up and saw 5 girls walking in but my eyes went to on girl in person. She had long bright red hair, black tight leggings, blue one shoulder shirt that showed her middrift, and blue cloth around her waist and hung in front of her between her legs down to her knees, and blue boots that just stopped below her knees, and a blue scarf around her neck. Somethimg about that girl screamed im a straight bad ass.

" She has some darkness connected to her" Darcy whisphered to me and Stormy. Interesting.

The ship took off and we were on our way to Shadow Haunt. It was quiet for most of the ride.

"So red pixie whats up with you?" Stormy asked the girl.

"Name is Bloom and what exatly do you want to know?" the girl Bloom said and ansewered.

"Well you seem diffrent from the rest of those there pixies" Lucy spoke up and said.

"Well i grew up in OutWorld, and to be honset i was shocked to find out i was a fairy, im more of a warrior" Bloom said. OutWorld hmm never heard of that place i thought.

"OutWorld, where is that and what is it like there?" Mirta asking what was on all our minds.

"Well it is better then the stupid Earth Realmers thats for sure those from earth are weak as hell, but think they are better then us from OutWorld" Bloom Said sounding less of a fairy by the minute and i was likeing her more and more.

"So why are you dressed diffrent from the others?" i asked her.

"Whats wrong with what im wareing, i always ware this even at home and it is best for fighting which i think will happen durning this mission" Bloom said defenceive.

"Notthing is wrong is wrong with you are wareing, it is just diffrent" Darcy said.

"Hate to inturrupt but we are landing now ladies and gentlemen" the dork with the glasses said from the front.
We all got up and disembarked the ship and headed into a cave leading down into Shadow Haunt. Walking along a path way following one of the pixies i think her name was Aishia but whatever. We got to one spot and had to climb down well the pixie Aishia made a wrentch with rope to go down with. Bloom grabbed the rope and jumped off the cliff to the bottom, damn she is cool.

"BLOOM" the fairies and heros except the one named Riven yelled. Stormy just rolled her eyes. Me and my sisters and the other 2 witchs followed behind Bloom. Bloom just stood there smirking while we waited for the others to come down. We kept on going till we saw a ledge below us filled with some monsters.

"Oh right time to cut loose, i been needing to for a while now" Bloom said standing at the edge. Turning and back flipping landing in the middle brandishing two uniqe looking swords slicing the monsters down. smirking at my sisters and Mirta and Lucy us 5 jumped down to join her. The others stood there with jaws dropped.