Author Note: Set during the rooftop scene during 3.18 Public Enemy. The only one of Team Arrow there is Oliver.

"I will never join you," Oliver dressed as the Arrow shouted.

Ra's Ah Ghul stepped forward, unsheathing his blade; he could hear the Police helicopters closing in.

"Leave the kid alone," A familiar voice said behind them all, clear and deadly. Oliver pivoted where he stood, looking in shock at the sight of Slade Wilson on the rooftop lazily holding a katana in his hand.

"Slade?" Oliver questioned confused. Had he escaped? How had he escaped? Why was he here?

"Been doing a lot of thinking since you left me kid. I realized you're it, all I have left. Shado and Yao Fei are gone, Wintergreen betrayed me, and Joe probably wouldn't even know what I looked like anymore. And you told me once that it was Ivo that chose to kill Shado, not you, is it true?" Slade asked.

Oliver nodded speechless. Ra's Ah Ghul took this opportunity to take another step closer. Slade saw this and quickly closed the distance, putting himself in front of Oliver and leveling his blade at the Demon.

"I told you to leave the kid alone," he growled. He raised the katana so it closed the distance between himself and Ra's.

"Mr. Queen fulfilled the prophecy, he will become the next Ra's Ah Ghul." Ra's said calmly sizing Slade up.

"This kid?" Slade said shocked, "you want him as the next Demon?" Slade shook his head and turned slightly towards Oliver, "you sure I'm not hallucinating anymore?"

Oliver smiled briefly; he had missed Slade's sarcastic humor but shook his head. "He's not kidding" Oliver answered.

"Right then," and without pause Slade's head swung back and his leg struck out and slammed into a shocked Ra's stomach sending him flying into the assassins that stood behind him. Slade turned, grabbed Oliver by the shoulder and ran, jumping off the roof with him just as the lights of the helicopter shone on the rooftop.