Chapter Thirteen:

The team jumped into action immediately. Lance ran up the stairs and left straight away, with Oliver, Roy and Sara grabbing their gear to get changed. Diggle was grabbing his guns and the van's keys and ran up the stairs to get the van ready. Walter and Thea were shocked and went over to offer Felicity help. Slade watched as the three vigilantes' ran up the stairs fully suited and carrying their weapons. He looked towards his swords that were on display. He had promised Oliver to not go out there. He was meant to be dead after all. But he came back to stop Ra's hurting the kid. And he was going to keep his word.

He grabbed his blades and sheaths and attached them to his back. He went to the gun draw and grabbed two with holsters and quickly attached them, he shoved a handful of clips into his pocket. He lastly grabbed two ankle knives and attached them. He stood up, only to find Felicity in front of him. She was holding a mask. It looked very similar to his Deathstroke mask, but instead of black it was a dark green and the striking orange was now darker, almost red in colour. She was also holding an ear comm device. He put the mask and ear comm on, offered his thanks and ran out of the foundry, stole one of the kid's motorbikes and hurried to catch up with Oliver.

Oliver and the team arrived first; jumping out of the van they ran into the shopping mall and began engaging the League. Ra's had bought 20 men with him, and they had already killed dozens of people from Oliver's quick glance. Yet he couldn't see Ra's anywhere. He was just disarming the last man standing from the League when a small knife flew above him into the wall, right next to the head of Ra's Ah Ghul. The man must have been hiding in the shadows while his men were killing and fighting his team. He turned around to see where the knife came from to see Slade, sword out and masked. Green and a deeper orange, he wondered where he had got the mask from.

"What will it take for you to leave him alone?" Slade questioned. Lance and the rest of the police force had just arrived. Though Oliver could see they were creating a barrier currently and getting people a fair distance away from the entrance.

"I have told you before-"Ra's began only to be interrupted by Slade, "he was chosen by the prophecy, God this sounds like those episodes of Buffy, Felicity is making me watch." Roy and Sara actually laughed outright at that.

"The kid has not been prophesied, he is not the chosen one, he is a kid who has had a shit hand dealt to him for far too long. I know all about you and the League. You have a daughter, let her continue to be your heir. I gave you a warning that night; you have your final warning now. Leave now and forget making the kid your heir or you will face me and my blade, and learn why the mere mention of Deathstroke made grown men cower in fear."

"Laying it on a bit thick huh Slade," Felicity snickered in his ear, causing Roy to snort and Sara to smile. Oliver was openly grinning, now Slade knew how he felt when he did it to him.

Ra's walked closer to the team and seemed to consider them.

"You are more united than before, how?" He asked.

"It was the work of an under appreciated genius," Slade answered with a grin. Oliver groaned at the laughter that was coming through his comm from Felicity, Thea and Walter.

"You believe you can beat me? The Demon" Ra's questioned Slade.

"Easily, I taught the kid. And I have learnt under men who were Master's of their craft. I also have no problems with killing you, so you might want to sort out your heir before you raise that blade, because with it will come your death." He promised.

Ra's hesitated, he had never seen a man so sure of themselves. But a challenge like this could not be ignored. So he slowly unsheathed his blade and began approaching Slade.

Slade began walking towards him to, assessing his opponent just as Ra's was doing with him. He gave one quick look to Oliver to reassure the kid that he would be fine, Felicity's words of how Oliver wouldn't be able to take it if he left sending a rush of determination through his veins. He would win this fight for Oliver.

Slade and Ra's blades connected with a sharp clang. They moved faster than most people would find possible. Though for what seemed forever the only contact was blade against blade. Neither one gave an opening, or showed sign of tiring. The other League members had slowly began to wake from unconsciousness during the fight and were now watching with horror. This man fighting their master was the most skilled swordsman ever. The man, despite his bulk was moving more fluidly than their master and was also using combinations none of them had ever seen or thought of.

The fight continued, but to the Leagues amazement it was their master that was tiring. The man didn't even seem to be breathing heavily. He was still calmly meeting every blow that their master sent his way. Over half an hour later, Ra's had slowed considerably, everyone knew that Slade was just toying with him now.

"Just finish it Slade," Oliver said quietly though his voice echoed throughout the mall. Slade gave a nod and then quickly sent a quick series of attacks towards Ra's with one connecting with his side creating a gaping wound. He then followed it through by sliding his sword into Ra's body and stabbing his heart. Ra's was dead. The members of the League immediately bowed to the man that had defeated their master, he was now the next Ra's Ah Ghul.

Slade knelt and took off the Demon's ring and then threw it towards the shadows. Nyssa caught it and walked into view. She slid the ring on her finger and faced the League daring anyone of them to challenge her claim. No one did.

"Nyssa is the head of the League now," Slade said as he sheathed his sword after he had wiped it quickly with a cloth. He nodded to Oliver, Sara and Roy and they quickly made their way through the building with Felicity guiding them to an unwatched exit. They were safe and free.

Authors note: This seems like the ending to me, but if you have an idea for continuing this send me a message and I can try and give it a go. I do like anything to do with Slade being a hero and staying Oliver's friend. So anything along those lines I would love to write. This is my first Arrow fanfiction but it definitely will not be my last, so keep an eye out for more.