Hello, I'm sorry that this isn't a new chapter, but I received a rather unsettling review about how this story was dead. First off, I'm sorry that I haven't updated in almost two years. My muse fled me in the face of some personal issues that started cropping up while I was still attending university. After it started dying down with some help, I just never got back to writing it with the other stories that I have to do, one in particular being my most popular and focus since it was the easiest for me to write.

But know this: The only time I'll let a story "die" is when I draw my last breath. It may be months or, in the case of this incident, years. But I'll always come back to finish the story. However, I will thank ReaderJ for his dose of candor, since it reminded me that I have other readers that are waiting for me.

On that note, I am beginning work on Chapter 10: Mirror Mirror in the Maze. It may take a week or two to finish, but it's now priority one on my list.