Chapter 1: Communing With Nature

The girl walked along an orange, red and brown corridor with two other people. One was a purple-skinned, lanky man in a black suit with white gauntlets and silver hair with a long mustache. He also wore a golden brooch fastened to the front of his suit and a golden monocle over his left eye. The other was a fairly ordinary-looking blond haired teenage girl with more revealing white clothes. Along with her white outfit, she wore a blue scarf that sparked with electricity and fluttered in nonexistent wind. As they moved down the hall, the colors seemed to shift and blend in different ways, but all were earth-like colors. After overseeing the Reset Bomb doing its job, the girl was on her way to the ward.

Despite appearing the youngest, the preteen girl walked with the carriage of their superior, remaining two steps ahead. Her outfit was a dress partitioned into three colors, the top and short sleeves being purple, the middle part and a part of the hem red-orange, and the greater part of the hem magenta. She carried the same staff and wore tree bark colored, open-toed boots with green stockings. Her right arm had a similar green long sleeve that was decorated with patterns representing different parts of nature, while her other arm had a green and brown bracer covering half her forearm, and her entire outfit was decorated with vines. A purple flower also decorated the front of her dress and a green flower grew on the vines holding her ponytail together. She carried the same staff in her right hand and used it like a walking stick, despite being more than capable of walking without it. It's not like she was in any hurry, and it made her look more official.

"Mistress Viridi, if I may ask," the man intoned, "why did you bring the angel here to your sanctuary? Is it not-"

The preteen girl cut the man off, "Well, Arlon, if he was going to get picked up, he wouldn't have been left there. I want answers, and he's going to give them to me. Phosphora, is Cragalanche back yet?"

The blonde teen nodded, "Yeah, it wasn't much of a problem for old rock face. Eh, but he got a slight injury. A crack on his-"

"Posterior," Arlon finished. "A woman should not swear, Phosphora."

Phosphora crossed her arms as she walked, "I was gonna say 'rear', sheesh."

"Be sure to tell him to get it fixed," Viridi said as she stopped in front of a door. "Now, go on, you're dismissed. I want to talk to him alone."

"Shame," Phosphora said as she and Arlon left. "Wanted to see if he was cute."

After they left, Viridi opened the door and saw the brunette teen resting on the bed. The Drink of the Gods had fixed a majority of his broken bones in an instant, but he was still passed out from blood loss. Still, the elixir should have sped up his healing process as well, and Viridi meant it when she said she wanted answers. Taking her staff, she prodded him with a curved protrusion at the end.

The angel muttered a bit and turned over to his stomach, messing up the blanket with his wings as he cuddled the pillow. The display was pretty cute, but Viridi wanted him awake. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she spun her staff to have the blunt end facing the angel and lightly bonked him on the head with it.

"Gah!" the angel cried out, clearly awake now.

"Oh, good, you're awake," Viridi said in a nonchalant manner.

Rubbing his head, the angel turned back around as he sat up in the bed. After seeming to be in a daze for a bit, his blue eyes snapped open and he reached for a weapon that wasn't there. After looking to where he usually kept it and then looking around he spoke, "Twinbellows-"

"Was taken care of by one of my warriors." Viridi interrupted. "The town was destroyed, though. If I hadn't been walking by, you'd be finished. Now I have some questions for you, angel."

The angel waved his hands, "Wait, wait, wait, who are you, exactly?"

Viridi was offended that the angel seemed ignorant of her. Thumping the bottom of her staff on the ground, she said, "I am Viridi, Goddess of Nature! Surely you've heard of me?"

"Uh… heh-heh… Can't say I have, sorry… Uh, I'm Pit, servant of the Goddess of Light. Nice to meet you?" Then he shook his head in confusion, "Wait a minute, how'd I even get here? Last I remember, I got rammed by Twinbellows and hit something solid, then it was lights out. Unless…" he snapped his fingers, "Crisis Mode! I always forget about that. It must've kept me from being finished."

"Hate to interrupt your recollecting, but I didn't bring you here just to take up space in my fortress. I have some questions for you." Viridi stepped forward and held up her free hand. In a small flash of light, Pit's First Blade appeared in it. "Last I checked, angels don't run around swinging divine weapons. Care to explain what on Overworld you were doing there?"

Pit scratched the back of his head, "Well, humans were in danger. I had to do something. Besides I woke up outside of the town, while it was being attacked, with the First Blade beside me. Pretty clear message on what to do, if you ask me."

Viridi scoffed, "If you were supposed to be there, then why didn't your Goddess of Light pick you up when you were in trouble? And just who are you that you're allowed to fight monsters. Aren't angels citizens of Skyworld?"

"After an… incident, I was made the captain of Lady Palutena's guard. Also, I'm the only angel in Skyworld, as far as I know." Pit replied after a pause. Then he got a bit worried. "And… well… she wasn't exactly… replying when I tried contacting her. I mean, there's been no activity from Medusa for 23 years, so maybe she overslept or something?"

Viridi raised an eyebrow. Medusa? Wasn't it her job as Queen of the Underworld to keep those things on a leash? And what about her boss? At length, Viridi said, "Well, anyway, you seem to be stranded without a way to contact your boss, so I guess you'll be staying here…"

"That's awfully nice of-"

"As a chore-boy." Viridi finished with a lopsided grin.

Pit's smile fell a bit, but then he decided that he should earn his keep if the Goddess of Nature was letting him stay here until he hears from Palutena again. He nodded, "Alright, er, Lady Viridi." Moving to get off the bed, he stretched a bit and his wings flapped as some of his back and neck joints popped. "Then, what's my first job?"

At first, Viridi was surprised that there wasn't even one complaint, but then she thought about it a bit. "You can join my Nutskis on air patrol."

This time, Pit's face fell, and he looked away as he said, "Um… Slight problem…" He looked down and muttered something.

"What was that?"

"I can't fly…" Pit muttered a little louder.

Viridi raised her eyebrows. An angel that couldn't fly? Why was he the captain of Palutena's guard then? "But that Drink of the Gods should have healed all your broken bones."

Pit shrugged, "My wings haven't been able to fly since I was born as an angel. A Drink of the Gods won't fix that. I've tried. I'm still a great fighter, though."

"Is that why you got mauled by Twinbellows?" Viridi asked with a raised eyebrow.

Pit's wings folded against his back as he crossed his arms and turned away slightly, with a petulant look on his face, "Hey, everybody has their off days…"

"Really?" Viridi challenged with a lopsided grin, "Then I suppose you won't mind a little tournament to measure your strength."

Pit pumped his fist in challenge, "Bring it- ow…" He held his arm after he made the quick motion. His bones were still just freshly set.

"Tomorrow," Viridi corrected. "You'll fight my Forces of Nature tomorrow. Rest up, because it'll be a three-round tournament." She raised her staff and waved it. In a small flash of green light, a large acorn with green, leaf-like wings, four skinny brown fibers and a single yellow eye appeared. "If you need something, feel free to ask this Nutski." With that said, Viridi turned around and left the room.

Pit looked at the fluttering acorn and waved, "Hi! I'm Pit, what's your name?"

"…" The Nutski just remained fluttering in place.

Pit lowered his hand awkwardly, "O-kaaaay… can't talk, huh? Well, that's okay, the Centurions back at Skyworld weren't much for talking besides 'Yes, sir!' either. I mean, loyalty is nice, but there's nobody I can really talk to back home, besides Palutena. Do you have anybody to hang out wi-"

The Nutski fluttered upwards and left through the window, and Pit turned to look after him. "Uh, okay, see you later then…" Pit's wings drooped and he sighed as he went back to sit on the bed. After he did, his stomach growled, and he rubbed it. "Man, I should've asked if there was a place to get something to eat."

While Pit was thinking about taking his chances getting lost to find a cafeteria, he heard a fluttering again. He turned to look and the Nutski was back in the window with one of its fibers curled around something. "Oh, you're back! Or are you a different…?"

The Nutski flew towards Pit and flipped forward to drop something on the bed. Pit picked it up and looked at it. It was a tiny curved piece of ivy with some tiny leaves on it. As Pit turned it in his hand, he asked, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

In response the Nutski flew slightly forward and bumped the side of Pit's head. Pit rubbed the side of his head, irritated, and felt his ear, where the Nutski had flown into. "My ear?" Pit looked at the ivy again and noticed that it was curved like an ear. Moving his hand behind his ear, the ivy seemed to respond to the proximity and slithered out of his hand before it started curving to snugly fit behind his ear. "Heh-heh, hey, that tickles!"

Once Pit let go and the ivy was firmly in place, he suddenly felt a strong sense of annoyance. "Whoa! Where'd that come from?" He looked around, and the only other thing in the room was the Nutski. Pit tilted his head and asked, "Was that… you?"

Another surge of annoyance washed over Pit and an image appeared in his mind's eye, showing Pit just a second ago, talking rapid-fire. Pit laughed and said, "Sorry, just not very comfortable with silence, so I tend to try to fill it. Thanks for the ivy, though. Glad to hear you now. Sort of, at least."

A feeling of forgiveness brushed against Pit and then a feeling of caution touched him, with two images. The first was an image of a tiny version of Pit covering his ears with a strained face as waves came from the ivy, reaching out to a bunch of Nutski's fluttering around. The second image showed a bunch of Nutski's flying around him, still, but Tiny Pit was facing one, and the waves from the ivy were only going to the one Nutski.

After a bit, Pit said, "So, be careful about trying to talk to a bunch of you guys with this, but if I concentrate on one, then I'll be fine?" Pit felt good about figuring it out when a feeling of affirmation reached him.

Soon, though, Pit remembered his hunger and asked, "Is there anywhere that I can get some food? If you could lead me there, I'll be fine walking as long as I take it easy."

Pit got the feeling of affirmation again and the Nutski turned around before fluttering out of the door at a more relaxed pace. Pit followed while minding his healing bones, "So… what's your name?"

A varying pattern of wooden knocking sounds played in Pit's head and he tilted his head confused, "I… don't think I can pronounce that, sorry." Another feeling touched his mind, and he said, "You didn't expect me to? Then why'd you tell me?"

The image of Pit talking rapidly appeared again, and Pit thought for a bit before saying, "All right, I can't deny that I'd keep asking." Then he shrugged cheerfully, "Maybe I'll learn to pronounce it as time goes by! Or maybe I can give you a nickname."

Such an extreme feeling of disapproval assaulted Pit at that moment that he stopped walking for half a second before resuming to follow the Nutski. "Okay, guess you don't like that other idea…"

1st real chapter! I'm glad that I got this out, because I honestly got a little stuck on where to take the story past the prologue. Hope you all like! I'll see you in this story after I update the other two.