Title: 7 Days In Egypt, 7 Days In Love

Rating T for the following - language thanks to both Jounouchi (Joey) and Seto, and if the readers request for it to be so, lemon/smut/sex, and don't forget the yaoi/shounen-ai. And yes, I'll be referring to Jounouchi (and others) using his Japanese name. I don't like the English Dub of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Pairing: Puppyshipping, aka Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi Katsuya or Seto Kaiba x Joey Wheeler.

I own nothing aside from the brief OCs (flight attendants, doctors, etc.) I insert into this story. Jounouchi, Seto, Yugi, Yami, Atem, or any other characters who's name you recognize, I do not own. All rights for those characters belong to Kazuki Takahashi.

Warning(s): Language, and very faint hints of non-physical child abuse (thanks to Jou's not-so-good family), and yaoi/boy x boy/shounen ai, so if you don't like the latter don't read this. I want no homophobic reviews.

Universe: Completely AU. All of the business with the yamis, hikaris, etc. never happened. Basically it's just a normal high school and the vast majority of the cast go there, though after the first two introduction chapters it will just be Jounouchi and Seto. *cheers*

Notes: Well, here's my first attempt at writing a non-one shot story. This story will be 9 chapters with an Epilogue. Also, since Jounouchi has a Brooklyn accent, I've found that it's hard to type said accent. I did my best, but I'm warning you: it isn't that good.


"You've gotta to be kiddin' me," Jounouchi groaned. His light brown eyes traveling over the sheet of paper in his hand, "why of all people did I have to be paired with him?"

"It isn't that bad." Yugi - one of Jounouchi's close friends - remarked as he shined his leather dress shoes. "Seto's really smart, right?"

Jounouchi scoffed, "Like that matters. He's a prick." Yugi frowned at the use of language.

"He's not that bad, Jou. Besides, you know his grandfather isn't exactly the best parental figure in the world. Remember when he came to our school last week?"

The blonde nodded, "Seto paled in comparison to him. That guy's a full-out bastard." Jounouchi ignored Yugi's warning glare as he added, "But it isn't like my dad's much better Yug."

"I know," Yugi replied, "but you would think that you two would be able to bond over the fact that your fathers are horrible. Instead, you spend all day insulting each other."

"He always starts it."

Yugi rolled his eyes at Jounouchi's attempt at an excuse. Most of the time it was Jou who started things. Seto would smirk at him - usually after they'd received their grades - and then the younger boy would start ranting angrily. It was amusing, to say the least.

"What are ya doing for your project?" Jou asked. He placed his own paper down and glanced over at Yugi curiously.

"Greece." Yugi replied. In turn, he asked Jounouchi, "What country did you get?"

The blonde shrugged and glanced at the paper once again before replying, "Egypt, apparently." He pouted. "This is gonna be hard! If there is one country I know nothin' about, it's Egypt!"

The spiky-haired youth shrugged, "Since Seto's so rich, I'm sure you'll get to go to Egypt just for the purpose of your project."

Jounouchi glared, "No way am I goin' somewhere with him. Especially for more than a day."

"The project ends next week, Jou." Yugi reminded him. His tone was almost...cheerful. Jounouchi didn't want to ask why. "You have plenty of time to head to Egypt and learn all there is to know about Egypt. I've heard they even give tours of tombs and stuff!"

The blonde gaped. "Who wants to go in a tomb?! That's where..." His tone dropped melodramatically, "...mummies are."

Yugi rolled his eyes, "You don't believe in them 'reawakening' do you?" There was some amusement in his voice.

"No..." Jounouchi mumbled. He gave up on arguing with Yugi and decided to simply steel himself for what was to come. "...so you're sayin' I'm gonna have to go with Mr Smartass on a week long trip to Egypt?"

"I'm assuming that's what you're going to have to do." The boy shrugged, "Touzouko's going with Bakura and Ryou to Italy because that's the country they got for their project."

This only elected more groans from Jounouchi. Great. Not only did he have to deal with telling his family he was going to another country, but he had to figure out how to trick his dad into letting him go.

The latter was going to be the hardest by far.

"Yugi, it's time for you to go to bed." Yugi's grandfather shouted from downstairs. Said boy looked at Jounouchi sympathetically,

"Want me to walk home with you Jou?"

The blonde shook his head, "Nah, it's fine. I can go by myself." Jou only smiled at Yugi's worried expression. "I'll be fine. This neighborhood's pretty decent, and I only live a block or so away."

This seemed to calm Yugi down, as the youth replied, "Alright Jou. Goodnight, and be careful!"

Jounouchi rolled his eyes at the last two words, but nodded his head and waved goodbye to the slightly younger boy. He quietly shut Yugi's bedroom door behind him and walked down the carpeted steps of the boy's home.

Yugi's grandfather - his real name being Sugoroku - bid him goodnight as well, offering to go as far as to drive Jounouchi home. The blonde politely rejected the offer, reminding the man that his house wasn't that far away. Jounouchi grasped the door knob and twisted it, quickly saying goodnight to Sugoroku and exiting the house.


However, the moment he stepped outside, Jounouchi realized that it was raining heavily. This didn't prevent him from running out into the bad weather.

Lightening cracked harshly and thunder burst out suddenly all around him. Shivering, Jou made a mental note that storms were far more frightening at night than they were in the light of day.

The boy's clothes, hair, and the inside of his shoes were already thoroughly soaked, and it didn't help that his messenger bag was getting wet as well.

The last thing I need is ruined homework, Jounouchi thought as he slid his bag under his school blazer in an effort to keep it dry.

The only good thing about this weather was that it would keep away crooks and other 'shady' people. Though the neighborhood was a nice one, there had been an increase of robberies lately and Jounouchi wasn't about to get involved with a gun-wielding robber.

He could barely see his house through the surprisingly cold rain, but the building's lights still managed to guide Jou in the right direction.

"Brother! You're back!" Shizuka squealed excitedly. She couldn't actually see Jounouchi; she was blind. But the sound of the door slamming shut had been a large enough hint.

"Hey, Shi!" Jou laughed, pleased to see his younger sister.

Unlike his parents, Jounouchi found that Shizuka actually cared for him. Their mother claimed she did, although she constantly proved the opposite when she did nothing to protect them from their father's abuse. Her excuse would usually be that she herself would get hurt, but then Jounouchi pointed out that a mother was supposed to protect her children. By then, she'd quit arguing and stomp off, angry.

"How was your study session?" Shizuka asked, listening to the tell-tale sounds of Jou's book bag hitting the ground.

"It was cool." The youth replied, muttering words Shizuka couldn't quite understand after he'd said so. He then looked in her direction and smiled, "I have something to tell ya, sis."

The girl's excited face caused Jounouchi to grin as he announced, "I'm going to Egypt for a school project, so you'll get to stay at Anzu's house while I'm gone."

Shizuka looked happy briefly, though her smile faded into a frown. "I'll miss you so much..." She said sadly.

The blonde sighed, "I'll miss ya too, but you'll get to be at your friend's house. I can't leave you home alone with Mom and Dad." Jou's tone had dropped to an almost whisper.

The red-haired girl nodded, "But how are you going to go?" Frowning, she added, "Mom and Dad are just going to say you can't..."

Jou shook his head. "Mom will let me go. She, unlike dad, cares about my grades."

"Want me to help you pack?" Shizuka asked kindly, quickly changing the subject.

"Sure. I'll help ya up the stairs."

Jounouchi's room was -unfortunately- on the top floor, so Shizuka had to be carried by someone if she wished to reach it. Due to her sickness, she was extremely light and easy to carry, so Jou didn't mind. He'd do anything for her anyway. Something as small as carrying her was no big deal.

When they arrived at the blonde's room, Jou made sure to be as quiet as possible. His father was probably in a drunken haze at the moment and couldn't hear very well anyway, so it heightened his chances of not being discovered.

The boy laid his younger sister so she was sitting up against the back of his bed, and went to the closet to fetch his suitcase. It wasn't really his, considering he shared it with Shizuka, but the girl was kind enough to allow Jou to use it for one of his school trips if needed.

As the two siblings packed, Jou's mind began to fill with ideas as to how this trip was going to play out.

That bastard will probably make fun of me the whole time! And, even if he doesn't, he'll still smirk at me and stuff. I don't care if he's good looking! He's still annoying as hell - wait, did I seriously just think he was good looking?! It's official; I've lost my mind. I'm not even 'that way'.

Wait... am I?

The next morning wasn't what Jounouchi Katsuya could call a good one, but it wasn't the worst either. Shizuka had fallen asleep in the middle of packing, and Jou had finished the task himself, allowing his sister to take the bed. He was pretty used to sleeping on the ground (his father is the one to blame for that), so his rest hadn't been that horrible after all.


As Jou marched downstairs (his mother had already carried Shizua downstairs), vague memories of his dream came back to him. He'd been lying in a field of flowers, and Seto had been looking down at him with an extremely out-of-character smile on his face.

Needless to say, if that was a movie, Jou would've classified it as a 'horror film' for sure.

A part of him actually liked the dream, however. This scared Jou a little. His father hated him already, but he'd only hate him more if he was gay. Despite his mother's bitchy attitude, Jounouchi knew that she'd accept him as she herself was bi. At least, she should accept him.

Then again, she probably wouldn't just to avoid being slapped by her horrid excuse for a husband.

"I made pancakes," The woman announced as she watched Jounouchi trudge downstairs.

The blonde held back a glare and nodded. Is she seriously trying to act all sugary sweet after she yelled at Shizuka this morning? Bitch...

Serenity took note of her brother's disagreeable face and tsked, sending him a look. The older only glared back, obviously not going to relent. If someone messed with him, that was one thing. But messing with his younger sister? No one could get away with that. Not even their own parents.

"Time to leave for school!" Their mother spoke with such a mock cheery tone, it was beginning to get on Jou's nerves. Why would she act like that when, obviously, she was angry?

"Come on sis." Jounouchi sighed and slung his bag over his shoulder. He trudged over to his sister and wheeled her away from the table, grabbing her own schoolbag on the way out.

As he pushed Serenity down the sidewalk, Jou couldn't help but notice that a lot of people were gathered around a certain area. That wasn't surprising. There was probably a duel going on. How people got away with it right before school always slipped Jounouchi's mind, but he didn't really care as long as it wasn't him.

When they got to school, Serenity quickly thanked Jou as her 'assistant' (someone their mother had hired) took the handle bars of the wheelchair and began pushing Serenity to her class. Jou watched her go, slightly sad.

"Hey, Jou!"

Said blonde turned around immediately and smiled at Yugi, who had his usual cheerful expression. Alongside him were his twin brothers Yami and Atem. Yugi had argued once that they weren't all twins, but Jounouchi pointed out that they all had the same hairstyle.

"Yugi tells me you're going to Egypt for your school project," Yami announced with a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

Jounouchi nodded. "Yeah... but I'm gonna have to be stuck with that prick!" He scoffed the last word out as if tired of saying it.

"He's referring to Seto Kaiba." Yugi mumbled to a confused Yami, who nodded his head and smiled slightly before turning back to Atem to speak about something. "Look, Jou. He isn't that bad. You have to leave for the plane today, anyway."


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