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~Day 1~

Dinner and Thoughts of Love

"...cuse me sir, you're here. Sir?"

Jounouchi blinked at the female voice. What? Was she talking to him? Opening one eye, he could see a young woman in uniform looking down at him with a smile on her face. Her lips were moving, but he was too sleepy to assess the words coming out of them.

"You're in Egypt!" She announced cheerily. Finally, he could hear her.

"Ohhhhhh." Jou smiled and thanked the lady for waking him up. She replied with a "don't mention it" and walked away briskly.

After stretching, the blonde stood up from his seat and glanced around. Mokuba had either been carried off the plane (that thought slightly scared Jounouchi for some reason) or had woken up before him and left with Seto.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that bastard said it was alright to leave me..." Jou muttered to himself, thankful the flight attendant had left so he could say such a thing. "Wonder where he is now?"

. . .

"Nii-sannnn, what are we waiting for?" Mokuba whined, tired of the sweltering heat.

"For Jounouchi to wake up, Mokuba." The brunette replied tonelessly. He didn't notice his little brother smirk devilishly until the boy announced:

"You didn't call Jou 'mutt', Nii-san."

Rolling his cerulean orbs, Seto shook his head and chose to not reply to his little brother's smug comment. He was growing too soft; especially if he was no longer calling that blonde 'mutt'. Many people labeled it as 'an endearing term' or 'cute'. Even his brothers (1) teased him. But the real question was if he was actually in love with Jounouchi or not.

'Yup,' his 'softened-by-love' mind spoke, 'you definitely are.'


Mokuba's voice interrupted his 'private' conversation with said softened-by-love mind. Turning his head cautiously, Seto briefly laid eyes on the running figure of Jounouchi Katsuya before abruptly turning around and pretending as if he'd never looked.

However, life wasn't that kind.

"A few minutes ago, Nii-san called you 'Jounouchi' instead of 'mutt'!" Mokuba announced proudly. He ignored the glare his older brother sent him and added cheerily, "And he didn't even notice until I pointed it out!"

Jou blinked in utter shock, his mouth forming an 'o'. Seto Kaiba, the cold-hearted bastard who cared about no one aside from his little brother, had actually referred to him using his actual name instead of mutt. For some reason, that sparked something in Jounouchi. Maybe his crush on Kaiba wasn't completely pointless after all.

Who was he kidding. It was Seto freaking Kaiba.

. . .

Mokuba had gone elsewhere with his class.

The moment the black-haired boy had yelled "goodbye" and climbed onto that yellow bus, Jou knew this was going to be either the best or worst week of his life.

He was hoping on the former, but betting on the latter.

"Get in you idiot." Seto's irritated voice snapped his hopes in half. "We haven't got a year."

Jou settled for keeping his clenched fists at his side instead of slamming them into the brunette's face and stalked over to the car in silent rage, fuming in Seto's direction. The 'rich bastard' as Jou called him simply smirked and ignored the blonde's furious expression.

If only Jounouchi could read minds. If he could, he would've picked up on Seto Kaiba's latest thoughts.

'He's cute when he's mad'.

. . .

The hotel wasn't a complete scum-hole. In fact, it was somewhat pleasant. The desk clerk had been polite - although Jou found her extremely blunt when it came to the hotel's breakfast expenses - and gave them no trouble.

Or so Jou thought.

"You have got to be kidding me."

The clerk shook her head politely, "No sir, I'm sorry, but it's the truth..." She smiled sweetly, "You're close friends, right? I'm sure it won't be a big deal."

Seto's eyes narrowed. "No, we're not 'close friends'. Are you sure there's not another room?"

The young woman shook her head nervously. She recognized Seto, and the last thing she wanted to do was get on his bad side. "No sir. I'm really sorry, but..."

Grimacing, he ignored the rest of the young lady's sentence and strode away. Jou followed him hesitantly, fearing the CEO's wrath. Apparently Seto had booked two rooms, but something (the woman hadn't specified what) had 'happened' to one of them and it wasn't safe for guests.

Which meant...

"So..." Jounouchi swallowed, "...we have to share a room together?"

"Yes you dumbass." Seto replied sharply. He smirked. "Unless you're fine sleeping with your relatives out back. You know, the garbage?"

Had several people not been in the hallway, Jou would've tackled Seto Kaiba right then and there and given him the beating of his life. Of course he would go to jail for it - but he didn't find himself caring. Settling for seething in silent anger, Jounouchi crossed his arms and muttered under his breath as he took the stairs. Seto had taken the elevator. And after what the bastard had said, the last thing Jou wanted was to be in a small space with him.

That wouldn't end well. Period.

. . .

"At least it's big," Jou thought out loud as he finished unpacking. 'Their' room was a decent amount of space - probably the largest room the hotel had -, although Jou was a little annoyed by the decor.

Egyptian artifacts weren't really his thing.

"Mutt." Seto grunted, interrupting Jounouchi's peaceful thoughts for the second time that day.

"What?" Jou snapped back with an equally irritated tone.

"Your ass is sleeping on the floor while we're here," The brunette announced coldly. "There's no way in hell I'm sleeping on it. The bed is mine. Make yourself some sort of sleeping bag down there. I could care less how you do it, but don't bother me."

Muttering something about 'the only ass in this room that sleeps is you', Jounouchi nodded. Even he was surprised he hadn't bit back at Seto and insulted him in some way (perhaps saying the 'the only ass in this room that sleeps is you' a little louder would've done it). Maybe he really was in love with that grumpy excuse for a human being known as Seto Kaiba.

That didn't mean he planned to just let him off the hook all the time though.

. . .

"What do you want for dinner?"

Jounouchi raised his head in confusion, "Huh?"

Rolling his eyes and placing two fingers on his temple, Seto repeated irritably, "What do you want for dinner, mutt?"

"As long as it isn't fried monkey brain or something that's rotting away, I'm fine with anything." The blonde replied with a shrug. Inwardly, he was squealing. 'He actually cares if I'm eating or not!'

All pleasant thoughts of Seto Kaiba left his head when a menu hit him right in the face.

"Look yourself," The brunette instructed.

Jou rolled his eyes and picked up the menu curiously. They had something called 'Kushari', which appeared to be the Egyptian version of Spaghetti, 'Taro Soup' which looked to be mashed potatoes. Since he wasn't a big fan of mashed potatoes, Jou settled for the Kushari.

After choosing his own meal, Seto said, "According to the menu you have to go downstairs to order. So..." He smirked in Jounouchi's direction. "Get to it mutt."

"Hell no!" Jou exclaimed, crossing his arms childishly, "You get off your own ass and do something for once!"

The brunette scoffed. "At least I have an ass."

"Why were you even looking, Mr 'Perverted As Hell'?" Jounouchi didn't enjoy the way he sounded like a squealing school girl admitting something to her crush, but at least he had a somewhat sensible comeback.

"I'm stuck with you for a week. Might as well know what your ass looks like. " Seto replied sarcastically. Cerulean orbs glistened with annoyance, "So are you going downstairs or what?" He rolled his eyes. "I can do without dinner, mutt, but I know you can't. So go."

Grumbling, Jou flung himself (not literally) off the of the bed and stomped towards the door. Once he reached it, he sent Seto the coldest glare he could muster, and then slammed it shut behind him.

. . .

'This stuff doesn't taste too bad...' Jou thought to himself as he chewed thoughtfully. It was a little difficult eating in the closet, but he could manage.

Why was he eating in the closet? Seto freaking Kaiba had got on his nerves once again, and Jounouchi had lost all willpower to not slap him on the face. He didn't get a chance at doing this, however, as Seto had shoved him in the closet and locked the door, saying the blonde could only come out after he'd finish eating.

The bastard was going down the moment his food went down, in other words.

. . .

Seto sighed. Peace. Finally. That mutt did nothing but yap his head off -

He blinked. Come to think of it, Jounouchi had been unusually quiet lately. It wasn't like he cared or anything; but it was a little weird. What if the annoying blonde was sick? Then he'd catch whatever 'it' was and couldn't work, all thanks to the annoying mutt who decided he wouldn't tell Seto he was sick.

If he was really sick, that is. He probably wasn't. Seto picked at his food, glaring at it. 'They could've presented it far better. Uneducated idiots.' He thought fleetingly. In truth, he could care less about the presentation. He wasn't even paying attention to it.

'Damn it!' Seto thought angrily, crushing a paper cup absentmindedly, 'Why is that idiot plaguing my thoughts?!'

Because you're in love Seto. That's why.

(1) I said brothers because I'm also referring to Noa Kaiba alongside Mokuba. Noa needs more love so I figured I'd mention the chickadee.

Kushari is a popular Egyptian food that consists of pasta and tomato sauce.

Taro Soup is a dish made with the plant/vegetable known as Taro (although it's called Colcasia by the natives). It's basically the Egyptian equivalent to Mashed Potatoes.

And yes, I did my research for the dishes. And I'll be learning a lot more about Egypt as I write since I want it to be as accurate as possible. Both boys are a little OOC in this chapter, but that's going to happen sometimes. They are in love with each other after all. Tensions are high, ladies and gentlemen. c;

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