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Chapter 1

We meet again?

Lucy's POV

Someone's yelling at me. Why does it feel like I'm falling? Wait, falling. My eyes snap open, and just like I said I was falling.

Natsu was reaching his hand out. He was yelling at me to hold his hand so we wouldn't get separated.

I quickly caught his hand.

Then all of a sudden we were rolling down stairs. It hurt like crazy.

It's like they never stopped. We just kept rolling and rolling. Finally after what felt like forever we stopped rolling.

Once I was able to get to my feet I noticed all of team Natsu was here.

Natsu and Wendy were still unconscious while me, Gray, and Erza were already on are feet.

"Happy, Carla why are they still out? it's been five minutes already," "I don't know. Maybe it's something to do with being dragon slayers" Happy stated.

I went and shook Natsu.

"Natsu wake up we need to find out what happened." I said quickly. I have a bad feeling about this. Everyone is looking at us like were insane. It's creeping me out.

Finally Natsu and Wendy woke up.

"Good your finally up. Can we figure out what's going on" Erza said with anger.

"Ummm who are you?" I looked up to see a kid probably around fourteen with black hair that had white stripes going through only half of his hair. Weird I thought.

"Were wizards from Fairy Tail." I stated.

"Fairy Tail what's that?" A girl with dirty blonde hair asked.

My eyes widened. I looked up to see Gray and Erza with the same shocked faces. Natsu on the other hand doesn't get it he's to dense.

There's something off about them. Actually this whole city. I don't believe were in Magnolia anymore. I thought.

"Wendy!?" a guy with white hair yelled.

I didn't notice him. Maybe he just got here

I looked at Wendy. She had a confused and terrified look on her face.

This random guy took a step toward her, and she took a step back.

At this moment Natsu went in front of her. One thing I knew was Natsu may be dense, but he saw terror in Wendy's eyes and he wasn't going to let anyone scare his little sister.

Seeing Natsu stand up for Wendy I wanted to so the same. I walked up and stood on the other side of Natsu.

Gray and Erza getting the hint also stood up and walked in front of Wendy.

Carla went to Wendy and Happy flew to Natsu's head.

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you are" Wendy said very timidly.

"But Wendy it's me Soul, Soul Evans" Maka gasped.

Maka knew about Soul's family and he hated using Evans. Usually he would just use Eater.

This girl must be someone special to Soul if he would use that name.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember" Wendy said more firmly. At this time Wendy had walked more forward so that she was right next to Natsu and Gray.

I saw in her eyes she wasn't lying. Whoever this was she didn't know.

"Soul, are you sure this is a girl you know. I've never seen her. I'm sorry I haven't introdused myself. I'm Maka Albarn. This is Liz, Patty, and Death the Kid. You've already met Soul"

Soul kinda looks hurt. He did seem to know Wendy well. Somethings off. This isn't right. I thought to myself.

"Wendy, how, how can you not remember me? I mean we were family. We were always there for each other." Soul rambled.

" Soul, I can see that you truly know Wendy. I can also see that Wendy isn't lying when she said she doesn't remember you, but we don't any of you. So we can't trust you. I'm sorry, but maybe something awful happened to Wendy. So she's blocking out every memory of you" I say with hope.

"There's still a chance she could remember you" I continue

"But, but everything I went through with you. I did just so you could forget it. No Wendy you have to remember. We were always there for each other when the other needed it. I mean your parents were like my par-" Soul got cut off.

" I don't have parents" Wendy interupted.

"What do you mean everyone has parents?" Soul asks.

That's the end of chapter one. WooHoo. So in the next chapter Wendy is going to have her first flashback. I have her past planned out. She's going to have her memory slowly come back through the story. Also what's going to happen between Soul and Wendy. Are they going to be friends or is Soul never going to have his friend back? You'll just have to wait and see.


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