A Shift Of Normalcy:

Chapter One:

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It was necessary... a necessary... evil. Though it wasn't evil It was for a good cause? She told herself, she repeating it continuously in her head. It had to be done, it was as simple as that. How else were she to survive? How else could she get off this painful excuse for planet? How else could she start the recovery process. Getting away from this planet, its atmosphere was the number one priority.

Her crystal blue eyes lay lowly on the two motionless figures at her feet. A wife and husband, both had their lives being taken away forcefully only seconds earlier, they had died together. The Husband's body headless, he had been decapitated, and the wife was simply impaled. She had gotten in through the ventilation system, and from there she searched through the house for any type of currency. It all went south when the couple had woken up. She panicked and withdrew her saber in fear.

Fear... Yes she was afraid, very afraid.

But Was it really necessary? Did she have to stoop so low as to petty theft? Not only was she now a thief, but now a murder. She just needed money.. Money to leave, to hopefully get away from the memories of those that had failed her. Now she had committed murder.. An unforgivable sin.

She felt tears run down her face, uncontrollably, as she stood there trembling in the small dark apartment. Her green saber, the only thing providing light in the dim murder sight.

She had to leave!

Ahsoka found some republican credits on the bodies together which amount to just enough for a one way from the source of her tribulations. She deactivated her weapon, remains of her past... She had to escape.. Get away from her shattered memories.. Away from her distant dreams. She needed to get away from everything.

The former jedi left through the front door, carefully making sure to step over the bodies that she had neatly killed in cold blood. She exited the apartments, swapping over hood to cover her head from the rain that began to pound the area around with great intensity.

She ran, her feet carrying her as fast as she could, her stamina and faith in the force giving her the ability to run a considerable distance.

They didn't believe her, the Jedi council didn't trust her. They so easily turned on her, taking none of her objections into account. The only one who was actually there for her being, master. Or rather her former master. Not even Obi-wan seemed to have faith in her innocence.

She had just murdered to innocent people. Two individuals with their own lives and own struggles and she had just taken it all from them.

She stopped running, the streets of Coursant a wet dark and gloomy scenery. Where was going? She completely stopped moving, the question bombarding her again, her eyes a different shade of blue. Where was she going? Ahsoka wasn't the prestigious Jedi apprentice anymore. No longer was she someone of importance. Albeit she questioned how important she was, considering how easily the council was willing to dispose of her. She had no goals, no true intentions. Just a void, no longer was she Ahsoka Tano. She belonged nowhere and as stated before, she was insignificant and without a purpose.

She walked slowly, the rain seeming to increase in intensity corresponding with her emotions. A dark cloud following the Togruta. She long to get away, her mind telling her to head towards a shuttle off the city planet. But the question that begged her the most was still most certainly. Where was she to go? Where did she belong? Did anyone even want a murderous outcast?

It took her two hours to make a decision, two more to get boarded and now her head was spinning, pain shooting through her temples like a blaster, Spinning with worry, regret and simply fear.

Worry for what she was to become, what she would do from here, what questions she could.. Or rather needed to answer.

Regret for not accepting Anakin's request. She wanted to, she really longed to return by his side. But things just wouldn't have been the same, there would always be that doubt in the back of her head.

Regret, for killing two innocent civilians... Innocent civilians! For selfish needs, maybe she could have played everything out in a different way, a more reasonable way.. A job would have taken longer, but that's what common people did.

Fear.. An emotion she had suppressed for the entirety of her existence. Fear for the near future.. Fear of what she'd become and she was to be come.. Fear of her explanation..

Onderan, She chose to go to Onderan. Why? It seemed reasonable, Lux Bonteri, once separatist turned towards the republic was a close friend. If things went well he would open up towards her with open arms, she would stay temporarily but this was her first destination.

She sat semi-comfortably in the republican transport, on its way to Onderon, the inners of the ship being a nice shade of blue that beautifully complemented the decor. It wasn't luxury by any chance, but however a more friendly approach placed by the chancellor for the government and the people to have a much better relationship. Regardless of how effective it was, it still look rather nice.

Her body still shook at the thought of the events that took place hours ago. Had they discovered the bodies? Had she gotten away without notice? Did she look suspect? Was she doing the right thing? What did she have in her defense? She had to do what she had to do, she needed to survive. The days prior to the event had been the worse yet, and she had panicked. It was an accident really and Maybe they weren't so innocent.. They could've been criminals.. They did live in the slums of the entire planet.

That was prejudice though, they could've also been nice gentle people, and regardless of their morals they did not deserve such a fate.

The conflict inside her burned like charcoal on a flaming grill. What was happening to her?

She needed to meditate.. Rest.. Something to clear her head, get away from her issues, guilt and regrets.. She needed someone..

The shuttle was filled with people of all species. Most of them she noted to be someone of importance, especially if their attire had anything to say about it.

Ahsoka gazed down at her wearings, she was clad in her usual Jedi training gear, and a robe, her training gear faded and ripped. Her robe successfully masking her jedi weapon. She didn't need the unwanted attention.

It was stupid to believe that the confederacy would just simply leave the planet of Onderon alone after the complete and utter loss of the planet. Simply foolish. Count Dooku stroked his grey beard, his elder features gently being shown from the small amount of light being emitted from outside his command ship. He couldn't help but smile, there were hundreds upon hundreds of ships in the fleet. He knew it would be swift, precise and unexpected.

"Count Dooku.", a metallic voice addressed respectfully. Count Dooku spun around, his head inclining with the droid before him.

"General Grievous.", he responded with equal respect. "I take it everything's running accordingly,",

"Why of course, the republic would never expect such aggression, and with such a massive fleet.", the droid general gloated.

"Good, then let this commence at once. I wish to present this planet as a gift to my master.", he hummed, before returning back to his view of the fleet under his command. A small sinister smirk gracing his elder features.

"As you wish..",

General Grievous left without another word, suddenly his eyes shot open as he sensed and incoming transmission.

He turned to the holo projector as a projection of his beloved master appeared.

"My master..", he spoke before kneeling

"Lord Tyranus, there seems to be a disturbance in the force", the hooded sith master spoke.

"A disturbance, master?", Darth Tyranus questioned.

"Yes, I have foreseen snippets of a future event, and it most definitely doesn't push in out favor.",

"What is thy biding then, my master?",

"Along side the invasion of Onderon, I'm going to need you to to.. Rid the galaxy of a certain politician...",

Count Dooku's eyebrows raised in interest at the prospect, he prayed to the force that it was the kid that he'd failed at killing long ago.

The scene before Obi-wan was odd. It wasn't unusual to have murders on the planet, there was bound to be some. So usually Jedi wouldn't be called to investigate a murder.. But this however was startling.

"They weren't killed by a blaster, that's for sure.", Anakin spoke to his side. His young former apprentice seeming to be out of it for the past few. It seeming to deal with the departure of his Padawan.

"Definitely a lightsaber..", Obi-wan rubbed his beard carefully taking this into consideration. He gazed at the severed head of the the male human, his eyes rolled backwards, concealing his pupils. The police droids and detectives walked back and fourth searching for answers or clues.

"But who?", Anakin inquired

Obi-wan shook his head.."Not sure.. Bounty hunter?",

"Common thug who, some how got their hands on a saber?", The chosen one gave in put.

"It's possible, they did steal after all", the Jedi master shook his head as he watched the droids begin to clean up the remains of the human couple. A shame, a darn shame..

She arrived in the city capital if Onderon, Iziz. The atmosphere a beautiful green-blue.

Leaving the shuttle with nothing but the close on her back. She was without money and not exactly sure how she'd pull this off, and she only hoped the clone troops stationed here lacked in observation skill.

She didn't even have any idea where Lux lived..though she assumed it to be some sort of luxurious mansion. She would find him some how.. She needed to, he was the only one she could turn to now. He wasn't a Jedi and he was a close friend.

She walked away from the transport station, no direction actually in mind or known for that matter.

"If I were Lux where would I be?", she asked herself quietly, joking a little bit knowing it would be almost impossible to find him. He chuckled a bit at her misfortune and inability to think her plans through. She guessed she had Skyguy to thank for that..

Her heart ripped at the thought of her old master. She couldn't ponder on the past now, she had to find her friend.. Lux.

And with that it hit her, like a pile of bricks. If they had a strong enough bond through the force then she could sense him. Her ocean eyes lit up with a small amount of relief. She needed to find somewhere to concentrate and find her friend. The former Jedi came upon a small alley way. Dark and depressing but nonetheless away from the general population, she needed to keep her force powers concealed.

She sat down on the damp concrete floor, as she began to meditate. She began to clear her mind, or rather the Togruta attempted to. It was difficult, as expected, considering how flooded her mind was. She concentrated, thinking of nothing, clearing the creek that was her mind...The polluted creek, that was her mind. Her eyes shot open as she began to gasp for air, to say the least she hadn't succeeded. Her pounded within her chest, erratically.

"One more time.", she told herself bringing herself back into the meditation stance, closing her eyelids. She took three deep breaths before getting to work. Clear your mind, the force is my ally. There was a interval of ten minutes before she finally opened her eyes.


Her eyes shot open as she got her answer. She knew exactly where he was on the planet, a quick vision of his location embedded in her brain. She thanked her connection with the force. Ahsoka shot up from her sitting position and left the alleyway with a great pace. The tribulations still weighing heavily in the back of her psyche.

She had found him, and her assessment had bern correct, he did in fact live in a mansion, a huge one in fact. The vision was blurry, so the details were limited. Relief.. Now hopefully she had, someone. Someone to be there for her and possibly understand.. She didn't want sympathy, nor did she want it. Passing through the city, she headed towards the outer portion of the city, the most luxurious side.

Ahsoka came upon a large white mansion. It appeared to be much larger than what she'd seen through the force.

It was protected by a large gate and series of electrical fences. Positioned at the gate entrance were two clone troopers.

That might be an issue.. She shook her head of all negative thoughts as she approached the troopers.

"State your name and the business that you have with Mr. Bonteri.", the clone trooper ordered the teenage Togruta. His blaster coming forward while stating so, the other clone followed.

Talk about security.. Shit. The clones definitely took the cake for the most hard assed clones she'd had the pleasure of meet, and she didn't even have a full conversation with them.

"Ahsoka Tano, I'm a friend of a.. .", it was weird to call him ' '. "I wish to speak with him.",

The clone shook his helmet concealed head.

"Ahsoka Tano? Never heard of ya, I'd think the kid would've spoken about you if so." The first clone scuffed.

"Probably another fangirl.", the second chuckled.


"Sorry girly, can't let you in unless it's something of importance.",

She grew tired of the stupid clones.

"You're going to let me through.", she waved her right hand at the clones. Her Jedi mind tricks doing its thing.

"We're going to let her through.", the two clones back away pressing a button to open the gates.

She walked through the gates, and made it towards the front. The mansion had a large double door that divided her from outside and inside the house. All she had to do was knock...

Ahsoka knocked on the door gently, but hard enough to be heard throughout the house. She waited a few moments, before the door slid open.

It was weird to say the least. They stood there starring at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, it being only a mere five seconds albeit.

"Ah-Ahsoka?", The politician questioned, scratching the back of his head.

She waved forcing a smile. "Hey, Lux",

"What brings you to Onderon, surely you don't have a mission?",

She shook her head. "No, no I do not."

The sadness in her voice did not go unnoticed but Lux.

"What seems to be the matter, Ahsoka, why don't you come in?", he stepped to the side gesturing with his hands for her to enter.

She followed accordingly, entering the house, which seemed to be much larger on the inside than the outside.. And that was saying something.

She had accomplished something..

"Just like my old home.", he stated waving a hand for her to follow him. "You wanna tell me what's up, you're not acting like the personality I'd come to be rather fond of.",

She bit her lip, hard. Here she was, the very place she wanted.. Needed to be, with her only friend out side of the Jedi order.

"It's along story..", she said trailing off.

"I have time..", he replied, gesturing with his hand for her to sit on the couch. She did, he sat down beside her, giving her his full attention. This is what she wanted.. To tell him everything.. To explain her grief, anger, sadness and distrust. What terrible things she had done to get here and why she was here.

"Where do I begin?", she began her body beginning to tremble as the emotion of tears engulfed her.

The words stammered off her lips. "I-it all started with...me be-being framed for murdering a prisoner with intel on the bombing of the Jedi temple.", the memory of the event slamming into her like a sledge hammer through to the face.

Lux sat down wide eyed, as he listened to her endeavors.

When she finished there was a solemn silence. It was filled with a semi-sense of relief. She felt good explaining her story, and how she'd ended up here, excluding the misuse of her lightsaber. The events still fresh in her mind. Bonteri's help had brought her napkins on multiple occasions, while the boy attempted to comfort and support her.

"Your choice to leave was an extremely difficult one, indeed. But I do believe it to be a wise one.", she nodded as he embraced her in an attempt to comfort.

"You need to reevaluate your situation and stay away from the source of your discomfort. The Jedi temple, and being with the Jedi was a terrible reminder of their distrust. And thus leaving was a wise choice.", he spoke to her giving the togruta much needed support. She needed this, the issues seemed to jump off her chest for the time being.

"Thanks Lux, you're awesome.",

He chuckled, as she sank further into the warmth of his chest, and before she knew it, Ahsoka was asleep.

What had made him so uneasy? Was it the small Torgruta girl currently sleeping in his lap? Or was it the amount of paper work he'd neglected dealing with the girls obvious emotional roller coaster. What a poor thing, she was. She needed someone, someone to vent to and help her through her issues.

He examined the girl sleeping in her lap. She looked so innocent and almost helpless and extremely small. This was everything and anything from the truth though, she had been trained in the Jedi arts after all.

She was beautiful, he couldn't deny it. He'd always had some sort of infatuation for the girl, ever since they'd first met, albeit he'd never shown it. He had kissed her once, when he had been opposed with killing that sith lord, enacting his revenge, by siding with the mercenary group known as deathwatch.

It was of course to keep her huge mouth closed, but it was appealing nonetheless.

And now here she was, a former Jedi in need of help. And he was more than willing to give her anything he could. She was his friend after all.

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