A Shift of Normalcy:

Chapter Eight:

Padme quickly moved through her shared apartment, her stomach heavy and back in definite pain. The woman approached the door after another ring of the doorbell.

"I'm coming she called.", sliding on a warm robe before she unlocked the door with the push of a button, wondering who could be at the door at such an hour as this. It was rather odd, but she passed it off as nothing, a bit tired. The door opened revealing a small yet familiar figure.

"Ahsoka!", Padme said rather surprised.

The girl smiled heavily through her black hood. "Hello Padme.", she said this as she removed the hood. She knew Ahsoka, and they were on good terms, but she wasn't nearly as close with her as Anakin.

"It's been so long, where have you been all this time?",

Ahsoka shook her head, smile still present. "I've been traveling the galaxy actually, I just wanted to come by is all.",

"Well, Come in and get out of the cold.", She welcomed the former Jedi inside, bringing her into the living room. They both sat on the couch parallel one another.

"Anakin will be so excited when he hears that you're alright. God, he worries about you so much and he told me about what happened with Obi-wan and him.", Padme looked at the girl, she didn't seem to excited about that idea.

"Ah, that won't be necessary actually, I would actually rather Anakin not know anything.",

The woman rose her eyebrows. "What, well why not? Are you still angry with him? Ahsoka, look her tried and if I know Anakin–",

"No, that's not the reason, not at all Padme.", The Togruta said, mystery seeming to spew from her voice. The senator noticed that Ahsoka's words also held an emotion she could not pinpoint. Everything was weird and Padme could shake the feeling that something was off.

"I've actually come here for you Padme.", Ahsoka finished.

The senator was taken aback for a moment. "For me?",

"Yes.", her eyes instantly fell to her belly. "It looks as if you'll be due any day now, huh? Congratulations.",

Padme smiled, tapping her stomach. "Thank-you, I'm due within the next two weeks, actually..",

"Ah, I see… One thing that has been bothering me, however….", The senator looked at her questionably. "Yes?",

"...who was the Father again?",

Padme gazed at the young girl for a moment. It was a question she had been able to avoid and somehow evade this whole entire time. If anyone knew of her relationship with Anakin if anyone was aware of their marriage….

"Anakin, right?", She stated suddenly. Padme's eyes widened her mouth equally as wide.

"How did you—", her words were cut short as a feeling engulfed Padme, almost a voice telling her to run. The atmosphere suddenly darkened, sort of like a cloud consumed the area. And she felt it, there was definitely something wrong here and it all surrounded Ahsoka.

Without any warning Padme found herself being forced into the air, her body levitating as her windpipe became constricted. Ahsoka's hand came outwards as it curled into a choking position. She gazed into Ahsoka's eyes, what she saw shot fear into her whole entire being. Orange, completely different from her normal Azure blue.

"Ahsoka, what are you doing?", she said gasping for air, her eyes straining and her voice heavy. The squeezing became hard, as Padme struggled. "

"The name isn't Ahsoka anymore, it's Venohka, Lady Venohka that is.",

Padme grabbed at her neck, attempting to relieve the pain and restore air to her lungs, but it was all in vain. "I can't breathe...You're going to kill me….I'm Pregnant.",

The girl moved forward never letting go of her chokehold. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. My master wants you and your child alive anyway.",

Padme heard Ahsoka finish as her eyes closed and she found herself drift into the world of unconsciousness.

Anakin stood before the council, his heart heavy, and his head swirling. He sighed, preparing the words that would eventually roll off his tongue. His heart was in pain and he was on the verge of emotion. He had the floor and he would explain a few things.

"The relationship that I have with Senator Amidala was more than just a friendship...", he began, there was definitely a shift in the force when he began with those words. "Actually, she's my wife and we're married.", The chosen one didn't respond to the gasps that echoed through the council chambers. He continued…

"Yes, I am the father and this revelation has left a strain on my heart.",

Mace Windu spoke, face stern. "Attachments are something a Jedi should not have.",

"I know, I knew it was wrong.", He answered with disappointment.

"How long has this relationship been going on for?", It was Obi-wan who asked this, his closest friend.

"Eight years, right after the first battle of Geonosis.", He answered wholeheartedly. The council shifted through the force.

"I can no longer keep this matter a secret, I–I love my wife and she is bearing my child, I cannot sit back and do nothing.",

There was a silence that followed Anakin's declaration. They were all judging him, he could tell by their eyes that seemed to shift from one another and back to him.

"Troubling time this is for you young Skywalker. Lost a lot you have. Something more sinister the sith have in store I fear. The child is yours you say?", Master Yoda gave his commentary, everyone honing in on the wise old man's words.

"Yes, Master Yoda.", He responded.

"Then it's safe to assume that the sith are after the child that Senator Amidala has within her.", It was Jedi master Ki-adi-mundi who gave his input. Everyone seemed to agree with his words.

"Children from none other than the chosen one, prove to be force sensitive, I believe.", The green Grand-master of the Jedi stated.

"We cannot allow the sith to have my child!", Anakin demanded.

"How sure are we that it is the sith who took Senator Amidala?", Master Windu inquired.

"I've felt it, I have a force bond with my wife. I felt it from the moment something went wrong.",

"You've felt it, Skywalker?", The second highest ranking Jedi questioned again.

"Yes, through the force, there is a dark presence around her and she cries for help every moment she's captive.", He said in pain.

"Skywalker, you are dismissed.", Windu explained impassively.


"Return your wife and child, we will. Think over this swiftly we must. Until then go, Anakin you will.", Master Yoda assured. The Chosen one left, his heart still heavy and his fists clenched. How could he have let this happen? Two of his precious people, two of them.

Lady Venohka bowed before her master. Yes, the physical figure, one of which she had not seen in some time. Her dark hood hung over her face keeping her features hidden in the shadows.

"Many things are to happen, my young apprentice.", he stated "The dark side of the force is in motion and my plan to rid the world of the Jedi will soon be executed.",

She remained silent as she listened to his words. "A few things must be done before we are to continue with the plans. Skywalker has lost his apprentice, his wife and child, this will bring him that much closer to the dark side. There is but one more thing…", Darth Sidious trailed off. His name brought memories to her mind, many that she were actually fond of memories. The memories of Ahsoka Tano, the girl she had once been. It was rather whimsical that she had been that very same naive Jedi. She had been weak…. So why couldn't she get rid of these memories, they were haunting. Not in a bad type of way they were good and fun memories, attachments to her old self. She didn't need any of that, the only person she cared for was herself and Lux. She internally shook herself, she would have to meditate later to help clear her mind of these weak and insignificant memories.

"We must push Skywalker to the limits, this means we must kill Jedi Master Obi-wan.", Sidious said this with a sickening voice, his words being reinforced by the force itself.

"Yes, my master.", she stated respectfully.

"Jedi Master Obi-wan is a highly skilled Jedi, this will be your true test. If you defeat Obi-wan we will be that much closer to success.", It was more of a warning than a compliment.

"As you wish.", she stated. Obi-wan...

*Oh, my God! Cheese and Bread! I Apologize for my long absence from this story, I lost my footwork for this Fic and I wasn't sure of how I'd continue it. But fortunately, I've read it over and will be wrapping it up from Here on out. This is simply a chapter setting up for the rest of the story, getting us deeper into the plot, I hope you guys will enjoy where I'm going.