Race: Troll.

Subspecies: Half Dark troll half Island(Darkspear)troll.

Known languages: Zandali, Orcish, Common, Taurahe, and Thalassian with a basic understanding of Darnassian due to the similarities between them.

Sex: Male.

Sexual orientation: Straight.

Age: 24.

Birthday: January 10th.

Class: Fury warrior/Barbarian/Berserker.

Trade Skills: Mining, Skinning, Cooking, Fishing, and Archaeology.

Professions: Adventurer/centurion in the Horde army/diplomat to the troll tribes.

Affiliation: Horde.

Height: 9 feet 10 inches.

Weight: 650 pounds of muscle.

Build: Heavily muscled.

Dominant hand: Ambidextrous.

Hair: Dark green, almost black mid back length hair in a multitude of braids.

Skin: Dark purple skin covered in tattoos of the Loa.

Face: Ignoring the rest of his body, Shirkan has a relatively average face, while definitely not ugly he doesn't stand out.
He has sharp yellow eyes with good night vision and large, thick tusks curving upwards out the sides of his mouth, stopping about eye level.

Armor: Wears Amani plate minus the chest piece with his left arm fully covered by armor and without the right shoulder guard.

Jewelry/body-art: Tribal-style tattoos of the Loa Nalorakk( /Nalorakk), Shirvallah( /Shirvallah), and Akali( /Akali), as well as those of the ancients Goldrinn( /Goldrinn), and Agamaggan( /Agamaggan) cover his chest, back and arms.

Weapons: Duel wields Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse.

Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance and insane class specialization, outside of combat Shirkan is a very easygoing happy individual.
Rarely taking anything outside of a battle seriously, he is very difficult to anger.
When battle calls however,his personality does a complete 180.
He becomes a monster on the battlefield using his incredible strength to easily duel-wield the ancient troll great-swords Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse.
With his Berserker training he is easily able to ignore all but the most grievous of wounds, any pain he would feel instead going to fuel his monstrous strength.

Back story:
From a young age Shirkan was raised on tales of the Mighty Zul'jin, and his wish to once again unite all the troll tribes under a single banner. Taking this dream for his own, he began traveling the world when he came of age, doing whatever it took he slowly integrated himself with other tribes of trolls, learning their ways and customs and gaining the favor of their Loa.
He was part of the group that freed the Gurubashi from Hakkar the soulflayer's tyranny, gaining Zin'rokh in the process.
When Zul'jin went mad Shirkan took it as a personal duty to end the threat his childhood hero presented, with the help of other heroes Zul'jin was defeated and Shirkan claimed Jin'rohk from his corpse.
When the Drakkari of Northrend began sacrificing their Loa he stepped in to stop them, though mostly unsuccessful, the few he managed to save were extremely grateful and granted him their eternal favor.
While he was in favor of what the Zandalari were trying to do in bringing all the tribes together, he firmly opposed how they were going about it.
"There simply are not enough of us left to challenge the whole of Azeroth, trying to dominate the world like we did 16,000 years ago would only lead to our extinction, we need to find a way to live alongside the other races, not exterminate them."

Special Traits: Due to being deeply in the favor of not only his own tribes Loa, but the Loa of other tribes as well Shirkan's healing factor is insane even by troll standards, able to recover from most injuries within minutes or even seconds.
He is even capable of regrowing limbs as he found out after losing his right arm at the shoulder during a battle, it took seven hours to grow back and had no muscle tone, basically just skin and bone and the regeneration process was exhausting.
So even though he knows that his limbs will grow back he still tries his very best to avoid losing them as the regeneration process sucks.

Connections: Older sibling to Rinwazi, Raizzariza, and Xarda, and best friends/friends with benefits with Magkora, friendly acquaintance to Sahvari, Arawn, and Amadahy.

Religion: Shirkan worships all the Loa, the troll gods Dubra'Jin, Zim'Abwa, Zim'Rhuk, and Zim'Torga, the titan Aggramar, and the demigods Agamaggan and Goldrinn.