Alahniel Dawngazer.

Race: High Elf.

Known languages: Thalassian, Darnassian, Common.

Sex: Female.

Sexual orientation: Straight.

Breast size: D, almost DD.

Age: 2,832.

Birthday: March 15th.

Class: Priestess(Retired Ranger).

Trade Skills: Skinning, Herbalism, Cooking, and First Aid.

Professions: Medic and co-founder of The Gryphons Talon.

Affiliation: Alliance.

Height: 6 feet 1 inch.

Weight: 173 pounds.

Build: Toned and curvy.

Dominant hand: Right.

Hair: Light brown, borderline dark blonde hair in a wrist thick waist-length braid.

Skin: Moderately tan.

Face: Beautiful, elegant face only barely beginning to show the very faintest signs of age, stunning aqua colored eyes glowing with a warm light, and luscious lips cloaked in burnished gold lipstick usually set in a peaceful smile, missing an inch off her right ear.

Armor: As a ranger she wore a combination of light chain-mail and leather armor.
As a priestess she wears a dazzling white, backless, sleeveless ankle length robe, specially enchanted to only tantalize never reveal(it seems sheer at a glance but is just opaque enough to obstruct the important bits).
Front and back only held together by a fine golden chain belt and a neckline that dips to her bellybutton, fully exposing her generous cleavage, a golden circlet set with emeralds on her head, and thigh high white leather boots with a golden trim.

Jewelry/body-art: A pink ruby and gold stud in each ear and a silver and sapphire necklace.

Weapons: As a ranger she wielded twin elven scimitars(recolored item=34666#. replace red with blue and gold with silver) and a powerful recurve bow, as a priestess she carries one scimitar and traded in her recurve for a longbow, using it both for it's intended purpose and as a staff.

Personality: Warm and motherly to her own and other children, passionate and sensual to those that she's taken an interest in, cold and unfeeling to her enemies, all are words that can accurately describe Alahniel, all depending upon the situation you find her in.

Backstory: Alahniel was born nearly three thousand years before the opening of the dark portal.
As a child she was shown to have a strong affinity for the light and was encouraged to train as a priestess, and while she did enjoy the training she never felt it was where she belonged.
Alahniel had always wanted to be a ranger, roaming the forests, guarding Quel'thalas from forest trolls and all other manner of beasts, this she felt was her true calling.
Just half a year after starting her training as a priestess Alahniel dropped out and joined the rangers, figuring that she'd learned enough of the healing arts to keep herself alive at least.
Finally where she wanted to be Alahniel excelled with the rangers, quickly rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander whereupon she was happy and respectfully declined further promotions.
Alahniel spent many years and took part in hundreds of operations with the rangers, even some joint operations with the spellbreakers.
It was during one of these joint ops that she first met Altarius Dawngazer.
Altarius was young(not quite four decades older than her), charismatic, handsome, and already a High Commander in the spellbreaker corp, Alahniel found herself instantly attracted to the man.
After the joint op ended Alahniel worked up her courage and went to talk with Altarius, finding that her attraction was reciprocated they agreed to meet up again when they next had the chance.
Time passed and the two of them grew closer, eventually getting married and producing two sons, Celduin and Aerindil.
Things were wonderful for the family for a long time but all good things must come to an end.
Celduin, at the time a member of the Kirin Tor let his frustration at the way things were done get the best of him and in the midst of proving a point inadvertently unleashed a massive infernal on the citizens of Dalaran, killing nearly 100 people and causing King Anasterian Sunstrider to exile him from Quel'thalas forever.
Some time after that the dark portal opened and the orcish horde tore across human lands slaughtering all in their path.
Though the majority of elves felt that this was a human problem and refused to interfere, Altarius was never able to sit by and do nothing when innocent people were dying.
Gathering what little aid he could find Altarius traveled to Stormwind city and helped to hold off the orcish invaders, losing his life in the process.
Just a year later the second war broke out, this time involving the elves whether they liked it or not.
The orcs had teamed up with the forest trolls led by the cunning Zul'jin, and began attacking the borders of Quel'thalas.
Refusing to lie down and let the trolls and their orc allies do as they please any longer the elves fully dedicated themselves to the war efforts.
The rangers mobilized and Alahniel was on the front-lines of the battlefield, taking down enemy after enemy with expert shots of her bow, and pulling out her elven scimitars to eviscerate them in an elegant dance of death when they got close.
During the rush of battle Alahniel got separated from her platoon and found herself surrounded.
Alahniel got into her combat stance and surveyed the situation, three laughing forest trolls, tall, powerfully built, probably ecstatic to kill an elf soon, and an enormous muscular orc.
Two of the trolls were wielding an axe in each hand and Alahniel knew that those weapons could be deadly both close up and thrown at a range, the third troll was carrying a short spearand small buckler.
She turned to the orc, red beady eyes, sadistic grin on his face, about eight inches shorter than the trolls but slightly broader, obviously very strong.
The orc carried an enormous battleaxe, seemingly not bothered by it's great weight.
Finished taking stock of the situation Alahniel smirked to herself. 'This should be a walk in the park.'
Narrowing her eyes Alahniel glared at her enemies. "You all waiting for an invitation? Or is it that you're all scared to face a single elf girl in battle."She grinned viciously. "That must be embarrassing for you."
Her four opponent's roared in rage and went on the attack.
Alahniel set her sights on the troll farthest from her, one of the axe wielders, she charged at him ducking between two of the others, he threw one of his axes, she dodged to the left, he threw the other, she deflected it with her scimitars, even a glancing blow sending shocks up her arms, demonstrating the trolls strength advantage.
Alahniel closed in with the now weaponless troll, blades flashing she dove between his legs, and quickly spinning slashed both hamstrings.
Legs no longer able to support him the troll collapsed to his knees, Alahniel quickly decapitated him. 'One down.'
Alahniel spun just in time to duck a swing of the orcs battleaxe, quickly backpedaling she managed to gain a bit of distance but ended up backed into a tree.
Her eyes darted left and right trying to determine which direction to go when with a loud thunk and a burning pain in her right ear one of the second trolls throwing axes embedded itself in the tree next to her head, taking the tip of her ear with it.
Recovering from her surprise Alahniel saw the enraged orc only feet away and closing fast. "Shit!" reacting quickly Alahniel, using her amazing agility jumped atop the axe still stuck in the tree and, with the orc in range she back flipped off the axe, kicking the orc in the head and sending him face first into the tree, knocking him senseless.
Realizing she needed to finish the other trolls before the orc rejoined the fight Alahniel rushed at them, the axe user had rearmed himself with the discarded weapon of his fallen comrade and was now side by side with the spear wielder.
She rushed forward, sidestepping a spear thrust her left scimitar shot up, severing the trolls hand and disarming him, Alahniel continued her assault with a spinning kick to his knee, shattering the joint and dropping him to a kneel. Completing her spin she slashed with her right blade, severing the remainder of the trolls arm and followed with her left biting deeply between his ribs.
Leaving her foe to bleed out on the ground. Alahniel turned to the remaining troll just in time to deflect a thrown axe. Arms screaming with the shock of the impact she barely recovered before being bowled over by eight feet of berserking forest troll.
Rolling with the sudden hit she quickly jumped back to her feet and engaged the raging behemoth. Roaring with fury, spittle flying the troll came on, furiously swing his single axe. Alahniel knew that in this state she had no chance of blocking a strike and fell into a cycle of evasion. Duck, backstep, left, left, right, backstep, right, left, duck, backste-"Shit!" Losing her footing she desperately threw up her left scimitar in a hasty block only for the trolls strike to break three fingers and send her weapon spinning off into the distance. Quickly retaliating she swiped across with her remaining scimitar and severed the tendons in her attackers hand, forcing him to drop his weapon and then with all her strength she thrust her blade directly into the joint where the trolls leg met it's body. With a roar of pain the troll backhanded Alahniel, sending her flying, blade still embedded in her enemy. Groaning in pain Alahniel staggered to her feet, the troll yanked her scimitar out of his joint with a roar and began limping for her, at the same time the orc, regaining his wits gathered up his weapon and began advancing on her. Alahniel pulled out her bow and nocked an arrow."Alright assholes, I'm officially sick of this shit. It's time for you to die." She sent her first arrow at the orc, he caught the arrow with the haft of his axe and began to laugh, right as her second shot caught him in the knee and a third took him through the eye. Turning to the limping troll Alahniel casually sends an arrow through first it's left shoulder, then right knee, next the left knee, and finally the right shoulder. Her foe totally immobilized Alahniel slowly walked up and nocked two arrows, standing just a few feet from the cripple troll she drew back the bow string. The defeated troll, coming down from his berserker rage glared at Alahniel and spit on the ground. "You can be killin me and me brothas all ya want elf, but dis be Amani land and as long as one troll still draw breath you nevah gonna wi-" "Just die already." She released, one arrow taking him between the eyes, the other in his open mouth, he fell, dead.
With a sigh of relief Alahniel felt her shoulders sag in exhaustion. As the adrenalin began to wear off she winced, looking to the three broken fingers on her right hand. "I'd better just splint them for the moment, get them looked at later." Finding some straight sticks and using a torn off strip of her under shirt as a bandage she straightened and splinted her fingers, cringing at the pain. After bandaging her fingers she cupped them with her other hand and called upon the light, reducing the inflammation and dulling the pain, she avoided attempting to heal the break without having a proper medic set them first, not wanting to risk fusing the bone. With her fingers taken care of for the moment she turned her powers to the rest of her injuries, starting with her right ear, briefly lamenting the fact that she could not restore the inch that was lost off the tip she quickly decided that it makes her look like a badass and healed it over. Going over the rest of her body Alahniel realized she got off quite lucky, her ear and hand being the worst of her injuries, all else being minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.
Her injuries taken care of Alahniel began gathering up her spent arrows and searching for her lost scimitar, but she had forgotten the most important rule of fighting trolls. If you leave a 'fatally wounded' troll to bleed out he'll likely plant an axe in your back sometime later. Hearing a rustling in the brush Alahniel spun, drawing her bow, eyes widening as she saw the troll she'd thought dead, one arm missing, knee still appearing broken but somehow supporting his weight, a look of hatred on his face. With a roar of pain and rage he hurled his reclaimed spear at Alahniel as she released her arrow, the projectiles passed each other in mid air, her arrow taking him through the heart and though she tried to dodge his spear impaled her, entering through her outer left thigh just below her hip, scraped across the back of her femur and exited below her left buttock briefly pinning her to a tree before her weight and momentum pulled her to the ground, tearing the spear out of her thigh and causing her to scream in agony.
Writhing in pain, Alahniel grabbed at her wounded leg. "Oh light it hurts, that's… That's a lot of blood, gotta… gotta stop the… the bleeding." Alahniel tried calling on the light to heal her wound but the pain and blood loss was making it hard to focus. "Come on, focus Alahniel, you can do this. Damn me for abandoning my priestess… training, could have had this all healed and done by now but nooo, I just… had to be a ranger, idiot." Finally her effort paid off and the light came to her, flowing from her hands into her wounded leg. "Ah, better, bleeding's slowed down… just… just a bit more and…" Alahniel lost consciousness.

She awoke in the infirmary two days later. Though she had won her fight and managed to stop herself from bleeding out, Alahniel's lack of experience and skill with the healing arts led to her leg healing improperly. Superficially she now has a large, ugly scar wrapping around half her left thigh and, worse than that, the muscles having healed wrong can no longer support her full weight for long. She can still manage slow, short walks on her own but can no longer run and when traveling moderate to long distances she requires the aid of a crutch or staff.

Due to her crippled leg Alahniel had to retire from the rangers, no longer able to keep up with the physical demands, but took this as a sign to return to the priesthood and restart her training in the light.
Towards the tail end of the second war, Alahniel met a young half human paladin, the son of a dwarven gryphon rider and a human cleric. Though their time together was extremely brief, Alahniel and this man felt connected to one another. He, having lost both his parents early in the war and her losing her eldest son to exile and her husband to the first war. For the few days they were together the found comfort in each others arms, but soon it all had to come to an end. The unit he was attached to was deployed to another front, they said their goodbyes and promised to meet again when the war ended, but later that night Alahniel was granted a vision, and she knew that he would not be walking away from his next battle. But she was also shown that their meeting was not mere chance, and from their union new life was formed. This vision, whether granted by the light or some other force showed her that she would give birth to twins, a son of silver hair and a golden haired daughter, and with the vision of her children she was shown something else. In her mind she saw two great trees, trees that for an age were the light of their world. There was Telperion, the silver, and Laurelin the golden, and as those trees acted as a source of light for their world so too would these twin siblings grow to embody the light in theirs.
Time passed, Alahniel gave birth to the healthy twins, the second war eventually ended, Alahniel met the dwarf Davrim Stormrider who turned out to be the uncle of the man who had given her twins, they became friends, eventually founding a mercenary company together.
When Arthas sacked Quel'thalas during the third war she stayed and helped with the defenses as long as she was able but when it became obvious that the city was lost she took her children and fled to Aerie peak, home of the Wildhammer dwarves where they remained with Davrim until the war ended.
Alahniel has participated as much as she was able in every subsequent conflict to strike Azeroth, acting as a front-line healer for the Alliance, the Sha'tar, Argent Crusade, or whatever good aligned organization needed her talents, as well as being the second in command of The Gryphons Talon mercenary guild.

Special traits: Through her connection with the light, and possibly something greater Alahniel will occasionally experience visions. These visions may be of the past, present, or future, and sometimes of other worlds or plains of existence. One of these extra-planar visions occurred while she was pregnant with twins and is how she picked their names.
Though she can no longer fight as she once did due to a crippling leg injury Alahniel is still very skilled with a blade, and even more so with her bow, able to make accurate shots at over 200 yards. After retiring from the rangers she dedicated herself fully to the priesthood and became one of the best healers in Quel'thalas, both magically and with more mundane methods.

Connections: Ex-wife of Altarius and mother of Celduin, Aerindil, Telperion and Laurelin, close friend of Davrim.

Religion: Alahniel worships the holy light and reveres the many spirits of nature.