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Episode 1: X779

Monday, October 17th, Year X779, 08:37 A.M, Earthland, Fiore Kingdom, Unknown Forest

"Enma no Gekiko! [Flame Devil's Rage]!" Erza shouted and a large black Mahoujin [Magic Circle] appeared in front of her as a large torrent of black flames escaped her mouth before it made its way towards E.N.D.

The guild Master of Tartarus simply took a single step to the right letting the scorching blaze of black fire go passed him as it clashed against the barrier E.N.D created to protect the surroundings in radius three kilometers. He gathered a tiny black flames on his index finger before it formed a tiny sphere of compressed black fire.

The salmon-haired Eteriasu [Etherious] smirked before he stared at the red-haired Devil Slayer and retaliated. "Enma no Ensho! [Flame Devil's Heat Wave]!" With a flick of his finger, E.N.D threw the tiny black sphere of flame in incredible speed towards Erza's direction whose eyes widened in alarm.

The red-head barely spread her legs and crouched, letting the attack go passed above her. The attack hit a mountain that was inside of the barrier behind her, causing a titanic explosion of magic that destroyed the entire mountain followed by a big tremor in the grounds. Erza looked behind her and widened her eyes in shock and fear as a mere tiny sphere of black flame from her mentor managed to obliterate an entire mountain with ease. But E.N.D wasn't aiming for her on his previous attack instead of to distract the red head and successes when Erza focused her attention on the black flames that burning everything in its wake behind her.

He appeared in front of Erza and squatted before her who still looking at the flames that had destroyed a mountain. E.N.D tapped on her shoulder, gaining her attention and readied his finger on her forehead when Erza whose eyes widened in surprise turned around. With a flick of finger, E.N.D sent the red-head who let out a cry of pain crashing into a nearby tree.

Erza groaned as she tried to get back to her feet again while rubbing her sore forehead and gave her teacher a weak glare. "Hey, that's hurt you know!" Erza yelled at E.N.D who only glanced at her boringly.

"It's not like I'm using my fist, you're going to experience things that will hurt beyond this. Start getting used of it. And how many times I've told you, don't let your enemy distract you so easily. Have I been anyone else, you would be death right now." E.N.D scolded rather coldly to the red-head as the said red head gritted her teeth in annoyance at the cold tone he used while mentally cursed herself. How could she forget that. Her mentor had made sure that she wouldn't forget that one simple fact. The girl shuddered when she recalled how her teacher done that.

"And remember…come at me with intent to kill!"

Erza narrowed her eyes before relaxed a bit. "As you say, Sensei." Erza lit up her entire body in black flames that as black as coal. The red-haired Devil Slayer took a fighting stance before she nodded at her teacher in affirmation who nodded back in acknowledgement.

In a matter of seconds, Erza dashed at E.N.D but this time with an intent to kill him that made the pink-haired demon smirked before he went into put his right hand behind his back. Erza threw a fist coated with black flame towards E.N.D but the strongest demon of the book of Zeref deflected it with his left palm to his right, leaving her open. E.N.D sent a swept his palm to his left, aiming for the Erza's head but the red-haired girl ducked just in time before sending a powerful uppercut with her left hand towards E.N.D's chin.

Unfortunately, E.N.D saw this coming and defended himself by blocking her uppercut with his left palm. The moment of contact created a shockwave that created a huge crater beneath them. E.N.D expected Erza to be distracted again but unlike last time, Erza didn't lose her focus and sent a powerful right kick towards E.N.D's left side. The pink haired demon caught her leg with his left hand but didn't expected Erza to spin around and delivered a kick to his belly.

The kick didn't hurt him at all but strong enough to move him from his original spot since E.N.D didn't use both of his legs and his other arm. E.N.D smirked at this, she sure had grown stronger for the past four years, to able to hit him (Though he was holding back a LOT) was no small feat for a fourteen years old girl. 'Let's step it up a notch.' E.N.D thought to himself as Erza dashed at him with her fist covered in black flame.

"Enma no Haken! [Flame Devil's Destruction Fist]!" Erza brought her fist towards her teacher's face, intent to wipe that cocky smirk of his. Again, E.N.D effortlessly caught her fist that causing an explosion of magic. Another crater had been made and E.N.D used Erza's temporary blindness and rammed his fist into Erza's face and sent her crashing a huge boulder and destroyed it.

Erza emerged from the boulder, gave her teacher glare while wiping bloods from her mouth. E.N.D smirked cockily and gestured a hand motion that said 'Bring it on', causing Erza enraged even more as she gathered a quite large amount of magic around her hands. She created a giant sphere of black flames, lifting it above her head and prepared to throw it at her teacher. "Enma no Haen! [Flame Devil's Destruction Flame]!" With a shout, the red-head threw the giant sphere of black flames towards her teacher who just standing there without moving.

The attack hit her mentor, creating a large explosion was caused followed by a big tremor in the grounds as black flames danced around the barrier burning everything in its wake while it was at it. Smoke and dust shot up into the air making it hard to look around. The red-haired girl position remained the same as she glanced around in search for her mentor.

"Where is he?" She asked to herself but wasn't expecting an answer from behind.

"Behind you!" She heard her mentor whispered, quickly turned around only to find her mentor had took a deep breath, indicating he prepared his breath attack. Erza knew she couldn't avoid this one and crossed her arm, intent to block it head on. "Enma no Gekiko! [Flame Devil's Rage]!" E.N.D bellowed, sending a gigantic torrent of black flame that ten times bigger than Erza's who frozen in place.

'Is sensei serious?! I could die from that!' She thought as she frozen in terror the fact that her mentor was firing one of his basic but potent spells at point blank range really scared Erza to death. She closed her eyes, and waited for the blast to hit her.

But it never came, at least, not directly.

The ground behind her shook, rumbled, and finally exploded. Erza heard a buzzing sound in her left ear, and her red hair was blown sideways. After the blast had faded she opened her eyes and looked behind her, her ears still ringing from the impact of the roar. Her eyes grew as large as a plate.

Behind Erza, what should've been the surface to layers and layers of rock and dirt was completely replaced by a gigantic hole, which was inclined towards her. The Barrier that supposed to held the attack was gone and the end of the hole could not be seen, and a few moments later, the hole completely caved in, the base of the ground weakened, and was replaced with a new foundation of earth.

Erza looked back towards her mentor, who gave off a menacing glare and aura that causing her shuddered before it softened as he sighed and spoke.

"Okay…that's enough!"

And at that moment, Erza decided to finally faint.

E.N.D only shook his head in amusement at his apprentice and looked at the destruction he just caused and sweat-dropped slightly. "Perhaps I'm using a little too much power than necessary." He muttered to himself before he heard someone walked from behind him and smirked, knowing who it was.

"I'd never thought you would come here…" He spoke and spun around to see at a beautiful woman appearing to be in her early twenties, with silver hair and matching eyes. Her hair, which flowed all the way down to her back, features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down, ending in twin braids. She was carrying a manila folder on her hand. She was wearing a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head, with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory. "So you decided to take a human form, Grayfia."

Grayfia Lucifer, she is an Etherious created by E.N.D on X375. She is also the strongest and leader of Tartarus Kyukimon [Tartarus Nine Demon Gates], thought in term of power Grayfia was still nowhere near his second in command, Mard Geer Tartaros. "Grayfia Lucifer, reporting for duty Master!" Grayfia said and gave the pink haired demon a bow before raised her head again. "Me, and the other two have found our objectives and process to the next stage. Here's the detail." She gave the folder to her master who took it and opened the folder.

E.N.D read the documents and looked at her with a pleased smile, closing the folder before gave it back to Grayfia. "Good work, tell the other two to wait for my next instruction! Tell me the progress from the other task!"

Grayfia nodded her head to her Master. "Lord Mard Geer himself is currently leading the rest of the Kyukimon to find Acnologia in Seven Kingdom after we couldn't find it in Isvan Kingdom!" Grayfia said briefly, causing E.N.D cursed under his breath. Acnologia was his primary target right now, he really wanted to settle score with Ryu no O [The Dragon King]. Even if E.N.D happened to come across with his brother, he would just ignore Zeref even if his brother begged to E.N.D to kill him.

Grayfia spotted the red-haired girl who still sleeping soundly after E.N.D had put hell through her. "Master…" Grayfia began, hesitated for a moment because she doesn't want to upset her creator. E.N.D looked at her curiously. "If I may ask, what are you trying to find in this human?" The silver haired demon asked, her eyes never leaved the sleeping Erza. "And why are we needed to adopt human child as well?"

E.N.D sighed at her last question. He had ordered three of Kyukimon, including Grayfia to find human child that were thirst for revenge, raised and teach them Magic and informed them about Erza if they happened to come across to her. Those three children would become Erza's enemy in the future and E.N.D ironically, would teach Erza about love. Don't selling him short, E.N.D had been in love before, a human and the only human he'd seen as equal aside of his brother and Mavis Vermilion until she'd taken away from him by Acnologia. And since that day, E.N.D was filled with hate towards the Ryu no O and swore to avenge his loved one.

"That's none of your concern right now Grayfia! Just go back to Headquarter, I'll follow you as soon as I'm finish with her!" E.N.D told the silver haired woman coldly. Grayfia flinched a bit but nodded, not wanting to anger her creator even more before silver Mahoujin [Magic Circle] appeared beneath her and she disappeared in flash, leaving her master and the sleeping Erza alone.

Monday, October 17th, Year X779, 09:13 A.M, Earthland, Fiore Kingdom, Magnolia Forest

The chirping of birds and the soft rustling of the wind is what a girl known as Erza Dragneel awoke to. Her eyes squinted as the sun beamed down her face. Groggily she stood up and blocked her eyes as her vision was becoming focused and out of its blurry state observing the unfamiliar surroundings. The area she was full of trees so she assumed she was in a forest, but it was none she recognized.

Then it hit her, her training with her mentor.

"Sensei where are you?" Erza asked to herself as she yawned out before she stood up.

She then spotted a set of clothes, wrapped tidily above a medium sized backpack and a medium sized sword with a slight curve to its shape. The blade was black and handle was silver with a small crimson swirl hanging off the back end of the. Next to the sword was a silver sheath with black flame pattern. The sword rested beside a rather big briefcase but seems not too big for Erza.

Her eyes spotted an envelope above the clothes and took it before tore the seal and took a paper from the inside of envelope. It was a letter, she unwrapped the letter and read it. 'To my beloved pupil. Erza, if you are reading this then I've already sent you to a forest near a town known as Magnolia, just go to west and you will find the town. It had been four years since I found you in that burning village and couldn't help but proud of you, you're truly worthy to be called my apprentice.' Erza smiled at the complement before continued reading the letter. 'You were born prodigy, you've mastered every technique I taught. But things happened and I have to leave, I'm sorry for not saying good bye. I left you some clothes in that backpack and that sword is a gift from me. I also have included a rather large amount of money in that briefcase.' Erza opened the red colored briefcase and saw it was full of money before looked back at the letter. 'There is a wizard guild called Fairy Tail in Magnolia. Join it, you need to start make a new friend at your age, cherish them and protect them with all your might. There might be someone who will try to harm them, few of them are Devil Slayers just like you.' Erza's brown eyes widened at the mentioned of another Devil Slayers. 'Good luck and I promise I'll visit you someday.' She then noticed something on the bottom. 'One more thing, if anyone ask you where did you learn your magic. Tell them you learned it from E.N.D but don't reveal to them what is it stand for. Also, if anyone asking you a question who taught you how to use sword, tell them you learn it from Natsu Dragneel.'

As soon as she finished read the letter, she burned the paper by igniting her arm with black flames. She sighed wiped a single tears from her eyes, she is on her own again but her mentor wouldn't like it if she crying, at least someday her mentor will visit her. She took the clothes and then put it on. Erza now wore dark sleeveless mini dress that revealed her flames pattern tattoo that she gained after learned Metsuaku Maho [Devil Slayer Magic] on her left hands with a white collar and a red tie. She was wearing a red belt that has a red side skirt cover. She wore it with long black socks and black shoes. She also wore red gauntlets and black gloves.

Erza then took the black sword and couldn't help but admired at the beauty of a real sword. During four years with her mentor, he had offered her if she wanted to be taught another fighting style aside Hand-to-hand combat. She eagerly agreed and decided to choice sword as her another fighting style which her mentor was the master of it. She had been training with him with only wooden sword while her mentor using a real sword, she didn't mind since her mentor couldn't find a sword that fit to her.

This sword must fit to her and a magnificent sword couldn't be called magnificent if it doesn't have a name. Since her master never mentioned the sword name, Erza decided to give it a name herself. She was currently on her thinking pose, her brain working hard to find a fitting name for her new sword before an imaginary light bulb appeared above her head. She had made her mind.

'Kuroisakura [Black Sakura]' Erza thought to herself and smiled, satisfied at the name that in her opinion, fitting with her sword. She then put the black sword on its silver sheath with a 'click', strapped in on her right waist before carried her backpack and the briefcase before headed to west where Magnolia town is.

Erza had been walked for at least half an hour and she had arrived in the town outskirt, she could see the town now. The town was not too bit but also not too small, a perfect place to live. She also could see a tall building with a weird blazon on the flag that covered the upper building, it was emblem of Fairy Tail then that means that building was her destination.

On her way to the town, Erza heard an explosion that just came off a few feet away. She widened her eyes and turned to the source of the explosion. Erza quickly ran through the forest and took out her new sword. It took the red-headed about five minutes, but she came up to a small caravan that caught on fire. She saw four people being tied up on a large tree, making the Devil Slayer widen her eyes. Erza looked around the place and soon he saw two people coming from the small fire. They were holding supplies and laughing like it was regular for them. Erza narrowed his eyes in the bushes and seethed. It had to be bandits, she had encounter with few of them once before her mentor annihilated them without using magic or Juho [Curse] as he called it since he said they're not worth for his curse.

"We just got a jackpot Bro. They really had some good stuff on them," one of them said to the other. From their talk, they were obviously brothers or something like it.

"Damn straight, I told you these people would pass by here." The older said grinning like madman. They were carrying food supplies and some other things to go along with it. Erza gritted her teeth and her Maryoku [Magic Power] flared in proportion to her anger.

The younger turned his attention to the hostages who were frightening as he turned to them. "Should we leave them like this?" He asked to the older who merely glared at the four hostages.

"Kill them, get out of here and leaves their bodies to die in the fire." The older said and the younger nodded before took out a small and slowly walked toward the hostages with a demented grin on his face that frightened the hostages even more.

"No if I have to say anything about it!" Erza yelled out, dropping her backpack and briefcase and came from the bushes. Erza startled the two bandits and both were shocked that the person who made them jump was a kid.

"Hehe, you gave me a quite the scare little brat. Why don't you get lost and forgot what you saw here before I change my mind and kill you," The older brother said while the younger snickered as he stood beside his older brother.

"Come on Nii-san let's kill her just so she won't go blabbering off to anyone." The younger said and the older nodded his head as he let out a punch while the younger cheered.

Erza narrowed her eyes and thanks to her training with her mentor, she dodged the punch by took a sidestepped to right as she readied her Kuroisakura and before the bandit knew it, his coughed bloods as he fell to the ground with cuts all over his body, causing not only the younger bandit but the hostages widened their eyes in shock as they witnessed a girl around fourteen managed to take down a bandit with ease by using her sword.

Erza knew the bandit was still alive, none of those cuts were lethal and there weren't enough cuts to kill him from blood loss but enough to keep them not to be able to get back up. Erza thought she doesn't need magic to deal with these two, they weren't mage and she could kill them by accident if she used her magic since she doubt they could take magic type attack.

Erza turned her attention to the younger bandit who backed away. He gulped and readied his small knife. Erza glared at him as the younger brother of the bandit charged at her with a roar. Erza closed her eyes and held up her black sword. "Fool!" Was that she murmured before vanished from everyone sight and reappeared behind the younger bandit. As Kuroisakura clicked with its sheath, the bandit fell to the ground in similar state as his older brother. Erza sighed, took the bandit knife and cut the rope that tied the hostages with it, freeing them from the clutches.

One of the hostages, a woman with brown hair and blue eyes approached Erza and bowed to her. "Thank you for saving us!" She thanked to the red-head who merely nodded at her before went to the bushed where she had left his things and took it until she heard a voice.

"Wow that was quiet impressive little one." Erza immediately turned around with her sword ready to strike. She was surprised to see a pale skinned woman with curvaceous figure, short dark purple hair and black eyes. She was wearing a tan jacket with red tank top underneath it, a black pants and black boots.

"What your name young one." The woman asked and Erza stayed quiet for a second debating whether or not she should tell the stranger her name.

"Erza Dragneel." Erza finally replied after a few seconds of thinking. She couldn't feel any malevolent intent from the older woman. But her mentor taught her that look can be deceitful.

"Erza Dragneel? What an interesting name. Are you a traveler or something?" The woman asked and eyed Erza with a hint of interest. I mean where you could find a fourteen years old girl wielding a sword like a master like that. 'Even my eyes couldn't follow that slash. Whoever taught her, he or she must be a master of sword.' She thought to herself and impressed at the skill Erza had displayed.

Erza nodded. "I was on my way to Magnolia when I heard explosion so I came to check it out and I find a pair of idiot that happened to be a sibling, attacking those defenseless people." She explained to the woman who nodded before the red-head narrowed her eyes at her. She had introduced herself so she has the right to know the older woman's name. "What's your name?" She asked and the woman looked at the little girl with a big grin.

"I'm Ur Milkovich, an S-Class mage from Fairy Tail." The woman known as Ur answered with great confidence, causing Erza widened her eyes a bit before went back to normal and smiled.

"Fairy Tail? That's my destination." Erza exclaimed, happily since she met with a mage from Fairy Tail, a guild that her mentor wanted her to join and started make a new friend. "Is there any way I could join Fairy Tail?" Erza asked in a hopeful voice.

Ur only laughed at that. "Sure kid I will take you there and master will let you join no problem. We also have few kids around your age too." Ur replied with a smile.

"Then what are we waiting for, let's go!"

Monday, October 17th, Year X779, 09:35 A.M, Earthland, Fiore Kingdom, Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail

"Okay, we're here!" Ur declared as she and Erza stood in front of Fairy Tail building. Erza beamed into smiled at this, finally she's gonna meet to someone at her age and from what have Ur told her, all of them are friendly.

"So this is Fairy Tail?" Erza stared in awe at the building. The building wasn't so big, but wasn't so small either. Definitely much better than that stinky, damp cave where she were always live in. Ur let out a small chuckle as he opened the doors to Fairy Tail and stepped inside as Erza followed her.

They stepped into the main room of Fairy Tail which was quite large and was filled with tables and chairs where members of the guild were sat and it also had a bar in the corner. Erza took in her surroundings and also checked out some the mages sat around the guild. 'Don't look so tough.' Erza thought to herself but her thoughts were interrupted by some loud arguing that had broken out.

"YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME, WENCH? WHY NO JUST GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST?" A girl around Erza's age shouted. She had black hair tied into a ponytail and was dressed in silver armor, a long sleeved white shirt underneath the armor and a white skirt with black boots and a sword that strapped on her waist.

"DON'T GO ACTING LIKE YOU'RE SOME KIND OF MENTOR, TIN CAN! I'LL CLEAN THE FLOOR WITH YOU." A gothic looking girl shouted back as she and the first girl both locked heads with each other seemingly getting ready to fight. The second girl had pale skin, white hair and blue eyes. She use to in a black tank top, black short shorts and thigh high black socks with heavy boots, her hair pulled up in a pony tail with a black bow.

Erza couldn't help but raised an eyebrow with a sweat drop at these two. 'And Ur said everyone here is friendly.' Was that all thought in her head.

"Kagura, Mirajane, please calm down, Ur will be back soon and she would be pissed if she see you two fighting." A voice came out of the crowd and a raven haired young boy stepped out. He was stripped down to just a pair of shorts due his annoying habit of taking his clothes off.

Ur let out a small cough which caught the attention of everyone in the guild as everyone realized she had returned. The two girls known as Kagura and Mirajane who were fighting before stopped as Ur headed towards the bar where a tall man with orange hair dressed in a long dark overcoat stood beside an old man around eighty sitting on the bar. These two were Gildarts Clive and Makarov Dreyar.

"Ah…you've retuned Ur how was your mission?" The old man asked the dark purple haired woman.

"Yep and the mission was too easy, even though it was an S-Class mission." Ur answered as she sat on the chair, taking a big gulp of beer from the glass she had just ordered from the bartender.

The tall man with orange hair noticed Erza and asked. "And who might this be?" He suddenly turned his attention to Erza who had followed Ur to the bar and in that instance everyone in the room seemed to turn their attention to Erza who dropped all of her stuff except her sword which interest Kagura. He could felt this girl staring back at him before he turned to Ur again.

"Ah yes this is Erza Dragneel, I bumped into her outside of town on the way back when a couple of bandits robbed a traveler's cart." Ur explained before pointing at Erza who had ordered a glass of milk. "I was about to help them but she beat me to it and I decided to observe first and jumped in if things gone out of control."

Makarov looked at Erza who drank her milk silently before looking back at Ur while the rest of guild was listened their conversation. "And what happen next?" He asked again.

Ur let out a chuckled. "Hehe, she beat them to the ground- no wait, beat was an understatement, Erza utterly destroyed them without magic at all. You should have seen how she used her sword as if she was born with it, even my eyes couldn't follow her slash." She answered, causing the entire guild shocked in silence. Ur was one of the strongest mage in Fairy Tail, only can be rivaled by Gildarts and Makarov and they way Ur talked highly about the girl who was still sitting on the bar was something that they wouldn't even though ever happen.

"So…she's going to be joining our guild?" Makarov asked the woman who nodded which brought surprised looks from everyone.

"Yes…she said that her mentor wanted her to be in this guild!" Ur said to Makarov who nodded and turned to Erza who had just finished her milk.

"So…in order to join your guild, should I have to pass some kind of test first or-" Erza began but Makarov cut her to continue.

"No dear…we should probably get you your guild mark." Makarov said with smile as he took out a guild stamp.

Erza only raised an eyebrow in confusion. "That's it? I'm just in?" Erza asked the old man who nodded her head in confirmation. "Damn…that's kinda boring but oh well, at least I'm in…" Erza cursed, gaining a nod from two archrival named Kagura and Mirajane who nodded in agreement. Erza then pointed to her left shoulder, there is a space between her black flames tattoo. "…Right here!" He told the old man who nodded and pressed the stamp on her left shoulder. Five second later, Makarov pulled out the stamp from Erza's shoulder and a black Fairy Tail blazon stamped on her left shoulder.

Erza looked on her left shoulder and smiled, satisfied and spotted a young girl, definitely younger than her with short white hair and blue eyes. Erza could tell she was related to the white haired girl who were fighting before. The girl smiled at Erza who smiled back at her. Erza may have been raised by the most ruthless demon ever exist, but he always taught her to be polite to anyone that intend to be friendly.

"Hello, my name is Lisanna Strauss. Welcome to Fairy Tail and nice to meet you Erza!" Lisanna greeted the red-head friendly, offered her a hand to shake which Erza gladly take it and shook it.

"Nice to meet you too, Lisanna. Say do you know any good apartment around here?" Erza politely asked.

Before Lisanna could answer, her older sister Mirajane beat her to it. "Our guild has a dorm, special for female members called Fairy Hills. The cost is 100.000 Jewels per month and you can pay them to Ur-san since she is the landlord." She answered before grinned. "That if you can pay it!" She grinned at Erza who narrowed her eyes. Erza swore she found that word was insulting.

"Don't listen to this cow! She knows how to getting into your nerve!" Kagura told her and glared at Mirajane who was more than gladly to return her archrival's glare.

"THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME, FISH CAN!" Mirajane yelled at Kagura as their head butted wit each other.

"YOU HEARD ME OR YOU DEAF OF ALL SUDDEN!" Kagura yelled back at Mirajane before they started fighting again, causing Erza raised an eyebrow again.

The red-head turned to Lisanna. "Was this always happen?" She asked the younger girl who sighed tiredly.

"Yep…Mira-nee and Kagura are always fighting like no end." Lisanna answered. "You'd better be as far as possible when they're fighting or you would get hurt." Lisanna reminded Erza and shuddered as she remembered what happened to a poor guy who gotten his ball kicked by the two.

But of course, Erza merely scoffed at that. She had been experienced something that much worse than them. "Tch…as if those two could even hurt me!" She replied. Unfortunately, the two heard her and sent glare at the red-headed.

"Ha, you don't look so strong. Anyone could beat common bandits. I bet I could knock you out in three hit!" Kagura said proudly and eyed at the sword that strapped securely on Erza's right side. "Show me what you got with that sword of yours and proved it that you're a sword master like what Ur-san said." She challenged Erza who narrowed her eyes. The red-head thought this girl could match her in sword fight with a mere cheap sword from store, that was an insult to her Kuroisakura but if she turn down the challenge Kagura would think her as a coward.

Erza let out a demented grin that sent shiver to Kagura. "Fine, I accept you challenge. Don't blame me if you got hospitalize." She told the black haired girl whose eyes twitched in annoyance.

"Good…let's do this outside. I don't want get frozen by Ur-san for destroying guild hall when I beat you to pulp!"

(Scene Change)

Now they were standing outside, Erza faced with Kagura crossed her arms in front of her armored chest with a smirk of confidence. Gildarts stared placing bets, all bets was placed for Kagura with the exception of Ur who had know what Erza capable off.

"Remember the rule, if one of you knocked out or give up the match is over!" Makarov told the two combatants who nodded their heads without even looking at the tiny old man. Makarov smiled, backed away from the two and raised his hand. "Now start!" He yelled and swung his hand down, causing the crowd cheered in excitement.

Kagura used her Kanso Mahou [Requip Magic] and summoned a sword before slashed down at Erza who pulled out Kuroisakura from her (As she referred her sword) sheath, brought her sheathed blade up and parried. As soon as their blades meet, Kagura's sword shattered like glass when it clashed with Erza's black sword, causing the crowd widened their eyes in shock. It was an insult for Erza to use her sword against a cheap sword from store. Thought she had used it to those two bandits but that was when Erza was so pissed to even realize that simple fact.

Erza used Kagura moment of shock to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick at Kagura's armored stomach, the force from Erza's kick caused the armor shattered like glass and sent her flying before landed twenty feet away from her.

Kagura was on her knees, holding her now unarmored stomach and stared at the red head in shock. She had destroyed her sword without even trying. 'This girl…' She thought and stood to her feet again while Erza had sheathed her sword. "That couldn't be an ordinary sword, could it? Where did you get it, what is the store's name and how much that sword cost?" Kagura asked the red-haired girl in interest, that sword must have come from a famous magical store in Crocus she had heard about and it must be expensive.

Erza just gritted her teeth in fury at her questions, how dare she presume that her sword was come from some random store. "First of all, I would appreciate it if you don't call her it." Erza pointed her finger at her sword. "Second, Yes Kuroisakura isn't an ordinary sword and that's why I refer my sword as she." She continued before her eyes darkened at the black haired girl who flinched under her gaze. "And third, how dare you presume my sword was come from some random shop and presume you could buy her. My sword mentor personally forged Kuroisakura for me since he couldn't find a sword that fit with me in store. She's my partner not my weapon."

Erza then put her left hand on the hilt of her sword while her right hand gripped the sheath tightly, using her right thumb to unsheathe her sword a bit with a 'clank'. "I can't let you go unpunished. You have insulted my partner!" Erza told Kagura enormously, prepared her stance while the black haired girl had summoned a pair of sword and ready to take on Erza's next attack.

Ur recognized that move which Erza used against the bandits before. "This is it…" Ur murmured, knowing what would happen. But this time her attention only focused on Erza's Kuroisakura and she wouldn't let it go from her sight.

In a flash, Erza dashed towards Kagura in a speed that only Makarov, Gildarts and Ur could follow. Kagura startled at the speed, she completely wasn't expecting the red-haired girl to be this fast but she wouldn't let it distract her again. Kagura slashed her swords down at Erza who drawn her own sword. In instant, Erza vanished from everyone's sight and reappeared behind Kagura before she sheathed her sword and as Kuroisakura clicked with her sheath, Kagura was cut all over her body before feel to the ground, leaving the spectator speechless at the sight.

Makarov and Gildarts were speechless at the skills Erza just demonstrated, Ur wasn't kidding when she said she couldn't follow her slash, he and Gildarts even didn't know what happen until they saw Kagura on the ground. To think Erza have mastered such advance sword technique at the age of fourteen. Meanwhile Ur, with lack of word, was impressed at Erza's skills. Unlike last time, she now can see Erza swing her sword at the speed that could be considered inhuman.




The guild freaked out at one of the strongest young mage's defeat by a new member so easily, even though they weren't using any magic. They made a mental note to not piss the girl off. Erza saw Makarov rushed to unconscious Kagura and checked her condition. "Don't worry…I didn't hit any vital spot" She told the old man who looked at her and nodded in relief. He gestured Gildarts to come at him and ordered the man to carrying Kagura to guild infirmary. "I'm sorry if I overdid it!" Erza apologized with a bow to the old man who waved his hand.

"It's okay dear…Kagura herself was challenging you, so it's not entirely your fault." Makarov said to the red-head who nodded and was about to leave until a certain white haired girl called her.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Erza flinched as she recognized the voice. This of course gaining attentions from the crowd as they could smell another intense fight between two girls soon. Erza turned around to saw Mirajane glaring at her with a grin on her face.

Erza frowned at her and asked annoyingly. "What do you want?"

"Where do you think you're going? I challenge you to fight me since I'm curious what kind of magic you used?" She told Erza who narrowed her eyes at the challenge.

"You challenge me just to know what magic I use?" Erza asked, raised an eyebrow at Mirajane.

The snow haired woman nodded. "Yep…asking is kinda boring. I want to see it myself!" She told the red-head who rubbed her chin with finger.

Erza couldn't help but agreed with what Mirajane had said before turned to Makarov who looked at her curiously. "Is it okay for me to hospitalize another of your members?" Erza asked Makarov and saw horror filled his face. Erza sighed before turned towards Mirajane. "I thought so…sorry, but I don't want give gramps a heart attack!" Erza told her and began to walk away much to Makarov's relief.

But not for Mirajane.

"Hey…where the hell do you think you're going?" Mirajane called Erza who continued walked towards Ur. Mirajane gritted her teeth before flared her Maryoku [Magic power] that wovered her entire body. "Teiku Oba: Satan Souru! [Take Over: Satan Soul]!" Mirajane declared and her body began to transform into demonic form.

In such state, her eyes become darker and her eyelashes grow longer, with a dark, thin marking in a light zigzag-style crossing her right eye vertically; similar markings were present above her right breast and on both of her bare thighs. Her hair becomes wilder, jutting upwards and getting curlier, with the front ponytail growing longer, and her ears enlarge, extending backwards, and gain pointed edges, bearing resemblance to those of fictional elves. She also gained sharp canine teeth, and her lips become covered in dark lipstick. Her forearms and hands receive noticeable changes, becoming covered in scales, and each sprouting a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. She also grew a large, stocky tail, seemingly made of metal plates or scales, getting smaller and smaller near its end. Her clothes also changed, with any attire she might be donning being replaced by a dark, skimpy one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. Such cloth has lighter-colored edges taking on spiky shapes, and her similarly spiky collar was tied around the neck by a cravat tie. Her shoulders were tied in some thin belts protruding from her one-piece suit, and her feet are covered by matching, high-heeled thigh-high boots, which were decorated by lighter motifs on their upper parts, taking on the shapes of jagged blades pointing downwards on the front of her legs, and on the lower parts, in correspondence to her ankles and feet. She also dons a pair of gauntlets covering the back parts of her transformed arms.

Erza felt a burst of Maryoku behind her and was about to turned around, only to met with Mirajane's fist that sent her crashing in nearby house. She broke several inner walls and ended up in house's kitchen, destroying dinner table. Erza groaned as she sat up while holding her head. She could hear everyone screamed in terror at the outside of the house. 'Okay that's it…' She thought to herself before Mirajane flew in through the hole and landed in front of Erza with a cocky smirked on her face.

The white haired mage looked down at Erza. "What's the matter? Is that all you- GYAAAAAHHH!" Mirajane shrieked in pain when Erza rammed her knee to Mirajane's belly, sending her flying through the wall she came in. Erza walked out and saw everyone stared at her with wide eyes with the exception of Ur and Makarov who had already passed out in horror.

Erza saw Mirajane emerged from the building she crashed in while sending a glare at her. "You called that a punch? I call that love tap!" She told her, trying to provoke the white haired mage which was success. "I'm going to give you one last chance to back down!" Erza told Mirajane, making her eyes narrowed in anger.

"Don't get cocky newbie!" Mirajane yelled as she flying forward with a speed that Ur and Erza could follow before widened as Erza simply raised her hand and caught her fist. Erza used Mirajane moment of shock to deliver powerful blow to Mirajane face, sending her away for a good distance. Erza's eyes alarmed as she saw Mirajane gathered quite amount of magic from the surrounding area between her hands, which subsequently takes the form of a large, black globe.

Ur widened her eyes in surprise, knowing what technique Mirajane was about to use. "Wait Mira, not that spell…" Ur shouted at the white haired girl but it's too late as Mirajane swung her orb towards Erza.

"Souru Ikkusutintuto! [Soul Extiction]!" Mirajane yelled, firing a large black-purple beam towards the red haired Devil Slayer who somehow looks so calm despite everyone's horror.

Erza sighed at she saw the beam approached her before she took a very deep breath and prepared her won spell to counter Mirajane's spell with a breath attack. "Enma no Gekiko! [Flame Devil's Rage]!" Erza firing a massive torrent of black flames that blocking everyone's view towards the approaching beam, easily overpowered it and made its way to Mirajane who watched with wide eyes as the massive attack came at her, the size of the massive black flame was so large that it was smashing through the buildings either side of the street and tearing up even more of the road as it approached Mirajane, all she could do was raise her hands up to defend herself.

Mirajane shrieked in pain as the black flame hit her with full force. The black flames ad erased everything on its path before it died down, revealing unconscious Mirajane who had returned to her normal state. Her entire body was burned badly while facing at the ground. Erza only looked at the destruction and sweat dropped.

'Just great…not even ten minutes I'm in this guild and I almost destroying half of the town. Good Work Erza!' She thought sarcastically, slapped her palm to her face before ran it down.

"MIRA-NEE!" Lisanna cried as she and her older brother Elfman ran towards he older sister. Erza eyes softened at this, though Mira was annoying but Lisanna was completely the opposite of her sister and Erza felt bad for hospitalize her older sister.

Erza walked towards the sibling, facing Lisanna with guilty in her eyes. "I'm sorry Lisanna, I didn't mean to use too much power!" She apologized to the younger girl with a bow.

Lisanna looked at the red-haired girl who had hurt her older sister. Normally she would have mad at anyone who hurt her Mira-nee but the thing is her older sister herself who was challenging Erza in the first place. Lisanna sniffed before smiled sadly at Erza. "It's okay Erza-san, it's not your fault. After all, Mira-nee herself who was challenge you and you've gave her opportunity to back down but Mira-nee's pride get better of herself and kept attacking you." She told the red-haired girl.

Erza was still felt bad about it but she knew Lisanna was right. Erza sighed before nodded after say apologize to the sibling one more time before walked toward Ur who looked at her curiously. "I heard from Mira that you're the landlord of Fairy Hills?" Erza asked the older woman and Ur nodded her head in confirmation. Erza reached on her briefcase and opened it, revealing large stacks of money before took some of it and gave it to Ur. "That's should be worth for one year rent!" Erza said while Ur counted the money who nodded and gestured the girl to follow her.

As the two walked towards Fairy Hills, Ur broke the silence by asking Erza a question. "By the way, what kind of magic you just demonstrated?"

Erza perked up at the question, knowing this would come but thanks to her mentor, she ad already prepared for it. "My magic is a magic that devise to kill demons called Metsuaku Mahou [Devil Slayer Magic] and my element is flame."

Ur widened her eyes in shock at the magic name. She had only heard about Metsuryu Mahou [Draogn Slayer Magic] not Mentuaku Mahou. The fact, this is the first time Ur heard such magic exist. Ur maganed to regain herself from her shock and asked again. "Where did you learn this magic?"

"My mentor taught it to me." Erza answered shortly.

"And what was your mentor's name?"

"E.N.D" Erza answered confidently without even looking at Ur who was frozen in place with her jaw dropped to the ground.

"E-E-E-E.N.D!" Ur yelled in both shock and fear as her face sweated like crazy. Erza looked and her and somehow wasn't surprised by it. "You mean to tell me that E.N.D, the strongest and the vilest demon from the Book of Zeref was your mentor!" Ur exclaimed to the red-haired girl who looked at her as if she was crazy.

"Yeah, so what?" Erza asked nonchalantly. She didn't really care who her mentor really is, he had told her about him being demon from the Book of Zeref. Erza then continued to make her way toward Fairy Hills, leaving a stunned Ur behind.

To Be Continued

Note: I've change some members of Nine Demons Gate with a new characters, because most of them are dissapoinments with the exception of Kyouka, Sayla and Silver but I wouldn't use the latter in this fic for the sak of this story. Apologize to Silver's fan. Kagura's hair also changed to black instead of purple and Ur is alive. Also, Erza's clothes is the clothes of Akame from Akame ga Kill.