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1. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica): She plays as Homura Dragneel. The First and the most power full Etherious E.N.D ever created as well as his little sister.

2. Ophis (Highschool DxD): She plays as Ashley vi Britannia. E.N.D's lover and Wendy's best friend.

3. Blue Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-OH!): It plays as Wendy's Dragon form.

4. Featherine Augustus Aurora (Umineko: When They Cry): She plays as Goddess of Creation with the same name. The second most powerful characters in this story just before Goddess of Destruction.

5. Grayfia Lucifuge (Highschool DxD): She plays as Grayfia Lucifer. The Leader of Nine Demon Gates as well as Ultear's demon mentor.

6. Serafall Leviathan (Highschool DxD): She plays as Serafall Lucifuge. A member of Nine Demon Gates as well as Juvia's demon mentor.

7. Tannin (Highschool DxD): He plays as one of Dragons that exist in this story with the same name.

8. Ddraig & Albion (Highschool DxD): They play as Dragons on Igneel's side as well as the Dragon Parent of two Dragon Slayers: Monica Kruzewski and Secilia Vasburg.

9. Monica Kruzewski (Code Geass): She plays as Knight of Three with the same name. The Dragon Slayer of Ddraig.

10. Black Skull Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh!): It plays role as Fatalos.

11. Boros (One Punch Man): He plays role as his role in One Punch Man, the leader of Dark Matter Thieves.

12. G4 & Beast King (One Punch Man): They plays as the members of Dark Matter Thieves under Boros's command.

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Episode 19: Great Prophecy Arc: Race Against Nanomite!

Saturday, August 25th, Year X784, 11:50 P.M, DnM Universe, Milky Way, Earthland, Unknown Location on Continent of Ishgar, Grimoire Heart's Airship

At unknown terrain that surrounded by mountains and forest, a rare thing has just occurred.

A giant flying airship, which is the base of one of the strongest Dark Guild ever exist: Grimoire Heart, has landed.

Probably few of you may be confused at why such thing like this could be call so rare. Let me mention few facts here.

Number 1: Grimoire Heart's guild building is a mobile one like Phantom Lord's, only more advance and way cooler in design. It can fly in the air and floated on the sea. It's a totally perfect base for a dark guild like them.

Number 2: Despite having the fact number 1, it's not totally benefit for them. For example: Food Stocks, they may have a plenty large of it, but it will eventually ran out. If that happen, then they have to land their HUGE-ASS BASE (without anyone notices) back to earth and recollected their food stocks by, I don't know, maybe 'buying it' (more like robbing it) from some market on some random city. And it has to be quick if they don't wanna to have Magic Council sniffed out on their asses.

Number 3: What if their some of the Rengoku no Nanakin [Seven Kin of Purgatory] was about to go on mission their master gave to them while they were still in the about a thousand feet above the land? There's no way they would free fall from that height without killing them, unless they have some kind of parachute. Even if they did have parachute, what if they finished their mission and want to return to their base, only to realize that there is no way they could reach out a base on the height of a thousand feet. They have to go to the 'safe point' where the guild master could pick them up without any interruption.

But usually, those 'safe point' are so far away so that members of Rengoku no Nanakin have to go there, BY FOOT. BECAUSE THEY ARE FRIGGING DARK MAGES, THE FAMOUS ONES NEED TO BE ADDED. There are probably some obstacles on their way back to their base, most of them may have been a minor one, but it's still a pain to deal with them.

Yes, the fact that this base has landed was probably one of the fact (mainly number 2 &3) I mentioned earlier, has just happened.

While sitting his old ass on his boney throne, the Master of Grimoire Heart: Hades or rather Precht Gaebolg, witnessed seven people which no other than his elite guard: The Rengoku no Nanakin, entered the main deck.

The first one is a man named Bluenote Stinger. He's actually the former Grimoire Heart's Second-in-Command, until Ultear comes around and kinda 'snatched' it from him after a rather one-side battle which hurt his pride beyond repair.

The second one is Azuma. He's the second strongest member of the group who also a battle maniac. Once he ever challenged Ultear in combat before, but after those 'little spar', soon he made a mental note to not attempt to challenge her again, like ever.

The third one is a blond man named Zancrow. He's like the biggest middle finger in this entire guild, probably as arrogant if not more than Bluenote.

The fourth one is a stylish man with grey hair by the name Rustyrose. He may looks normal from the outside but the inside of his head is kinda…I don't know words can describe it.

The fifth one is probably the members of the group that stuck out the most due his appearance. His name is Caprico, and hence the name he has an appearance of a goat while standing with only two legs like human.

The sixth one is this big, ugly, man which is the reason why I didn't bother to describe him until the very end of his details. But don't let appearance deceive you, he got some pretty tricky magic under his pants….or underwear. But luckily for the enemy, he's not the brightest light bulb in this entire group.

And last one, we have a cute little girl with short pink hair and green eyes named Meredy. It might be strange to see such little girl to be a part of dark guild but Meredy's here on special occasion which will be explain later.

"Welcome back, you all! It's good to have you back safe and sound!" Precht greeted his subordinates as they entered even further to this large main deck.

"Yeah, yeah…cut the crap already old man. I know you want us to immediately report how our mission goes." Bluenote noted rather rudely, causing the older man sighed tiredly.

Bluenote seems always doesn't have any respect towards Precht, even despite his power. Well, there is Ultear too, but she is an entirely another story since she's technically the strongest member of the guild, even far surpassing the master himself.

"Figure you'd say that…Fine then, Report your mission!" Precht ordered in rather authoritative tone.

"Well…A lot of things happened during the mission, but we successes the mission quite easily!" Bluenote explained rather shortly, causing a certain blond member of the group snickered and the Grimoire Heart's guild master to face palm himself for the lack of details in that report.

'Urgh…I know I should have appointed Azuma to be the Leader of Rengoku no Nanakin instead of this dork. And it's probably better to kick him out off the group and replace him with the new one.' Precht thought tiredly while considered to do the idea in the future.

"Anything else, old man?" Bluenote asked again.

"No, no, just leave….you're all dismissed, except for Azuma! I want to hear the detail from you!" Precht dismissed the team, mainly because he doesn't want to see Bluenote's face without blowing his face off as soon as he talks again.

Meredy looked around for a moment seemingly looking for someone. "Hey…has anyone seen Ultear? I don't see her anywhere." The little girl wondered out loud.

"Who cares about that crazy witch anyway? She probably got captured or something." Zancrow replied carelessly while he was heading towards the exit door.

But as soon as he said that, Zancrow suddenly felt his entire body felt weak and immediately collapsed to the floor, much to everyone's shock.

Zancrow did his best to stand but he found his efforts were futile since his body is still weak as if he was being poisoned by something. "W-What is this? W-Why my body feels so weak?" Zancrow wondered with a raspy voice, clearly that he is in pain.

"That's what you get for talking about me behind my back!"A familiar female voice rang through the ship.

Everyone turned to the source to see Ultear, dressed in rather casual clothes which consisted of a blue tight jeans, a purple shirt that showed off her mid-riff, a blue cap and a pair of high-heels. Hanging on her right hand, was a large shopping bag.

"ULTEAR!" Meredy cried out in pure joy at the sight of the woman and ran towards her.

Ultear turned her attention to the pink haired girl and let out a small noise of surprise when Meredy crashed herself onto her and hugged her as if her life were depended on it. The purple haired woman let out a small, yet sincere smile that adored her beautiful face.

"Hello Meredy…it's been a while, how's your doing while I'm not around?" Ultear asked the girl.

"I'm fine…just Zancrow and Kain sometimes annoyed me." Meredy answered cheerfully.

However, her answer made the said two member of Rengoku no Nanakin [Seven Kin of Purgatory] were sweating like crazy. Zancrow, while his body was still weak, tried to crawl towards the exit while Kain silently followed him. However, their attempt of escaping were failed when their body floated out by some kind of telekinetic force before their body being threw towards Ultear, who held out her left index finger.

The other was only watching the scene to occur, knowing that this would be amusing.

"Zancrow, Kain…." Ultear began enormously, causing the two shivered in fear even more. "….What did you do to my innocent Meredy?" She asked, more like interrogated the two, her tone threatening that the two would be hurt horribly if they didn't answer her truthfully.

Scratch that, they would be in massive pain anyway even if they're telling the truth to Ultear.

"Um…w-we d-didn't d-do any-thing…r-r-right Kain?" Zancrow answered nervously. The man in question could only nod his head dumbly.

Ultear looked at them at the moment. "Nah!" She then froze the two solid in purple ice before dropped them to the floor.

Precht watched this with bored eyes, he's not worried about two of his subordinates because he knew the two are most likely still alive. Despite constantly being a pain to him, Ultear is actually professional on her job, she won't kill any of his guild members as long as they didn't try to kill her either, which is a foolish thing to do considering Ultear's strength which dwarfed even him.

"By the way Ultear…" Precht began, gaining the attention from Ultear who rather annoyed that her reunion with Meredy being interrupted by the old man. "…Have you encountered with Deathstroke?" Precht asked, causing the rest of seven kin widened their eyes in shock when they heard the name.

Deathstroke was a mysterious figure that lately had been wiped out more than a hundred of dark guilds in less than a month. 'His' biggest achievement was he brutally murdered all of Oracion Seis's members while 'beating' the alliance group of mages from Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale that was sent to wiped them out. Even the alliance had some famous mage among their ranks like Kagura Mikazuchi, Mirajane Strauss, Ur Milkovich, Jura Neekis and Erza Dragneel.

"No!" Ultear answered and looked at the old man. "What? Don't tell me you scared of a mere masked freak that could only hide his face behind a lame-ass mask?"

"I'm not scared of him, I'm just worried that Deathstroke will jeopardized my plan of resurrecting Zeref!" Precht denied.

Ultear inwardly laughed at that. 'Your plans are doomed to be fail anyway since Zeref isn't really in 'sleeping' state as you put it.' Ultear thought at Precht's foolish plan of 'resurrects' Zeref. 'And I think I knew who Deathstroke really is, but I need more proof to be sure.'

Ultear put that thought for later before she focused to the present time. She turned her attention away from the old man to the little girl who still hugging him. "Meredy…" The little girl looked up when Ultear called her. "…Guess what I've got for you!" The older woman reached into her jeans's pocket and pulled out two golden tickets and showed it the girl.

"Two VIP tickets to Ashley Resort!" Meredy exclaimed in pure shock, gained attention from pretty much everyone in the main deck since they're aware what Ashley Resort is.

Ashley Resort is the most popular vacation site in Britannia. It was located in Capital city of Pendragon. Ashley Resort wasn't only famous in Britannia, but Ashley Resort was also famous throughout the Ishgar continent as well as to the other continents. Everyone in Ishgar was aware of the vacation site to the point where everyone will willingly do anything to get a ticket to the resort since it cost a LOT of money to even get one. Even you will be a laughing stock if you ask to somebody what Ashley Resort is.

"When do we leave?" Meredy asked eagerly as she couldn't wait anymore to have a vacation in the most favorite spot in entire Ishgar.

"We're leaving…"

(Nokia Ringtone)

Meredy and everyone else heard something ringed which came from Ultear's jeans. The older woman grumbled under her breath as her left hand reached to her jeans. "Who's calling me this late?" Ultear mumbled to herself as she pulled out, in everyone's thought, strange looking device. Ultear held the device on her left hand and used her thumb to caress it before she pressed the device to her ear.


In everyone's perspective, Ultear seemingly talked to herself.


"Yes, yes…what I can do for you?"


"Really? That girl is currently being there?"


"Okay, I understand. I'll leave immediately."

And with that, Ultear put the strange device back to her jeans before she turned towards Meredy who looks rather confused. "Forgive me, Meredy. But it seems the trip has been postponed for a day." Ultear informed the girl, much too the girl's disappointment.

"But why?" Meredy pouted cutely.

"Sorry…but I cannot tell you." Ultear replied before she walked to the centre of the main deck. Ultear the raised a finger before swept it to side, creating a mouth-like portal out of thin air.

Ultear was about to step inside the portal before someone called for her. "Hey…where do you think you're going? Report your mission first and defrost two of my guild members!" Hades exclaimed in rather irritation.

"Shut it, old man! The report can wait and those two will melt in few days…so don't worry about their life!" Ultear replied calmly before she stepped inside the portal she created earlier and disappeared, leaving the flying headquarter.

Tuesday, July 21th, Year X791, 07:35 P.M, Canon Universe, Milky Way, Earthland, Ishgar, Fiore Kingdom, Magnolia Town's Western Side

Everyone stared at the rolling metal head and knowing what just happened.

G4, The Dark Matter's Strongest Warrior, and the so called 'Machine God', has been defeated.

Jellal and Laxus desperately panted for air before they fell to their knees with a groan of pain, causing the people from this universe rushed towards the two and give some medical treatment to them. Wendy used some kind of healing spell to the two with the intent to lessen the pain, but didn't work as planned since the two still groaned while their body cannot move.

"I don't understand…why my spell won't work on them?" Wendy asked confusedly since from the outside, the two seems just fine without any injury.

"Ugh…maybe it because the strain of having such overwhelming Maryoku washing through our body." Laxus answered while still groaned in pain.

"That makes sense…since this is the first time we used this much Maryoku and our body weren't ready for it." Jellal added thoughtfully.

"I see!" Makarov nodded in understand.

"If only we have Chelia here." Jura remarked in shame, regretting not bringing the sky God Slayer along with him since her power would be extremely helpful in these kind of situation.

Erza Scarlet walked to the old man. "Master, it's just in. It seems we have successfully eliminating all the enemies throughout the whole town." Erza reported to the guild master of Fairy Tail.

"And with that machine has been defeat, then that leaves us with only the enemy's leader." Crime Sorciere Jellal added.

"Who is still fighting the other Erza." Canon Laxus noted.

As if on cue, the group of mages could see a tall pillar of pink light that seemingly reached to the space, came from above the spaceship before it slowly vanished from sight.

"Do you think she's gonna be okay?" Erza Scarlet wondered out loud. "I mean, even all of us having great difficult to eliminate that machine from earlier and she's facing against the enemy leader himself alone."

Laxus only chuckled lightly at that. "Don't worry, she will be fine. She is a Member of Knight of Round. A group full of monsters that even the lowest rank among them can make all Seiten Dai Madoshi [Ten Wizard Saints] combine, looks like a bunch of weakling in comparison." Laxus informed the group, which successfully shocked them to death.

"REALLY? YOUR ERZA IS THAT POWERFUL?" A certain pink haired Dragon Slayer exclaimed in pure shock and somewhat…excitement, because he made a mental note to challenge this Erza into a brawl after this chaos is over.

"Are you sure you're not exaggerating that statement?" Canon Laxus inquired doubtfully. "I mean, I can tell she's strong…but to think she'd that powerful?"

Laxus only looked at his counterpart with a serious face. "Heh you're not gonna believe it…but the universe we came from is filled with so many powerful beings that can easily wipe out an entire universe several times over. Erza is strong, one of the strongest people I know, but she said herself she is still absolutely nothing compared to the strongest Knight of Round, the Knight of One, who can effortlessly destroy an entire the collection of universe called Multiverse…without breaking a sweat." Laxus said again.

Everyone looked at the universal traveler in utters disbelieve at the thought of so many powerful being exist in one place. They couldn't help but worried, if what the other Laxus said is the truth, then what if something like this ever happens again to them. They cannot always rely on these people to save their universe. THIS is their OWN universe and it should be them is the one to protect it.

"Khehehehe…" The group of mages widened their eyes when they heard female robotic laughter which belongs to a certain machine they just defeated. "To think that the Machine God G4 has been bested in combat…" They turned around to see G4, despite only having her head, still alive and talking.

Gray only clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Even without the body, you still can talk…what a persistent piece of metal." He noted, gaining a nod of agreement from the other.

G4 continued laughing like a maniac which annoyed the group even more since they already sick of the robot and her robotic voice. However, G4's purple eyes suddenly glowed in blue before blinked for full five seconds.


A loud explosion sounds was heard and the source was from above the group of mages. They could see two gigantic missiles, about as tall as ten stories building, soared towards the sky while leaving a trail of smoke on its wake.

Jellal looked at the leaving missiles before he turned to the head of G4 with a rather angry looks. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO?" Jellal demanded with a rather loud voice, which also shocks everybody around.

G4's head suddenly grew an antenna before it sparked which made a holographic screen, which showed the images of a missile and a green colored bug, suddenly appeared before the group of mages. G4 then began her explanation with a loud voice that could be heard by everyone throughout the whole Magnolia town. "Nanomite Warhead…My perfect little soldiers. It's a deadly weapon designed by me. Each of the Warheads contains 7 millions Nanomites that capable to eat almost anything within seconds." The screen changed from the image of the warhead to a video of the war head hit a large city, releasing some kind of green mist that destroys the city in the matter of seconds.

The group of mages adopted a shocked face when they saw the video. "Don't give me that look, I'm not planning to destroy your cities…but I have another plan." The screen suddenly changed again to a video that showed the warhead hit a very wide icy ground which melted the ice immediately. "As you can see, my Nanomite cannot eat the ice. Instead, it melts them in an instant. And right now…" The screen suddenly changed again into and image of the update of the two Nanomite Warheads G4 just launched which approaching their targets every second. "I have programmed both the Warhead to hit onto North Pole and South Pole." G4 revealed, causing the group of mages gasped and widened their eyes in realization.

"No…if you do that…" Jellal began, knowing what would happen.



A lightning crashed onto G4's head, destroying it in an instant which also shutting the annoying laughter of G4 for good. Everyone to see the Laxus from other universe, having his palm sparked after he released that lighting from before.

Laxus weakly walked ahead as his right hand reached to his right ear before pressed onto small device that was on his right ear, a communication device. "Erza did you hear that?" Laxus asked while looking up at the gigantic spaceship.

"Isn't it obvious? Of course I can hear that you dumbass! Get Lancelot and shoot those Warheads down!" Erza Dragneel ordered from the other line.

Laxus twitched his eyebrow in annoyance at the rather rude order but complied anyway. He converted him body into lightning and jumped high towards the hovering aircraft and took a seat on the main cockpit. But before he head off to shoot down the Nanomite Warheads, Laxus hovered the Lancelot towards the group of mages, who wisely backed away as the giant aircraft approached them.

Jellal looked up in confusion and wondered what his colleague doing before he saw Laxus threw something from the cockpit. Jellal quickly caught the object and examined it. It was some kind of electronic device and from what he knew, Britannia called it a Tablet.

"Use that to monitors me which Target is the closest and how much time I have before those Warheads hit the targets." Laxus said to his colleague who nodded his head in understanding before the blue haired young man who nodded in understanding before saw Laxus closed the aircraft canopy before heads off towards north to chase down one of the Nanomite Warhead.

The people from this universe could only watch in awe when the giant winged machine, as they dubbed it, flew away to save their planets.

"Wow! That thing is soooo cool!" Natsu said in awe, earning a nod in agreement from few of his comrades. "I want to ride it!"

Lucy only looked at the pink haired Dragon Slayer in shock a little bit. "Don't you realize that that thing is a transportation?" Lucy asked the pinknette, causing his entire body paled.

"On second thought, I don't wanna to ride it in million times." Natsu noted.

"Beside, I doubt the other Erza would let you ruin her cool flying machine Flame-Brain!" Gray remarked.

Almost immediately, Natsu was right on his face. "What did you call me, Ice princess?!" The pink haired Dragon Slayer retorted at his rival.

Gray had a rather huge tidemark on his forehead when he heard his rival's insult. "Huh? Are you deaf or something? I thought Dragon Slayer has sensitive ears. I'll repeat it again then, F-L-A-M-E B-R-A-I-N, FLAME BRAIN!" Gray literally yelled the last part to Natsu's face, effectively pissed him off.

"THAT'S IT! YOU'RE GONNA DIE STRIPPER!" Natsu shouted at his rival in rage as he ignited his right fist in flame.

"IN YOUR DREAM PYRO!" Gray shouted back at the challenge as he readied his stance while built up his magic.

Just when they were about to begin their 'brawl', a pair of gauntled hands took a firm grip on their head, causing the two comically cried out in pain. "WOULD YOU STOP IT!" A firm voice of Erza Scarlet ordered before she bonked the two idiots against each other which knocked them out unconscious.

Jellal ignored the fuss behind him and more focused on the tablet Laxus gave to him. After some effort (because he's not really familiar with gadget yet), he finally activated the navigation system which showed the exact position of Lancelot and two Nanomite missiles which were symbolized by arrow shape icons.

Jellal reached to his right ear where he put the communication device. "Laxus can you hear me?" He asked.

"Loud and clear…doing Mach 8000 and loving it." Laxus asked from the other line and the others can hear him as well.

"Okay Laxus, you're heading to the right way. The closest target is North Pole, you have to shoot down that one first." Jellal explained briefly.

"Roger that!" Laxus replied from the other line.

(Change Scene)

"Come on girl, time to show me what you got!" Laxus muttered to himself as he used his thought to increase the speed and chased after the missile even faster.

"Laxus, the North Pole missile will impact in two minutes." Jellal informed Laxus from the other line of communication links.

Laxus looked around the hexagonal screens that surrounded him until he spotted a trail of smoke in the sky on his left. "Okay, I see the missile." Laxus answered before he used his thought to move the aircraft towards the missile.

"You have to destroy the missile before it re-enter the atmosphere." His colleague reminded the blond. "If it reached the ground this planet would be doomed."

"Got it." Laxus simply replied before he attempted to get the missile on lock which proved to be difficult since the Nanomite missile keep maneuvered left and right. After some effort, Laxus finally managed to get the missile on lock. "Fire!" Laxus immediately barked the command and Lancelot fired a tomahawk missile at high speed which destroyed the Nanomite missile in an instant.

(Change Scene)

Everyone sans Jellal cheered when they saw one of the arrow icons which symbolized of the Nanomite missile was gone, indicating that it was destroyed.

"Nice shoot…you just save North Pole." Jellal commented through the communication links.

(Change Scene)

"Just doing my job….now guides me to South Pole!" Laxus replied before he used his thought to turn the aircraft around and flew above the cloud at high velocity towards the direction where South Pole was located.

Five minutes later Laxus arrived on the other side of the planet. He keeps looked around to find the missile. He then spotted the missile just flew passed him, he then used his thought to chase the missile at high velocity.

"Okay, the second one is in my sight." Laxus said through the communication links so everyone in Magnolia could hear it.

"You only have thirty seconds before it enters the lower atmosphere." Jellal replied.

Laxus didn't reply him this time, instead he focused on chased the missile down which proved to be more difficult than before since it keeps maneuvered left and right without stopping. He tried to get a lock on the missile but keeps failing which annoyed him greatly.

After fifteen second later, he finally had the missile on lock. "I got you, fire!" Laxus barked the command and Lancelot fired another tomahawk missile that came straight towards the Nanomite missile at high velocity.


(Change Scene)

'Target Missed'

Those words were flashed on the gadget for few times, indicating that Laxus had failed in destroying the Nanomite missile. This caused everyone worried even more since even if one of the missiles hit the target, they are fucked up.

"Laxus you missed! The missile has entered the lower atmosphere!" Jellal informed his colleague.

(Change Scene)

"I know, I know! I'm on it, I'm on it!" Laxus snapped through the comm. link while he difficultly chased down the missile.

The missile keeps maneuvered left and right, much to Laxus annoyance before the missile's tear apart by itself, revealing the Nanomite Warhead that was already armed.

Laxus panicked when saw the Warhead flew away from him at even faster speed that the missile itself. "OH SHIT! The Warhead has ejected itself from the missile. It's going for kill!" Laxus informed throughout the comm. link, which caused a massive uproar on the other line.

Laxus flew straight down at maximum velocity as he could see the Warhead made its way towards the icy terrain before it headed towards the largest mountain of ice that was located on the centre of South Pole.

Soon enough, Laxus managed to close the gap between Lancelot and the Nanomite Warhead from several hundred meters to just five meters away from the deadly weapon. This happens because the Nanomite Warhead has stopped its rather annoying maneuver which gave Laxus a slight relief.

"You're too close Laxus! Fall back, fall back!" Jellal informed from the other line.

Laxus was about to follow the suggestion before he realized something. Even if he shot the Warhead with Tomahawk missile, it would only released 7 millions of Nanomites that was contained within the Warhead. But letting the Warhead to hit the target is not an option either, so he has to figure out how to deal with that damn weapon without risking this planet be drown by icy cold water.

He suddenly had an idea…but this plan could potentially kill him. "Actually…I think this is the perfect distance to shoot that thing down." Laxus replied as he kept the distance between Lancelot and the Warhead.


As soon as he barked out the command, Lancelot fired a single Tomahawk missile that instantly destroyed the jet booster that was installed with the Warhead. But this also caused the 7 millions of Nanomites that was contains within the Warhead to be released from its container.

But luckily for everyone in this planet, none of the Nanomites touched the ice, instead they all were surrounding the advance Aircraft that was piloted by Laxus. With a rather painful roar, Laxus used his thought to pull up the aircraft at high velocity to avoid the machine to crash with the mountain of ice.

The blonde could feel Nanomites began to eat the aircraft, but seems to have some difficult because Lancelot was made of special material which he had no knowledge about. Laxus did his best to taking the Nanomites back to the upper atmosphere, despite the Lancelot began to crumble due the Nanomites that was chewing the plane as if it was a candy.

"LAXUS, GET OUT OF THAT PLANE! THE LANCELOT WON'T HOLD ANY LONGER!" Jellal practically ordered the blonde man but Laxus merely ignored it as he did his best to reach the upper atmosphere so the Nanomites won't reach the ground.


Laxus howled in agony as he could felt as if his mind would be explode in any second, but he keeps used his thought to piloted Lancelot towards the upper atmosphere despite the stressed of using the Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface System.

"EJECT LAXUS! EJECT!" Jellal exclaimed in panic from the other line as he could see the Lancelot was about to crumble into dust.

As Laxus was sure that he has reached the upper atmosphere, he quickly barked the command of automatic-ejecting system.

"EJECT!" Some sort of gas mask suddenly equipped itself on Laxus face as a seat-belt automatically strapped securely around his body.

But soon…the experimental aircraft designed by the Emperor of Britannia himself, the ZX-01: Lancelot, has been disintegrated after 7 millions of Nanomites has finished its job of eating the aircraft.

(Scene Chance)

'Signal Lost'

Everyone could see those words were flashed on the screen of the tablet as they could also hear a static noise from its speaker.

"He did it. He actually did it." The Laxus from this universe said as he realized that his counterpart has successfully shot down the second Warhead.

But this time, no one seems to celebrate it since they still have no idea what happens to the Laxus from the other universe.

Whether he is dead or not.

"Laxus?" Jellal tried to contact his colleague throughout the comm. link but only could hear the static noise. "Laxus?" He tried again, not wanting to accept that his partner had died while doing their first ever mission. "LAXUS?!" He tried again, but this time, he shouted his name as loud as he can so the blond could hear him.

Fortunately, he really could hear him. "DON'T SHOUT YOU ASSHOLE!" Comes a rather rude reply from Laxus Dreyar.

Everyone immediately erupted cheered in happiness and relief after they are knowing that their savior is fine.

Jellal exhaled in relief after he heard Laxus's answer. "God, you scare me to death. Are you okay, buddy?" He asked worriedly.

"Yeah…I was able to eject just in time before the plane got destroyed completely. Somebody better pick me up at South Pole when Erza finished her business with the alien leader." Laxus replied.

"Dully noted!" was that Jellal's reply before he cut the communication with Laxus.

Makarov suddenly walked towards Jellal and asked a question. "Is he okay?" The old man asked worriedly. Despite from another universe, it was still Laxus and as grandfather (Which technically he isn't) he's worried about Laxus well being.

"He is fine. Don't worry about him, he is no longer in danger." Jellal reassured the old man, successfully calmed down the old man a bit.


A very loud crash noises was heard not so far from the group of mages were standing. The noise instantly silenced the cheered of joy while everyone were focusing their attention to the crash site. As the cloud dissipated, a figure was revealed which caused everyone widened their eyes in disbelieve.

The figure was The Dark Matter's Leader also known as the Subjugator of the Galaxy: Boros. Team Natsu and the Laxus from this universe were noticed that the alien has different appearance when they confronted him.

"YOU! WHERE IS SHE?!" Erza scarlet demanded, wanting to know what happens to her counterpart since she is their best last defense against this invasion.

Boros, who finally noticed the group of mages, turned to his left to look at them. He saw a red haired girl wearing armor who looks exactly like his opponent but he reminded himself that this isn't the same person.

Boros barely able to hear Erza Scarlet's question since he was lost in his thought before he gave the red-haired girl a demented grin which sent a chill through their spine.

"Erza Dragneel…has been defeated by my hands."

To be Continued


Nanomite Warhead: It's a weapon from Movie called "G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra" in case you still hadn't know it.

About Ultear: I can't really tell you now, you have to wait until next chapter to find out.