Chapter Two

Alice reported early to work the next afternoon, looking over her To Die list for tonight and planning the most efficient route to take with a map of London and a notebook by her side. Sitting herself down on a sofa, Alice wrote her victims and the order in which she was supposed to retrieve them, as well as side notes about which streets to turn on that would make her night much easier.


She lifted her head to see William standing in front of her. She stood promptly.

"Good morning, Sir," she replied. "Is there something I can do for you?"

"With your early arrival, if I may interrupt you for a task," Will said.

"Of course," Alice replied. "What is it you require of me?"

"I notice you keep your records in hand. If you would, walk down to Reaper Sutcliff's office and retrieve his report for me, as well as his death scythe," William said, adjusting his glasses. After asking directions, Alice walked down to the office, but Grell was no where to be found.

"Okay," Alice took a breath before using the key William lent her and closing the office door behind her.

What a mess! Papers everywhere, but at least the death scythe was in clear view, so she took that first. Alice didn't have her own office yet, but William had placed her things and death scythe in his own office while she ran this errand for him.

Shuffling through papers was no easy task, so she sat herself down and started piles of papers, organizing them by type, instructions, reports, missions, and complaints on file. After which, she finally came across last night's report from Grell. Taking it, she closed the office door and was about to lock it again.

"Don't bother," Grell's voice scared the Dickens out of her. The red reaper was right behind her.

"Reaper Sutcliff. Pardon my intrusion-"

"Yes, what exactly were you doing in my office?" Grell asked, eyeing his death scythe.

"Spears sent me to get a few things," Alice replied.

"Including my death scythe?" Grell took a swipe at her, but she reeled herself back with his death scythe.

"Yes, including your death scythe," Alice said. "Excuse me."

"Not so fast, wretch!" Grell exclaimed, and Alice knew she had to get out of here pronto. Who knew a mission like this could turn into something so dangerous? Sutcliff chased after Alice. She ran down the hallway as fast as she could, keeping his death scythe close to her because Grell was right on her heels.

Knocking things out of his way, Grell was furious and not so willing to give up his precious death scythe so easily. Alice pushed herself to run faster, despite her high heels, taking a longer stride instead.

"Get away from me," Alice said, stopping and turning to slice Grell in the shoulder with his own death scythe and cast him aside. She ran again. Grell snarled and tried taking off after her again, but she reached Will's office before him, bursting open the door.

William didn't look up as she entered without knocking, setting the death scythe and report down and snatching her own just as Grell ran into the room.

"Stand down!" Alice said, pointing her death scythe at Grell.

"Will!" Grell exclaimed. "What the hell is going on here? Why is she taking my death scythe?"

"I'm taking your death scythe," Will said, doing paperwork. "Your adjustments are unauthorized and must be confiscated. In addition, I did not receive your report from your last reaping."

"So you send this thing to get it for you?" Grell asked, huffing for air.

"Well, I certainly didn't think you would attack her!" Will exclaimed, looking up from his work and unsheathing a sharp eye onto him.

"Attack her, do you see my shoulder!" Grell exclaimed in disbelief. "She attacked me...with my own death scythe!"

William said nothing as he looked at Grell's shoulder then back to Alice, who nodded and admitted this fault.

"Very well. Grell, you are to use the death scythe Alan has for you at the service desk and turn in your reports on time," Will said, adjusting his glasses. "And Alice..."

She casted her scythe aside and looked back to him.

" knock before entering a room," he shot her a smirk and she nodded as Grell left the office and Alice took back her work.

Knowing that was fully Grell's fault was shocking, on Alice's behalf. To William, it seemed like this was a regular thing. Had she just passed a test? Her against Grell Sutcliff? Well, it wasn't too hard, besides the whole death scythe incident. Alice went about her work, until the day she'd been longing for: meeting the legendary grim reaper now known to most as Undertaker.

He was the reason she'd chosen the death scythe model she had upon completing the exam. On the side from her schooling, Alice had been figuring out how to handle such a death scythe on her own, only with the double bladed feature. Undertaker was supposedly seen spotted in the library often, returning a few books he'd borrowed a long time ago. Weren't there library fees for that?

Maybe when you're a legend, you can get away with all that sort of stuff. Hell, there was a statue of him in one of the halls leading up to the library of cinematic records! Alice took her evening break before soul collection and walked herself to the library, where that must be him! It's got to be! No, wait, that's just...who was that?

"Excuse me, but may I-" Alice started, but he turned around to come face to face with her. A demon! In the grim reaper library? She gasped. Hold on a moment...

"Bassy, my darling!" Grell exclaimed, coming up from behind him, but the demon dodged the attack and sent Grell near plunging into her, again.

"A demon?" Alice asked. an eyebrow raised. "On William's good side?" Grell turned back to her. Grell blushed.

"Not exactly," Grell confessed, but his expression turned to anger. "Keep away from him, he's mine."

Alice threw her hands up. "All yours." She looked back at the demon. "Why the hell...oh."

She spotted the little Earl beside him, and the marks were easy enough to deduce for her own understanding.

"Alice," she introduced herself.

"Ah, Miss Alice, may I present the Earl of Phantomhive," the demon said. The boy extended his greeting as Grell tried to flirt his way into being punched in the face by the butler.

"You must be the famed Sebastian then," Alice said, looking to the butler, who nodded, admittedly turning down the famous bit of her advertising and taking a glance into Grell's direction.

"Excuse me," she said, and she moved on to other parts of the library, pretending to take a look at a few titles on the shelves, glancing over every now and then. Was that? No, not him. Maybe, oh no not Ronald.

Her eyes averted as quickly as possible, but then she heard a voice unfamiliar to her ears.

"Good afternoon, I'm here returning a few records for you."

Slowly, her body turned. That must be him! My his hair was as long and white as they said. Certainly he dressed as an undertaker, but she couldn't get a good look at his eyes. Nice hat though...

Bringing up enough courage, Alice walked over to the desk, but he'd already looked her way. She froze.

"A new face," he'd said, but she was still stopped. Even though she couldn't see directly into his eyes, she knew he was looking at her. He gave short laugh, then looked at her death scythe and ceased.

"Your scythe is most impressive," he stated, and she stepped forward again, getting over the frost in her legs and the shiver still reeling up and down her spine.

"Thank you," she replied. "I'm Alice." He of course laughed at this as well.

"Don't fall too far into the rabbit hole," he replied, grabbing a few texts from the desk. He then turned to the Earl of Phantomhive and his demon butler, taking leave from their conversation.

"Wow," she sighed. "That's him."

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet," Grell said. "Just wait until you look into his eyes."

Alice looked at Grell, already knowing that must mean he's near the top of the red reaper's chart of attractive looking men, but such a rudimentary feature was not on her list of characteristics she desired. He was much more mysterious than she'd anticipated, but his mind didn't seem too far gone for a reaper of his age. Surely, he had plenty to say.

Punching in for soul collection, Alice encountered a hinderance. A soul sent for death tonight around the hour of 8 o'clock: Elizabeth C. Midford of Scotney.

"Honestly, what do you care?" Alice yelled finally. The Phantomhive butler was becoming too much of inconvenience. Perhaps this is why Grell liked him so much. Her death scythe and his skills of combat were nearly equally matched.

"It's not like she's your master," Alice said.

"She will be, in a few weeks' time," Sebastian stated. So the Earl was getting married then. Well, not by her To Die list he wasn't. As long as the demon guarded her room, there seemed to be no passage.

Alice ceased her death scythe.

"Very well," she said, putting it down. "I will not collect her soul, but William's not going to be happy."

Sebastian didn't care about that though. Alice knew when to quit, and this time, she'd other things to get done before the end of her shift. Adjusting her glasses, she continued her rounds until the end of the night. There was a light on in Will's office, and Ronald Knox had just emerged from it. Steadily she walked in, knocking on the door first.

"I have a problem," she said. "It's that demon. I cannot get by him. Not alone. I need the soul of Elizabeth C. Midford of Scotney." She placed her list in front of him, and William knew who the demon was well enough.

"I'm tempted to leave it be," he said. "She is after all, related to the Phantomhive boy; but, I cannot allow him to devour two souls for the price of one." William stood up and snatched his own death scythe from behind the desk.

"Come on, we've not a moment to lose."