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Chapter 1: That Green Eyed Monster Called Envy

Sin: Envy

Character: Sarah

Sarah Fox has been a full vampire for an entire year now. On the outside she seems to have accepted her destiny as a vampire, but on the inside it was a different story. She still hated being a blood sucking demon of the night. She deparately still wanted to be human again.

She was glad that even though she told Ethan that she was fine with being one, that he still insisted on looking for a cure. That's one of the many reason why she likes him so much, but Sarah did have to admit that it was hard to be around him sometimes. Ever since that stunt Jesse had pulled at the Fly Me Off To The Moon dance, she couldn't help but think about how great his blood tasted. Everytime Ethan came in close proximity to her, it took every bit of her self-will to resist sinking her fangs into his tender neck.

She hated it and hated herself for what she is, and it's all thanks to her stupid evil ex-boyfriend. Whenever Sarah looks around her at all the happy people, she would feel a strange emotion. One that she didn't like, but never let it get to her.

Sarah was in the park, watching all the people go by. She sighed to herself.

"It must be nice to be human." she said quietly to no one.

She leaned her head back on the bench that she was sitting on and closed her eyes. Sarah then quickly shot her eyes open as she felt a strange presence nearby. She looked around wildly, trying to pinpoint the strange presence.

"Strange? I could of swore that I sensed something?" she questioned curiously.

Brushing it aside, Sarah stood up and stretched.

"I guess I better get going, then."

She started to walk away, but then stopped as she felt an ominous breeze blow by. She turned to look behind her, but saw nothing. When she turned around she was startled by a strange man, who obviously wasn't human.

The guy's skin sort of looked to have scales on it. And his eyes shown a glowing green color. He was a big muscular guy and was bald. He wore leather pants with a leather jacket over a dark blue shirt.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she demanded, seriously.

The guy just smiled a devilish smile at her.

"The name's Leviathan, toots. But you can call me Levi for short." he replied, with a wink. Sarah mentally gagged. "I'm one of seven Princes of Hell or to be more pacific, I'm one of the demons that governs over one of the Seven Deadly Sins." he explained, smirking.

Sarah looked at him disbelievingly. "And which one are you?" she asked, studying the guy.

"Why...envy, of course!" he answered coolly to her.

"Envy? Then what do you want with me? I don't have anything to envious about."

"Oh! But you do! I can smell it on you." he told her, slyly. Sarah looked at him confused. "You're envious of others, especially of your two little brunette friends because they're human and get to live the life that you always wanted and you will never have that because you're a vampire. Am I right?" stated Levi, knowingly.

Sarah didn't say anything. How could she be envious of Ethan and Benny? Sure they would get to grow up and settle down and raise a family and then die of old age, but was she really jealous of them because of that? They're her friends after all.

The demon took Sarah's silence as a yes. "Thought so." Sarah hissed at him, but Levi just laughed at her. "Threaten me all you want, but you can't harm me. I'm an immortal demon that's been around since the beginning of man." he laughed.

"What do you want?" snarled Sarah.

Levi ignored her question. "I don't know why you're denying it and pushing the feeling deep down inside you. You should let it out. Don't be afraid to feel envious, Sarah. Everyone is envious of someone. It's a glorious feeling to feel. It will set you free."

"Shut up! You're just trying to get inside my head!" snapped Sarah at the guy.

Levi just grinned a big huge grin at her. "Oh, but my dear...I'm already in your head." he purred eerily, as he slowly disappeared from sight.

Sarah stood there as a shiver traveled throughout her body. "That guy gives me the creeps." she commented. She couldn't help, but wonder what the guy had wanted from her. It was obvious that he wanted her to give into her envy, but why? How does her being envious benefit him? Was he after her soul or something? Shrugging it off, she continued on her way.

The next day, Sarah meet up with the boys at their lockers. She told them all about her strange encounter with Levi. Ethan and Benny grew worried by this sudden information of Sarah's. Ethan told her that he would look into it, after school. She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as thanks. Ethan's face turned beet red at the gesture as he was caught in a dreamy like state. Benny chuckled at his love stricken friend as he said his good-byes to Sarah and drug his best friend to class.

Sarah just stood there and watch them go. She sighed. She really did love Ethan, but he was human and she was a vampire. It would never work between the two of them. And if it did, she would eventually have to leave him because of their appearance in age, when he got older. It would look really bad for an old guy to be dating a teenage girl.

Then a voice that she hoped that she wouldn't hear again, appeared.

"Tsk! Tsk! It's a shame really. To never be able to be with the one you love because of age appearance. And to only just to get to stand back and watch as he ages and grows old, while you stay forever young. Doomed to watch the one you love just fade away until death eventually comes to claim him. It's quite tragic really."

Sarah spun around and standing there was Levi, leaning up against some lockers in the hallway, smiling at her.

"You again? What do you want now?" she growled.

Levi chuckled. "Just thought that I'd drop by and see how you're doing with your little 'envy' problem, is all." he said nonchalantly. "And by the looks of it, not good either. I can sense your envy towards your little human love interest, there. Jealous that he get's to grow old and you don't." he added, knowingly.

Sarah growled in fury at the guy as she glared at him harshly, with her hands balling up into a fist. She really hated this guy, but deep down she also knew that he was right. She did feel a bit jealous towards Ethan, knowing that he'll get to have the life that she'll never get to have. Especially with him.

"Shut. Up." she snarled.

"Ooo! Looks like I struck a nerve." mocked Levi, smirking.

"You know what?! I'm done here!" she said, leaving.

"You can't get rid of me, Sarah! That little thing called the green eyed monster is only going to get worser!" called out Levi to her, as she was walking away. "You can only push it down for so long, Sarah before it finally comes exploding out leaving nothing, but heartache." he said normally, with a smirk.

Over the next few days, Levi's premonition was starting to come true. Everytime Sarah saw one of her two human friends, she could feel the envy rising in her and growing. She tried her best to push it down further, but it was getting stronger and stronger making it harder to keep in check. Plus, it didn't help that Levi kept adding fuel to the fire with his obnoxious comments, as well. There were even times when she gave Benny or Ethan attitude for no reason at all, which made her feel bad for acting like that towards them. She was starting to kind of a hate herself for it. Her envy was starting to control her.

Sarah eventually learned that no one but her seemed to be the only one who could see Levi, so that didn't make it any easier for her. People would sometimes notice her talking to herself, which was really embarrasing, too.

Sarah still couldn't figure out why Levi kept harassing her and following her around. He had to have a reason. It seems like he wants her to finally snap and go off on someone, but why? What was this guy's gain if she did? She knew that he was a demon, so that had to mean that he was after her soul, but was he trying to get her to get so fed up with her jealousy that she would just kill herself so he could get her soul? Well, she wasn't going to give in so easily. Her envy maybe growing inside her, but she wasn't just about to go and kill herself becasue of it. She is a good guy and the good guys always win in the end.

Sarah was currently at Benny's house with Ethan, Benny, Erica, and Rory. Ethan was using Benny's computer to look up more information about Levi. He would of used his own computer, but Jane was driving him crazy with her friends over for a sleepover. He was planning on staying the night over at Benny's anyways.

"Ok! So, far all I've managed to find out about Levi or Leviathan, is that he basically governs over one of the seven domains of hell. Envy." stated Ethan to the gang.

Sarah rolled her eyes in annoyance at him. "Yeah! I kind of already knew that! How about something that I don't know! Like how to get rid of him?!" comment Sarah, rudely.

Everyone gave her stranged looks, surprised that Sarah was acting like...Erica. Ethan gave a meek apology to Sarah, and she replied with an annoyed 'whatever,' while crossing her arms and looking away.

"Hey, Benny? I'm really thirsty. Can go downstairs and grab me a drink?" asked Ethan to Benny. "And maybe a few snacks, too?" he added.

"Yeah! Sure, E!" answered Benny, about to leave when he stopped at Sarah's out burst.

"Gee! Ethan! Just rub it in! Why don't you?!"

"Rub...what in, Sarah?" he asked curiously, raising a brow at her.

She let out a frustrated/annoyed sigh at him along with an eye roll, too.

"Uh...let's see...? The simple fact that you and Benny are able to enjoy the taste of regular food and beverages, while the rest of us can't!" she snapped at him. "I swear! I think that you like rubbing your humanity in my face sometimes! In fact! I don't even think that you're even really looking for a cure for vampirism at ALL! You just want to make me sit here and suffer, watching as you and Benny get to enjoy all the benefits of being human!" she added, bitterly.

Erica gasped at her friend's words and how she was acting. "Sarah! What has gotten into you?!" asked Erica, in surprise.

"Nothing! I'm just tired of being a vampire, while he gets to be human! I should of just let Jesse's vemon turn you, then you would know what it's like for me each and every day to be a blood sucking monster!" she answered.

Unseen to anyone, standing behind Sarah, leaning against a wall was Levi. He had a devilish grin on his face, as he watched the events unfold before him of Sarah's downfall.

Ethan stood up from the computer chair. "Sarah...are you alright? Have you fed recently? I know that you can get a little testy when you're hungry sometimes." he said trying to find out what has gotten into his crush.

"I told you already! I'm fine!" she yelled, but then a smirk appeared. "Actually...I am feeling a little bit hungry." she said slowly, but malevolently.

She quickly speed over to Ethan, pinning him to wall. Ethan got really scared at Sarah's actions. Noboby made a move due to they were in shock and not knowing what to do. This was so out of character for Sarah.

"Let him go!" shouted Benny in worry, but Sarah just ignored him.

"S-S-Sarah! W-what are you doing?" he stuttered in fear.

"I'm sick and tired of always being envious of you with your stupid human life. Maybe you should experience what's like to live the life of a vampire. And I'm gonna be the one to give you that life." she sneered, grinning with her fangs exposed.

Ethan gulped and tried to struggle free from her grib, but it was no use with her vampire strength. Before anyone could stop her, Sarah bit down into Ethan's neck, as he screamed. Unfortunately, her jealousy had blinded her from trying to focus only on injecting vemon in his system. Instead, as soon as she got a taste of his sweet H deficient blood again, she couldn't stop drinking it.

When she recovered from getting lost in the taste of his blood, she quickly snapped back to her to senses. Realizing what she was doing, Sarah immediately let go of Ethan and took a few steps back with a horrifying look on her face. Ethan's body fell to the floor with a thud, as blood ran from the bite marks on his neck onto the floor. He wasn't moving, which meant that he wasn't changing. Instead, he was dead from blood loss.

Gasps rang throughoutt the room, as tears ran down Sarah face. She couldn't believe what she just did to Ethan. Her worst fear had just came true. She killed the one person that she cared about the most. The one that she loved with all her heart. She really was a monster now.

Not being able to bare the sight anymore, Sarah sped out of Benny's room and house, crying. She ran deep into the woods. She wanted to be alone, but of course she wasn't completely alone as she then heard a smug voice speak to her.

"I told you that it was only going to get worse." he said mockingly.

Sarah looked up with watery eyes to see Levi standing there looking all smug and pleased with himself.

"You. What do you want, now?" she said in a raspy voice.

He just smiled at her. "So! How does it feel to finally let out all of that envy and jealousy? It feels great, doesn't it?" he teased.

"No! It doesn't! I just killed someone that I really care about! And it's all because of you! This is all your fault!" she yell and him angrily.

"Hey! What just happened, is all your doing, not mine. You're the one that let your envy get the best of you. I just only helped it along, is all." he replied, nonchalantly.

Sarah glared at Levi. "I don't get it?" she sniffled. "I know that you're after my soul, but I didn't kill myself from the envy like you had hoped. So, how does all this still benefits you?" she asked curiously.

Levi let out a hardy laugh. "Silly girl! I never said that I was hoping for you to kill yourself." he laughed.

Sarah just looked at him confused.

"It is true that I am after your soul, but not the way that your think. You see. After that little stunt of yours, you've just sealed your fate. I travel around looking for victims of envy and then I exploit them by getting them to give in to their envy until it leads them to act upon it and ultimately causes them to commit a terrible act. Thus sealing their soul's fate in the afterlife, making it mine. Once they eventually die, their soul is then sent to my part of hell." explained Levi, satisfyingly.

Sarah gasped at his explanation. So that's how he did it. And now...because of what happened earlier, her soul now belongs to him when she dies.

"Oh! And there's more. Each domain of hell has a different punishment that you must bare for the rest of eternity. Mine just so happens to be swimming in an endless sea of freezing water." he remarked smiling. "So, my dear girl. It looks like your soul is to be damned to roam to the underworld, doomed forever to swim ice cold waters. All because you killed the one that you loved most because of your envy. Shame." he added mockingly, as he then broke out into more laughter.

Sarah didn't say anything. She just sat there in silence with so many different emotions going through her. Fear, sadness, hatred, lost, loneliness, and disgust. But one emotion wasn't there anymore. Envy. After what had happened tonight, the emotion that had plagued her for days was finally gone. But at what cost?

"Well, my dear. It's been fun, but I must be on my way. I have other poor souls to try and corrupt." remarked Levi. "I'll be seeing you in hell after you finally bite the dust. Hopefully, that won't be too long of a wait." he commented mockingly to her. "Bye-bye!" he waved as he slowly disappeared.

"AAAAHHHHH!" screamed/cried out Sarah loudly in frustration and strife at her now doomed soul's fate and losing everything that she ever cared about in the end. All do to her self-destructive envy.

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