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Chapter 8: The Lust For Power Part II

Sin: Lust

Character: Jesse

Later that night, after spending a few more hours searching, Benny and the others had decided to go the Morgan's to see if the cops might of found something that they've missed. But when they got there, a certain smell hit Erica's nose.

"Hey, guys? Do you smell that?" asked Erica, sniffing the air. Rory, Sarah, and Benny all smelt the air, but Benny couldn't smell anything but just air. But as for Rory and Sarah on the other hand, did smell something. And it wasn't good.

Benny looked at them confused. "What? What is it? What do you guys smell because all I'm getting is nothing?" wondered Benny with a perplexed expression.

They all then frowned and really didn't want to answer his question. "It's blood. And judging by how strong the smell is, there's a lot of it." commented Sarah simply with slight fear in her voice.

Benny's eyes grew wide. "Where?!" he demanded worryingly/sternly. "In the backyard, I believe." hesitated Sarah glumly. Benny then bolted off the porch and shot around the house to the backyard, only to come to a complete and utter stop with a look of horror on his face. Soon after Erica, Sarah, and Rory followed pursuit behind him.

A gasp escaped Sarah's mouth at what she saw. There on the ground, surrounded by blood was the Morgans and Jane, dead. The small group of teens couldn't believe it. They were all dead. "Who would do such a thing?" questioned Rory in pure disbelief and shock.

"I don't know. But whoever it was...is a real monster for committing such a terrible act." stated Benny with no emotion. The Morgans where like a second family to him. And to see this. Was just plain cruel and heartless. Then a thought emerged in his head, as he grew worried again. "Ethan!" he said above a whisper in concern.

He then quickly rushed inside the house, knowing that if the family was all outside then the back door must be unlocked. The others all gave each other a very concerned look to one another before going after the spellmaster. When they entered the house, Benny came down the stairs with a sullen frown.

"He's not here. I thought that maybe Ethan had been here, but it doesn't look like it." he said disappointingly to them.

"Benny! You don't think Ethan did that! Do you?!" exclaimed Sarah shockingly.

"What?! No! Of course I don't! How could you even say that, Sarah! I would never suspect Ethan of ever doing something so...so...EVIL! Especially to his own family!" yelled Benny furiously to the vampire.

Sarah looked down with apologetic eyes. "You're right. I'm sorry." she apologized quitely.

Benny's expression then soften down to a more remorseful one. "It's ok, Sarah." he said in an apologetic tone. "I just thought that maybe he'd might of been here and witnessed something to explain what happened here. But he's not." he said sadly, looking down. "I just wish...I knew where he was. I never been more worried for him in my life, before." he confessed honestly/sullenly. They all just stood there in awkward silence, before deciding to finally call the police.

After another lustful interaction with Ethan in bed, Jesse bit Ethan to drink his blood. When he was finished he then licked some the blood off that trailed down his neck, which even in Ethan's tired and weaken state still managed to create a shiver of disgust and fear from Jesse tounge.

"Hmm...wasn't that fun, Ethan? I sure do enjoy these little get togethers that we have every night, don't you?" teased Jesse in a low subtle tone, as he wrapped an arm around Ethan's frame and held him close, playing with Ethan's hair. "I've never wanted anybody more in my life than I do you, Ethan. Not even wanting Sarah can compare to how much I need and want you. To me now, she's nothing more than but a fling really. But you. You're everything that I ever lusted for in a human. And I'll never let you go." he said seductively.

Ethan only whimpered, which made Jesse smile. He kissed the poor frighten teen on the head, before getting out of bed and getting dressed. Ethan just laid there as he sobbed a little and pulled the sheets that were covering him, up closer to him to hug them tightly to his bruised and scratched up body.

"Don't worry Ethan. You'll get used to it eventually, after a while. And once I take care of the others then you'll be completely mine, in body and mind." said Jesse trying to somewhat comfort the poor boy, but it didn't work. Ethan was still terrified of him, but he still had his small sliver of hope that he's friends will defeat him and end this horrible nightmare for him.

"You should get some rest my sweet. Because once your friends are out of my way, then it's on to the next phase of my plan which is to take over this town and rule as king with you by my side." replied Jesse, as he sat on the edge of the bed and began to stroke Ethan's tear stained cheek gently and lovingly as he stared into his frighten and dull brown eyes.

"Now. I better get downstairs. I'm sure the others are probably back by now, awaiting their next orders from me." he stated, getting up and heading towards the door. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow, my luscious little seer, you." he said/cooed, as he bid Ethan farewell and left. Locking the door from the outside.

As soon as he heard the click of the lock, Ethan broke down in tears again from the awful night that he had. He had just witnessed his entire family being murdered right before his eyes without any remorse from the one who ordered it. He desperately wanted to be save and he longed for the comfort of his friends. One in particular.

"Benny." he mumbled/sniffled, as his tears fell.

Ethan felt like Benny was the only who knows what he's going through right now at losing your entire family, all in one day. He felt as if Benny was the only one who could understand the pain that he was in right now, since he's already gone through the same thing basically. Ethan wanted his best friend right now. He wanted him to be here so badly to comfort him and to ease the pain that he's feeling. To help make him feel somewhat more better. And like every night, Ethan cried himself to sleep. Not even bothering to get dressed this time.

After talking to his flock, Jesse retired to his quaters to for the night. "Well, that was an eventful evening." came a mocking voice from behind. Jesse rolled his eyes knowing very well just who it is. He turned around to find that his assumption was correct.

"Hello again, Asmodeus." he said dully to the smiling demon before him.

"It seems that everything is going according as plan. You got your old powerful followers back, along with your new followers to form an army with. AND! You also finally have someone to call your own. Even if they don't really agree and like it much, but who cares. Because soon you'll be the head honcho in this town and you'll have it all." stated Asmodeus.

"Yes. I know. Now, all I got to do is just take out the only threat that stands in my way to finally achieving that. Ethan's little friends; the two dorks, the traitor, and my ex." replied Jesse calmly. "Once they're out of the way, this town will be ripe for the picking without it's little protectors there to be in the way. And not to mention that Ethan will no longer have anymore hope left of being rescued and will give himself over to me without any defiance." smiled Jesse satisfyingly at the thought. He really didn't like to hurt the poor teen, but sometimes he would leave him no choice in the matter with his stupid back talking of how he won't get away with this or him trying to put up a fight to get away from him.

Back at Benny's place the next day, the gang were currently in the living room trying to not only figure where Ethan is, but also who would want to kill his entire family. Suddenly, a certain news broadcast had caught everyones attention. It was about how a bunch of people, mostly teens, where found dead in an abandon building in downtown Whitechapel, last night. At what looked to be a rave party being held there. And that it looked to be like a mass murder and not a simple freak accident, with a body count of over 200 people.

Once the report was over they turned off the tv, in shock. "That's horrible!" stated Sarah. "Who'd want to kill so many people like that?" asked Rory out loud. After some deep thought, it all then clicked in Benny's brain. "Guys! I think I just might know the sick bastard who's behind all this." stated Benny in realization and anger.

Everyone looked at him, awaiting for the answer. "Who?" asked Sarah. "Jesse." he replied with venom in his voice as he said the name. Everyone gasped, but then looked confused. Benny saw the confused looks and started to elaborate more on his conclusion.

"Think about it, guys! A secret party with at least over 200 people murdered. And then we find the entire Morgan family, DEAD on the same night! Not to mention Ethan's sudden and strange disappearance! It all adds up! Jesse had to be the one behind all of this!" declared/explained Benny strongly.

Erica sat there thinking about it. "He does make a point. All the pieces seem to fit in with what Jesse had tried to do on the night of the Dusk IV movie premiere. So, it had to him!" said Erica, agreeing with his theory.

Sarah's eyes then went wide with surprise and realization. "He's trying to still resurrect his old followers from 200 years ago!" she stated in astonishment.

"Correction! He already has! There was another eclipse last night! And remember? We found Ethan's parents and sister dead in the backyard, which is where he needed to go to bring them back at, near that big tree that sits in their backyard!" Rory implied, jumping in on the conversation.

There was a moment of complete silence as they let the facts sink in before Benny suddenly jumped up off the couch, looking rather worried and fearful. "I bet he's the one responsible for Ethan's disappearance! Who else would want to hurt him so badly enough to go to such extremes as to kill his entire family! And probably do it right in front of him, too!" he said in shock and worry.

Then Sarah stood up too. "Hold on! From what you're saying, you're making it sound like as if Jesse has Ethan?" she questioned.

"That's because he does, Sarah! Who else hates Ethan as much as Jesse does? Huh?! He'd probably kidnapped him to torture him for revenge or something?!" shouted Benny in frustration, as he began to breath heavily from the panic and anger that he was feeling at the moment.

Just then Benny's grandma came in and saw how stressed her grandson was right now. She had over heard them talking and already knew what was going on. She came over to Benny and started to rub his back to calm him down. "Benny dear. You need to relax and calm down. Everything will be alright. Ok?" she said soothingly to him.

"How do you know that, Grandma?! For all we know! Ethan could be DEAD by now! Now that Jesse has his old goons back again, who are way stronger than his new goons!" he yelled back, breaking from her embrace and glaring at her.

She gave him a stern look for raising his voice at her. "Benjamin! First of all, don't you dare raise your voice at me, young man!" she scolded him. Benny then looked down with apologetic eyes, as Grandma's expression then turned to a more softer one. "And secondly of all, if Ethan was dead by now, there would of already been a body by now. Probably along with his family if Jesse did make him witness his family's deaths. And plus, Ethan's a fighter. He won't give up hope so easily as long he knows that he as you and the others out there, still looking for him." spoke Mrs. Weir reassuringly.

"She's right! And if Jesse is responsible for all this craziness that been happening lately, then it's up to us to stop him and to get our Ethan back!" stated Rory confidently, standing up with a serious and determined look.

"Yeah! I agree with the blonde dork! That sick twisted vampire as done a lot of cruel things, but this one by far takes the cake! Holding someone hostage and then killing their entire family right in front of them?! That's just going too far! Even for me!" agreed Erica strongly, as she too stood up.

"Ethan's counting on us! He would want us to stop Jesse's evil plan and to take out that duoche of vampire, no matter what! So, I'm in!" declared Sarah, also in agreement.

Benny smiled at his friends such determination and loyalty. "Right, then! Let's go! Let's go kick Jesse's evil 200 year old butt!" he said, feeling better now and ready to go save Ethan, now that he knows that Jesse's the one who has him. But before they could leave, there was a knock on the door. Everyone looked at each other wondering if anybody might have some clue as to who that could be, only to receive the same clueless and curious looks.

Benny then answered the door to find some guy with unusually deep blue glowing eyes standing there, who Erica immediately thought was sexy and hot looking. When asked who the guy was, he smiled a pearly smile at them as he introduced himself as Asmodeus and that he was a 'friend' of Jesse's. Hearing that caused everyone to immediately go on the defensive, but Asmodeus quickly reassured them that he wasn't here for a fight, but instead to deliver a message to them from Jesse.

He handed Benny a piece of folded up paper, which Benny took hesitantly. He opened it up to quickly read it. His eyes then went wide open at what he read, and felt a wave of anger go through him. "What does the message say, Benny?" asked Rory curiously. "It says 'Meet me in Morgan's backyard at 7 pm tonight, Weir. And bring the rest of your annoying little friends, too. Jesse.'" read Benny, trying to contain his anger.

He then felt a breeze and when he looked back up, he saw that Asmodeus had suddenly vanished and some red rose petals drifting through the air to the ground. No one even didn't see him leave, as they were too caught up in listening to Benny read the note. After the initial shock quickly faded, Benny closed the door. They all agreed on one thing. To do what the note said and meet Jesse in the Morgan's backyard at 7:00, tonight.

It was finally 7 o'clock, and Erica, Sarah, Benny, and Rory were currently in the location that the note had said to go. Soon enough Jesse and his crew appeared. "Ah! Glad you all could make it! I see that you got my message." said Jesse happily, mocking them. "Cut the crap, Jesse! We know what you've done! And you're not gonna get away with it, either!" shouted Sarah angrily.

"Yeah! We're not going to let you take over our town! You monster!" shouted Rory, agreeing with her.

"And we know that you have Ethan! So, where is he, Jesse?! So, help you GOD! If you've hurt him in any way, I'll...I'll...I'LL KILL YOU!" yelled/demanded Benny strongly and very pissed off at Jesse.

Jesse laughed and then smiled. "Oh! Don't you worry, spellmaster. I assure you. Ethan's in excellent care." he implied/teased hintingly.

"What does that mean?" asked Rory with a rather confused look, before it turned to shock mixed with horror. "I bet you already killed him, didn't you?!" gasped Rory.

"No! You dork!" hissed Jesse at him. "I would never want Ethan dead. At least not anymore, anyways. He means too much to me now, for me to ever want him dead." he grinned evilly, clarifying what he actually did mean.

"He means too much to you, for you..." questioned Sarah curiously, before ending her sentence, to suddenly come to the realization of what he meant. A look of complete horror spread across her face at the horrendous thought that had came to her, suddenly. "Don't tell me what I think you're meaning!" she gasped, as she recognized the strange twinkle that was in Jesse's eyes.

Jesse nodded his head slowly, still grinning as the others only looked more preplexed and baffled. "Yes. Why yes I do, Sarah." he replied slyly, knowing that she realized it now. "Sarah! What is Jesse talking about?" asked Erica suddenly. "H-he...he means that...he has a thing for Ethan! That's why he took Ethan! Because he was lusting for him!" she finally explained, shakly.

"What?!" shouted Erica, Rory, and Benny in unison. "D-do you mean lust as in..." started Rory and then gluping before finishing. "The kind of lust for blood or the kind of lust as in...sexual desire?" he asked, really dreading the answer. "With Jesse. Probably both." answered Benny for Sarah, flatly as he just glared at the ancient vampire in hate.

Jesse's laugh confirmed that he was right. He has been lusting after the young seer in both blood and sexual. They were all horrified by the news. "Oh, Ethan! Why don't you come on out and say hi to your friends, one last time!" called out Jesse in mock joy. Then out from behind the tree came the teen in question, Ethan. Ethan walked on over and stood beside Jesse, looking rather slightly broken and ashamed.

Jesse wrapped an arm around him, and then kissed him on the lips and giving him tounge as he did it. Before he broke the kiss, Jesse bit Ethan's bottom lip gently. Watching Jesse kiss Ethan like that really pissed Benny off even more, as he stood there clenching his teeth and fist together. He could tell by the way that Ethan looked, that he felt really uncomfortable and didn't like it, one bit. He saw the fearful look in his brown eyes and knew that Jesse's little display of affection was only one sided. "That's my good little boy." teased Jesse seductively to Ethan, grinning.

Then a horrible thought occured to Benny. "Wait! I can clearly tell that Ethan doesn't share the same kind of affection that you do. And that kiss just know, was obviously more one sided than it was mutual. Which would mean that Ethan's relationship with you is strictly nothing more than a one sided thing from you." he implied, before his eyes went wide. "Don't tell me that you...raped him?! Did you?!" asked/demanded Benny in shock and fear.

As his reply, Jesse then proceeded to lick the side of Ethan's face like some sick pervert and then flashed a wickedly toothy kinf of smile his way. "What do you think, Weir?" replied Jesse in a sinister tone. That really set Benny off. "YOU SICK VAMPIRE RAPIST, YOU! HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ETHAN! YOU BASTARD! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" yelled Benny furiously at him, as he then ran after Jesse only for some of his men to super speed in front of him to intercept him. Soon the battle was on! As the gang faced Jesse's men, while Jesse just stood back watching the fight unfold with his beloved seer in his arms, beside him, who was trying not to cry.

Unfortunately though, Jesse's members were more stronger than they had expected and had managed to get the upper hand on them. Soon they had Sarah, Benny, Erica, and Rory restrained due to fatigue and the vampires that were holding them were really strong. Jesse was very pleased seeing them so helpless and weak now, that he wore a smug and happy smile upon his face.

He started to clap at their vain efforts as a way to mock them. "Very well done!" he said impressingly in a mocking tone. "I'm surprised that you all managed to survive that long against my more stronger followers, but you did. And I must say, you all fought admirably! But! I'm afraid this is were the fun ends, I'm afraid." spoke Jesse all high-and-mighty like.

Benny growled at him as he tried to pull his arm free from his captor, but it didn't budge. "You bastard! Let us go! And let Ethan go, too!" shouted Benny to Jesse.

"Now why would I ever let someone as...perfect as Ethan go, huh spell dork?" replied Jesse casually, with an air about him. "And as for you and your loser friends?" he then started to laugh. "Forget about it! If I just let you go, you'll only just come right back like a bunch of cockroaches!" he said in more serious tone now. "And you know what I do with cockroaches? I exterminate them. Permanently!" said Jesse, in a low and harsh tone when he answered his own question.

"Please! Jesse! Don't kill them! Please! I'll do whatever you want me too! I'll stop trying to fight back, but just PLEASE don't do this!" cried out Ethan, begging for his friends lives to be spared.

"Shh!" he hushed softly to the crying teen by placing a finger on his lips. "Don't worry my love. I'm not gonna be the one who kills them." spoke Jesse softly to him. "You are." he then whispered in Ethan's ear. Ethan's eyes shot open wide. "What?! NO! I refuse to do that, Jesse! I'm not going to kill my own friends!" yelled/refused Ethan defiantly to him.

Jesse's face then went straight hearing Ethan's refusal, as he then let out a growl at him. He then grabbed Ethan's chin with one hand, as he stared the frighten teen straight in the eyes. "You won't have a choice in the matter!" snarled out Jesse. Then his eyes glowed blue, as Ethan's pupils then dilated with a glimmer of glowing blue in them. Ethan suddenly then felt his mind begin to open up to any and all suggestions. The gang all knew exactly what Jesse was doing to him. He was placing Ethan under a trance and there was nothing that they could do to stop it from happening, as they were still being held captive by Jesse's followers.

"Now. Listen to me Ethan and obey. You WILL kill your friends without any hesitation, for me. Won't you?" spoke Jesse in a calm and soothing tone, as he gave the tranced Ethan his orders. Ethan nodded slowly with a blank expression on his face as he mumbled a 'yes, Jesse' to Jesse. Jesse grinned happily, at his response and then handed him a really sharp wooden stake. "Good. Now go do what you were told like a good little seer." spoke Jesse in the same kind of tone again, in his ear and then giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ethan slowly walked towards his friends, with tears in his eyes. He could still speak and think freely, but his body was no longer in his control. All Ethan could keep thinking about was how much he really didn't want to do this and how sorry he is. He first approached Sarah, as he looked her in the eyes with such guilt and remorse in his own.

"I-I-I'm so s-s-sorry guys. I don't want to do this. But I have to." he cried, sullenly. Sarah just shook her head and smiled. "It's ok, Ethan! We know! And we don't hold any of this against you. Just know that we forgive you and that we love you. And if anyones to blame, it's that sick monster of an ass, Jesse who's to blame." she said sincerely, meaning every word. Rory and Erica both nodded in agreement at Sarah's comment.

"Thanks." replied Ethan quietly with a small smile, even though he still feels horrible for being forced to do this. And with that, that's when he drove the stake through Sarah's heart, turning her into ash. He then moved on to Rory next, who also gave some very meaningful and comforting words to Ethan as well, before Ethan had staked him. Next was Erica, who surprisingly also had some nice and forgiving things to say about him as well, before she too was staked by Ethan. Jesse just stood there in the background looking rather pleased and joyful about finally getting rid of the ones who've stood in his way of gaining power for the last year or so.

Lastly, it was Benny's turn which really brought on the water works for Ethan. He already felt awful for having to kill Erica, Rory, and Sarah. But as for Benny? His best friend?! That was the worst of all and he knew that it would really hurt him in the end the most. Because unlike the others, he knew Benny the longest and he was like a brother to him. Always there for him when he needed him and vise versa. They had a really deep connection with one another and a very unusual strong bond like no other that just can't be explained. Killing his best friend was going to be the hardest thing that he's ever done.

Ethan stood there, staring Benny in the eyes. Benny smiled at his friend, showing that he wasn't upset with what's about to happen next. He knew that Ethan would never do this willing, in a million years. That he would rather die, before ever killing one of his friends, but unfortunately he was being forced into doing it by being tranced to do it. Something that wasn't easy to break when being done by a 200 year old vampire, with exprience doing it.

Ethan tried to speak but he just couldn't get the words out. "It's fine, E. Really!" spoke Benny instead. "And what Sarah said eariler? It's the truth. Me, her, Erica, and Rory don't blame you for any of this. And you shouldn't either."

"But...but...none of this wouldn't of happened if only I wasn't so weak! I should of tried harder to escape from Jesse! Then maybe we could of prepared for this better! Or if I only hid the Cubile Animus more better, then he wouldn't be able to resurrect his old flock! Then we might of stood a chance then!" cried Ethan with such emotion.

"Hey! You listen to me, Ethan Morgan! You're not weak! You hear me?!" commanded Benny sternly to him. "You have plenty of strengths were it matters most, that covers our own weakness! So, your not weak! Ok?"

Ethan nodded a 'yes' in reply, earning a very happy smile from Benny. "Good! And Ethan?" said Benny. Ethan looked up at him then. "I love you! And not just as a friend, either. But as something more, like...a boyfriend." he confessed earnestly. Ethan looked at him shocked at first, before smiling himself because he too felt the exact same way. But knowing this now, only made it that much harder for him because he'll never get to see where this relationship would take them if they did become boyfriends with each other.

"I-I-I love you too, Benny!" spoke Ethan in a hushed and raspy tone, as he smiled at him. Benny smiled too and not being able to contain it any longer and wanting to exprience what it will feel like to kiss Ethan before he dies, Benny slammed his lips into Ethan's, feeling the warmth of the kiss as Ethan kissed back too. A single tear fell from Benny's eye, as he felt the wooden stake go into him and he heard a wailing heartbroken Ethan crying, just before his world went dark.

Of course when Jesse saw Benny kiss Ethan, he quietly let out a growl and clinched his fist tightly from jealously, but as soon as Ethan drove the stake into his stomach and saw Benny fall to the ground dead, his evil smile returned.

He walked up to the crying Ethan and wrapped his arms around him and placed a small kiss on his head, to provide some comfort to the hurting boy, even though he didn't really feel all that sorry for what happened in the first place. It was really just for show. Being too heartbroken and too devastated to even care anymore, Ethan cried into the vampire's shoulder which made Jesse very happy to see that he's finally lost all hope and has given up, now.

"I think that's enough excitement for one day. Don't do?" asked Jesse sweetly to Ethan. Ethan didn't say anything, but only nodded. "Then let's go home and get some rest." he said to Ethan softly, before then looking out at his followers to address them. "Because there's lots to do tomorrow, for tomorrow...BEGINS OUR TAKE OVER OF WHITECHAPEL!" he announced seriously as his volume grew into a shout of determination.

All of Jesse's vampires then broke out into shouts and cheers of excitement and ethusiasm to their wonderous leader. Jesse smiled at the sight, before picking up Ethan bridal style and taking to the skies with his loyal followers right behind him. On the flight back, Ethan had fallen asleep from all of the stress and emotional fatigue that he was feeling. Jesse noticed him asleep in his arms and kissed the sleeping Ethan on his lips gently, not to wake him, and then smiled as he continued to fly through the darken night sky.

A year and a half later, things in Whitechapel had changed. And not for the better either. With his army of vampires, Jesse had managed to take over the town. He was now King of Whitechapel. He had all the power that he could possibly ever wanted. And his next goal was to start branching outward into the world and make the entire world succumb to his will, making him the King of the World.

The entire town looked to be in ruins, as people dare not set foot on the streets at night, due to fear of being eaten or turned or enslaved by vampires. Even the Vampire Council was no match for Jesse and his powerful minions. Eventually, not only did more vampires join him, but also other supernatural creatures did as well. But he still had his opposers, known as the Rebel Forces, who still dare defy him. But he didn't really feel all too threaten by them, as he clearly out numbers and out powers them. He was unstoppable now. For Jesse Black was invincible now, with his mighty legion of warriors!

And there by his side through it all, was a certain seer named Ethan Morgan. Ever since that tragic day when Jesse had him kill off his friends, one by one, he was never the same again. He no longer defied Jesse and did everything that he said without question or hesitation. He never smiled or hardly ever spoke a word. The light that once lit up in his eyes was no longer there. Only nothingness remained. He was broken inside and only felt numbness to the world. He was nothing more than an empty shell, as he just didn't care about anything anymore, ever again.

And Jesse knew this and loved it. He loved how more obedient Ethan had become, now that his hope for rescue was diminished. And what's even better, is it has seems that Ethan's powers had grown even more since then. Now, he could tell if someone was lying or not, just by looking at them and sensing their aura. And Jesse used this new power to his advantage by having Ethan read people that he suspected were Rebel Forces spies, that had infiltrated his army. And if so, then they would be dealt with...accordingly.

"Well! Look at you now, Jesse! You've officially have it all now! Power! Riches! And...love." stated Asmodeus rather impressingly.

"That I do! That I do! And I couldn't be anymore happier!" agreed Jesse proudly.

"But don't forget. You still owe me your soul." reminded the demon, with a smug and flirty smile, as he got really close to Jesse's face from behind, speaking in his ear.

Jesse felt a chill go through him and quickly stepped away from him. "I know that! You don't have to remind me!" snapped Jesse sternly to the guy. "You'll get it whenever I bite the dust! Which could be years from now, by the way, since I am immortal and all." he commented coolly, as he smirked.

"Yes! Well. I guess that it's a good thing that I'm so patient after all, then. But that doesn't mean that I'll be going away anytime soon. Not until I get what is owed to me." replied Asmodeus rather smugly, as he too then smiled. Suddenly Jesse's smile soon fell, hearing him say that. "And speaking of which. What are you going to do about your little Ethan problem, eh?" he asked the vampire, who looked at him with a curious brow.

"What do mean my 'little Ethan problem?' Ever since the annihilation of his family and friends, he hasn't given me anymore trouble since." questioned/stated Jesse.

"Yes, I know that! But what I meant was, with him being human and you being immortal. He'll die eventually, and then you will longer have your little play thing anymore." clarified Asmodeus.

"You're right! He IS human! And just like all humans, he'll eventually die! Leaving me hear without the best damn sex that I ever had! Plus, he's the only seer that I know! And seers are hard to come by!" stated Jesse in shock/realization. After some thought he finally came to a conclusion. "I guess I have no choice. If I want to make sure that he sticks around just as long as me, then...I'll have to turn him, which will suck because then that means no more delicious H deficient blood. But it's a sacrifice I'm will to make if it means that I keep my most prized possession in the world around longer." he said in slight disappointment, but then grinning as he said the last sentence in his statement.

With that thought in mind, he immediately set off to pay his 'most prize possession' a visit, in his room. It was early, but he wanted to get to turning Ethan into a vampire done sooner rather than later. And what better way to turn someone than to do it while having sex with them. Jesse could feel the great desire of lust well up inside him at the thought of having Ethan has his forever. And with him as a vampire, means that he didn't have to worry about accidently severely hurting the boy if thing had ever gotten a little too rough in bed since vampires can heal rather quickly. Jesse smiled at the thought, as he entered the room.

When Jesse told Ethan what he was going to do, Ethan didn't refuse and accepted with a quiet but monotone 'yes, Jesse' as a reply. Jesse smiled a cheshire grin at his answer and soon set to work, starting with the sex.

After he was done with that, it was finally time for the turning. But right when Jesse was about to sink his fangs into Ethan's tender neck flesh, the door came bursting wide open as someone came barreling in through the door, startling the vampire and making him hiss angrily at whoever it was that had interrupted him.

"ETHAN! I'M FINALLY HERE TO RESCUE YOU!" shouted a voice that both Ethan and Jesse had thought that they would never hear again.

"Benny!" yelled out Ethan in shock and glee at the sight of the spellmaster, as the light returned to his eyes once again.

When Benny looked over to see Ethan a huge happy smile spread across his face for a minute, until he realized what he saw, which caused his smile to go stale. Both Ethan and Jesse naked under some sheets in a bed. He knew what he had walked in on, but he didn't blame Ethan for what he saw. Instead he blamed only one person for everything...Jesse. Seeing Jesse on top of Ethan like that caused him to see red, as he quickly fired a spell in the vampire's direction with such great aim that it hit it's target perfectly, sending Jesse flying over the bed and into the wall, knocking him out briefly.

After that Benny quickly rushed to Ethan, who did the same with a sheet wrapped around him. Ethan then tripped and stumbled on the sheet, but Benny had managed to catch the seer in his arms before he could hit the floor. Ethan looked at Benny with watery eyes. "How? I mean, how are you still alive? I-I...I thought I'd killed you!" asked Ethan, with tears of joy falling from his eyes, as Benny held him close.

"Well, it turns out that I wasn't compeletly dead yet when you, Jesse, and his goons had left. Right when I was on the brink of death, Grandma had showed up due to a really bad feeling that she was getting that made her really worried. So, she came to the meeting spot that Jesse had said to go to in the message and found me on the ground bleeding and about to die. She managed to stop the bleeding and bring me back home to tend the stab wound better." he explained. "I've missed you so much Ethan! You were all I kept thinking about during my long recovery and this time."

"I-I've missed you too, Benny!" cried Ethan happily, as they both kissed.

"I'm sorry for making you have to wait this long to be rescued, Ethan. And for having to go through so much pain and suffering at the hands of that evil bastard of a vampire, Jesse." apologized Benny sincerely and saying Jesse's name with such disgust for the vampire. "But, it took me a really long time to recover after almost dying like that. Plus, while recovering I've been working really hard and practicing on my spells so I could become stronger to save you. And while doing all of that, me and Grandma have been busy gathering forces of our own to form the group known as the Rebel Forces." he explained more, as he wiped away some of Ethan's tears.

"It's ok! I'm just glad that you're still alive and not dead. And since when have you ever been on time for anything, anyways, huh?" replied Ethan, jokingly at the end. "But I guess it's better late than never, I suppose." he mused with a grateful smile.

"I forgot about that old BAT of a grandma of yours, Weir. I should've known that she would be behind the Rebel Forces that have been a constant thorn in my side now. I should of ended her too!" came the sound of Jesse's voice, snidely, startling the two teenage boys. When they looked over they saw that Jesse was standing now, and was fully dressed already thanks to his vampire speed. And he didn't look too happy either, as he glared at the two. "Now! Get your hands off my Ethan!" demanded Jesse through clenched teeth.

"Your Ethan! He doesn't even want to be you, Jesse! Everything he's done so far, he was forced into doing it by YOU! You sick bastard!" growled Benny angrily.

"Maybe so! But it still doesn't change the fact that he belongs to me now! And I was about to make him mine forever, until you barged in and ruined it!" snarled Jesse, with his fangs bared at Benny threateningly.

Benny's eyes grew wide at that, as he looked over at a very ashamed looking Ethan who looked like he wanted to cry some more, but this time tears of sadness and disgust. Seeing him like that, confirmed what Jesse just told him and now Benny was really pissed at the evil dick with fangs before him. Benny quickly told Ethan to stand somewhere safe, as he took care of Jesse himself. Ethan nodded and did as Benny had requested of him to do.

As soon as Ethan was out of the way, the spellmaster and the vampire began to fight. With Benny casting spells left and right at the Jesse, and Jesse dodging and taking some of them. Benny was also dodging some of Jesse's punches that he threw his way. While all of this was going on, Ethan had managed to get dressed himself and was currently standing there watching as everything unfolded. He was worried for Benny's safety, knowing how powerful and strong Jesse is.

Jesse then slammed Benny up against the wall and wrapped his hand around Benny's throat, choking him, which was keeping him from being able to say any spells or to think clearly from the lack of air he was getting. Ethan saw this and got extremely worried as he bit his lip and quickly thought of something.

"Jesse! Wait!" said Ethan, running up from behind. Ethan then wrapped his arms around him from behind, making pleasant and seductive moans in his ear, smiling. Jesse's angry expression then turned into one of bliss and enjoyment at Ethan's sudden gesture. "Before you kill him, I just wanted to let you know that I want to do what we just did before we were so rudely intrupted, again." he moaned in Jesse's ear in a low soft tone. "And what better way to really get under Benny's skin is to make him watch as we go for round two and then you turning me into a vampire so I can be with you forever, huh? Then he can be me first taste of human blood, as I drain him completely dry." he suggested seductively, which sent a shiver down Jesse's spine just hearing the way he spoke.

Jesse didn't know what had gotten into the seer, but he liked it. He thought that maybe he had finally seen the light and was starting to enjoy being on the dark side for once. Benny could feel Jesse's grip on him begin to slightly loosen, as he looked up into Ethan's eyes. He could see the message that they held in them, saying 'I'll distract him, while you finish him off for good.' So, he very quietly mumbled a spell to summon a wooden stake in his hands, while Jesse was to busy being enthralled in Ethan's distraction to even notice.

"You're right!" he agreed with Ethan, as he smiled darkly and then kissed him. "That is a better way. I like how you're twisted little mind works, my love. I guess you're finally seeing things my way for a change and is starting to embrace your darker half." commented Jesse pleasantly in a soft tone, as he kissed him again, but this time longer.

Benny took this as his chance and thrusted the stake right into Jesse's cold black heart. Jesse broke the kiss with a gasp, as he looked down to see the wooden stake sticking out from his chest. And when he looked back up, he looked at Benny's smiling smug face. And then he looked over towards Ethan, who also wore the same kind of smile meaning that everything that he said was just a lie only to distract him.

"That's for all the hell that you put me through for the past year and a half, JESSE!" spat Ethan vemonously at the vampire, with a straight face. "For everything that you did to me and my friends and to my family!" he said strongly, as he and Benny both watched as Jesse then began to disintegrate into nothing more than a pile of ashes.

Ethan than ran into Benny's arms with heart felt tears of joy, knowing that it was finally all over with. They stayed like that for a while, before locking eyes with one another deeply with such love in them and then slowly leaning in to touch lips with the other. Creating a passionate and love filled kiss, that has been long awaited for. And with Jesse gone and no one to lead them anymore, eventually Jesse's empire began to crumble and Rebel Forces had managed to finally claim victory and take back Whitechapel.

In the room that Jesse's ashes laid, a small whirlwind of rose petals began to stir up in the room, as a familiar demon appeared in the mist of the whirlwind. "See! I told you that I could wait as long as it takes, just to get what you owe me. Of course, I just didn't think that it would happen so quickly." mocked Asmodeus with a smug, knowing smile. "Or did I?" he added with a bit of mischief in his voice. He then whirled his hand about as Jesse's remains began to whirl around in a small dust cloud that then condensed down into a ball, which then turned into a white glowing orb of light. The orb of light, or his soul rather, then floated on over to Asmodeus's hand where it rested at.

"I gave you the means to everything that you could possibly ever wanted. Love, power, revenge. Everything that you've been lusting for, for centuries now. Only for it to all end like this. You let your lust for love blind you to something that was clearly meant as a distraction, right after you witnessed him kissing your enemy and then he suddenly had a change in mood about being with you." said Asmodeus smugly and then chuckling at Jesse's foolishness for falling for something so obvious. "But now that that's all over with and I now have what I came for. There's really no need for me to stick around here any longer, now is there?" stated the demon. "I do hope you enjoy burning in Hell for your sins, Jesse because that is the price one pays for committing such a heinous sin. A desire or act without the feeling of love shared between both recipients willingly, truly is the ultimate sin." he gloated satisfyingly, as he held Jesse's soul up to his face, grinning like a mad man.

And with that said, Asmodeus disappeared into his whirlwind of rose petals, along with Jesse's soul in hand. Were it will burn in Hell for all eternity.

A/N: So, was that for an ending, eh?! Lol!

It kind of had a sorta happy ending. Depending on who's perspective you look at. I mean, yeah! Jesse got everything that he wanted and had raped and killed Ethan's family and friends, but he also got what was coming to him in the end by getting staked by Benny. And yes, Ethan was raped repeatedly and had to watch as his family was killed and he was forced into killing his own friends and his just newly revealed lover, Benny, as well. But in the end it had turned out that Benny was alive and Jesse got killed and Ethan was saved by his lover. So, yeah! Lol!

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