Let's hope Lopunny's open letter was taken into account.

It was a warm, sunny day in Treasure Town, and a slow day in Spinda's Café. A few customers milled about, chatting around tables with a drink in hand. Three attractive ladies, Gardevoir, Medicham, and the very well-known Lopunny, were sitting at the far table. Three untouched small-size drinks sat on the table, as well as a laptop, a game of solitaire, and several bottles of nail polish.

"I'm so BORED!" Lopunny whined as she painted pink the tips of her paws where a human's nails would be. "Medicham, can I play cards with you?"

Medicham psychically moved a card to another pile and gave her a look. "This is solitaire."


"It's a one-person game."

"Well, we can take turns!"

Medicham prodded Gardevoir's arm and hissed, "For the love of Arceus, Gardie, give her something to do."

However, Gardevoir didn't appear to have heard her. Her eyes were fixated on the screen and she had a dumbstruck expression on her face.

"Hello?" Waving an arm in front of her face, Medicham began, "Earth to Garde – "

Then she stopped. And she, too, stared at the screen.

Lopunny continued to paint her fingertips for a minute longer before realizing that her partners had gone eerily silent. "What's up with you two?" she asked, blowing on her paws. "Delcatty got your tongues?" Then, she also looked at the computer screen. The webpage was some unofficial Pokémon news source showing an article. Unlike the other two girls, Lopunny only stared for about half a second.

"Ohmygod a new Mystery Dungeon game!"

Within seconds, every single pokémon in the café rushed over to stare at the screen. There were 'Oohs' and 'Aahs' and 'Oh my gosh!s' from the small crowd as they gaped at the news.

"Team Charm!"

Alakazam leapt through the doorway of Spinda's Café and faced the girls. Tyranitar carefully walked in after him, holding his tail nervously while Charizard sauntered in, wearing sunglasses and a v-neck shirt.

"So, we're, like, here to defeat you 'n stuff," Charizard said, putting his hands on his hips.

"I'm scared, guys," whimpered Tyranitar. "What if we get hurt or something?" His eyes widened in horror. "What if we hurt THEM? Oh, they'll hate us forever if we do that!"

Lopunny waved a poorly-manicured paw at them. "There's a time and place for that, and now it's none of those!"

"Hey hey hey!" Corphish called out. "They just announced a new Mystery Dungeon game!"

"Drinks on me, everybody!" Gurdurr yelled, and everyone cheered. Spinda cheered, too, because there suddenly was a great quantity of random people he'd never met before at his café and about to be bought drinks.

"Hi, guys!" Foongus entered the café. "What's up?"

"Haven't you heard?" Emolga glided over to him, grinning. "There's going to be a new Mystery Dungeon game, and apparently, it's 'super'! Everyone's really excited for this!"

Foongus beamed. "What excellent news! I simply can't wait!" He rubbed his palms together. "Hopefully, I'll get to sell even better DLC this time!"

The room immediately fell silent. Everyone stared at Foongus with wide eyes. Slowly, Lopunny lit a torch while everyone else pulled out a pitchfork.

A few minutes later, the mood was back up and everybody sat at tables with drinks and fried mushroom apppetizers.