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Anyways, this story is going to be where I explain exactly what happened to the Euphorians, aka. The resurrected mankind in my The Heart Of Blaze story.

The reason this has taken so very long to show itself is because I couldn't really find a good... anything really, to crossover it with.

But then one day I happened across a beautiful game known as Sid Meier's Civilization; Beyond Earth and realized, hey, isn't this game exactly what I'm looking for?

Then again, this realization didn't happen immediately but only when I had a good 100+ hours into the game, alongside every achievement that is possible to do... Which means I have every achievement other than Cylon Computer Virus and The Eagle has Landed, which entail winning a multiplayer game and winning a game on the Apollo or Impossible difficulty.

That said, there really isn't much else to talk about.. the Euphorians will follow along most of the Affinities that are set in the game, but will also walk and explore more paths as they open up.

So anyway, here comes the first chapter of The Acumenae!

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Right after Zeus leaves the new World – Pariah's point of view.

All four hundred and thirty six of us stop our cheering as we see the gigantic form of Zeus leaving the range of our sight and then, all eyes turn to me.

A strange and younger man approaches me with a bewildered look on his face.

"You are Pariah, right? I guess that makes you our new leader?" He asks questioningly.

I shrug."I could take charge, but..."

"But?" He asks me as most of the crowd disperses, already forming groups, planning their next course of action upon this new world.

"... but I have things I want to do upon this world of my own desires. If you want to join me, then that's fine... but I am nobody's boss." I say, finding it hard to properly word my sentence.

He nods, as if in complete understanding."I see.. well anyway, my names Leonard. What's yours?"

His question stops me dead in my tracks."My name?" I ask him somewhat confused.

Leonard raises an eyebrow in amusement."You mean to tell me that you've never called yourself anything other than Pariah?"

I nod, slowly."Why, is that a problem?" I ask him as we begin walking into a nearby forest, both subconsciously drawn in by a sudden need for adventure.

He shakes his head in negative."I did not mean for that to come across as insulting, Pariah. I just figured you'd make another name for yourself, given that the one in question was given to you by a bunch of bloody psychopaths."

I blink."I.. see... Yes, you make a very good point... Very well then! Do you have an idea of what to name myself?"

And now its his turn to make a full stop. Ha! With a bit of thinking, he turns to me with a shrug."Popping a name right out of nowhere is plenty impossible, especially for someone like yourself bro. I mean sure, everybody that Zeus resurrected has, in one way or another, reached a higher level of insight that normal people, but all I saw during Man-kinds final hour was a couple images of you being strapped onto a table surrounded by scientists... and that's not exactly naming-worthy material." He explains to me as I tap my chin in thought, unconsciously continuing to walk forward.

"So you wish for me to tell you about myself?" I ask and he nods in turn.

I sigh, trying my best to fish out some memories.. I try very hard but only two things of worth pop into my mind."Try as I might, I only know two things worth mentioning. The first is that my mothers name is Elizabeth Greene and that my father was of African descent."

He blinks."African descent?... Holy shit dude, did they like, ever let you outside? 'Cause your paler than white."

I laugh."I know. And no, they didn't. All it would take for me to fry the minds of that whole facility

is to be let out of my prison for a single second.. okay, not a single one, but four on my worst day."

He shrugs again."Yeah, kinda expected as much of a perfect human... Anyway, back on topic, I guess I should think up an African name then.. Hmm, how about Samathar?"

"Samathar?... Sounds like the name of a wise old man." I say with a smirk.

"Well if you don't like that one, then how abou-" He begins but I stop him.

"That one is perfect. I like it a lot, thanks." He smiles.

I hear him sniff around a bit."Ugh, what the fuck is this smell?"

Smell? I don't sme- ok, never mind. He's right, this is bloody disgusting. I take a moment to steel myself back into reality and notice that we had walked into some form of green mist. It seemed harmless, but it smelled worse than shit.

"Green and shit-smelling gas? Yeah, I'm gonna call this stuff Miasma." Leonardo says with an anime like sweat-drop.

I hear a small crackling sound coming from a nearby bush and focus my gaze onto it. I notice that there is a tiny, like really small animal hiding inside of it. Crouching down, I let out a calming wavelength and urge the thing to approach me.

What walked out looked like a mix between a large praying mantis and a wolf... forming in a strangely twisted kind of cute."Daww, well look at you." I couldn't help myself as I took the obvious baby into my hands. It crawled and nested itself into my hands as I petted it.

I turned around towards Leonard who looked like he was in the midst of a mind fight with himself. Probably around the lines of; do I pet it too, or do I not?

Anyways, I chuckled at his expression and asked."Any original names for what to call this little creature?"

He blinked."Nope. All I got is Wolf Beetle." Now it was my turn to shrug.

Suddenly, Leonardo let out a viral pulse and started panicking. I let the beetle to the ground and looked behind myself to see several giant versions of the cute little thing I had just petted, about ready to tear me and my friend apart.

Thing is, with everyone resurrected being a full-fledged evolved, we weren't exactly in danger.

I watched my friend form himself a spike-less shield a defend against the adults assault without moving a millimeter from where he was standing. He realized this rather quickly and smiled, the initial fear quickly fading away into non-existence.

Not wanting to hurt the parents of the beetle I petted a moment ago, I unleash a mind blast at their general locations, effectively putting them all to sleep.

But my mind blast also affected something else... something huge. Something that was everywhere. Something that reacted to my unintentional assault.

The earth beneath our feet shook as if in pain and a giant spike of green flesh erupted from below, kicking both me and my friend a long distance away.

We fell and regenerated the damage, then quickly turned our heads towards one another."Did... did you feel that just now?"

I nodded, how could I not feel it, I'm sure that everyone on this.. planet felt it. A deep rumble of a sleeping beast, so ancient and so great...

It might have as well been the very world we stood upon. Quickly, we turned around and made a beeline to the Resurrection point, this was a subject that needed the consensus of as many people as we could manage to get together.

Don't mind me guys and girls! I'm just a line break...

Sometime later... – Pariah/Samathar's Point Of View...

We managed to run back in full spring, making us both somewhat winded once we arrived at the place.

There were around twenty people here now.. and all were rather special.

There was a gray skinned young person, fairly thin with golden eyes and snow white hair... much like me really, with the exceptions of my eye color being a royal purple and my skin being white. He also had a girl sitting on his right shoulder, one that also had gray skin but bluish hair.. she was also licking a candle, for whatever reason.

There was sister Athena, or Dana J. Mercer.. chatting with none other than James Heller himself.

And so forth...

Many eyes turned to us two the second we arrived, but scarcely few approached us. Athena asked us with an angry tone.

"What the hell did you two do?" We both winced, women are scary when they want to be.

I gulped."I used a Psionic type of attack and blasted the ground... certainly didn't expect the whole damn planet to be an organism while was doing that."

Heller's eye twitched."The whole planet is an organism? You really expect us to believe that?"

Leonard jumped to my defense."Try using a viral pulse while looking down to the ground and then talk like you know something... wait, why the hell are you even here in the first place?"

Heller ignored him and did the viral pulse, his eyes widening as he did this. He turned to Dana."He ain't lying."

Everyone who heard him say that instantaneously did the same and many gasps were heard. With a sigh, Heller looked towards Leonard.

"Look kid, I'm sorry for my behavior just now.. as for why I'm here... Well, honestly I have no idea." He said with a sad smile.

Leonard then put a hand to his chin in thought."While most of us here had enough insight to properly connect ourselves to BlackLight, you were a real Evolved even before you got consumed by Zeus... Shouldn't you understand what we've become more than anyone else here?"

Heller blinks."... you mean to tell me that the only reason I've been resurrected instead of anyone else that could have taken my place is 'cause I understood what that emo fuck was trying to do in the end?"

Leonard shrugs."Pretty much, yeah."

Heller sighs, a hand on his pained forehead.".. I knew I shouldn't have consumed so many fucking scientists."

Suddenly, the gray skinned person from before approached our group with a raised hand."You people seem to understand whats going on much more than anyone else here.. could you explain things to us who didn't get the full picture?"

I nod."Yes, that would be a wise thing to do but... just who are you?"

He smiles a clownish smile."Why, I am Allen. Allen D. Campbell, to be exact."

"And I'm Rhode Camelot, this guys wife." In the past, I am sure that such a sentence would cause a lot of gasps and whispers, but right now, nobody really cared. I still couldn't help myself but ask this one question.

"Aren't the both of you way to young to be married?" A question to which they both smiled mischievously.

"Their age is something that is far to confusing to explain within a single day, my friend. To make a long story short, they are both what the world referred to as a Noah." A red-headed girl joined our group.

All twenty of us brought ourselves something to sit on by now... some people uprooted tree's or rocks or just sat on the ground, but we were all set in a big circle, unconsciously acting like a family.

As many eyes turned to her with a questioning glance, the poor girl blushed red."A-ah, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Renae Bookman.. my grandparents were friends to those two."

Many nods follow and Leonard blinks."Wait a minute, you said that they were once known as a Noah?"

She nodded without a verbal reply so he continued."But aren't the Noah supposed to be a clan.. like a really big family or something?"

Allen spoke this time."We are. However, Zeus seems to have only resurrected Rhode and myself.. not that I'm complaining, our siblings and family can be rather annoying at times."

Rhode nods in a sagely manner."Mhm mhm!"

"Anyway, back on topic. We were going to explain as to what exactly is going on to everyone here." Dana started and now that she had everyone's attention, continued.

She lets out a deep breath."Basically put, it goes like this. My brother, the guy you've probably heard of as one Alexander J. Mercer, is a scientist who created a virus that took only eighteen days to make him capable of surviving a nuke."

Everyone is listening intently, so she continues with another breath."After stopping said nuke from destroying Manhattan, he went on a worldly trip to find.. something... I never fully got what he was trying to find but I think it was something about Humanity being worth helping."

Another pause.".. He did not find what he was looking for and, after James-" She stops to point a finger at said man who turned his head around in sudden embarrassment."...Killed him in a fight and consumed him, managed to form what was basically a living nuke being set off in the middle of Manhattan."

A pause."Unlike regular nukes, this one fed on the energy of anything that got caught in its blast radius. Its what the normal people called the Day Of Mankind's End. It is what consumed all life upon The Earth and transformed my brother into... whatever the hell he is right now."

Leonard let out a laugh."So that's what happened... I guess all of us here have a certain question we'd like you to answer, so lemme ask you first... What exactly is this.. consuming a person?"

I raise a hand, as if in class but the group reacts neutrally to it so I start my explanation."To put it blankly, its like eating something whole. As if, not just flesh, not only the physical but also the mental and the spiritual parts of someone or something else. It basically means assimilating their whole being into yourself... like merging with them, except your stay yourself... most of the time."

People nod in understanding... before, this would be a subject filled with disgust and incomprehensible amounts of hate.

I am glad BlackLight exists, for it has taken my whole race into another level of existence.

Another hand is raised, this time by Renae."Umm... What about the things we've become now? What exactly are we?"

Leonard sighs."According to the Revelation Memory that I received when the Living Nuke consumed me, I believe we are now called Evolved. A formerly human person that has completely merged with the virus called BlackLight. Like Zeus himself, we were chosen by the virus for our personal capabilities.. to become something less than human, but also something so much more."

"So... what you're saying is that the people who were resurrected by Zeus, weren't randomly chosen?" A black dude asks with a curious glint in his eye.

I shake my head in negative."No, brother chose the people around us personally out of every other human because he believes we are the best amongst the best of what Humanity as a race, had to offer."

I felt a great amount of pride reel off my comrades and I couldn't help myself but smile, knowing that I too, was chosen for that same reason.

A black haired woman raised her hand now."But wait, what about the rest of Humanity? I mean, we still numbered at least a couple millions worth in total population, even after The Great Mistake happened. What happens to them?"

We jumped into an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes before Leonard spoke again."... I say we resurrected them like Zeus resurrected us... However, I would like to add that we weren't only chosen because of our capabilities but also because of our Mind sets and personalities. Myself being proof of this... I mean, I'm a video gamer, not too much capability there other than my brain."

Dana scoffs at this."So what are we supposed to do then? Create some form of mind-set making machine and use it on every person we decide to bring back?"

I nod."That's a brilliant idea, actually."

Everyone in the group nods alongside me and Dana can't seem to believe her eyes as she sees even James agreeing with us.

"James? Why the fuck are you agreeing with this madness?" He blinks and lets out a sigh.

"Because girl, I've seen enough of bloody war and suffering. The Great Mistake is what eventually happens when you leave mankind to rule itself... No, as much of an insult this is to every democracy out there that has ever existed... This is something we must do." He says with a bated breath.

I continue making our point."Look Dana, I know that this is all very hard on a freedom fighter like yourself but... Humanity is no longer a young race. We must take responsibility for our actions, or else we suffer even worse consequences... If we leave Humanity to its own devices even after The Great Mistake, then this gift called BlackLight will become nothing more than another Weapon Of War and your brother will have to make true on his threat to us all... and if he does not, then another Great Mistake will eventually come along..."

I say this as I turn to look at the shining sun."... After all, if one person thought it would be a good idea to blow up the sun so his enemies can't grow enough food to sustain themselves, who's to say another such an idiot wouldn't eventually be born here, on Euphoria?"

With this, she slumps back onto the ground and brings a hand to her pained forehead.".. Fine, I'll accept this as a fact.. but that does not mean I have to like it."

"Its not like we like it either girl, it is simply something that has to be done. Humans cannot be let to its own devices, it needs people like us to control them from the sidelines so that it does not go too far to become too weak." Rhode said with a gentle smile.

From that moment on, the group jointly decided that everyone present would become someone of extreme importance in the future.

For we are the best, the brightest and the greatest that Mother Earth had to offer.

For we are the next guiding hand in humanities history.

For we are, that which would later be named...

... The Euphorian Acumenae!

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