He Isn't Ready for Us.

I own none of this, and am not trying to earn money from this. Talk to the Tolkien estate or the Wizards of the Coast. Unless otherwise noted, these characters would be in the low 20th level range. Hence the name Overdogs.

Author's notes: I never liked how the heroes in LOTR and so many other books and movies always seem to be the underdogs who barely make it through with a lot of luck. I want to read something where the "good guys" can be confident of their victory. I am pretty accurate in my LOTR knowledge but less so maybe in AD&D, 1st edition. And I was never super strict about the rules either.

MOREL, Human mage, leader. Notable items: Staff of the Magi, Ring of Djinni Summoning, Ring of Air Elemental Command, Figurines (2 Golden Lions), Dagger +3, Wand of Frost, Crystal Ball, Ring of Spell Storing, Robe of Eyes Relevant scores Int 18, Con. 16, Dext 17.

THING2 Human mage, Staff of Power, Wand of Fire, Ring of Protection +2, Bracers of Defense AC4, Dagger +2, Decanter of Endless Water, Boots of Flying. Int. 17

IGOR, Elven mage. Wand of Fire, Wand of Electricity, Broom of Flying, Cube of Force

ARAK, Human Fighter, +4 plate, +4 large shield, long Flaming Sword, Heavy Crossbow +2, 40 +3 heavy bolts, short sword +1, 6 Javelins of Lightning, Ring of Invisibility, Helm of Brilliance. Girdle of Hill Giant Strength Str. 17, Con 17, Dext 15

BOLING, human fighter, +3 platemail, +3shield, broadsword +4 Defender, sword intelligent speaks common only, detects traps. Dagger +3, Long Bow +1, 40 +3 arrows, 40 +1 arrows. Silver Horn of Vallhalla. Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Str. 18/34, Con 16, Dex. 16

CAZOO, Human fighter. Rod of Lordly Might. light Crossbow of Speed +1, 60 +2 quarrels, Spear +2, Plate mail +1. Helm of Brilliance. Rod of Cancellation.

ZAPBOY, Dwarf fighter. Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. +2platemail, +4 shield, dagger +1, ring of invisibility. Bag of Holding. Str. 17, con 18.

ENOS, half elf fighter (level 14) 2 handed sword +4, intelligent, speaks common and elvish, detects undead. Longbow +1, 40 arrows +3. Ring of Invisibility, Figurines (Goats) Str. 17

SYSNIK, human cleric. Mace of Saint Cuthbert. +1 platemail, +2 shield. Ring of Water Walking

TARKIN, human cleric, level 11. Leather armor +2. Mace +1. Bag of Holding. Cloak and boots of Elvenkind. Eyes of the Eagle.

E.F. NUTTON Halfling thief. Ring of Invisiblity, +3 short sword, Sling +2, 100 +3 bullets. Boots of Jumping. Bracers of Defense AC2. Dexterity 18

and on loan from the future, Sergeant FRANK ROCK, human fighter, level 4. Helmet +3. Bayonet +3. Thompson SMG, 12 30 round mags inclusing 2 all +1bullets. 2 hand grenades.

Each guy has a few vials of holy water, a few gold pieces with cast on it kept in a small box, iron rations, and the other usual jazz.

CHAPTER 1. Where was Gandalf, and why did he abandon us here, thought Strider. What business could have been more important than getting the RIng to Rivendell, not to mention the hobbits. Well, there was work to do anyway, and the Ringwraiths were gone, along with the Ring and Frodo's hand. Attend to Frodo, get the hobbits to Rivendell, see Arwen, and find out if Elrond has any plan. If not, the Rangers and he would go down fighting, maybe somewhere in the north, or get to Gondor and go down fighting there.

Meanwhile, Galadriel, Elrond, and Gandalf all felt that the One had fallen to the enemy, though not yet Sauron himself. They all removed their rings. Gandalf had just escaped via Eagle and dropped his in a valley in the Misty Mountains. The elves of Rivendell were in hurried council debating whether to flee or fight. But Galadriel was having a vision. A ship coming from the West, bathed in light. Not a large ship, but of Teleri make, and speeding faster than Gandalf's horse. Ah, Shadowfax, what would become of him. Galadriel expected Gandalf, and Saruman if her suspicions were wrong, would stay and fight. So would she, then, along with any who would follow her yet, with whatever else was left of Gondor, Rohan, and perhaps the dwarves. Not her first hopeless war, and any help from the West must have Manwe's blessing.

Not just Manwe's but Ulmo's as well, guiding the waves to race the ship to Cirdan and the Grey Havens. And indeed it was the Hand of Eru Himself who had summoned this band of "adventurers", or Overdogs as they called themselves. Tulkas was for at first suspicious until Mandos made it clear that Eru was not to be second guessed by any. Marching orders were given to Morel. Wipe out Sauron, and Saruman too, for he had betrayed his purpose. Destroy the forces of the enemy, dump the Ring into Mount Doom, and catch the next ship back. No particular orders were given regarding the political issues of the allied forces.

Now Ulmo had come to Cirdan, busy planning and evacuating the Havens, telling him not to fear, but to accept the adventurers, and provide them with fast horses, wagons, and a small escorting force to guide them to Imladris. These were made ready, and Cirdan himself was waiting as the Teleri ship discharged its passengers.