I want to kill my self. I can't believe I'm writing another of these reincarnation fics when I'm not done with the other two! Its an Owari no Seraph (i.e. my latest obsession) and Harry Potter crossover. The fic will contain a few spoilers to the manga itself for those who are only watching the anime, but I'll warn you when it becomes relevant. On the HP side though, there will be MAJOR changes to the characters. Its going to be similar to my Magical Generation fic in that sense, different personalities affecting the story as a whole, so beware! Also, its going to be Drarry/MikaYuu. Just a warning about the pairing.

Anyways, this is going to be another of my side projects. It won't be updated regularly, but I'll try to get chapters out, cause the idea that sprang up in my head just doesn't want to leave (I spent like a few days imagining a few scenarios damnit!)!

Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter. Don't own Owari no Seraph. Actually... Who was it who came up with the 'reincarnation into HP' idea in the first place? Cause I don't exactly own that idea either.

In Wizarding society, the birth of new children was something celebrated, but occasionally something many dreaded. The recent years had many children having their magic manifest weakly or for them to be squibs, so when a child of powerful magic is born, many rejoice.

But then again, how many of these powerful children have a past life from an alternate reality?

October 1979

The Granger family knew their daughter would be special the moment she had been born with looks so different to their own. Golden locks, amethyst eyes that burned with a fire, and while they were sad that little Hermione inherited neither of their looks, the Grangers took it in stride, happy that their child was unique.

Little did they know that in the years to come, how special she would be would manifest in ways they never would expect.

July 1980

Narcissa Malfoy had definitely been overjoyed when her son was born, even more so when the nurses told her that Draco would be magically powerful. As she held her son in her arms, she stared into bright blue eyes, that didn't belong to either her family or her husband's. Curious blue eyes that stared at his mother, and a smile that appeared on his face that had Narcissa wondering who he inherited the smile from, as it was angelic, kind, compassionate, warm and forgiving.

Narcissa knew that her husband would try to take that smile away. Draco was his only heir, meaning he would soon have responsibilities shoved onto him when he was old enough. Narcissa hated to see that smile disappear, for the beautiful blue eyes to dull, and for her son's happiness to fade away. So she prayed that it would never happen, but if it did, she hoped someone would bring that smile back once more.

However, she had to wonder why Severus had stared at his new godson with a poleaxed expression, and why her own son kept glaring at him.

October 1980

James Potter was currently taking care of Harry with Severus, who had been named Harry's second godfather by Lily despite Severus' protests and James' own objections due to Severus' status as a spy. The Potions Master and him had long since become friends after Lily had forced the both of them to sit down and talk, in which James finally figured out that Severus was more of an extremely possessive older brother rather than a love rival, and Lily had planned for him realize so, and for James to ask for her brother's approval.

The man had not really taken that well, and immediately started cursing his sister in all but blood for maneuvering him into the situation he was in. It took Remus to calm him down, having befriended the other years ago. James had a feeling he had missed something though, since the two had somehow become closer during their fifth year, with Remus cursing Sirius out when he found out that he had almost led Severus to his death.

The green eyed child had finally gone to sleep after minutes of glaring and lashing out awkward kicks at Severus, who had given several amused glances at his godson, and James knew the other was definitely laughing about something. James just found it amusing that his son didn't like his godfather, but knew that they would eventually get along as Harry grew.

October 1980

Alice Longbottom had been rather surprised when green eyes greeted her when her child opened his eyes for the first time. While it was an odd eye color, she knew that it wasn't too rare. She knew Lily Potter had green eyes, and Alice expected her friend's first born to inherit the eye color.

As Neville stared up at Alice with wide gentle eyes, Alice smiled when her child started waving his tiny arms around, and started when a toy bow manifested in his hands in a burst of magic. Squeals of laughter sounded from him as he waved the small bow around and his mother shook her head and smiled once more. Her son had been summoning the small bow from time to time, and on one occasion startled Frank when Neville threw the bow at him, causing her to erupt in peals of laughter when her husband picked up the bow and stared at it, wondering where it came from.

Alice hoped that their family would never break apart, that Neville would never have to live without them, and that he would stay gentle, even as war loomed over them. And she hoped that if all else failed, that someone would come and be his friend.

October 1982

Molly Weasley nee Prewet often wondered about her third son. When he turned one, Percy had already began showing signs of accidental magic. She knew the nurses had said her son would be powerful, but she hadn't known that it would make her son's magic manifest so early in his life. She kept an eye on him quite often if only to ensure that the boxes the child kept summoning didn't belong to anyone (Though she had a shock when Percy summoned an empty coffin of all things).

The other reason was her son's appearance. Despite being a Weasley, Percy had not inherited the hair color of the family. Instead of the light red, his hair was a reddish pink.

She didn't really mind the differences though. Percy was a quite child, preferring to study rather than play pranks like the twins did, and she also found it cute at how protective he was of his only sister, often snarling at the twins when their pranks woke the tiny girl up and caused her to cry.

October 1982

Selena Lovegood had been rather startled at her child's eye color when she was born a year ago. Red was an eye color many found a bad omen, and the fact that her own child was quite powerful in her own right made Selena fear for her child's future. Then the hair color showed, and Selena feared even more, as it was purple. An odd color. It could have been passed off as a metamorphagi trait, but she knew that neither she nor Xenophilius had that particular magical trait in their lines.

Selena feared that Luna would be ostracized for her strange hair and eyes, so she decided to place a glamor on her child, if only to keep her from being bullied when she grew older.

Thus Luna Lovegood grew up as a blond haired, blue eyed child, the colors that defined her hidden from the world.

Just to clarify who the reincarnations were:

Hermione - Mistuba Sangu
Draco - Mikaela Hyakuya
Neville - Yoichi Saotome
Harry - Yuuichirou Hyakuya
Percy (I kinda like using him as a reincarnation) - Shihou Kimizuki
Luna - Shinoa Hiiragi
Plus four others. I won't say who exactly are the four though.

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