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Chapter 1




Walking in the middle of the night is a fifteen-year old girl, crying silently as she recollects on what happened earlier, whispering one name that keeps on haunting her mind.





"Thank you for having us and we hope we're not bothering you." came from a bunch of kids known as the Kiyotsugu Paranormal Activities Group.

It was just another Saturday night for their usual 'sleep over' in the Nura household. After the battle with Abe no Seimei 6 months back, and learning Rikuo secrets, it has been their routine to visit the Nura Household every Saturday.

"Wow, Nura-kun, Even if we're always together and had seen your night form many times, it's still look so cool." chirped Kiyoutsugu happily.

And the night Rikuo only smirked at his friend's antics.

Well Nura Rikuo is not your ordinary Japanese high school boy. Nope, he is in fact had a quarter of yokai blood in him. Because of that Nura Rikuo had a two different form, the night form and the day form. In his day form he looks like any other Japanese boys with brown eyes and brown hair with average height, but at night, he transforms into a fierce sandaime of the Nura household. His night form is taller than his day form, and also has a two tone hair color with white hair at the top and black at the bottom. Instead of his brown iris it was replace by burgundy iris that could change depends on its owner mood. It could be cold towards the enemy but loving and kind towards his friends and family.

To Rikuo's relief, he didn't lose his friends despite knowing his secret identity and that they were not afraid of his yokai form or his house full of yokai. In fact it only makes them excited -especially Kiyotsugu- to know about their friend secret lives.

"Come Kejorou will show you, your room" Rikuo invited them in.

"Excuse us"

"After you guys done, meet me at my room we're going to play games"

"Hai" Kana answer for them.

"Please follow me" Kejorou beckons them to follow her.

They went with Kejorou to put their belonging in two separates room-one for the boys and the other for the girls-and then freshen up in the bathroom before joining Rikuo in his room. After they're done, they went and settled down in Rikuo's room to start on their usual sleep over game.

"Where's Kana?" Rikuo asked after he doesn't see the brunette when they enter his room.

"She went to the bathroom before we went here, she said she is going to meet us here though" Torii answered.

"That's settle, let's play board game" Kiyotsugu happily chirped while showing them Monopoly.

Before they even started the game they were suddenly interrupted by a knock and a female's voice.

"Excuse me waka, but Nurarihyon-sama wants to talk to you. He also requested for you to bring your friend Keikai-san with you." came from a yuki-onna known as Tsurara Oikawa when the shoji door was opened and she was revealed.

"Oikawa-chan" Shima greeted happily when he sees the yuki-onna, but the latter just ignored him.

"Let's go then" Rikuo replied, and the three of them leaved the room.

'What could that old man wants from me and Keikan-san altogether. Hope is not to discuss an attack on the northern board' Rikuo thought wondering why his grandpa called him.

-At the main hall.-



"It's settled, Rikuo" the supreme commander of the Nura household told his only grandson, Nura Rikuo, when the three of them entered the main hall.

"What's settled, old man?" Rikuo answered.

Unknown to them, Kana, who just came back from the bathroom and was, heading towards Rikuo's room, overheard their conversation. Being the curious one, she decided to stay and eavesdrop on them.

"I want you to pick one of these two girls in front of you to be your future wife. And I also want them to bear you an heir for the next generation of our family. Also i know that this two see you as more than a friend!" Nurarihyon whispered the last part so that none of them heard and winked at them.

"What!" the three of them shouted in chorus.

"But what about Kana-chan dad?" Wakana ask her father-in-law.

"Huh? What about her?"

"Aren't you forgetting about her dad? She's also a good candidate to bear Rikuo an heir. And not to mention, she to have strong feelings for him as well, dad." she said the last part in a whisper so that only Nurarihyon heard. She didn't want Rikuo to know it like that, she wants her son to figure it out himself who is that he likes among the three of them.

"Well I'm sorry to say this, but these two are the best candidates! They're pretty, can protect themself, and not to mention, both of them comes from a very strong family. Even if Keikan is human, she is a strong Omyoji. A good trait that she can passes it down to their children, if ever she wants to wed Rikuo. We're in the middle of being extinguished Wakana-san and I don't want my future great-grandchildren can't protect the clan or worse themself. I feel sorry for Kana-chan, even if she had a feeling for Rikuo as well she just won't do. She can't give us a powerful heir like these two can, she didn't have the power to be passed down to their children." Nurarihyon explained to his daughter-in-law, with Wakana just gave a sad nod.

Then he turned back to three teenagers in front of him, still frozen in shock upon hearing the news.

'So they didn't hear the last part about Kana' he thought to himself.


It takes almost 15 minutes before they came out from their shock. But once his grandfather words sank in, their faces started to redden upon learning the old man's true intention. But before either one of them can say anything, they were being interrupt by Nurarihyon.

"At least think about it, I'm not forcing you to marry them now, but before you fully take charge of this household, I want to see you married to either one of them" Nurarihyon want his only grandson to see his reason on why he wants him to marry.

"Or do you prefer both? I don't mind if you do, you will make me the happiest grandfather in the world!" He said as an afterthought with mischief in his tone upon seeing his grandson, now deeply red from his words.

"Wait a minute Nurarihyon-sama, I can't marry your grandson, what will my family say?" Yura panicked her cheeks red.

"Actually Yura-chan your family—or to be specific— your older brother already said yes to this matter."









"What! How? When? WHAAAAAAATTT?!" Yura screamed, shock that her brother agree.

"I...I...I...d-don't mind m-m-m-marrying w-wakkaa" stuttered Tsurara now red like a ripe tomato, before she passed out on the mat.

Seeing their reactions, made Rikuo mad and yell at his grandfather for his knack to meddle with his love life. His grandfather, however, countered that seeing he's too slow with this kind of thing thought to take the matter in his own hands. They still didn't notice a lone figure outside who's crying and silently praying that Rikuo would say no, but what she heard next shattered her world.

"Fine then, you win! If that's what makes you happy, then I will surely pick one of them. But grandpa is not going to be now!"

Those words were enough to make Kana run out of the Nura household, crying.

'He agree…he actually agree, maybe I don't stand a change seeing that he prefer them. Maybe he really like one of them' she thought sadly while running as far away as she can away from the Nura household, away from Nura Rikuo.

(End of Flashback)

And that takes us back to the present where the said young girl is now sitting on the bottom of the stairs of a church, still crying her eyes out.

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