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Chapter 5

Calm Before The Storm Part 1

Monday Morning

Kana POV

'Huh, where am i?' she start looking around her and she clearly recognize the place as the room she always sleep with the girls when they have a sleep over at Rikuo's house.

'Why am i here now? Aren't i supposed to be with the Walker? Are they only a dream?' Kana thought sadly and a little bit of panic when she start to remember why she didn't want to go back to Rikuo's house.

'Wait! I can hear people cheering, what's going on? Did they just win a battle or something?' she was curious alright and she has to find out what is the commotion all about.

Steel herself she gets up and open the door and when she thought the coast was clear, she close the door and follow the sound. With every step she took, it feels like her heart is breaking, and when she gets nearer she can hear the crowds getting louder. She didn't realize that her feet took her to the place where all of her dreams is going to shatter and she realize it too late when she saw the three of them doing the wedding ceremony. Her cries of anguish was being swallowed by the thundered of applause from people around her, when they seal their union with a wedding kiss thus ending the ceremony. It feels like eternity for her and she was snap out of her thoughts when Rikuo-standing before her-calling her name, lost on what to do she just hurriedly say her congrats to the newlyweds, before she bolt out of the place uncaring of the shouts from her friends, calling her back or the look of concern coming from Rikuo.

She didn't care anymore; her main priority is to get as far as possible from Rikuo. So she didn't even realize it, when she was standing on an abandoned building catching her breath. How she got there she didn't know, she was running and she didn't see where she was going and now she regrets it.

'Great…if any yokai suddenly appear I'll be dead for sure, if only i watch where i was going, this won't happen' she thought scared.

But somehow the building didn't feel scary at all, it feels almost like..."home".

And then she hears it, the sound of her name being called by someone. 'I know this voice...is...' "Rikku" she suddenly snaps open her eyes and cried out to him.

What greets her is something comical if it weren't for the worry plastered around all the occupants in the room. Rikku, Lena and Alex all woke up when they hear Kana cries in her sleep so they run into her room not caring with their state of dress, thus they didn't notice that their bed hair is so wild it looks like a bird just makes a nest in their hair or to check and see their face for any remaining of their saliva when they snore.

"Are you okay?" Rikku ask her panicking slightly. "I'm okay, really...just a nightmare i think" she sigh, relief that is only a nightmare.

"You sure?/want to tell us?" both the twins ask at the same time.

"Yes and no, well not at this moment at least...don't want to talk about it, maybe tonight?" she ask hopefully.

"Of course" Lena simply replies with a small smile, an understanding cross in each and every one of them.

"Well since it is a little bit early to start the day and yet it's a little bit late to start sleeping again" said Alex while looking at the clock on Kana nightstand which read 5 a.m.

"So, who's up for an early breakfast, my treat" his question was answered with all of the occupant run out of the room-still didn't realize they're state of dress-and sit like an angel in the dining room, making Alex only shake his head amused.

After a heavy and yet satisfying breakfast-this one Kana knows that while Rikku can cook a delicious food, he still way from Alex-nii when it comes to tea and dessert and she is not wrong because that pancakes is to die for-they all went they separate ways to start the day. Kana was walking to school when she realize she never did ask Rikku and his sibling's where they enroll, shaking her head to clear all the thought she just decide to ask them when she gets back. For now she got another problem, she didn't know what she is going to tell her friends when she meet them at school. She can only hope she will survive this day.

-At school-

'Luckily for me, only Shima is present at the moment, i think the others are running late this morning. Well, i better sit down and pray they leave me alone' Kana sigh relief to find none of her friends-beside Shima-is present.

Luckily for her this year she's only got Rikuo, Shima and Yura as a classmate, while Kiyotsugu, Tsurara, Aotobo, Maki and Natsumi are in the class next to them. So by the time the rest of the gang arrive-minus Rikuo, Yura and Tsurara-the school already pack with students and it's almost time for the bell to ring so they just go to their class and was hoping to catch Kana later at recess.

'What am i supposed to do when i do meet you Rikuo' Kana thought sadly still remember what Rikuo's answer that faithful night.

She was too caught up with her thoughts that she didn't see when Rikuo enter the class and was looking at her or when her teacher enters the room, but what caught her interest is, when her teacher announces that there would be a new student joining them. She had a feeling she knows who the new student is, but she had her doubts. So how shock she is when she saw him enter her class. The said boy is tall and handsome. His silver hair reflects in the sun and his deep green eyes hidden behind his glasses

'whaaatttt tthhheee' and without thinking she yell simulately with Rikuo "YOU!". All attention turned to the two of them, standing with hands leaning on their desks. The new boy smirked, clearly amused

"Sit down, you two." The teacher ordered and then turned back to the rest of the class. "Class i want you to meet your new classmate Walker Rikku"

"Hi my name is Walker Rikku, i'm sixteen years old please too meet you".

'I can't believe Rikku just transfer into my school, and let alone my class' so deep into her thoughts she almost miss it when her teacher continue with the introduction.

"Walker here comes from overseas with his siblings and because of their parent's job, they choose to move here as well. So i want you all to treat him nicely," a chorus of okay and yeah was heard from the students. "Walker-kun please sits down in the only empty seat in the back near Ienaga-san. Ienaga-san please raises your hand" Nanase-sensei said to both Rikku and Kana. With her eyes still glue to Rikku, she raised her hand and Rikku took that as his cue to move and sit down behind her, she still follows his every move until he sits in his chair behind her and then she turn facing the front with her face red like a ripe tomato because Rikku just gave her, his most charming smile, unaware of Rikuo's glare send it their way.

End of Kana POV

"Class please behave while I'm going to fetch your school work, that I forgot at the teacher's room" Nanase-sensei instruct her class, before ask Kana to help her. But before Rikuo can volunteer to help her-so he can ask Kana about her disappearance last weekend-Rikku already standing and ask their teacher if he can come as well to give them a hand. The three of them then left the classroom in chaos because Rikku just wink at them-well to Rikuo-just for tease.

"Surprise Kana-chan~" Rikku playfully whisper in her ear, when they walk side by side behind their teacher.

Red face because once again she was caught off guard, Kana playfully punch him "How could you, and here I am thinking about asking you on which school you're going to enroll. Now I know why you and your siblings ask me to go on ahead, so I won't know which school you enroll in" Kana said start to realize that they want to surprise her.

"yeah, it's Lena-nee's idea to surprise you, she ask me to tell you, we're going to have lunch together if it's okay with you"

"Sure, I'll be glad to"

They walk the rest of the way with their teacher asking a question to Rikku and Kana laugh along hearing some of Rikku's story with his siblings.

-At Recess-

"Okay class that is for today, don't forget your homework. It's due on Thursday" Nanase-sensei remind her class before she exits the class.

"huft I hate chemistry" Kana said to no one in particular while burying her hear into her hand, she didn't see when Rikuo approach her desk. Thus almost jump at the sound of Rikuo's voice.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?"

Lost for word on how to answer him, she can only stare at him but before she can nod her head.

"Kana-chan let's take our lunch outside, the other's already waiting for us" Rikku suddenly appear and remind her about their lunch.

Like a bucket full of ice water being thrown on her, she suddenly snapped and hastily collect her lunch box "Ah, I forget about that, let's go then, we can't make them wait any longer", said Kana, with a quick goodbye to Rikuo and thus leaving Rikuo alone, speechless for being left behind.

Rikuo, left behind by Kana, without getting any opportunities to explain anything to her, was standing still at his place until Tsurara comes by to him and greet him without knowing what happened before. "What are you doing here alone, waka? Everyone else had left the classroom already. I've brought our bentos with me, we can have it with the others."

"So can we go now? They're waiting for us for quite a long time, you know", suddenly Yura appeared from Tsurara's behind with a bit annoyed face.

-At the Rooftop-

"You sure took your sweet time there, Nura-kun. What were you doing?" Kiyotsugu cheerfully asked Rikuo about his whereabouts before he join the rest. "Where is Ienaga-san? I don't see her since the sleepover time at your place".

"I don't know myself, I don't even have a word with her since that night, even when I met her just a while ago, it seems like she doesn't want to talk with me, I can't ask her why she left my house the other night, and I don't know why."

"Have you ask her directly about it? Go to her house, maybe?", ask the others, having the same thoughts with Kiyotsugu as well.

"I already tried, even as far as going to her house. When I arrived at her house, no one was there, though. It seems like she avoided me for some reasons."

The girls have a guilty look on their faces and yet they don't speak it out, as if they were agreed not to tell the boys.

Suddenly, they heard a laugh from their school backyard, and somehow they recognized the voice as Kana's laughter. They take a look, and they find that Kana is having a lunch together with the transfer student along with two high school students they don't recognize.

"Hey it's Kana, who is that handsome young man beside her? Is he the transfer student everyone's been talking about?, Maki points out to Rikku.

"Yeah, he is", said Rikuo with a dark aura surrounding him.

"So you know about him as well, huh", Shima's throwing a glance to Maki.

"And that's maybe his siblings, who also got the highest scores on the high school division entrance test. They are smart, just like him. I wonder why they go to our school on this kind of time", Kiyotsugu inform them.

The bells suddenly rings, the recess is over so they pack all of their belongings to head out to the class. But Yura grasp both Rikuo and Tsurara's hands. "I want to talk with both of you after school about the attack on the northern borders, wait for me so we can walk to your house together".

-After School-

"Sorry for the wait Nura-kun" Yura apologize "I'm on cleaning duty with Ienaga-san today"

"It's okay, but is Kana still inside?" Rikuo ask her.

"She just pack her bag and ready to go home herself, Why?"

"I didn't get to talk to her just now and I kinda want to ask her something, I'll be right back"

"Waka isn't that Ienaga-san and Walker-san" Tsurara said while pointing at two persons that just come out from the school.

But before he can say anything to Kana, someone suddenly showed up of nowhere and ran towards the two, then followed by another person, like having a race between them. They recognized that the people who just ran passed them at the gate were Rikku's siblings attending the high school division of their school.

"I win!" The girl shouted to the one ran after her earlier, who Rikuo recognizes as the girl Kiyotsugu mentioned on lunch break as Rikku's sister. He then concludes the guy beside her is Rikku's brother. The four of them walk together with Rikku's sister chatting animatedly about the loser will have to cook dinner for tonight.

Suddenly they stop their steps when they meet with Rikuo and friends on the front gate, with somehow an awkward moment between them. "Hi, Nura-kun, and both lovely ladies over there. By the way, I'm Walker Rikku. Nice to meet you", winking to the two girls blushing like a ripe tomato. "I'm surprised to meet all of you here. What are you doing here?".

Before Rikuo got the chance to reply, he was beaten by Lena introducing herself, "How rude of you brother dear, we didn't even get to introduce our self. My name is Walker Selena and this is my twin brother Alexander, but Lena and Alex will be just fine. You probably know my brother Rikku….please too meet you" each of them bowing when their name being introduce.

Still beat red, Tsurara answer for them knowing Rikuo won't speak "Ah, please too meet you as well. My name is Oikawa Tsurara, this is Keikan Yura and Nura Rikuo" each of them bowing when Tsurara introduce them-which the latter still shoot an angry glare to Rikku's way-while the twins just smile to each of them.

"Are you guys in a hurry? We like to invite you to our house" Lena offering them.

'This is my chance to talk to Kana alone' Rikuo thought to himself and before he can say yes, he once again was being cut but, this time by Yura declining their offers which makes his jaw dropped. "Thank you but no thank you, we're in a hurry, maybe some other time?"

"I see it's a shame" Lena said sadly. "Then it's a promise" she smile her most contagious smile that melts even Rikuo's bad mood.

"Come on guys, let go home. Tonight is Alex-nii turn to cook"

Kana -who kept silent since they meet the trio- suddenly ask with so much eagerness that shock her three friends "Can I help you nii-san?".

"Yes, you can. How about we go to Minimart and buy the necessary items for dinner tonight" Alex said clearly amused with Kana eagerness and yet still smile gently because while both Lena and Rikku talk to them –with Lena talking and Rikku clearly trying to irritate Rikou- only he that notice Kana change of mood, since they meet the three of them and he just want to make her smile again. 'Be damned if I can't make her laugh again'

"Let's go Kana I will help you and Nii-san with the groceries" Rikku said trying to provoke Rikou. "See you guys tomorrow" he said before grabbing Kana's hand and walk ahead of his siblings leaving Kana to silently wave to her friends and then fall into step with Rikku, matching his perfectly.

"See you again, let's go nii-san" then both of them hasten their step so they can chase their younger sibling, leaving the three of them with open mouth and disbelief face 'What just happen'.


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