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Chapter Nineteen

Hermione stood in front of all the Cullens with her glamours on. They had met up at the airport after an awkward flight and were now at the Cullen home in Forks. Alice and Edward hadn't told of the reason for the meeting, they were all waiting for Hermione to begin.

"I want to start by apologizing to you all, I have been lying to all of you since I moved here. Actually been lying to the whole town and, until a few weeks ago, only Charlie knew who I really am. But now the shifters on the reservation know after Laurent believed he could kill me."

"Are you alright? What happened?" Esme said while jumping up.

"I'm fine Esme, just got a little dirty. I showed Laurent that I am not someone to be messed with."

"How? You're human," Emmett said confusedly.

Hermione sighed and pulled out her wand and after a deep breath, removed the glamours on her and then her ring.

"What are you?" Esme asked quietly.

"I am a witch."

When she looked at the Cullens they were all shocked and couldn't keep their eyes off of some of her scars and this time she was wearing a long sleeved shirt. "There are more of them, scars I mean."

"Dude!" Emmett yelled as he jumped up. Rosalie rolled her eyes and smacked him in the back of the head. "She's British!"

Hermione smiled, "The shifters had the same reaction."

"How did you find out about the shifters? That's not a secret they freely share." Carlisle said as he studied her.

"I knew about them, and about you, before I was moved here. My name is Hermione Granger and I was brought here for protection. Witness protection I guess you could say."

"Why would you need to be put in witness protection?" Esme asked kindly, seemingly not fazed by Hermione's change.

Hermione ran a hand down her faced and pulled up her sleeves which showed the scar, all seven vampires gasped when they saw the word carved onto her arm. "I have heard about what the transition is like. Where I went to school we had a vampire come and speak to us once in my sixth year. He spoke of the burning, the excruciating pain and I got to experience it when James but me. But it was nothing like when Bellatrix caught us."

The vampires tensed, knowing that something bad happened. "I guess I should start at the beginning instead of at the end. In 1980 my best friend Harry Potter was born, and on October 31, 1981 his parents were murdered."She told of how Harry grew up and then explained all of their years at Hogwarts. The vampires sat, listening with rapt attention to every part, not interrupting once.

"While we were on the run looking for Horcuxes we were captured and taken to Malfoy Manor." Hermione paused and took a deep breath. "Once Bellatrix saw that we had the sword she was mad. While the boys were taken to the dungeon she decided to have some fun with me. I'm not really sure how long she tortured me. Could have been minutes, could have been hours. She liked the Cruciatus Curse, and even made had a dagger that was cursed." She held up her arm and showed them the word MUDBLOOD written on her arm.

"Most people go insane under the curse, which is the torture curse. Your body feels like every nerve, every cell is being electrocuted and set on fire simultaneously. I believe that being under the curse is worse than the pain from being bitten. I actually have a friend whose parents both went insane while under it from Bellatrix. But somehow my mind remained intact and Harry and Ron rescued me and we got out of there but we lost Dobby. You had asked whose death I had seen to be able to see the thestral; well I have seen a lot of death in my life. After the final battle, Bellatrix was able to escape. She went to Australia and murdered my parents and left a note saying that she would be after me. Harry, Kingsley and Ron took me and Teddy to Volterra after my parents' bodies were found. And a few months later I was sent here, to Forks. If word got out that I was here then Bellatrix would find out and Teddy could be put into danger."

The Cullens sat quietly for a moment and Hermione sighed, then lowered her occlumency shields and allowed Edward to read her mind. He sat up straight and then looked into her eyes.

"I see," He whispered.

"What do you see?" Carlisle asked while putting a hand on Edwards shoulder. But Edward didn't take his eyes off of Hermione.

"Bella, I mean Hermione, allowed me to view her thoughts. Everything she said is the truth, I could see everything."

"There is one more thing I should let you all know. If you see a lioness running around, please do not try to eat her."

"Why?" Alice asked curiously.

Hermione saw Edward smile a bit as she raised her wand and a moment later a lioness stood in place of Hermione.

"No way!" Emmett yelled as he jumped up.

Hermione transformed back and put her wand away. "Every full moon Teddy and I will be in the woods so he can run and play."

"Why the full moon? He can't be a werewolf can he? Are you a shifter as well as being a witch?" Carlisle asked.

"Teddy's father was a werewolf and even though Teddy didn't inherit the gene he still gets a little hyper on the full moon. His mother was a metamorphmagus and Teddy may be able to transform into a wolf as he pleases when he is older, but for now he can only really change his hair and eyes. And no, I am not a shifter. That was what we call an animagus. Not every witch or wizard can accomplish it. It takes a lot of hard work and concentration. There are, I believe, eight registered animagi in the world."

Carlisle looked curious at Hermione's statement and she just smiled. "I'll let you guys talk about this. If you don't want anything to do with me and Teddy after this then I understand." Hermione then turned around.

"Wait!" She spun back around to see Rosalie walking towards her. Hermione froze as Rosalie ran a cold hand down her scar and flinched.

"You were tortured." Rosalie whispered, even though everyone could hear her.

Hermione could only nod, as Rosalie continued, "But you still didn't tell her anything and you were able to lie, even under the threat of death."

"They are my best friends," Hermione said simply. "Now I must leave, I'm sure Charlie is beside himself with worry and I don't like leaving Teddy for so long with Victoria out there. Please contact me soon."

Hermione reapplied the glamours and the ring and with one last look to each of the Cullens, she gave them a small smile and with a pop she was gone.