Naruto of the mist

Naruto was looking at the wave country with pure hatred since his former master was hiding out in this city holding his Executioners Blade and he was going to get it back no matter what.

He finally decided to break the silence with his two teammates

"Alright here's the plan since we don't know were Zabuza is will have to look for info related to him.

So let's split up Akiza you ask the farmers around this area.

Yama you ask merchants if they know anything I'll look around the bars lets meet back here at sundown."

Naruto spoke and the other two nodded and both disappeared in a flash.

Naruto made a cross hand sign and shouted "Shadow Clone Jutsu" soon three clones appeared in front of Naruto and nodded as they already knew what they had to do so they to disappeared in an instant.

Naruto looked down and pulled out a mysterious dagger with holes in it.

It was time.

Kakashi woke up in a small wooden room and saw a women washing a cloth.

She smiled and spoke "you gave us quite a scare but I'm glad your all right you and your team arrived here yesterday and you were exhausted" said the women

"would you like me to get your teammates"

"yes please" said Kakashi soon Kurenai and team 7 & 8 entered the room and Kurenai was the first to speak saying

"I'm glad to see that your ok Kakashi I thought you were stronger than that," she said with a are you serious look and all Kakashi.

"Anyway while I was out I was thinking about that hunter Nin who took Zabuza they should have killed him right there instead of taking him which means Zabuza is still alive," said Kakashi in a serious tone.

"What aw come on we have to deal with him again," said Kiba.

"It would appear that way," said Shino.

"Sensei your in no condition to fight and Kurenai I'm unsure she can beat Zabuza on her own." said Sai.
"Well in that case we need to get you all stronger.

You all showed great strength against Zabuza so if we have a week to train you before Zabuza comes back.

Besides a week of training can do a lot for the six of you,"said Kakashi.

Later Kakashi was in crutches and was walking side by side with Kurenai and team 7 & 8 were behind them.

Soon they were in the forest with a bunch of tall trees.

"Now we're going to do chakra control excersise by climbing trees," said Kurenai.

"Uh sensei we already know how to climb trees," said Kiba and Akamaru barked on his head.

Kakashi continued by saying "with no hands,"

"um how do we do that Kakashi " said Hinata shyly.

" Like this" said Kakashi and Kurenai at the same time as both of them put there feet on the tree and started to walk up.

"Wow that's cool" said Kiba.

"Focus your chakra into your feet and give it a try" said Kurenai.

Sasuke and Kiba ran up the tree but they slipped and fell almost instantly.

Sai and Shino tried next and they succeed perfectly.

Hinata and Sakura were a bit shaking but they made it to the top as well.

"Not bad everyone Sasuke you and Kiba stay here and work on mastering the tree climbing excersise Sakura, Sai, and Shino protect the bridge builder.

Kurenai you Hinata and I will watch over his daughter and son," said Kakashi.

"You okay with that Hinata, Hinata" Kakashi looked over to see what Hinata was doing and everyone else was looking to and what they saw was that she was looking at the mountains over the village.

"Hinata what are you doi..." Kiba began but Hinata quickly shushed him and whispered "listen"

everyone became quite as they started hearing a flute being played.

(The song of this flute is zenaku song from power rangers wild force look it up)

"What is that" Sakura asked.

" It can't be him" Hinata said quietly but Kurenai and Kakashi heard her and started getting curious on how Hinata knew this song.

Naruto was on a tall mountain covered in mist but his song can be heard far and wide through the village people could hear it but they didn't know we're it was coming from.

Inside Gatos base Zabuza was resting with Haku by his side when they heard the flute Zabuzas eyes opened quickly with fear.

"Haku heal me fast quickly we need to finish the job and get out of hear if we stay were both dead." Zabuza said tensely.

As Naruto continued playing his flute he started having visions of his past were Zabuza and Fuguki killed his masters without mercy the he remembered and injured Fuguki telling him "Sharingan Lie"

"This hatred is coursing through me like poison but what does he mean by Sharingan and Lie."

He thought as he continued playing then he saw another vision but this one was old and a bit blurry he saw an image of a long red hair women smiling

while she was killed right in front of him and he saw a man in black and white robes with a single Sharingan in his eye and

he was surrounded by ninja with animal masks on them and they all had leaf headbands.

"That is last thing I wish to remember but I will get my revenge on you for what they did mom"

Naruto thought as he stopped playing when his shadow clones disappeared his clones learned that Zabuza will be on the bridge one week from now.

"I'll be waiting when you get here Zabuza" Naruto said with fury

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