Welcome to the third story in my series! It follows The Voice Within and Battle of the Mind but just a word of warning. This story contains major spoilers for 1&2 but I feel this one is better written, so if you want to start your journey here, go ahead. You shouldn't have any trouble understanding things if you don't read them. ;-)
Something to note though, it is obviously taking a very different route to the follow on series Robots in Disguise. Think of it as my own alternate universe.

Chapter 1

"Ack!" A purple femme yelled out as she hopped around on one pede. The other she cradled in her hands from the pain. "Blasted things."

'Hey, watch it,' warned a voice in her head. 'You almost knocked over the data pads.'

Wincing she rubbing her sore appendage, "Well then next time you can move them, Windy."

'Ha! Fat chance, Vi.'

"Hmph," the femme, whose name was Violetwind, groaned placing her pede back on the ground. She glared at the offending pile of data pads which had been the cause of her pain. The stack was piled up past her knee, making it not only heavy but also a lot of work to clean up if it fell.

'I don't think glaring at it will help anything,' her inner voice noted.

To anyone watching on it may have seemed like the femme had a few screws loose and was talking to herself. However, this was not the case. Sure she was talking to herself but at the same time she wasn't. The Violetwind now, was not the Violetwind that always was. The voice within her mind, known as Windy, was originally the femme in question. It all changed the day she crashed on Earth. The unfortunate accident almost killed a young woman, and without the femme's actions would certainly not be alive today. That human now lived as Violetwind.

The woman, Victoria, had almost died. And she would have if the Autobot had not uploaded the human's mind into her own. Sharing a head had its ups and downs. The ex-human had needed to get used to her new body and the Autobot had to get used to no longer being in control. But the pair had grown to love it. Sisters forever. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Picking up a small round device, Violetwind climbed onto her beth. "I hope this works."

'It should. Raf and Ratchet were the ones to put it together so I'd be surprised if it didn't.'

The object in her hand was a custom made projector. The pair back on earth had made it at her request. They had made it then loaded up a series of pictures for her. She'd wanted something nice for her wall and what could be nicer than pictures of old friends and scenes from Earth.

Attaching the projector to a hook already in the wall, she turned it on. The projection on the opposite wall was blurry but she quickly fixed it with a little tuning.

Stepping back she admired the first picture. It was of their three human friends, Jack, Miko and Raf, standing in front of Ratchet. The scene brought a sad smile to her face.

"It feels like it's been forever since we saw them..."

'I know. But I'm sure we'll get to see them again soon.'

"Yeah. Once Cybertron's more settled we'll have to gather the others and schedule a trip back to Earth. I'm sure Arcee, Bee and and Bulkhead would be more than willing to see their old partners."

'I don't think even Unicron himself could stop them,' Windy smirked.

The femme smiled, shaking her helm. "I think you'd be right there."

Sitting on her berth, Violetwind leaned against the wall, her door wings carefully folded down to lessen the discomfort. She stared over at the picture, almost wishing for the times when they were all together. When Optimus was alive...

Not willing to sit around moping, she let out a sigh and got up. "I guess I shouldn't be sitting around here all day."

'That's right. You were going to organise those data pads. You know, the ones you stubbed a pede on.'

The femme groaned, "Don't remind me. My one day off in ages and I'm doing work..."

'Hey it was your choice not mine. I suggested going for a drive.'

"You're not helping," she picked up half a dozen data pads to sort through them. "It needs to be done. This place is crazy."

Briefly she paused to glance about her room. Two sets of shelves filled with data pads and other odds and ends stood against the walls at opposite ends of the room. Littering the floor were even more data pads stacked in loose piles. It was a wonder most were still standing. Half of them were salvaged from the Hall of Records, while a quarter of them were rescued from other buildings around Iacon. The last quarter were for her job, record keeping for the council. And while she loathed having to keep records for the meetings it was a way to be kept in the loop without needing to be a part of the decision making.

As the femme was going through the data pads she was interrupted by a call.

::Hey, Vi.::

Hearing the cheery voice of Smokescreen she smiled. "Hey, Smoke, what's up?"

::I was wondering of you wanted to meet me at the landing bay. A new ship's coming in.::

"Well, we were thinking of staying to today," she replied resting the data pads beside her.

'One of us was anyway. I suggested going for a drive. It is our fragging day off, Smokescreen.'

::Come on,:: he mock whined, ::I know you want to come see the new bots with me.::

'Smokescreen, we were having a day to ourselves.'

::But you guys spend all day, every day together. You want this.::

'No, we don't.'

::Yes, you do. You want to come. You want to hang out with my awesome self. Don't make me say its destiny.::

'I think you need to get your head checked 'Mr. Destiny.' You might have a few screws loose.'

::You're just jealous, you're not as cool as I am.::

'Pfft, jealous? You have absolutely nothing for me to be jealous about.'

::Oh really? W-::

"Guys," Violetwind cut them off, rolling her optics at their banter, "I think that's enough."

'It was his fault.'

::My fault?::

"Windy," the femme scolded.

'Alright fine. Party pooper.'

::So are you going to come with me?:: Smokescreen asked again.

"Fine, we'll be there," she gave in.

'What? Vi...' her inner companion whined. 'It's our day off. We have no slagging obligation to go.'

::We can set up our surprise afterwards. The package arrived,:: Violetwind could almost see the cheeky light dance in his optics.

'Alright. I'm in. Let's go.'

"We'll meet you there. See you in a few."

::See ya, Vi. Oh, and one more thing. I hope you'll recognise me!:: he said, the comm link clicking off before she had a chance to respond.

The femme was a little confused by his last comment. "I wonder what that was all about."

'Meh, he's a strange mech that one. Let's just get out there.'

With a nod, the femme left the data pads where they were and left the room. Walking down the hallway she quickly found herself in the open area that was the foyer of the Hall of Records.

The place she used for her quarters used to be the storage closet for the ground floor. She and Smokescreen had discovered the place soon after the restoration of Cybertron and Violetwind had fallen in love with it, wanting to live there. So it had been fixed up for her before any other proper accommodations had been finished. She got to be the first bot to have her own place in Cybertron, even if it was just an old storage closet.

Many apartments were now available as two Earth months had passed since Unicron was defeated and Optimus gave up his life for the new generation of Cybertronians. Yet, the femme was reluctant to leave her place. She had come to see it as her home. Some bots thought she was a little odd for staying there, but nobody really minded.

Walking through the large open area Violetwind received greetings from the few bots going about their business. Each of these she returned in kind with a smile and a wave.

A black mech with a yellow chest and helm came up, falling into step with her. He was one of the new generation and was surprisingly short for a mech, standing only as tall as the femme's shoulder. "Hello, Violetwind. I thought you said you were staying in today?"

"I was, Bumper. But Smokescreen convinced me to go with him to meet the new ship arrivals."

The young mech grinned knowingly. "He does have a way of making you do things."

Violetwind rolled her optics.

"I'm just saying," he didn't stop grinning.

"Well, anyway, I'm going out. So keep things running while I'm gone."

"Will do," he replied.

Bumper was like her secretary but she preferred to think of him as the one who kept her job from making her crazy. He handled a lot of the stuff she couldn't deal with on her own (or didn't want to) and helped out with keeping the Hall of Records running.

"Thanks, you're a champ," she smiled heading out the door, waving goodbye.

Stopping by the entrance Bumper waved back, calling after her, "Don't let your mech-friend get you into too much trouble!"

"I won't!"

'As long as our surprise goes perfectly to plan we should be fine,' Windy grinned.

Heh, yeah. Hopefully it goes well. But first, she transformed into her alternate mode of a Holden commodore SS complete with rear spoiler. Let's go meet Smoke.

Along the way, Violetwind couldn't help but let her mind wander over the time that had passed since the new age of Cybertron began. They had been discussing founding a council to rule rather than a single person. Nobody was willing to fill the large shoes Optimus left behind.

About seven solar cycles in, they were making final decisions when a group of Autobots arrived. They claimed to have been living on Cybertron this whole time. Their under ground city had been destroyed during the planet's restoration and so they had returned to the surface.

This group was led by a large Bot called Grimlock. Windy had told her about how Shockwave had experimented on Grimlock and his team giving them dinosaur alternate modes: Grimlock had gained one of a tyrannosaurus rex; Swoop, a pterosaur; Snarl, that of a stegosaurus; Sludge, a brachiosaurus; and Slug, a triceratops.

With them were two familiar faces: Chromia and Firestar. They'd been helping Grimlock with leading the Autobots left behind. They were a bit of a rough crew but willing to help with rebuilding Cybertron.

Upon hearing of their council Grimlock had demanded that he be put in charge. He claimed that because he had been leader since they left he should continue to do so. Of course nobody wanted to allow this, meaning there was a lot of arguing. Eventually they came to an agreement, allowing Grimlock a place on the council but it would be a equal place, nothing more. This was not quite enough to satisfy the mech but he accepted it for the time being.

The others on the council were Bumblebee, Elita One, Ultra Magnus, Arcee and Smokescreen. Others had been given the chance but declined. Instead they made up a secondary council, allowing for less demands to be put on them personally. It also meant they had the freedom to have another job. As part of this secondary council they could participate in meetings to give ideas and reports. Violetwind was a member of this secondary council. She held up the medic's division, as her part time employment also involved helping Knock Out in the medical centre.

Also on this secondary council were: Bulkhead taking care of construction; Chromia as an adviser; Greenlight from science; Coriolis leading the seekers (Violetwind learned that seekers were an odd bunch often quiet different from most Cybertronians and therefore needed a leader who knew how to control them); Swoop who was there mostly to keep Grimlock in line; and Prowl, who arrived soon after, was added for his knowledge of law enforcement.

Altogether there were thirteen council members, after the Thirteen Primes.

Wheeljack had declined a position on either council. He did not want anything to do with politics. Or course he often hung around but more in a friendly manner.

Moonracer did not so much decline a seat as was not given one. Elita One believed the young energetic femme would be better off placed elsewhere. She had first tried serving with Prowl but would cause him to have processor glitch with her boundless energy and excitable talk. So instead she took care of the newcomers, placing bots in homes and providing them with jobs that suited them.

However, three Decepticons were still at large. Searches had proved fruitless. Megatron, Starscream and Shockwave had escaped.

After his change of spark they did not believe Megatron would pose much of a threat, provided he stuck with his new way of thinking.

Shockwave was likely still out there and continuing to experiment. Using the maps found at Darkmount they had tried to locate the Decepticon scientist but he had evaded them, sometimes having cleared out of a place moments before they arrived.

Starscream, on the other hand, had come close to being caught. The seeker had been trying to steal medical supplies when Knock Out and Violetwind stumbled across him. The mech appeared to have been someone's punching bag and barely lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately he had escaped, using one of his missiles as a distraction.

Also still out there was Predaking and his Predacons. Unlike the wayward Decepticons, the Autobots had had contact with them. Predaking had agreed to live peacefully with them, as long as they were left alone, which was fine by the Autobots. Except Grimlock. He was ticked that Predaking got to lead for himself but he couldn't. But otherwise, things were peaceful between them.

It wasn't long before Violetwind reached the landing bay. It was easy to spot the ship coming in and three Bots standing nearby. The ship itself was larger than the one Ultra Magnus had but much smaller than the Nemesis. It looked to have enough room for sleeping quarters and living space.

Transforming she called out, "Hey, guys!"

As they turned around to greet her, the femme tripped, falling on her chin with a small cry of pain.

"Vi!" Smokescreen rushed over to help her up.

"I'm fine," she assured him as she got up, rubbing her chin where it hit the ground. "Hey, you changed your colours."

He grinned, glancing down at himself. Smokescreen sported his old colour pattern of white, blue and red like when he first arrived on Earth.

"Don't mind do you?"

The femme shook her head, "Not at all. You'll always look dashing to me, no matter what colour you come in."

"That sure is one way ta make an entrance, Missy," drawled a large stocky red Bot who joined them. She could only equate his accent to like that of a Southerner. It had surprised her at first to hear such an accent so far from there, especially since she was sure he had never been to Earth.

Ironhide, as was the mech's name, was like a mix of bodyguard and police officer. He was often there when ships arrived in case any Decepticons might be trying to cause trouble when they returned. Some did and would be locked up for it, while others were let off with a stern warning. All were told of how Megatron himself disbanded the Decepticons. This often shocked them, most calling the Autobots liars. Ironhide kept them in line and made sure they understood who was in charge.

When he wasn't greeting new ships he was guarding council meetings. Though they were not intended to be secretive they also did not need useless interruptions and disturbances. Ironhide helped keep things peaceful. Most of the time.

"Not an entrance I think I want to make all the time, Ironhide," the femme offered a smile up at him.

"I imagine not. Your faceplates would likely require constant repair," returned the third mech, Prowl. He had the colours similar to that of an Earth police car, black and white, with two red spikes coming off the front of his helm above his optics.

"Don't ya think she knows that, Prowl," Ironhide narrowed his optics at the black and white officer.

"I was merely agreeing, and pointing out why it would be so," he defended, his door wings flaring.

"No need to get crazy, guys. You don't want to get into a fight in front of the newcomers," Smokescreen warned with a smile on his face.

'Although it would be pretty funny.'

Violetwind had to hide a smile. Maybe just a little...

"Well, all-righ' just make sure he ain't gonna get keep pointin' out useless scrap," the large red mech glared at Prowl.

"It was not I who started this, Ironhide," his narrowed optics glared back.

Shaking her head with a grin, the femme glanced over at the ship that was coming in. "Look alive, mechs. They're here."

Everyone turned to see the ship as it landed in the open space. Together the four of them walked over as a ramp lowered. Five sets of blue optics looked excitedly about as they stepped onto the platform.

"Primus, it's true."

"Cybertron is alive."

"It feels great to be back."

Stepping forward Smokescreen greeted the newcomers. "Welcome to the new age of Cybertron. My name's Smokescreen and we're here to see that you get settled in."

"Please, identify yourselves," Prowl addressed the bots, pulling out his data pad.

"Doubletake, Sir," spoke a white and black mech.

"The names Ripraw," another told them, his bulky red armour having yellow flame details.

The third, a shorter orange mech, walked up, also introducing himself, "Nice to meet you. The name's Macro."

A forth, on the shorter side, grinned at Violetwind. "Been a while since we've seen any femmes."

Smokescreen's welcoming smile faded, his optics narrowing at the mech.

Seeing that her mech-friend was about to open his mouth and possibly say something rude to the newcomer, Violetwind slipped her arm around his. Quickly she tried to direct the attention elsewhere. "I don't believe you gave us your name."

"Swagger. The name's Swagger, sweetspark."

'Real smooth that one,' mocked Windy.

The purple femme cleared her vocalisers. "Erm, yes, well. And our last mech?"

"Bluestreak?" Prowl interrupted, optic ridges pinched in confusion as he looked at the last mech.

The silver and red bot glanced over at him, recognition slowly dawning on his face. "Prowl? Prowl, is that really you?" He stepped out from behind the other mechs to greet the officer. "I certainly did not expect to lay optics on you as soon as we arrived."

"Bluestreak, that is you! I was so worried you had been offlined by the Rust Plague. What are you doing back on Cybertron?"

Leaning closer to Smokescreen, Violetwind whispered, "So they knew each other?"

The mech just shrugged, watching with blank faceplates as they two embraced in a hug and caught up with one another.

"They was old pals long before the war," explained Ironhide. "They was engineers together before Bluestreak went ta live on a small colony started on Archon, back when we had the use a space bridges. But the nasty business with tha Rust Plague forced them ta destroy the space bridges so it didn' spread. Prowl had ta kill it but wanted his friend ta come back. But he wouldn't. I were there when they saw the last of each other, thinking it would be their last time they would talk. It were a sad day ta see the space bridges gone."

"Well he can tell his companion to keep his optics to himself," grumbled Smokescreen.

Tightening her grip around his arm, Violetwind tried to keep the mech calm.

"Don't worry, lad. Ya femme ain't going nowhere," Ironhide chuckled, more to himself than anything.

Glancing over at the red Bot, the younger mech's faceplates showed no amusement.

On the other hand, Violetwind smiled. "He's right."

One of the newcomers approached, "So when does the settling in begin. We'd like to go look around."

"Course," the large mech nodded, "Prowl, ya done with ya git tagether?"

Prowl brought his friend over to introduce them. "Bluestreak, you remember Ironhide, do you not?"

"I do," he nodded.

"Howdy, Blue."

"And this is Smokescreen and Violetwind," the officer gestured at the pair.

"Hello, Bluestreak," the femme greeted warmly, the mech beside her offering a nod.

Ironhide started to lead them away, "Let's git you guys acqain'ed with the new Iacon."

The white mech turned to his companion whispering in her audio, "And once we're done we can get to our surprise."

'Slag, yeah. Now that's what I'm waiting for.'

"Just one question," Violetwind looked up at the mechs, "If his name's Bluestreak, why isn't he blue?"

She was met with a cheeky grin from Ironhide. "Well..."

As they left, their voices fading in the distance, a figure peered out of the ship. He rubbed his hands together gleefully. "So many new prospects and a whole world out there waiting to be conquered."

Slinking off the ship he made sure to scurry out of sight, excited to begin his new prosperous life.

First chapter over and so many new characters! Looks wise most will be based on their Prime/WFC/FOC counterparts and as close to their personalities as I can with perhaps their G1 personalities thrown in, making them a bit of my own twist. But, hopefully they'll still be the charries you all know and love.
And also yay for using real transformers names for passing characters (and not so passing characters^^). Tfwiki is so useful for that cause I'm so not good at coming up with Transformers names and I would probs fry my brain coming up with names if I had to make them all myself.
Oh, and if you're wondering about Smokescreen reverting his colours back to the original ones, it's because I like them. Never really liked his season 3 colours. Whenever I think of him, I think of him as white and blue, so I figured I may as well make it official.
Also for those who have read my other stories, you may have noticed that Windy's speech is differentiated differently. I was starting to dislike the underlining and found this way looks much better.