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I know I haven't been on for awhile, because I've been thinking about re-writing Wings Of Destiny into a story with no Percy Jackson so more people will read it and I can make it my own. So when frostbiteicewing tempted my muse, she wouldn't let me go until I spewed out this one-shot. If I get positive reviews on it, then I might consider making it into the multi-chapter story I have planed for the new Wings Of Destiny (For you guys who don't know, it's basically a human version of Wings Of Fire) But until then, have some fluff!

Seriously this chapter with give you diabetes it's so fluffy and cute- what was I thinking, curse you Muse!

Anyway. Enjoy or whatever. This one's for you Beardie!

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And that was the source of my problems.

It started out simple enough- with a day. An ordinary day with no importance whatsoever. A day that would go by, no one remembering it, forgotten in history forever.

Except by me.

Because it was my eighteenth birthday.

And that meant that I was officially an adult.

(I'd become an adult years ago when the word orphan became real and I stopped crying myself to sleep)

And that meant that I could officially be a legal guardian.

And that is why I had this feeling in my gut, the awful doubting feeling.

Did I love my sister?

More than life.

Would I protect her?

With my life.

Was I ready for this?

Hell no.

Did I care?

Not particularly.

I'd never been the type of person who would think about the pros and cons when it came to important things like this. When something meant something, I acted out of impulse, and out of my heart.

Last Name:

I took in a shaky breath. Orphans don't have last names. Not one's who didn't know their parents. Not one's who'd been dropped off at the orphanage in a basket, only surviving the night because they were found by a member of the staff.

Warm arms wrapped around my waist. A chin propped up on my shoulder, and warm breath skittered down my neck.

"How's it going?"

Orphans don't have parents.

But orphans might have sisters.

I smiled and turned my head to look at the light green eyes of Sunny.

"Fine. I've officially started!" I said with a laugh. To my relief, it didn't seem forced.

I opted to skip the offending question and come back later.

Do you have a job?

If the small diner I'd recently applied for even counted. I'd be working on minimum wage, with all kinds of crappy hours serving tables. Not exactly Wall Street.

Can you provide housing for the minor in question?

The owner of the dinner, a kind old woman who insisted I call her Granny had told me I could stay in the small room above the kitchens, so I guessed that counted as housing.

What makes you think you should take on this task of caring for a minor?

Oh that was simple. She was my little sister. She was dropped off in the same basket at the same orphanage, and we were always together. Inseparable. Closer than siblings, best friends. The only person to understand who I really was, behind all the walls. The person who had helped me pick out my REAL birthday, not the system-chosen January 1st everyone got. The one to help me when I was sick, the one who'd cried with me when we were younger and hungry, with no one to care. The one who'd bandaged my hand after I punched that one kid for teasing her. (Of course I'd never told her why the little brat had gone how with a broken nose. Some things are better left between just me and righty)

Because Sunny was my sister.

And because according to our paperwork, she was a year younger then me.

Personally, I thought they had no idea what they were talking about. We were obviously the same age- we'd been dropped off at the orphanage together, as newborns. Whether it was a glitch in the system, someone's misunderstanding, I'd never know. Everyone said Sunny was a year younger then me. Logic didn't seem to apply to them. The orphanage runners who'd found us had long since disappeared, charged with child abuse, or some other crime for what they'd done to us for six years.

So officially she was seventeen. Not old enough to be alone.

But she wouldn't have to be.

"Why don't you go sit down and wait for me to be done?" I offered

Sunny gave me a long look.

"No. We're doing this together."

And so we did. The huge packet was the last thing in the long list of stuff I needed to do to become a legal guardian. As soon as it was done, I could take Sunny 'home' to the dinner. We'd stay there until…

Until something happened. Until we worked something out.

With Sunny by my side, I breezed through the packet, answering every question the government could think of, except the ones I didn't know. Parents? Unknown. Birthplace? Unknown. Emergency contacts? None.

It was getting later in the afternoon when we finally reached the end. I closed the packet and turned it over to the front.

"You didn't answer that one." Sunny pointed to the second question on the page. The one that had gotten me so freaked out earlier.

I felt much better.

When had that happened?

Probably the second Sunny walked over.

"I just don't want to be another unknown." I whispered. "I don't want another reminder that I'm an orphan."

Sunny's golden blonde head spun around to face me.

"You are an orphan." she said in a matter of fact voice.

"Gee thanks."

A small smirk lit her features.

"But we're orphans together."

I grinned at her, and she hugged me, me pulling away immediately and walking out of the double doors to the sidewalk

"Hey we were having a moment!" she called after me, laughing.

I whirled around to face her as she followed me outside. Grinning, I clamped my hand over her eyes and faced her towards the streets.

"First thing you see." I told her. "That's our new last name."

"Is that even legal?" Sunny asked, giggling.

"Who cares if it's legal?"

"Umm everyone?"

"Look it doesn't matter." I started spinning her around and around in circles to get her dizzy. "First thing you see is our new name, and if it makes you feel any better we can make it official by going the place where you change names. But until then-" I stopped the spinning, but kept my hand on her face. "Just pick something! And try to avoid making me Miss Glory Asphalt if you can." my hand dropped away, and Sunny blinked open her eyes.

"Sky." she said simply, her eyes glued to the brilliant blue expanse above us. I grinned.

"Glory Sky? Sounds like some inspirational movie about finding yourself."

Sunny frowned teasingly. "Okay, what about plural?"

"You really want to be called Sunny Skies? Really?"

"Not Sunny Skies, Sunny Skiez!" Sunny told me with a very un-Sunny like eyeroll.

"I see." I told her sarcastically, raising my eyebrows.

"It's spelled different- we may be orphans but we can be cool orphans."

I burst out laughing, and suddenly, I couldn't stop. All the stress I'd been feeling simply rolled away as the sun sank over the horizon, washing the streets in a golden glow. I swooped in and heaved Sunny on to my shoulders as she shrieked in delight.

"Glory and Sunny Skiez" I said with a grin. "Watch out world. Here we come."

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