Welcome to my new story. I have just read the Gallagher Girls series again (its soooo amazing) and have been inspired to fill in the blanks from GG6.

Anyway, please enjoy.

Chapter 1 – Car Ride

Leaving a house on an island isn't so hard. Dragging along an unconscious psychopath is again easy work, especially if you really could careless how many times she hits her head or is dropped to the ground.

But what is hard to deal with is the stifling tension that has engulfed us since the big reveal. I guess I can understand why my boyfriend isn't so thrilled when Aunt Abby suggested splitting up and all girls going in one car and boys in the other. After eighteen years of wondering who your dad is and then it suddenly being revealed has got to be hard deal with.

Zach had calmed down slightly by the time we reached the cars that would take us home. By slightly I mean he was just holding in everything he would love to say and do. I could tell he was so tense and wanted to be anywhere but here.

"Do you want me to come with you?" he took a while to realise I had spoken. He was focused on watching his mother being secured in the trunk of the car.

"It's alright Gallagher Girl. I would rather you away from her." He said, tilting his head towards his mother.

"Zach, I know you don't want to talk to him but maybe this a good opportunity. At least let him know how you're feeling."

"Lets get moving people!" Aunt Abby shouted as she hopped into the car and slammed the door.

Zach was still looking into my eyes. He nodded and walked to the passenger side of the car, where the other guys where waiting for him.

I got into the car and we started driving to the safest place on earth, the Gallagher Academy.

I looked over to Aunt Abby, who was driving and could see the pain and betrayal etched on her face. It wasn't often a spy would let her guard down.

"Alright Lizzy, lets get this bug working." Bex directed.

I looked over in disbelief, "You seriously did not bug the other car."

They shrugged and Macey replied, "We have been deprived of any and all type of drama like this for along time. Plus aren't you a little bit interested."

To tell you the truth I was really interested but I knew I could just pry it out of Zach later. I looked over to Aunt Abby and could see the anticipation on her face. It was like this could prove if Townsend lied to her earlier when he said he had no idea Zach was his son.

"Got it," Liz announced.

All that could be heard was someone snoring in the background. I looked in the rear view mirrors and saw Zach and Townsend awake and Preston was asleep and by the sound of his snoring there was no chance of him waking him up anytime soon.

"I'm sorry, Zach." Townsend's voice filtered through.

Zach was still silent.

"I honestly did not know that you are my child." He continued.

This must have been enough to spark Zach and his tone sounded tired, lost and angry,
"It's your job to know."

"I know but I didn't know about you, I swear."

"How could you not? Did you not check up on her at all in eighteen years? She is a prominent member of the circle, how could you not have made the connection?"

"It was once off, Zach. But you're right I should have realised." Townsend sounded so defeated.

"When I was younger she used to tell me that my dad was out there looking for me but I should look for him too. She used send me out in the forest on my own with nothing and leave me there for days and weeks. Then one day I realised you were not coming."

I wanted to cry. I looked around and all of us had tears threatening to fall. What kind of monster would do that to their own child?

Townsend's voice cracked when spoke, "I'm so sorry. I would have taken you away from her if I knew, please believe that."

"Well, it's a little late for that. There is a lot of things I've seen and had to do that can't be undone." Zach's voice was like steel.

"I… I want to be there for you now. If you let me, I don't want to miss anymore of your life. I don't care if you don't want me to be your father but I'm hoping to at least to be your friend." He sounded so desperate and genuine that I felt bad for him too. Abby looked the same way I felt when she heard this.

There was silence for several minutes before Zach replied, "I guess… okay. We can try."

Everyone released their breath, which I don't think we knew we were holding.

I sighed because I knew that Zach was not someone to let people in easily.

"So are there anymore illegitimate children you don't know about?" Zach teased Townsend and I could just picture the smirk on his face.

"Oh I hope not. I don't think I would live long enough to find out. Abby would kill me."

Zach chuckled, "You are so whipped."

"How can I not be, she is amazing. Anyway like you can talk."

The banter went on for a while. It was a relief to hear them getting along. I hope that they can work it. Zach would never ever admit it but I think he was really longed for a dad and still did.

I thought about how earlier he said he never wanted kids. It scares me to think what this could mean for us. I don't know if I do want children but I would hate not to at least keep our options open. I could imagine Zach being such an amazing dad, just like my dad was. It made me hate his mother even more. This cruel person has ruined her own son's life and no matter how much Zach doesn't want her there, she will always be present. Like a bad smell you just can't get rid of.