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Chapter 2 – All burned down.

The castle was engulfed in flames. It was collapsing, hundreds of years of history destroyed.

Zach had me in his arms. He clung to me and we watched the chaos around us. I sat between is legs leaning against his strong chest. Teachers were checking on the girls and contacting parents. My mom and was talking to the fire fighter. All around me my sisters stared in disbelief.

"It's okay Cam. We can fix all this." Zach warm breath glided near my ear, as he squeezed me tighter.

I knew Zach was right. It was more important nobody was hurt and we all got out alive. But it still hurt to see the destruction.


The fire was soon contained and parents started arriving picking up their daughters. My mother and the teachers were to busy reassuring everyone that finishing a week early was okay and the Gallagher Academy would be fully rebuilt and ready for next year. In a matter of hours so much had changed.

By mid-morning the trustees had arrived and taken over assessing the damage. The students had left and the teacher had gone to get some rest. But Zach and I still sat on the grass. I think I was in shock at the damage of my home, my school.

"Come on you two," mom came up behind us. "Joe's waiting for us in the car."

I didn't even realise there was a car not to far behind us that was idling. I was on autopilot, as Zach helped me up and we followed my mom to the car.

No one said anything as we drove and that was most likely good thing cause I would have started bawling my eyes out.

Half an hour later we pulled up in front of a normal house in a normal town. It was strange to be somewhere that was just average. Mom and Joe got out of the car and approached the path leading to the front door of this double story American dream house passing through the white picket fence and heading to the large front porch.

"Come on Gallagher Girl." Zach said gently.

He took my hand we followed my mom and her fiancé.

The front door opened and Aunt Abby held the door open looking just as the rest of us. She must have left sometime last night and I didn't even realise.

"Head straight down the hall Ed just finishing breakfast," Abby announced.

We were seated around the table when Aunt Abby was the first to speak, "Do we anything more about what happened?"

It was honestly a fair question. Everyone knew that Catherine happened but the school burning down that was still a mystery, a shock. Our sisterhood destroyed.

"I knew. I should have known it was going to happen. She practically told me what she was going to do." I whispered. I was angry with Catherine. But I was angrier with myself. How could I not realise what was going on. This all could have been prevented.

"What are you talking about Cam?" my mom asked.

"I went to see earlier on last night. She was waiting for me. She talked about how the mansion was her home. She's crazy. She drew me a picture of the school and then started singing that song. It all burned down." I sang the last bit and silence fall on the table. I felt so sick that I didn't realise what was happening.

"It's not your fault, Gallagher Girl," Zach said and grabbed my hand.

"You did so good, kiddo. All the girls got out of the school because of you."

"Why did it take you so long to come out, Cammie?" That was the million-dollar question and of course Mr Solomon had to ask. With a code name like 'Wise Guy' he didn't disappoint.

"When we were leaving I heard her singing and followed the sound. I just couldn't let her do anymore damage… I thought I could stop her."

"It's over now squirt, she's gone." Aunt Abby said.

We all went back to eating and I finally took a deep breath. The kitchen was bright with big windows that let the morning sun flow in. It was such a beautiful house. It felt like a home, somewhere that happy memories are made and somewhere you would always feel safe.

"Where are we?" I couldn't stop myself from being curious I had to ask.

Townsend and Abby glanced at each other. "This is our new home. We moved in a week a go." My mom didn't look shocked at Abby's announcement.

"That's great." I almost shouted with joy knowing Aunt Abby will be near by not a ghost.

"You two have any plans for the summer?" Townsend asked Zach and I.

"We're going to Nebraska for the summer." I answer.

I was really looking forward to summer and Grandma Morgan's delicious food. Spending the summer with Zach and he meeting my grandparents is a little bit daunting but I couldn't imagine a day without him. He is the only one who makes me feel safe, loved and more importantly he keeps me sane. After graduation and summer break, I'll head off to college and enter the big bad world. Although, it wasn't as scary as I first thought.

"Then we're going to look for a place near the University Cam's going to." Zach added.

Zach going to do small missions for both MI6 and CIA, working mostly with his new found dad, which though he won't admit out loud but I can tell his super excited about. I more excited for the fact that no matter what I have to face at college Zach will be there when I get home. It would be nice just to have a semi-normal relationship. Being a Spy is a blessing and a curse. Zach was definitely my true love. He saw the real me and he knows me. Zach has already promised to take me on a proper date that won't be interrupted by Cove ops class or my ex-boyfriend and I was really looking forward to it to do things a normal couple would do.

No adult commented on how we were to young. They have been telling us all year that we need to grow up. Now we have, mostly without choice. Everyone was discussing the best location or the type of place we should go for and it was nice to have our 'parents' guiding us on our next great adventure. But first I had to graduate.

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