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Chapter 3 – Levels

It's normally considered a luxury to go away on holiday and relax. Beautiful sunshine in the warm Nebraskan summer with your hot amazing boyfriend would be dream for other teenage girls. But for me it's reality.

So you're probably thinking what I'm complaining about. Spending weeks a way from parental (and best friend) supervision. Going on fantastic dates with said boyfriend. No homework. No one trying to kill you. What could there be to possibly complain about?

Did I forget to mention we are staying at my grandparents ranch?

When we first arrived Grandma Morgan had all my favourites cooked for me that smelt so mouth watering delicious. But first we had to get past the awkward introductions. Zach easily charmed Grandma Morgan and I swear she was so flattered her cheeks were left tinged pink. Grandpa Morgan was the real challenge. He was very old fashioned and very protective of me. So protective that he pretended that he didn't see a boy, who had wolf whistled at me from across street in town, when he was driving off and came within inches of running him over. I swear the boy turned so white I thought he would faint. When Zach approached with hand out to greet him, Grandpa's shooting hand was twitching and he was definitely eyeing Zach off. Grandma elbowed him in what she thought was a subtle and discreet way, but if she was given a way when Grandpa grunted. Grandma rolled her eyes at him and approached me.

"Oh. Come on, dear. Your too skinny!" Grandma dragged me away towards the kitchen leaving Zach and Grandpa behind.

I glanced back at Zach and shoot him an apologetic look. I know Zach is more than capable to handle many situations but over protective Grandpa's might just be his undoing.

So we left them in the front entrance and headed to the kitchen.

Ten tense minutes and two bowls of Grandma Morgan's fudge later, Zach and Grandpa walked into the kitchen. And that was that. Later that night when I asked Zach what happened he just gave me his horribly annoying but sexy smirk and said everything was fine.

But after the year I had it was hard to accept that everything could be fine. I trusted Zach, so I did my best to believe that everything was fine.

The first night went pretty smoothly after the initial introductions and when bedtime came I said goodnight to everyone and headed to my bedroom, which just so happened to be near my grandparents room but far away from Zach's allocated room.

Sleeping together was a new development in our relationship, but I was so used to it now. I mean can you blame me. Zach has such strong arms and a solid well-defined chest and has the innate ability to chase away those horrible nightmares that still haunt me.

I looked over at the clock and the time hadn't changed from the last time I looked. I turned over and sighed. My eyes felt so heavy but I just knew I couldn't sleep. I wanted Zach. I needed Zach.

Another hour passed and I kept tossing and turning. The handle of my door suddenly started to move and the door was slowly opened. I held my breath, hoping to see Zach step through.

"Cam…" I heard Zach whisper and the relief spread through my body.

I sat up in bed. The moonlight poured into the room and I could see Zach clearly, as he stepped into the room and quietly closed the door.

"Zach, you can't be in here. I'm sure Grandpa…" My wonderful boyfriend interrupted me when he leant over the bed and pressed his soft lips against mine. I was trying hard to sound like I was protesting his presence but I don't think I was convincing myself let alone Zach.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. He pulled back slightly and raised his hand to point to himself and said his most infamous line, "Spy".

I giggled and tugged him closer, as I shuffled across.

"Alright. Jump in."

I lifted the blankets and Zach climbed in next to me lying on his back. I sunk in next to him laying my head on his chest and our legs intertwined. Zach wrapped his arms around me.

I turned my head into Zach's chest and murmured, "I didn't know how I was going to sleep without you?"

"I'm here now."

"I know… Zach?"


"Thank you for coming with me. I know this isn't probably what you wanted to do on break, so thanks."

"You know I would do anything for you Gallagher Girl."

I already knew that I loved Zach, but this just confirmed it and made me love him even more. I snuggled in and Zach began to play with my hair, his fingers lulling me into a deep sleep.

Every night that followed Zach would sneak into my room and leave before my grandparents woke. Though, I think they knew what was happening but didn't mention it.

Now after a couple weeks here Zach and I were ready to leave. I think Zach more than me but his training helped him to hide this. But I knew Zach. There was only so much fish guts and smothering a person can handle.

Leaving the ranch with the promise to visit sometime in the near future, we headed back home. Well, we were heading to the town that would be our new home.

Finding a place that we would both like was going to be a challenge. Zach wanted an apartment that was modern and close to where he was working and where I was going to College. While, I preferred a town house with a yard so I could get a dog that I always wanted. I'm sure Zach would have given into me but he didn't want the dog.

We finally settled on one house. That is one house each.

"Why do you want the dog so much?"

"I just do!"

"Really Cam!"

"Yes, Zach really!"

"The apartment is easier to maintain and in a great location."

"I know, Zach! But you can't have a dog in a apartment!"

I was breathing hard. Tired from this argument we've been having for days.

I turned away from Zach and walked towards the window in the hotel we were staying in to we found our place. I looked down to the street below, hoping he wouldn't see the tear that had leaked from my eye and run down my cheek.

I am brave, intelligent and strong. I am a Gallagher Girl. But I was also scared, as any other normal girl would be. Except for the summer I ran away, I've never really been alone. My biggest fear at this point in my life is just that being alone.

I didn't want Zach thinking I was some clingy and needy girlfriend that couldn't handle being alone for five minutes while he goes to the shops. I didn't want to stop Zach from doing his job and going on missions.

I felt the heat from his body behind me before I felt him press against me and wrapped his arms around me.

"I don't want to fight anymore, Cam. As along as I'm living with you I'm okay to live anywhere."

How did I get so lucky? I turn in his arms and lean my head against his chest.

"I want a dog so I'm not alone when you're away," I whisper so softly that I don't think he heard. But I know he did.

"Fine, as long as I can choose the dog."


"Its not a bad idea. I big mean looking dog should scare people off."

And that was that.

After arguing over where to live for days, we had finally decided. It would be nice to finally leave this hotel. Zach lets go of me and he takes his phone from his pocket and calls the real estate agent.

I listen to Zach talking to the agent and it hits me. It was definitely a delayed reaction but it was all finally becoming surreal. We were going to move in together and own house together. This was like a whole new level in our relationship. I mean we only started just sleeping in the same bed a few months ago. It was so overwhelming to think that after Josh I thought I was going to be alone forever. But I won't be. Zach and I are moving together. After the year I've had this was a really nice development.

"They accepted the offer and we get the keys in two days." Zach says after he hangs up the phone.

I laugh and throw myself at Zach, who thankfully catches me. He kisses me with such fierceness. The joy was radiating off the two of us in bundles.

"I have to call mom."

I grab Zach's phone that his still holding and dial the number.

"Hello," I hear mom's voice on the other end.

"Hey mom, its me!" I think I squealed.

"Hi Kiddo. I have you on speaker. Joe, Abby and Ed are here. You alright there?" mom asks. I remember her saying something last week about the four of them planning for the new term this week. Opps, I forgot about that.

"Yeah, I'm fantastic. Guess what?"

"What are we guessing, Squirt? Are you pregnant?"

"What!" Zach, who was listening in, splutters in apparent shock, his grip around me slackens.

I hear Joe chuckling in the background, obviously finding Zach's discomfort amusing.

"No, I'm not pregnant. Guess again?"

"You found a place?" Mom asks.

"Yeah we did. It so amazing!"

"That's great, Kiddo."

"When do you move in? Do you need a hand setting up?" Ed ever the serious one asks the practical questions.

I put the phone on speaker so his practical son can join in. How it wasn't more obvious they were related before baffles me.

"We get the keys in two days and we want to get out of this hotel as soon as possible," Zach responds.

"No problem, we can give you a hand." It was still pretty awkward at times between Zach and his dad.

"So what's the place like Squirt?" Aunt Abby jumps in diffusing any awkwardness.

"It so charming. It's a town house and has three big bedrooms. There's a backyard and oh its so awesome." I gave up trying to describe it.

"Sounds amazing, Kiddo. We can't wait to see it."

"So we'll see you in two days?" I ask them.

"We'll be there," Joe answers.

"See you then," Zach says, while I add my own goodbyes.

I everything was perfect right then. Nothing could burst my happy bubble. In fact, it just kept getting better when Zach kissed me. Moving through the levels of a relationship at such a fast pace felt right. I knew Zach was the one. So who cares about the speed when you have someone so amazing by your side.