A/N: It's my headcanon that Cranber gets mistaken for a kid sometimes because she's just so tiny, but being mistaken for one is one of her biggest pet peeves and you should start running away really fast

Nothing romantic. Yet.

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His first thought when he saw her was, 'What's a kid doing here?'

It's not until he notices that everyone has stopped fighting to stare the two of them in shock(because what the hell) and horror(they know they're screwed) that he realises he'd said that out loud.

Meanwhile, the pink-haired 'kid' opposite him is fuming. "I…" She bit out venomously.

"…AM…" She's glaring at him now, and if looks could kill he's sure he'd be dead a thousand times over.

"…NOT…" Uh oh. Out comes the weapons. That flailing hair looks like it wants a piece of him. Literally.

"…A KID!" The battlefield explodes into chaos as both sides scramble for their lives screaming "RETREAT!", because any sane angel or demon wouldn't want to be anywhere nearby when something like this happens.

Luckily for them, she's only focused on him, but that doesn't mean there wouldn't be casualties. As it is he is flinging ice everywhere(ground, tree, rock, the occasional fleeing demon or angel), while she simply decimates anything and anyone in her way.

It is only luck that she trips and slips on a patch of ice, giving him time to spread his wings and fly away as fast as he can, and hope she won't be right behind him when he turns around.

'Note to self,' he thought. 'NEVER call her a kid.'