Hello everyone! I'm really excited to be able to share my story ideas of my favorite shows with you guys, but this is my VERY first fanfiction so it's there's any spelling or grammar mistakes please don't get to mad at me.

Oh, and if this story goes really well later, I'll try and rewrite it better when I have more experience! (First person perspective)


"Promise me… Prom… *cough* ..ise me you won't go there *coughs up blood*

don't go to h-him, never go *breathes heavily*

never go to that man, the one that, *coughs*

the one that breaths smoke… eats fire... and is the son of a dragon. *coughs up more blood*

He will be the end… *breathes heavily* of… of.. *stops breathing*

I stand there, salty tears streaming down my face as I see an elder women die right in front of me. Then it's over, I wake up in my bed in the middle of the night, again with cold sweat covering my face and tears running down my cheeks to my chin.

"Again," I said, while touch my face where the tears stopped running down my cheek, leaving only red lines down my face and red, watery and puffy eye. "That's the sixth night in a row, when will these depressing dreams stop?"

I lay back down on my bed and pull my blankets up to my neck, then look at the clock on my night stand, it reads 12:00 a.m. 'How is it, that I wake up from that dream the exact time every night' I think to myself.

I close my eyes and try to fall into a deep and dark sleep, hoping for some rest.


I wake up with a stratal, then look to my right with sleepy eyes, to see my yellow alarm going off, saying it was 7:50 a.m. I slam my fist into the button on top of it and get up,off my bed with a small leap, then head towards my bedroom door when I realize you probably have no idea who's narrating the story.

Sorry, my name is Lucy Heartfilia and its my birthday, I am now officially seventeen., 'it's my birthday!' I thought. I should tell you my physical appearance now, lets see, I have long blond hair a little longer than my shoulders, I have big round chocolate eyes, slim waist and what all the boys at my school call "Big Tits", 'why do guys have to be so perverted?' I thought.

After my introduction, I run out off to my door realizing I took away too long describing myself and that I only had twenty minutes left to get ready for school cause school starts at 8:30 a.m. I still have to take a bath, get my clothes on, eat breakfast and make my lunch. After I finish everything, I look at myself in the mirror with pleasure, I'm wearing a green tank top with a blue star on the bottom left corner, light brown short shorts with those fake pockets in the front and knee high black boots with a white strip up the side. My hair was brushed down with a little bit of it up in a ponytail on the top of the right side of my head, after I did what I needed to do, I looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, 8:24 a.m, "Shit, I'm gonna be late," I said, rushing to the door

"Bye, Dad!" I yell, "why does school have to be a ten minute walk away?"

I ran out my front door and started heading towards school. 'Finally.' I thought, 'I made it, with two minutes left to spare.'

I rush into the the school building, passing the schools name on my way in and thought, 'I wonder why this school has such a weird name? I mean, how did they come up with the name "fairy tail"?'

Just as I was about to open my door to my classroom with thirty seconds left, something hits me in the side of my head knocking me over. 'Ow, that hurt.' I look around to see what it what, only to find nothing. I get up and reach my hand towards to door to open it when, yet again something hits my head knocking my over but when I look to see what hit me this time, I see a…

"Ahhhhhhh!" I scream as I quickly stand up and slowly try to walk away.

I couldn't believe it, but before my eyes was a small BLUE cat with white bird wings coming from outside its back and a little green bag attracted to its neck. "Oww, why did I hit my head again?" whined the cat "Y-you talk? B-but h-how can that b-be possible you're a… a cat!" I stuttered.

The cat then looked up and looked as though he never seen me before, even though he just ran into me twice.

*Ring! Ring!*

'Crap.' I thought to myself, 'now I'm late.' But before I could even think of an excuse for being late I heard a…


I turn around and see some person that looked about my age, but with the weirdest hair and clothing style.

He had pink sticky hair, black eyes and was wearing a black vest with a orange strip along the edges, large white baggy pants with black outlining the edges of the leggings and a cape looking think with the same design of the vest around his pants a brown belt holding them up. He also had black sandals on and a large white scarf around his neck, 'What bad fashion sense.' Was the first thing that popped into my head.

"Oww, Happy what just happened?" the pink haired man asked.

Then like he just realized I was standing there, he looked at me with curious eyes. He stood up and walked over to me, closed his face really and uncomfortably close to mine and said "Happy, there's a girl here." Then he looked behind me, at the cat and back at me and said "Hey, I'm Natsu Dragneel, Who are you?"

It took e a second to realize what just happened, he and this cat he calls Happy just popped out of nowhere and the first thing he says to me is his name and asked who I was. "I-I'm Lucy Heartfilia, and excuse me for asking but where did you come from?"

Nastu looked confused and happy at the same time, he was about to open his mouth, but before he could speak the classroom door opened up and my first class, history teacher, Mr. Honda walked up to me with a pissed of look.

'Oh on, I completely forgot I had class.' I thought.

"What do you think your doing here, Miss. Heartfilia, when class started twenty-five minutes ago?" demanded Mr. Honda.

But before I could make an excuse for being so late and just standing outside the door, I remembered, why not tell the truth, I mean me being late was this natsu's fault after all.

"Well, I was just about to come into class when with blue cat hit me in the head twice and this random guy with pink hair popped out of nowhere and asked my a question, Just look." Then I pointed towards the hall and noticed it was empty, no one in sight.

"I've heard bad excuses before Miss. Heartfilia but this is by far the WORST one I've heard, now get in class. You have detention after school, understood, Miss. Heartfilia?" said Mr. Honda.

"Yes, Mr. Honda." I replied.

Then I walked into class with all my classmates giggling and staring at me with amusement. 'Man, I feel embarrassed, but wait what happened to the cat and pink haired man, I didn't just imagine it right?' I thought as I walked over to my desk.


"Now then class, class dismissed, expect you Miss. Heartfilia, you have dentition!" yelled Mr. Honda.

Everyone walked out of class chatting with each other, wile I stayed in my desk as Mr. Honda gave me a worksheet and told me to write "I will try my hardest to never be late again and I will never use another horrible excuse if I am ever late again." One-hundred times over.

After about ten minutes, Mr. Honda said he needed to do something in the principles office and left me to my work. Once he left, I got up and walked around the classroom, stretching my arms.

I turned around to head back to my seat and finish my work, when I noticed something shining in the corner of the classroom. I walked over to it and found a set of odd shaped keys attached to a golden key ring.

All together, there were sixteen keys, five silver ones and eleven gold keys. Each with their own odd deigns.

As I was staring deeply at the keys, I held in my hands I didn't notice someone sneak up behind my and tackle my to the ground, the person was really heavy and cold and it was even harder to move my body, so that I face the person.

When I finally was able to move my body around, I saw a really attractive guy that looked my age with spiky dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing dark green pants, a brown belt with a silver chain attached to one side with black shoes. But he didn't wear a shirt so I could see his bare chest that what every muscular.

'Man he's hot.' I thought to myself.

When I finally snapped out of my daze, I remembered this dude just tackled me to the ground, making me hit my head off the ground, which really hurt.

"Hey, what was that for Flame brain?!" The man shouted in my face.

"W-what? Why are yo-" but before I could finish my sentence someone from behind the dark blue haired man shouted "Why did you get in my way Ice Princess?!" instantly I recognized the voice.

'Natsu?' I thought.

Then the man on top of me soddenly got off and started stripping, I covered my eyes with my hands as fast as I could, well I covered most of my eyes. The two men staring arguing and calling each other names like "Dragon's breath" and "Frozen face".

After a few minutes of this one of this Natsu yelled "Wanna go Gray?!" and punched his left fist into his right palm and then fire started to form in his hands.

"W-what is going on?" I said quietly with fear in my voice.

After the man called Grey did the same thing, but with ice instead. 'Okay, now I'm officially freaked out.' I thought.

Then soddenly, a tall women with long scarlet hair and brown eyes appeared. She was wearing a blue skirt that went to her knees and wore a silver armour chest plate with two yellow lines going left to right and up and down, crossing over each other and black knee high boots, pulling it off with two silver glovers.

The women walked over to the two men arguing with a pissed off face and mashed both her fisted into their heads, shutting them up.

"Both of you shut up , we are here for a mission, not for you two to argue!" yelled the women.

Both men hugged each other with one arm on each other's shoulder and began dancing with fake smiles on their faces. "Aye sir." Both said in unison.

"Natsu, Natsu." said Happy.

'Weird, I didn't notice Happy before.' I thought

"What is it Happy?" asked Natsu.

"That blond girl form early is here." replied Happy.

"Huh?" said Natsu, then he turned around and seen me sitting on the floor with a scared look on my face.

Then all of them stopped talking and turned to see me.

"Is that her Natsu?" asked the women.

"Yeah, I can sense her magic and she smells just like her." replied Natsu.

They started to walk towards me and I began to stand up, but right after I tried to stand up, I fell back down. I could barely move my legs, they were shaking to much from what I just witnessed.

"Hey, Blondie?" asked Gray.

Instantly I replied "Y-yes?"

Before he could say anything the scarlet haired women asked "Your name is Lucy Heartfilia, correct?"

"Yes." I said confused.

"And your mother's name was Layla Heartfilia, yes?" asked the women.

"Yes, but how do you know that?" I asked.

"Because your mother has sent was here to bring you back to your home world, Magnolia." said the women.

'Wait, what? What is she talking about, my mother died when I was younger, there's no way my mother could ask them to do this, unless their ghost's or just crazy.' I thought to myself.

"We now this must be hard for you to believe, but its true, your mother is still alive and well, she just went back to her home world, your home world. Miss. heartfilia, you might not believe us but, we are also from her world, where magic exists. We three are all part of a guild named Fairy Tail, where people may sent requests, we fulfil and are paid in return and this one of the requests we chose." explained the women.

"Your kidding right? My mother is dead, she died when I was younger and how can magic exist, it's a legend, right?" I asked.

I hoped that it was all a joke and they were just making some fun, even if it's a horrible joke, it had to be one right?


"Miss. Heartfilia, we are not kidding, your mother is alive and magic is real, if you need proof, here." said the women.

Just then the women began to glow and her outfit changed into armour that looked like an angle. Tons of swords hung around her head in the air and just like that, she had her other outfit on again.

"H-how can you do that?" I asked, but I already knew the answer.

"It was magic." replied the women.

"Yeah, and if you need more evidence, Gray and I can use magic too." said Natsu. "By the way, I'm Natsu, that's Happy, this is Gray and that's Erza."

"Nice to meet you a-all." I said.

Natsu then grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the ground and smiled a big toothy grin at me.

I looked at them all now with more confusion then fear and asked "If my mother is still alive, then why did she leave in the first place, why didn't she tell me she could use magic and why didn't she come to get me herself?"

"We do not know why she left or why she didn't tell you about magic but she sent us because she is too ill to come herself, she has been poisoned and is dying as we speak. She needs your help to find the antidote, only a celestial mage can make it." said Gray.

"But how can I help, I'm not a mage." I said.

"But you can use magic. Look at the keys, they were summoned here by you." said Nastu.

"No, I didn't I just found them in the corner, over there." I said as I pointed towards the corner I found the keys.

"But you did summon them because Layla Showed us them and said that when we get here you will have them." said Erza.

"Okay, okay, just let me think about this for a minute." I replied.

'If I really did summon these keys, then that means moms still alive, I could get the chance to see mom again! I missed her so much.' I thought.

"So I summoned these keys, but what do they do? They don't look like they open anything." I said, then lifted the keys in the air, so they could see them.

"Those keys are what make you a celestial mage, you can summon celestial spirits with them and have them fight by your side." explained Erza.

"oh, well how do I summon the celestial spirits?" I asked.

"you'll have to ask your mother herself, we don't know how. So are you coming or not?" asked Gray.

'I have no, choose do I?' I thought. "Okay, I'll go with you guys, just let me get some of my stuff and say goodbye to my dad." I said.

"Of course Miss. Heartfilia, please take your time." replied Erza.

Ten minutes later, I found myself packing all important things I think would need for where ever I was going and left a note on the fridge for my dad because he worked late that night, again.

If their telling the truth then I have no time to wait for dad to come home to explain why I'm leaving in person.

I walk out the front door with my light blue suitcase and see the three people that claim to be wizards and blue flying cat waiting for me. Natsu sees me and runs up to me, grabs my wrist and then says "Glad you decided to come with us Luce." while smiling widely.

For some reason that smile looked more beautiful than anything I'd ever seen and noticed my face was burning red. 'Why am I blushing.' I thought.

I noticed Gray pulling something out of his pocket that looked like a small clear ball with image of a building inside it saying "Fariy Tail". Then Gray throw it to the ground(WRITER'S NOTE: THAT QUOTE WASN'T INTENTIONAL, BUT ITS STILL FUNNY SO I'M KEEPING IT AND IF YOU GET WHAT THE QUOTES FROM, SAY IT IN THE COMMENTS), smashing it and creating a human sized vortex with the building I seen in the ball now reflected in the vortex.

"You ready Miss. Heartfilia?" asked Erza.

"Uh, Yes." I replied.

"Then let's go home!" yelled Natsu excitedly.

"Aye sir." said Happy.

Natsu grabbed my waist and pulls my over his shoulder, why I don't know, but he did any way and ran into the vortex first, followed by Erza, Gray and Happy.

As we entered the portal, we were instantly teleported to a completely different world that looked like a mixture of modern sociality and the mid-evil times.

'Incredible.' I thought as I gazed at the scenery.

"Welcome back Natsu, Gray, Erza and Happy and hello again Lucy." said a familiar voice.

As I turned my head to see if the person who said my name who I thought she was, I began to cry.

"Mom?" I asked while crying.

"I missed you so much Lucy. You at you, your so beautiful." said my mother.

Without saying anything, I ran up to my mom and wrapped my arms around her tightly, it felt like for forever since I last seen her.

"I missed you too, mom." I cried.

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