Hello fellow readers! (Man that sounded weird) it's me, AngelStrikex here to tell you about updates for my story. Unfortunately I still wont be able to update soon, it's just I've been delaying it for a while and when ever I think I have time to write a new chapter, my family decides that they need me to do something for them that takes a whole day (Babysitting sucks). I know you probably thought this would be a new chapter to the way too long awaited story, but it's not. I'm so so so so SORRY! I truly wish I could write more often for you guys, really I do, I love to see how much you guys like my story. It makes me feel so happy to know others like my story and I love to write. Anyway, another reason I've been busty lately is because of school, I keep getting piles of homework in each of my classes that take hours of work, (Yeah I know, it's not an excuse, I'm sorry) but I hope that this weekend I'll try and finish all of my homework, so I can start writing again. I hope you guys stay with me and continue to read my story and like it as I try to get back on track. And I promise, that if I ever do this again, you guys can yell at me all you want about my mistakes for my chapters or talking too long to update and I'll reply with a positive comment. But please continue to read my story, I know so far that it's kind of slow, but it will get LOTS OF ACTION soon and there will be tons of NALU scenes, just wait a few more days. PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE! But if you can't wait any longer, (Don't unfavourite or unfollow it please) I wrote another NALU story called 'Money Can Be Suffocating' the description is on my profile page and you can get a link to the story there as well. Pretty much, it's a twist in what happens after the Phantom Lord and Lucy confronts her father. Go read it if you want to find out more. Also, I wrote a short story on Wattpad, called 'Seeing the Sky' unfortunately it's not a NALU, but it does have a few references in it about Fairy Tail. Note; it is really long but that's because it was written for my English class and I couldn't separate it into individual chapters. My username is still the same one from my Fanfiction one, so it shouldn't be too hard to find, but if it is just message me and I'll help direct you there. The story is about a girl named Nami being tortured until her 16th birthday. She runs away and meets a kind women that takes care of her and Nami eventually becomes part of her family, along with her children, Leo and Lucy. But that all changes when she finds out, the man responsible for torturing her is hunting her down. (I swear I'm not trying to advertise, I just want to give you AWESOME readers other stories I've written to read, until I write another chapter for this story) Well this note is getting WAY too long, I'm sorry for that, and I guess that's all I have to say, I hope you guys will stay with me as I write more and like my other stories too. THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH, I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW THANKFUL I AM TO YOU GUYS FOR LIKING MY STORY! Well, THANK YOU and I hope to see you guys in the future.