Hello, and welcome to Sweetened Pain. The title will hopefully make sense later. xD This is the main story I'll be focusing on, along with my Puppyshipping story as a side note. This is a modern AU. So, no yamis and hikaris and all of that. Ryou is Bakura's brother, Yugi is Yami's brother, etc.


Darkshipping (this is obviously the main pairing and it involves Bakura and Yami for those who don't know, because they belong together forever)

Side pairing(s):

Deathshipping (because it's far, far too cute and needs more popularity. Tendershipping...meh...bleh...eh...)

Pleashipping (Mahado x Isis, because even the toughest of priestess's need a little love. And because they're cute together)

Mizushipping (Seth x Kisara. KISARA NEEDS MORE LOVE)

Prideshipping is also briefly featured somewhat. Seto's being an ass (when isn't he an ass? Although, he's a hot ass, I'll give him that) and is cheating on Yami, so it's... one sided, shall we say? All of you Prideshipping/ Seto fangirls should probably leave.

Alright. Time for the long, boring authoress's notes...

This fic contains the following: man/man/yaoi/shounen-ai (though it also obviously has heterosexual or male/female), language, kidnapping, occasional OOC characters, etc. if you don't like any of that stuff, you might as well leave now. If I see one homophobic review, I swear I'm going to -

Well... I don't think anything else needs to be said - Oops. Oh Yamikins and Bakubaby~

*Both of them glare at me*


Yami: *gulps* Recette doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh, nor does she own any of its characters.

Bakura: Thank bloody Ra she doesn't...

Recette: Screw you both. Anyway, enjoy the horribly-written fic that I wrote while on painkillers and a bunch of other meds! (No, I seriously did. Beware)


A coy smile tugged at pale, salmon pink lips, while crimson eyes sparkled with interest and desire.

Bakura had been sitting on that uncomfortable tree bark for the past 3 hours, watching his prey move back and forth listlessly. The whitette (1) assumed he was worried over something, judging by the way he was pacing.

A frown nudged perfect white eyebrows downward.

Apparently, his target - Yami, or so he'd heard - already had a boyfriend. A rich one, Bakura noted mentally as his eyes traveled over the expensive gifts adorning Yami's bedroom.

But the other youth would soon forget, so Bakura pushed the jealous thought from his mind for the time being.

Just then, a white-haired woman walked out, a phone pressed to her ear. For a moment, Bakura wondered if she was some kind of prostitute or something (this 'Yami' never invited women over to his house), though one glance at her clothing told him otherwise. She was well-dressed and had a pleasant face. But who was she?

The albino tried to squash the sinful feeling of jealous burning in his heart.

She's just one of his stupid friends, Bakura. Stop acting like a school-girl and get a hold of yourself!

A ringing noise interrupted Bakura's previously-quiet stake out. Rolling his eyes, the youth dug into his shirt pocket and pulled out his cellphone.

Ryou. Figures.

Ryou was his mother-hen of a younger brother. He was seemingly innocent and the perfect human to everyone who'd met him, but Bakura knew different. Ryou had some... odd interests, to say the least. Not only in terms of hobbies, but in terms of his love life.

How many people dated a blonde Egyptian who enjoyed wearing golden cuffs and other weird jewelry, along with preserving Egyptian artifacts in his own bedroom?

Not that Bakura gave a damn about what his younger brother was doing. Besides. A gay British thief with an apparent fetish for short men with odd hairstyles wasn't exactly the norm either, but it was what Bakura was.

Oh, and that phone call? He'd ignored it. Ryou was just going to pester him about being late for dinner, so it was pointless to answer. The lectures Ryou gave didn't anger Bakura; they just annoyed him. A lot.

Ah. His prey was coming outdoors. Perfect.

~Yami's POV (Point of View)~

Seto was really worrying me. I understand he's busy, but he's really stretching things this time. We were supposed to be going on a date tonight, but apparently something's getting in the way.

Am I overreacting? Probably. Am I jealous that he's spending his time with someone else? Kind of... but I'm more hurt, if anything.

We've been together for over a year now, and - as wimpy as it sounds - it's a little heartbreaking that he's cheating on me. And yes, I know he's cheating on me. With who? I have no idea.

It first started becoming obvious when his secretary, Kisara, informed me that some brunette woman (2) was visiting him constantly. She added that she didn't know who the woman was, but that she was getting uncomfortably close to Seto, and he wasn't exactly 'pushing her away'.

Despite the gentle, consoling tone she'd used when breaking the news to me, it didn't soften the blow. I was stunned that he'd do such a thing.


I turned my head and let out a long, deep sigh and looked Kisara in her saddened blue eyes.

"I'm sorry about what's going on with Seto," The young woman whispered remorsefully. I could tell what he was doing was hurting Kisara, even if it wasn't her he was cheating on.

"That's alright." Was my forced, semi-angry reply.

She shook her head firmly. "No. It is in no way alright." At my surprised expression, she let out a sigh of her own and added, "You both looked so happy together. Seth (3) and I were elated when you informed us that you'd gotten together, but now -"

The familiar ring of a cellphone interrupts Kisara's troubled speech. She sends me an apologetic look before speaking into the device, "Hello? Oh, hi honey. Yes, I'm at Yami's. Why do you ask? What? Oh... I see. I'll be over there as soon as I can."

Turning to me, Kisara announced, "It seems that Isis and Mahado are having some difficulties moving in, and Seth wants my help. Is it alright if I...?"

I smile and nod, "Of course." Somehow, the small smile enlarges and turns into a grin as I add, "Tell those two lovebirds I said 'hi'."

She smiles, though it still holds some sadness. "Of course." Kisara slings her handbag over her shoulder and stands up, biding me a final goodbye before leaving me to myself.

I pour myself a glass of the wine Seto so generously supplied me with. But as I stare at the red liquid, my thirst for it begins to diminish as my head takes on a heavy feeling. Shrugging, I take the sudden headache lightly and decide to head outside.

But the moment I remove myself from the house's warmth, a cloth covers my eyes and a hand clamps itself over my mouth. My eyes widen and I immediately beginning struggling, but this doesn't seem to deter my assailant.

"Perhaps if you'd stopped struggling, I wouldn't have to do this."

Cold steel touches the back of my neck. I freeze.

"Now," The same haunting voice whispers in my ear, "are you going to cooperate?"

I grit my teeth. The last thing I want to do is relent. But, if I act stupidly it could easily cost me my life. Seto's probably not coming home for another 2 hours, and Kisara just left, so I can't - as embarrassing as it would be - call for help.

Instead of waiting for my answer, my attacker seems pleased with my silence and momentary pause in struggling and uses this opportunity to hit me on the back of my head with a blunt object.

My recently regained vision swims, and the last thing I witness before passing out are glowing wine-red eyes...

Authoress's Notes:

(1) It's like brunette, but with white-hair. Get it? 'white'ette?

(2) And no, this isn't Tea.

(3) AKA Priest Seto, but he isn't a priest in this. Obviously. He's just a handsome average Joe that isn't so average. Lovely, right?

Lol, the bits with the 'gay British thief' and 'fetishes for short men with odd hair'? That was thrown in for the fun of it. This isn't really going to be an angst-y fic, believe it or first there will be some angst, but later on, we're talking hurt/comfort, fluff, (yes, believe it or not. You'll soon see why) etc.

That escalated quickly. Anyways, this is just the glorious little thing known as a Prologue, so it isn't meant to be long or make any sense. Tell me whatcha' think! All flames will be donated to Bakura so he can use them to light the candles in his little... 'romance room'. ;)

Yami: What is a romance room? *narrows eyes before they widen considerably* Wait a second - !

Bakura: *picks up Yami and runs off with him to said romance room*

Well, I'm going to leave them to their little fun, so... sayonara, everyone. Have a happy day (or night)! (Also, I need a Beta, so this is obviously unbeta-d so sorry for any mistakes)