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Table of context

1. Sos! Germany Help Me! pt.1

2. Sos! Germany Help Me! pt.2

3. A Spy Among Us

4. America's Rescue Plan

5. Joint Operations

1. Sos! Germany Help Me! pt.1

The phone on Germany's desk began to is probably Italy again what could he want this time. Germany picked up the phone "Hello Italy what is it this time." he sighed.

"Germany, Germany I have been captured by green frogs from outer space and." The phone cut off to a strange voice took the phone.

"This is of the armpit Platoon if you ever want to see your friend again you will surrender to me." Keroro laughed.

"Keoro kero keoro who knew it would be this easy to capture a Pekopon country. "Keroro thought to himself. Italy managed to get the phone again. "Germany help me! Help me!" the line cut off. Germany grasped the phone and thought he should call America. Since America has an alien friend.

Germany reacted his brain to remember America's Phone number. Darn it why can't I remember that's idiot's phone number. "Is there something I can help you with." said Angol Mois in a sweet tone. "I will try my best to help uncle better not blow my cover."

"Weight woe are you?" Germany yelled. Confused at just who this girl is standing before him.

"I'm your new secretary." She smiled. Come on please fall for.

"Uh. I did not know I had a Secretary tell me what your name is. "Germany asked, while giving her a quick glance. "Maybe I hired a secretary and completely forgot about her. That seem a good answer for now at least."

Germany would of course look into her story at a better time. Right now all his thought where on Italy and his possible alien captors." my name is Hiromi Sakata please to meet you." Angol Mois or aka Hiromi said. Uncle said that is what I'm to tell him and i will do anything if it make's uncle happy.

"Nice to meet you, can you pull up America's number for me it very important and don't have time to explain." Germany gave the order half expected her to have questions.

"Of course I can." Angol Mois said with a smile shorting thru the phone cards for America's number. If I am to pretend to be his secretary i might as well act like one.

"Ah here it is."Angol mois explained holding up the card with America's phone number on it.

"Can you read it to me?" Germany seemed to rush her.

"Sure it is 334-897-354." She answered. Wow I sure fooled him uncle will be so proud of me.

"Thank you can levee now." Germany said dismaying her. "Alright as long as you don't need anything i will be right outside the door if you need me." Angol mois smiled at Germany. "Good knows I can't go and give my report to uncle I just need to find somewhere private."

"All right." he gave a response as she left the room." come on you idiot pick up the phone. "He type his foot in anticipation.

"Hello this is America speaking how I can help you." America answered in and argent tone. " America this is Germany I called to tell you that."" Germany why are you calling me for shouldn't you call japan?" America asked. "Germany must of dialed my number by mistake." America thought.

"Look this is an emergency Italy has been captured by alien's" Germany shouted.

"I will be right there." America said in a serious hanged up the phone." should i call Japan to since we are ally's in all, no I can't do that not yet i should just hope that America has some answers, don't worry Italy I'm coming soon. "Germany thought he did the right least he hoped he did.


"Keroro Come out now you need to do the laundry stupid frog, seize where is that stupid frog is?" Natsumi walked around the base. Keroro spotted her into hallway.

"Oh crap! If Natusmi finds out that I captured a pekopon country she'll kill me, better distract her"

"Natsumi what are you doing down here?" Keroro asked. "Just stay act casual." Keroro began to sweat. "I came to tell you to do the laundry." she yelled.

Keroro let out a sigh of relief" is that it I must of forgot I will get right on it." Keroro stated hoping that Natsumi would fall for it, and go one her merry way." What are you up to frog?" she looked down at him. Not good quick act innocent.

"What me I am not up to anything I have no new plans to concur your plant yet." he lied.

"You better not, now laundry." Natsumi left the base in a fit of rage. "Oh Natsumi how naive can you be. Too bad for me that Natsumi not the only treat to my plan it's a good thing I made angle mois spy on that Germany guy , my play will soon be achieved." Keroro rubbed his fogy hands together as he turned heading toward where his first prisoner awaits.