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4. America's Rescue Plan

Germany let out a deep sigh. After all he did not call America to have tea and eat pie. No he call America because of his so called alien friend tony. After all who else could know about the so called alien that's captured Italy. So for now he'll have to deal with America stupidity. The strange thing about this is he does not remember hiring a secretary. I have a feeling that girl is not who she says she is. After what seemed to be English minutes America finally arrived

"OKAY DUDES LET'S GET THIS MEETING STARED!" America shouted before taking a bite of a hamburger. "Now Germany dude you said that Italy called you, and stated he being held prisoner by aliens yes?!"

Germany took a few minutes to compose himself before answering America.

"Yes" these word where hard to say for what they implied. That one Italy was in danger and probably scared out of his mind to the very fact only three days ago he want to go visit Italy and he did not see any alien spy's or camera's. All Germany could do was blame himself. Why did he not call for anyone else telling them of what happened to Italy? These thoughts went one in an endless circle.

"Okay that confirm that where undergoing a full on invasion of earth" America blurted out before shoving a hamburger in his mouth.