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Pandora was a peculiar jewel, Shinichi though, gazing at the small red jewel in her hands fondly. Pandora, a she in all rights, was wittily sarcastic and at the same time innocently childish. She had a mind of her own, and often liked to converse with the detective that had come to be her guardian over the years.

No one could hear the gem besides Shinichi of course. Well, she used to at least. Ever since Toichi's accident, Pandora's been silent. And that was years ago. But Shinichi knew Pandora would be waking up soon. She could feel it. She supposed that had something to do with the special bond they shared.

Sighing, She placed Pandora in a small silver locket that was in the form of a fashionable necklace. The locket held Pandora comfortably with no signs of concealment, so thankfully her little buddy Pan-Pan didn't glow under the moonlight with it. That would be a problem. Especially since a certain phantom thief was most likely after her friend. Why else would he hold up gems to the moon and then mutter under his breath, "It's not the one."

If her deduction was correct and KID was actually Kaito Kuroba, Toichi's son. Then she'd be able to understand why. She herself was trying to get revenge on the people that killed her mother's teacher. But at the same time, she needed to stay low. Shinichi was still in the process of taking down the B.O. Her alter ego Conan no longer existed thanks to Haibara.

The antidote, a poison despite having counter effects to the original APTX4869 had left her body in a somewhat unstable condition.

"It has no immediate side effects," Ai had told her after she had taken it. "The occasional spasms would come, most likely when put under stress." Shinichi of course replied with a chirpy, "It's not like I have to hide from an underground syndicate that wouldn't blink an eye to blow me up than hunt down everyone i'm associated with. Yes, absolutely nothing stressful." Haibara apparently wasn't in a happy mood because she glared at the detective before proceeding to whack her across the head.

But that was beside the point now, there was a problem at the moment. An extremely bad problem. Pandora seemed to be waking up now. Shinichi was at a KID's heist for Pete's sake (whoever Pete may be..) She was only locked up in a bathroom stall with Pandora because she had sensed her sleepy friend waking. She just didn't think it would be that fast.

She clutched the locket closer to her chest and tried to focus on the voice she had never forgotten as it started to penetrate her head. She made out small whimpers and slight yawns that Pandora had a habit of doing when she woke up even though she didn't need to. The jewel was actually very human like.

'Shin-chan? Oh! Goodmorni- Why in god's blue sky are you an adult!?' The gem shrieked before coming to a realization as multiple memories flooded into her magical mind. 'Well..' Pandora drawled on, pretending to cough. 'That was rather eventful.' Shinichi didn't know whether to roll her eyes or squeal in joy. She settled for clutching her necklace to her chest like her entire life depended on it.

'You have no idea how much I missed you.' She thought out, knowing Pandora could hear her. She was going to miss having her own mind.

'I see you've been busy. By the way, totally side-tracked comment here, but you were really adorable as a cross dressing shrunken teenager!' Pandora stated with a slight squeal as she organized Shinichi's memories into her own. 'I'm just saying, you were pretty freaking adorable.'

'Oh shut it Pan-Pan.'

'You know you missed me.'

'Of course I did. Right at the moment though, we have more pressing matters, we'll have a celebration party for your return when we get this cleared over.' Shinichi thought sternly to the gem,

'You mean Toichi's son. The one that wants me? Most likely to destroy me.' Pandora replied back sadly. She remembered meeting Kaito once with his father. He was such an adorable kid and Toichi was an amazing person. Pandora may be a jewel, but she could feel the sadness whenever she recalled the original Kaito KID.

'What do you mean?' Shinichi asked the gem. 'Him being Toichi's son is just a theory. I can't prove it yet.' She explained.

'No, trust me. It's him. Lets just continue with the heist but keep me out of sight. We need to find a way to convince him I'm not dangerous.'

'I suppose you're right, but that means we're going to have to convince him to let us hang out with his civilian identity.'

'Wrong. You're going to have to do it.' Pandora corrected thoughtfully. Shinichi grumbled slightly.

'It's not going to happen. It's way too far fetched.'

'Just convince him you won't catch him.'

'And what if I am?'

'Shinichi, we both know that's not true. You don't even want too!'

"Fine." The detective mumbled under her breath, rushing out of the bathroom and to the heist room where KID's target was being held. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Isn't that right Pan-chan?"

'You betcha Shin-chan~'

'Don't call me that please.'

'If you can call me Pan-chan, I have all rights to call you Shin-chan.'

The conversation was cut short as the detective walked through the building and was immediately met by Nakamori-keibu. She was only deemed safe to pass when the inspector nearly ripped off her face with his cheek pulling. She grumbled unhappily and rubbed at her sore cheeks, leaning up against a wall so she had a view of the whole room.

'I would have bit him if I had teeth.' Pandora commented with a mental scowl. Shinichi found herself nodding along in her head before she sighed.

'And that's why you weren't graced with teeth my violent friend.' Shinichi told the jewel distractedly, gazing over the crowd to see if KID was disguised among anyone. She found someone and immediately pointed the person out to Pandora with a slight smirk. 'I spy with my little eyes,' Shinichi started.

'An elusive thief,' The gem finished, smirking alongside the detective. Not that anyone could see, but it made her happier when she could express herself through Shinichi's mind. Such a nice guardian she was stuck with. 'I can't actually wait to meet him!' She told the detective excitedly and Shinichi raised a physical eyebrow.

'You saw him through my memories.' She reminded the jewel and Pandora rolled her mental eyeballs in distress.

'It's different for me. Those were just your memories. Emphasize on "your" and "memories".' She explained. 'It's different in more ways than you suspect.'

'I see.' The detective replied, cutting of the conversation in favor a going towards the thief disguised as a police officer. Her foot steps were quiet, she was sure KID would be proud. Tapping him on the back of the shoulder, he jumped. "Hey," She greeted.

"H-hi." He false officer stuttered out, trying his best to conceal his nervousness. "Do you need anything?" He asked, scratching his cheek.

"Yes actually," Shinichi replied with a slight smirk. "I wanted to make sure you were aware that you forgot your contacts, KID." Said thief froze up in shock. "You do know you have a very unique eye color and it can be used to place you out when you disguise." She told him, gesturing vaguely to his eyes that seem rather misplaced on the face he was wearing.

"I'll have to keep that in mind." He mumbled under his breath. "Thank you Meitantei-san, but look at the time, I have a jewel to steal." The lights went out and the false police officer disappeared in a puff of smoke, only to reappear on top of the display case.

'Oh! Sassy. Me likey very much.' Pandora all but purred in Shinichi's mind. 'I approve. Oh yes, I definitely approve.'

'Approve what?' Shinichi asked the gem and immediately regretting it when she did. She could see Pandora sending her a mental image of her smirking.

'What else but a relationship of course!' She chirped happily and Shinichi had to cut her off to actually pay attention to the heist. Nakamori was apparently strung up to the celine sometime during the duration of her conversation. And the phantom thief was also right in front of her smiling, waiting for an answer to a question she doesn't remember him asking.

"Say what?" She asked the thief stupidly. "I hadn't heard a word you said." Concern flashed across the magicians face for a moment before it disappeared into a smug smirk.

"Lost in thoughts, Meitantei-san?" He teased.

"In a way perhaps, but the situation is different." She explained without meaning to. You know, it just sorta slipped. The thief eyed her funnily all while Nakamori-keibu spouted curse words that really shouldn't be heard considering there's the possibly that their on national television. Oh well, he was loud enough for them not to hear her and KID.

"You don't have any multiple personalities I should be worried about, do you?" He asked with a playful glint. Shinichi placed a hand to her chin and got into her thinking pose. Was pandora considered a multiple personality? Well they didn't technically share a body so she guessed not.

"Nope," She told him, popping the P. "You're safe."

'Possibly.' Pandora chirped in Shinichi's mind. 'I might just be said split personality.'

'Shut it, you.' The detective scolded the jewel.

"Oh well. That would have been a lot more interesting." KID said, yawning slightly as if he was getting bored. Shinichi rolled her eyes and KID smirked.

"May I have this dance Meitantei-san?" The thief picked up one of her gloved hands placing a kiss on it. He didn't question the glove though. He has his own after all, even if the purpose as different.

'Ooh! Romantic. What to say..'

"Why not?" Shinichi shrugged and Kaito laughed as she began to chase him. He dodging soccer balls and sleeping darts. She herself dodging very sharp cards shot her way. They certainly 'danced', as the thief called it. The onlookers were in awe at their graceful movements and fluid steps. They however lost them when both detective and thief bolted to the roof. And none could follow. They were, after all, still strung to the roof.

Shinichi followed after the thief, almost directly behind. It was so nice to have long legs again.

'I don't have legs.' Pandora told her sadly while she made a mental pouty face causing her guardian to roll her eyes.'Or arms for that matter.' Pandora sighed before letting out the dramatic, 'Why? Oh! Why?'

"Drama queen much?" Shinichi muttered under her breath and Kaito raised an eyebrow from his position in front of her.

'How rude.' Pandora countered. 'No respect from young people now a days.'

"Meitantei-san, you've been talking to yourself a lot lately. Are you sure you don't have a split personality. I think you might need a therapist." The thief told her as she walked next to him to catch her breath.

"Trust me when I say this." Shinichi started, suddenly very serious and Pandora winces mentally, understanding what was going on through her head. "A therapist wouldn't want me." KID furrowed his brows even though his poker face smirk was still in place.

"Oh~ And why is that?" He asked. Shinichi tilted her head in a slightly innocent way.

"I can only pour out my soul into so many notebooks they'd make me keep and they themselves would break. I can only tell them the 51 way I know how to kill someone with just a toothpick before they send me to the asylum. I can tell them all my doubts and depression before before my doubts also become theirs. They wouldn't be helping me, I would be breaking them." She told him all in one breath.

"You.. are not an optimistic person, are you?"

"Not particularly, no." She replied with a shrug and Kaito laughed.

"I'm really lovin' the sarcasm here." He told her with a smirk although the concern was still there. Who knew his detective had such morbid thoughts. It was a little unnerving and the thief made a mental note to check on the detective once in a while. "Although, perhaps you could try lighter humor."

"Haha. Hysterical." Shinichi rolled her her eyes.

'I thought it was brilliant! A wonderful display of sarcasm.' Pandora commented and Shinichi quickly shut her up. It was kind of hard to have two conversations at once especially if one happened to be in your head.

"So," KID drawled out, slightly confused about Shinichi not taking the jewel yet.

"You gonna get it or not?" He asked, juggling the blue gem in the air. Pandora scoffed.

'He thought that was me?! I'm much more beautiful.' She exclaimed and Shinichi glared at Kaito. It was his fault she yelled in her head. And Shinichi couldn't just cover up her ears and hope not to hear, plus if she did that, the thief would think she's crazy. Well, crazier than he already thought she was.

'Just quiet down for now.'

'Fine.' Pandora mumbled.

Shinichi shrugged when he dangled the jewel in front of her face. She could see cracks in his poker face where curiosity and confusion managed to slip through. Shinichi grumbled when KID further taunted her with the jewel.

"All right," She told him and he paused. "I want you to understand some priorities I have recently made myself." KID nodded in confusion, yet his stupid smirk was still in place. "I have come to the terms that I actually don't want to catch you, so you're safe from me, not sure about that Hakuba guy though. Anyways, I'll still of course be coming to your heists and will still try to obtain the jewel. Just keep in mind I mean you no harm." The poor phantom thief was beyond confused.

"Meitantei-san, are you alright?" The thief asked, placing a hand to the detectives forehead. Shinichi sighed, whacking the hand away. KID put on a mock hurt look. "So cruel~"

"I'm serious KID," She told the thief. To Pandora, 'I knew this wouldn't work..'

"Now I know you're sick." The thief muttered and Shinichi fumed.

'Awe! He's concerned.' Pandora chirped up.

'Have you been listening to a thing I've said?'

'Not really to be honest.'


"Hmm. Spacing out , slightly warm, saying weird things. Yup. You're sick." The magician told the girl, who apparently was not paying attention and was once again spacing out. "Oh~ Meitantei-san! Hello? Earth to detective!"

"Shut it!" Shinichi snapped. She was suddenly feeling very stressed and didn't want it to result in a spasm. The thief held his hands up in surrender and Shinichi sighed. "Sorry." She mumbled. "How long are the police going to be occupied?"

"Awhile I suppose. I think they're stuck in the glue trap 10 floors down because I haven't heard the more destructive traps set off." KID explained, suddenly very more serious now that he was positive the detective wasn't lying. Shinichi nodded and leaned against the wall of the roof, looking vulnerable with none of the usual confidence she usually possessed.

"KID," She said lowly and the thief had to strain his ears to pick up her words. "I propose we work together to take down your organization."


"I'll cut to the chase. I won't help you look for what you're after but I will and can assist you with taking down the people that are after you." She explained, knowing full well she was only making him question where she got her knowledge. "Deal?" She held out her hand and KID hesitated.

"How much do you know?" He asked, a skeptical brow raised and a cautious look on his face.

"Enough. However, if you pester me for questions I will be less inclined to tell you." She told him sternly.

'Yeah! Lay down them rules!'

"Do you ever plan on telling me?" He asked. Shinichi tilted her head to the side in thought.


Their hands met in the center and they shook, sealing the deal. Pandora let out an inappropriate squeal for such a serious mood. But, hey, close contact with one of her new favorite people.

"May I at least know why you're suddenly wearing gloves." Kid asked. The question had been bothering him for awhile now. Glove's didn't really seem to be Shinichi's type of thing because it was obvious she wasn't used to wearing them, so why wear them now.

"Let's just say it's a similar situation and I can't have my prints falling into the wrong hands." She said tiredly, fingering her gloves uncomfortably. In a lower voice the thief knew he wasn't supposed to hear, "You're not the only one with a shadowy syndicate on your tail." The thief's eyes widened.

"Meitantei-san! What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into?" The magician asked rather alarmed at this new piece of information. Shinichi groaned, face palming at her own stupidity. Of course he could hear her! He's a freaking phantom thief!

'You know, you should really stop talking to yourself~' Pandora taunted in a sing-song voice.

'Shut it! You aren't helping. Not one bit!' The detective mentally growled and Pandora chuckled, clapping imaginary hands in delight.

'Glad to be of assistance.' She did a little bow. In was strange since she molded herself into a chibi Shinichi to do it.

"I-" Shinichi started, not really knowing how to explain her situation. "To be honest I think I've been into the whole hunting down dark syndicates longer than you. When I can tell you about it without repercussions, I will. Until then. please just wait."

"Is that why you went missing for two years?" kaito asked, his voice strangely soft. Shinichi blinked, not really expecting the question.

"That was part of the reason," She explained, not really wanting to lie. "That and a strange... um, illness."

"Illness?" KID asked. "Are you alright?" Once again she was rather baffled, not only by the question but the genuine concern in his voice.

"I'll," She sighed, not sure how to answer. "I'll be fine."

"You're still ill then?" The thief once again put his hand to her forehead, checking for any signs of a fever. He checked her pulse to, which was slightly low, but Shinichi knew that was just a minor side effect to the antidote. However Shinichi also knew with all the stress piling up, she was in danger of a spasm attack.

"I've been cured of it mostly. I shall probably be fine in time."

"But that means you're still ill." The thief put a hand on his hip, wanting a straight answer from his ever so cryptic critic.

"Yes then, I suppose I'm still ill." She sighed in defeat before pausing suddenly when she randomly yawned. She was starting to get tired too.

"Well then, I can't have my new partner going back home in this condition." He chuckled. "Come here, I'll take you home and we can also talk about how we're going to meet up and plan our operations. Plus, it's bout time the police get out of that glue trap and get to the more.. destructive ones." He smirked and right on cue, there was a shout, a loud curse, and the sound of a million party blow horns going off.

"Fine." Shinichi muttered, letting the thief carry her to the ledge of the roof. KID jumped off and Shinichi gasped as the wind sprayed her hair this way and that. It was, exhilarating. And the city below. Had it ever been that pretty? Shinichi beamed at everything as the magician chuckled at her cute behavior and did a few fancy swirls, making the ride more thrilling.

'Wooooooo!' Pandora squealed as they went through another loop making the detectives heart drop and she buried her face into KID's white tuxedo shirt. 'Someone's getting a little close to someone~'

'How many times have I told you to shut up already?!'

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