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Chaos. That was just another word to describe one of Kaitou KID's heist. Pure and utterly undeniable chaos. Flashes of white. Flashes of red. Flashes of green. Colors, feathers, glitter, and birds everywhere mixed in with the lingering confusion that was practically radiating off the task force as they tried to follow the order of two Nakamori-keibu's. Aoko stood there, somewhere in the middle of the room, holding up two Anti-KID posters as she glanced around the room, thankfully not targeted by either of the KID's.

"He's the fake, dammit!" One of the Keibu shouted and the officers who surrounded both glanced at one another with uncertainty. "What are you waiting for? GET HIM!" The officers made a step to move forward but stopped with another shout followed.

"Don't get me, you idiots! He's the FAKE!" The other Keibu, the one they were about to pounce on shouted loudly. A rather small, scared task force member bravely stood forward.

"H-how do we know you'r-re n-not lying to u-us?" He stuttered out. In was nerve wrecking to be under the eye of both Nakamori and KID. Whichever one may be. A few other members of the force shouted their agreement.

"I-" both Keibu's blanched, looking at one another before glaring. "I don't know! He's THE FAKE! GET HIM!" They shouted in sync and the task force sighed loudly, collectively. Because that really wasn't making it better. And oddly enough, both Keibu's started to dance around ridiculously almost as if they were mirrors as they copied each other's movements. Right hand forward. Left leg bent into a yoga position. Just what were they doing?

The other KID who finally stopped glittering everyone to gaze at the scene only raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Because seriously, what the hell was happening? And serious mistake. Other not-Keibu KID dogged a poster before grinning wildly.

"Ojou-san. That wasn't very nice. And here I was trying to keep you out of the chaos." The thief purred, flicking the anti-KID poster away. "If you insist, however, I have this wonderful glitter that would go so well with your complexion. It's up to you."

Nakamori Aoko's resolve faltered and she took a few stuttering footsteps backward. "N-no thank you?"

The not-Nakamori-disguised KID shrugged. "Your loss." A sense of overwhelming relief filled the inspector's daughter the moment the white-clad thief had left. Well, she hummed, she knew one thing for sure. She was not getting back into this mess. Time to find something to hide behind. Huh, that pillar looked like it'd do nicely.

"Oh come on! You're telling me you guys can p-predict each other's movements? Or KID can- wh- I don't even..." A task force member shouted, his hair already in the midst of being pulled out. Both Nakamori's ignored him, but the other KID thought his black hair was a bit dull. Neon green dye should fix that up just nicely. "OH COME ON!"

"I'm tiring of this game." One of the Keibu's finally said, stopping and bowing. The other- real Nakamori stopped as well, face red in anger. "I think I'll join my companion now. I left you a note in the case. Oh, but be careful, it's rigged. What fun would it be otherwise?" A puff of smoke and the disguise was dropped.

With doves following him like a mini army, the thief walked calmly away to where the other thief was leaning casually against the case. The task force was made to follow but found themselves to be glued down to the floor, unable to go anywhere without taking off their shoes and getting their bare feet stuck instead.

Identical twin grins were the last thing they saw at the heist that day. Nakamori Aoko was proud of her decision to stay behind the pillar. After all, she was wearing new shoes.

Meanwhile, both KID's in identically pristine white suits fled to the roof where the cheering crowd below could be heard, drowning out any other coherent voices. Shinichi grimaced under the shades of her hat. "Noisy." Kaito merely grinned, enjoying the attention much like a cat lying on the window sill would enjoy the warm sun.

'You have to admit.' Pandora finally popped up from being previously silent throughout the whole heist, seeing as she was happy enough just watching everything transpire amusingly. Well, after she tagged the enemy of course. 'That KID truly is popular. And probably has more fans than the most popular celebrities.'

'I really don't want to know what that'd do to Kaito's ego if he found out you said that..' Shinichi told the gem who let out a small chuckle. 'More importantly, did the plan go smoothly?'

Pandora felt the nervous edge to the detective's tone and reassured her with a warm burst of energy that seemed to make the locket pulse where it was tucked into Shinichi's shirt. The previous discomfort faded gently away and Pandora took that time to reply. 'Everything went well, I know their location. On the other building actually, but they're not going to make a move. They want KID to find me and then take me. He's technically, involuntarily that is, a valuable asset. But also expendable, unfortunately.'

'I see..' Was the solemn reply.

"So, accomplice-san." Kaito all but purred from under his hat. "Do you think we lured the snakes? I'm sure we'll get the tag on them next time. I have a feeling they won't be missing the next heist." Shinichi smirked. How to play this card? How to play it~?

"We won't have to worry about that," She started slowly, her hat tilted to hide her smirk in the shadows and voice deliberately slow and soft as if talking to a startled child. Well, she was talking to KID. Pandora chuckled. "The bug has already been planted." KID started, bent between being amused and alarmed. How? When? And Where?

"We now know their location." Kaito blinked his indigo eyes in confusion. This was the biggest step he'd ever gotten to getting information about them and he wasn't sure how to respond. It made him shake, but he felt exhilarated all at once. "What do we do next?" He smiled sincerely, placing a kiss on the back of the detective's glove covered hand.

"Ara ara, Meitantei-san, what else to do but fly?"

They jumped.

Frostbitten noses, laughing breaths and teasing yells of rivalry. Twists, turns, the wind, the moon, the pocketed jewel! He was a step closer! Closer than ever to putting his father's murderers in jail. And it was all thanks to that brilliant enigma flying and laughing right beside him. He wouldn't question how she got to them. Yet, that is. He'd rather just enjoy the wind, the smile on her face and the azure ocean in her shining eyes. Beautiful, serene, impossible perfect.

"Tanoshikatta, Kaito. Thank you." Shinichi's cheeks were tinted pink from the air, her black skinny jeans and long sleeve black shirt hugging her body as she sat down in the Kuroba family kitchen. "I have this for you." A pair of black framed glasses were gently placed on the counter as she slid her own pair on. "These have a tracking device enabled in them. We can now find and follow their location. Ready for a chase?"

"Of course, Shin-chan."

'He just called you Shin-chan~' Pandora teased, the jewel's voice giddy from all the excitement buzzing around her life.

'I noticed, thank you captain obvious.' The detective rolled her eyes, her breath exasperated. "I'll call in favors with the F.B.I. They'll be there before us and we'll observe whether or not we'll need to interfere."

"I understand." The younger male pouted. And here he wanted to play pranks on them. Rainbow hair would certainly make their style of all black more colorful and lively. O' the mischief that was running circles through his head, and he couldn't act upon any of it.

The outside air bit into the young detective's skin and she shivered, Pandora sending warm sparks through her body and making sure she wasn't overheard by Kaito. The familiar red bow tie brushed lightly against her fingers as she turned the dial to Conan's sound and pitch. She hated using the F.B.I like this, but...

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The red phone with the soccer ball charm dialed. Click. "Cool Kid? It's been awhile."

"Ahaha," Shinichi- Conan- laughed nervously into the phone. "I need your help. Well, my cousin needs your help. Do you know Kudou Shinichi by any chance, Jodie-sensei?" A hum greeted her statically through the phone. "She's a detective."

"Ah!" A sign of recognition. "The newly returned famous detective?"

"Yes, that one." Conan sighed. "Um, you see. She's actually been after the B.O and has tracked down a possible side branch. She has their location now. Seeing as she doesn't want to involve the police into this mess and she knows, through means I can't explain, that the F.B.I are in fact involved, she's willing to give you their location pronto. Can you go after them now?"

'God, Shinichi. You don't sound like a little kid despite the voice and it's kinda scaring me.' Pandora whispered to the detective mentally. Shinichi shrugged, her physical body moving. She was out of practice at the child act and Jodie-sensei knew what Conan was like when he was serious about something. This was a serious situation. And it wouldn't lead to too much suspicion either.

"T-that's a lot to swallow." The agent muttered. "Do you know the general location? It may take awhile to get there." Conan hummed through the bow tie, glasses suddenly being slid behind her ears with the GPS functions turned on.

"The one she bugged is currently near Beika, actually. Are you near that area?"

"About 20 minutes away. I assume I'll be meeting this girl there?" Jodie-sensei took a deep breath on the other side of the phone before continuing. "I hope you know what you're talking about cool kid. Can I have Kudou-sans number?""

"Of course, she'll give you the actual coordinates. You'll also be meeting her partner" The phone was quickly hung up before she could ask more questions and Shinichi quickly typed her own number to the agent with shaking fingers along with the message to hurry. A message confirming it was sent had her breathing a sigh of relief. Not moments later, her actual full grown self's phone rang displaying the American's number.

"Hello," Shinichi greeted calmly and professionally. "I assume you're Jodie-san?" She could almost see the agent blink in surprise.

"Yes, this is she- Now, let's get straight down to business."

"Of course."

It wasn't more than half an hour later that a group of fully armed agents and one detective and magician surrounded an abandoned warehouse, closing in on the criminal syndicate inside. A gas canister slid into a large room, white smoke using its properties to lull unsuspecting foes asleep with a sharp hiss. Snipers covered all of the windows leading outside and other agents blocked the doors, rendering it nearly impossible for escape. Throughout the orderly yet turbulent operaction, many people were dragged out and secured into armed vehicles.

The agents simply decided not to comment on how many of them suddenly had unnatural shades of pinks and purples in their hair and why a certain indigo eyed teen was eying them all with a tight smile, his fingers rolling balls of dye that were lightly staining his hands.

It wasn't until Shinichi purposely curled up next to Kaito at his house and on his couch that she asked the question that had been burning in her mind all throughout the duration of capturing Snake and the others. "How are you holding up?" Her voice was quiet and she furrowed her brows at how it actually felt nice to be pressed at his side, and how she enjoyed the fact he relaxed just by being in her mere presence. She reminded herself stubbornly that, this was just to make him feel better.

No other motive. It's simply because Shinichi knew people, especially people like Kaito, craved physical contact when in emotional states such as these. And she was willing to give him that physical contact.

"I'm not sure." It was after moments of silence that the thief finally spoke, his voice holding this far away vibe that told Shinichi he was still trying to calculate the situation, much like herself. "It feels artificial, like none of it ever happened and I'm going to wake up and they're still going to be wrecking havoc. But then there's this ecstatic part of me that is ready to move on and let them rot for what they did." Calloused hands circled Shinichi's waist and she held her breath. "I don't want to quit being KID." The detective sighed softly, smiling.

"Then don't." Her voice whispered out soothingly and Kaito's hand ran through her hair gently, brushing out the windswept curly locks. Her own hands found themselves behind his back as she hugged him much like he was doing her. The contact felt surprisingly comforting. "You still have to find Pandora don't you?" At the jewels indignant shout, she chuckled. Kaito hummed an affirmative response, his head now tiredly resting on hers. "Then let that goal be your new motivation."

"Thank you," he muttered sincerely.

"Don't thank me," she scolded. "I already told you, didn't I? I'm not helping you find the jewel." Kaito laughed, pulling away, his eyes shining in mirth.

"Yeah, I remember. I'll make sure to leave you out of such affairs" He jumped up off the couch, his conflicted emotions no longer there to bother him as Shinichi herself gently got off the couch. "Are you hungry?" He grinned, before glaring at her body. "You're too skinny."

Not wanting to argue, she muttered out an affirmative before telling him she was going to take a walk and that she'd be back within an hour.

Just like that, everything turned backwards. She was already fifteen minutes walking distance away from the house when she noticed she was being closely followed by a shadow. With hands in her pockets and shoulders tense, she carefully glanced back to see a slick black car following her at a slow pace and tinted windows rolled down to reveal a silver handgun and smirking Vermouth.

"I'm sorry, Silver bullet, but you're my assignment and you have to come with me."


'Shh, Pandora. Give me a second.'

"What does the B.O want with me? I've kept a low profile. They shouldn't have the evidence that I'm even alive." Vermouth's icy blue eyes shifted down to the gloves covering Shinichi's hands and she smiled.

"They didn't. Even with the news regarding your return, they were hell bent that you were a fraud like I persuaded them you were, but then some questions came up." Her eyes narrowed and her voice turned berating. "Why would a fraud know about us? Why was a fraud spotted with the F.B.I taking down those fools that pursued a magical jewel of immortality, not even an hour ago. We've been keeping tabs and too many things just didn't add up. You might as well come with me so we don't have to involve any more people."

"On one condition." Shinichi's mind buzzed. Her actions have been careless. They potentially put the things she cherished into jeopardy as well and she wasn't about to risk anything else if she could get Vermouth to help her. She trusted the woman to an extent that she did in fact not want to kill her and that had to be enough for now.

'You can't be serious,' Pandora whined. 'We're not getting in a car with a crazy psychopath!'

'You're right,' Shinichi agreed, smiling wryly. 'We're not.'

"And what is this condition?" Vermouth asked spinning the gun expertly in her hand and Shinichi was sure the safety was indeed off.

"I get to leave one clue. " She said, her hands already pulling the locket out from under her shirt.

"Go on," Vermouth yawned.

'No.' Pandora said, voice serious. 'You're my guardian. You can't just separate from me.'

'You agreed with me that night, you know? That you stay close to friends but stay closer to enemies. I need to go. I need to protect them. Everyone. And I fear this is the only path at the moment. We'll get through this. We always do.' The detective let out a deep shaky breath. 'I'm sorry, Pan-chan.' Her silver locket clattered to the ground and Shinichi into her thumb hard, smearing the blood on it's shiny surface. 'Kai will keep you safe. Reveal yourself at your own will. I'll miss you.'

'Don't you dare.'

'Goodbye Pandora.'

The car door slammed shut and the blood smeared locket was left on the ground, a panicked jewel inside as the connection to the detective grew dimmer and she could barely hold a location. Pandora understood what she had to do. If she was close enough, the connection she had with Shinichi would automatically rekindle and Kaito would be able to find her. They would be able to find her. Even though it meant working with a charming magician that may or may not want to destroy her. She would find Shinichi again.

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