A concrete remnant of its past.

A vibrant element of its present.

It's what makes us whole.

It's what makes us who we are

and who we will be.

Haruno Estate 6:00 PM. Everyone is currently busy preparing for the huge feast that is to commence later evening as a graduation celebration of Haruno Kizashi and Haruno Mebuki's only daughter Haruno Sakura, who was sophistically in her red cocktail dress hidden beneath her pearl white graduation dress. As she gracefully stepped on their grand staircase with her 4-inch stilettoes with her cap on her left hand, every person in the hall turned to stare at her outmost beauty. Her beautiful pink locks are swaying behind her back and her emerald green eyes are sparkling with happiness and excitement as she reached downstairs and faced her father and mother. The latter cannot contain her emotions and hugged her daughter with tears in her eyes. She then faced the fourteen year old with the biggest smile she can ever muster.

"My baby is finally growing up! Look into the camera and smile, Sakura." The woman said happily, with her camera ready to snap shot the photogenic smile of her daughter.

"We don't have time, dear. The graduation is going to start soon." Kizashi reminded her. He then turned to his daughter with a small smile and patted her head affectionately.

"I'm proud of you."

Sakura was grinning from ear to ear as she hugged back her father, after exclaiming "Mou dad! My hair's all ruined up!" with her father telling her "You're still beautiful. After all, you took up from me" which earned eyerolls from his wife and daughter.

"How long does it take until we get there?" Mebuki asked her husband.

"Just wait a little longer dear." Kizashi answered.

The family is currently driving towards the famous five-star hotel of Konohagakure where Sakura's graduation ceremony is to take place. While leaning at the right side of their car, Sakura was interrupted in her thoughts as her mobile phone vibrated in her lap. She picked out the phone and leaned to answer the call, that is until a very loud "FOREHEAAAAAAAD!" reached out had her phone placed far from her ear. Not that she won't be able to hear, anyway.

"You're too loud, pig. My ears are hurting." She answered, annoyed by her best friend's loud voice.

"Where are you?! Everyone is here!" the caller had asked, apparently ignoring her friend's complains. Sakura sighed loudly. Having best friends with Yamanaka Ino for nine years made her immune to her unnecessary exaggerations.

"Calm down, pig. We're almost there." She told her friend.

"Fine, but be fast! I can't wait to see you! BYEEEE!" Ino chirped and cut the call. Sakura sighed again. 'She never changed.' She thought with a smile.

"Ino sure is loud." commented her mother, who heard their short conversation. Sakura snorted.

"Loud would be an understatement, mother." she replied.

"You're right. No wonder you two get along so well." her mother sighed. Kizashi, never the one to pass the opportunity of not-so good comments, smirked at his wife.

"Don't blame Ino for your daughter's loudness, dear." he told his wife smugly. "You should know where she got that."

Both mother and daughter glared at him so hard that if looks would kill he could be plummeted to the ground. However, what Kizashi said is true. Sakura got her loud and eccentric attitude from her mother. Although a quiet baby before, Sakura had grown into quite a child. With her mother's outgoing attitude and her father's arrogant mannerism, kids her age could surely use a beating, especially with her short temper. It doesn't mean she's bad, though. She has her fair share of friends and they could all see that Sakura is someone they can really trust.

Kizashi raised one of his hands in surrender. "Okay you win." And both mother and daughter relaxed, with Mebuki sticking out her tongue to her husband childishly.

Kizashi and Sakura laughed at her behavior, until Kizashi noticed a black sedan heading towards their way and abruptly tried to avoid it. But apparently the driver had no means of avoiding them. This caused the family's car to stumble down the road and ended upside down.

As unfortunate as it seems,

all good things must come to an end

and memories remain

as a fragment of our imagination.