BEFORE the Outbreak:

Chloe smiled at the people that passed her and her best friend's Barden Bella's table. They had been firing brochure after brochure but no female on campus had yet to find interest. Although there was one woman who didn't fit their 'bikini ready body' need but did seem interested. That woman was Fat Amy, who insisted the two 'twig-bitches' to call her that so it wasn't done behind her back. Chloe was distressed and wondered why everyone hated them so much. She knew the past leader was a slutty, grouchy, and annoying bitch but that wasn't her. Maybe Aubrey was like that but not Chloe Beale.

"Oh," Chloe was speaking before she even realized who she pointed out to her highly judgmental bestie. Clutching her clipboard she continued to speak. "What about her?"

She had pointed out a short, petite, and alternative looking girl. She had been wearing headphones around her neck, tons of tattoos, gauges (which Aubrey would probably rip out disapprovingly), eyeliner that made her look dark and mysterious, just an all-round attractive being according to Chloe Beale.

Pulling the ginger from her thoughts Aubrey spoke up, "oh I don't know she looks a little 'too' alternative for us." The blonde pleaded, hoping Chloe would stay quiet.

But being the bubbly, outgoing, and bouncy-fun girl Chloe was ignored the girls plea and went to try and get that dark and mysterious girl in her group. She took blow after blow from that girl but Aubrey didn't let her get away with it. Aubrey had called the girl a bitch and Chloe got worried that maybe the girl would think she was the same way. As the girl walked away Chloe looked down and made a weird face, Aubrey groaning and bitching how she believes their final year as Bella's was going to end up in a mess like the year before.

Chloe Beale was afraid of this as well but for many other reasons than her best friend. She didn't want to move on from this life she was now considering now. What was to come in her life was terrifying living alone with no roommate, no freewill, no parties every night, no experimenting (which was why she favored that alternative girl so much), and so much more. The Barden Bella's was her home, her family, and she wasn't ready to move on. After the activities fair she retreated to the showers after the long day to meet up with her current 'fuck-buddy' Tom. Unfortunately she wanted to break things off with him but she wasn't very keen on hurting people so she stayed quiet.

As she was lip locking, hip jerking, and getting drenched in more than just water from the shower head she heard singing break through the bathrooms door. The voice sounded familiar but also foreign. Stopping her embrace with Tom she waited for the singer's shower to begin, easy to hear since they were probably the only ones who would be in the showers in the middle of the afternoon. After she heard the showerhead spurt out the water she made her way to the singer's shower. Opening it slowly she saw the same petite brunette, alternative girl from earlier. She broke the silence almost instantly after her realization.

"You can sing!"


"How high does your belt go?" Chloe asked as she turned off the shower head

"My what? Oh my god?!"

"You have to audition for the Bella's…"

"I can't focus on anything until you cover your junk."

Chloe kept her eyes on the girl, "just consider it." The smaller girl tried to grip the curtain around her tiny body. "We sang back up for Prince once. His butt is so tiny you can hold it with like one hand."

With that the soap dropped from the brunettes arms and a 'oops' emerged from the gingers lips with a faint giggle.

Facing away from the shower intruder she spoke, "I am nude."

"You were singing Titanium right?"

Now she was intrigued by the invader. "You know David Guetta?"

"Have I been living under a rock?" Chloe smiled wide, "yeah! That song is my jam."

The brunette looked over her shoulder at the girl.

"My Lady Jam."

Adverting her eyes she looked back into the corner she was trapped in. "Nice."

"Yeah. Song really builds." Chloe added, regretting it after she had done so.

"Gross." The brunette commented quietly

"Can you sing it for me?"

"Dude no! GET OUT!"

"Not for that reason." Even though the ginger so wanted it to be just for that reason. "I'm not leaving until you sing it for me, so…" She let out a sigh and the smaller girl gave in and turned around.

After the two had harmonized Chloe was aroused and thank god the other participant didn't notice. Looking at each other's bodies Chloe noticed that the other girl had been looking her body over but looked away a little uncomfortably.

"Oh yeah, I'm pretty confident." Confident was a good word I guess. "About all this." She gestured to her toned, tanned body.

"You should be." The brunette smiled softly.

Grabbing the girl's towel, Chloe cleared her throat and smiled warmly back.

"I'm Chloe by the way, Chloe Beale."

"Beca." The brunette matched her name to her appearance and Chloe smiled even more

"Beca." Chloe repeated and giggled softly, "I'll see you at auditions!" She called out behind her, leaving Beca to her now very confused sexuality.

Back then it was simple.


Chloe rushed down the hallways of her dorm, fleeing from infected students and teachers that followed her. Thank god for the Barden Bella's cardio seriousness. She was far from the zombies at this point but her adrenaline pumped throughout her body. Knowing she had to meet the rest of the Bella's in the auditorium she quickened her speed. She then rounded a corner, smacking into someone, something. That being a very gross, infected, and unappealing Baloney Barb.

"Hey Barb," the ginger scooted back a little. "You er…you're sick okay? Just let me go past you okay?" The zombie's eyes met hers and she knew it wasn't going to be that simple

"Douuuucheee…B…" The infected baloney tit zombie growled out

Chloe groaned irritated. "Oh come on that was three years ago! Why hold a grudge?" She took out her magnum pistol and capped a bullet into the now dead Baloney Barb. "With tits like that, I'm doing you a favor."

The ginger began to run down the halls again, zombies far behind her still. She looked around and saw many undead bodies lying around with bullets through their heads. That was how you killed them. Shooting their braindead heads through the skull one way and out the other. It was how you'd assure your life wasn't at risk. Running out of her dorm she ran across campus to the auditorium. She knocked on the doors of the safe house she now called home awaiting the usual routine.

"What's your vocal scale?" Aubrey's voice barked through the door.

"Soprano, recovering from vocal nodules surgery." Chloe stated as she had many times before.

"Hold a G# for me please." Aubrey's voice softened a little, knowing now who was at the door.

Chloe cleared her throat and then did as what was requested, the door opening. Aubrey pulled her in and hugged her tight. Tears brimmed her eyes and swallowed hard. Chloe wasn't usually greeted like this so a lump of worry took place in her throat. "Aubrey?"

The blonde looked at Chloe and took her hand gently, leading her over to the Bella's she sat her beside Fat Amy. Chloe noticed everyone was uneasily quiet. "What is going on guys? Where's Beca?"

Aubrey's eyes glazed over along with the rest of the Bella's. Speaking up Aubrey choked up. "Jesse is bringing her here."

Chloe's uneasy feeling arose more, Beca was her best friend and her crush. What had happened? Did she fall and hurt herself, did she get caught in a friendly fire by the clumsy oaf Jesse, but the following words that came out of Aubrey's mouth broke her heart into millions of pieces.

"She was bitten and doesn't have long until she turns." Aubrey choked out before turning around and breaking down into a fit of sobs.

Ashley, Jessica, Denise, and Stacie all followed suit. Fat Amy, Cynthia Rose, and Lily let their silent tears fall. For Chloe and Emily they died internally. Chloe was losing her everything while Emily was losing her big sister idol in her life. Everyone's cries were interrupted by loud banging coming from the door.

Chloe rushed to the door and yanked it open, Jesse holding a very pale and bloody Beca. Letting them in the ginger kept her tears from falling. Emily had cleared off the piano, allowing Jesse to place the pained Bella. Everyone surrounded the two but Jesse looked away from his girlfriend. Beginning to walk away Chloe stopped him.

"Where the hell are you going?" She growled at the Treble

His red puffy eyes didn't meet hers, "I can't do this."

"YOU can't do this?!" She shouted at him, "she's in a shit ton of pain and you are the one who can't do this."

He didn't speak but pushed past her and left.

Now annoyed but fragile as ever Chloe, walked back up to her best friend and crush Beca. Looking at the petite girl her heart broke even more. She watched as the girl's eyes became more red and irritated, her muscles in her arms and legs began to jolt every now and then, and her body became more and more pale white. Chloe didn't think twice before taking Beca's hand in her own, gaining her attention.

"Don't worry Becs," Chloe spoke softly to her. "You won't turn on your own."

"Thank you Chloe, all of you really." Beca choked out as blood trickled from her mouth's corners slowly

The Bella's smiled weakly, Chloe smiling faintly down at her love of her life now that she'll never even know about her feelings. The ginger's light blue, crystal eyes looked down at the brunette's ocean blue eyes of her own and the tears finally came.

"Can't we do anything?" Chloe muttered, "Can't we find a cure in time?" She sniffled

Beca squeezed Chloe's hand and smiled. "I wish." She coughed out, what sounded like she was hacking out a lung.

Lily then bolted to her part of the safe house, coming back with tons of ropes and bondage equipment.

"Lily no offense, but I rather not become a zombie obsessed with bondage." Beca chuckled quietly, her time coming close to an end.

Lily shook her head and began tying Beca's wrists and ankles on each side of a rope, she then tied the other sides to each leg of the piano. "We will get the cure soon. Just you'll have to be stuck a zombie for a bit."

Aubrey, unimpressed with the idea gasped. "No way! We are not having an undead Beca infect us all!"

The other Bella's were quiet until Cynthia Rose spoke up, "why don't we make her part of the safe house into like a caged area so she isn't running around loose? Stacie and I can take the Barden Bella bus to Home Depot-"

Fat Amy chuckled and received a look from the lesbian not long after.

"-where we can grab some good metals and stuff to keep Zombie Beca contained without 'infecting' the rest of us." Cynthia Rose finished

Beca, tied down by the ropes, still holding onto Chloe's hand nodded weakly. "That sounds, Aca-Awesome." She groaned and grasped the ginger's hand even tighter.

Lily tightened each rope and grabbed onto a bondage muzzle, glaring at everyone since they were giving her 'why do you even have that' looks.

"I'm going to put this on Beca right as she transitions into her infected, zombie self so she doesn't bite us and as we wait for the big cage for her is built." Lily announced to them, the Bella's nodding in approval.

Beca looked at Chloe with pain in her eyes, "so this is it. Until hopefully the cure is found." Chloe nodded down at Beca with tears still falling. "Chlo, this isn't goodbye."

Chloe sniffled and looked at Beca as she watched her eyes start to darken from their dark blue to a sickening black. "Alright Becs, you better come back to me then. We need you."

Beca smiled through the pain and the transition. "I need you more though." She screamed out as her eyes blackened, the pain taking over her body. The virus pulsing through her veins, any human cell she had was corrupted and replaced with the virus. The new Beca's heart didn't beat like a humans would, all her senses were sharpened, but her emotions didn't exist. Everyone around her was just a meal, no friends, just the flesh she desired to tear off their bones. Her grip on Chloe's hand was the last thing to go from her humanity, and sadly Chloe knew this New Beca wouldn't be easy to keep under control, because the Old Beca didn't make it that simple either.

Chloe stepped back and watched with the rest of the Bella's as Lily tightened the muzzle around Beca's head, covering her mouth. Aubrey watched the New Zombie-fied Beca with disgust and walked to her part of the safe house. Cynthia Rose and Stacie left to go get the metals that they needed. Jessica, Denise, and Ashley felt uneasy so they went to their shared part of the place as well. Emily stood beside Chloe and Lily as they watched Beca thrash around. Their Beca who used to act the same way only when she didn't get what she wanted. Now it was just sad because that wasn't the same Beca they all knew. It was definitely not the same Beca who had Chloe's heart.