Puppet Tries to Get Even

Chapter 1: Puppet Hiding Away

It had been at least a week since the two spies had finished their jobs at Freddy's Pizzeria. It was quite rather a dark night at Mann Manor, where the Puppet who had followed the two spies back to their place was secretly planning with the Headless Hatmann.

"So what's this all about I hear you have an issue with these two spies?" asked the Headless Hatmann in a demonic like voice.

The Puppet drew a picture of the two spies and handed it over to him.

"I see" continued the Headless Hatmann, "so what do you want me to do about them?"

The Puppet then hands him a note that reads "Get Even With Them For Me".

"Yes, that I think I can do" laughed the Headless Hatmann.

About a few days later, the two spies were gearing up for a typical run with their two teams in pushing the payload carts.

"So, how did your job do as a security guard?" asked the Red Soldier to the Red Spy.

"Uh, I don't want to talk about it, makes me have more desire to just fight my Blue counterpart than live through five nights at that horrible place" continued the Red Spy.

As the administrator signaled the two teams to go out and push their payload cards, the Blue Spy headed off in his usual manner hoping to sabotage the other team's efforts. As the Red team continued to push their payload, the Blue Spy began to backstab each member along with a Blue Pyro coming into the scene using his flamethrower at the Red team members. Yet as the Blue Pyro was having too much fun he was backstabbed by the Red Spy.

"I see you've improved" said the Red Spy as he noticed his dead comrades.

"True" continued the Blue Spy, "this is more fun than at that pizzeria a few weeks ago."

"That's true" laughed the Red Spy as he took out his gun.

The Red Spy then began to continue to have a casual conversation with his Blue counterpart as they were in a shootout with each other. The Blue Spy was hiding behind the Red team's payload while his Red counterpart was trying to find him.

"Bah, you shouldn't be afraid of me, at least I'm not that horrible Puppet!" laughed the Red Spy.

The Blue Spy then got out of his hiding spot.

"At least I know what other spies like you are up to, not that horrible thing" continued the Blue Spy as the two continued their shootout with each other.

But as the Blue Spy was about to fire another round, a Red Soldier fired his rocket fragging the Blue Spy.

"Sorry to disrupt your conversation, but we got a job to do" said the Red Soldier.

The Red Team continued to push their payload while the Blue team was struggling with theirs. For the Puppet, it was glaring at both teams noticing how much they were trying to put an effort. The Headless Hatmann was also observing too from afar. The Puppet then pointed at the two teams.

"Hmm, time for a little fun!" laughed the Headless Hatmann in his typical demonic voice.

The Headless Hatmann then leaped down with his axe and began to charge toward the two teams.

"Wait, it's not the season!" cried a Blue Soldier as he was fragged by the Headless Hatmann.

"Run!" cried a Blue Scout as he spotted the Headless Hatmann.

The Blue team was obviously running into some trouble with the Headless Hatmann, for the Red team, they were going to run into the same trouble as they were just nearing the Blue team's base.

"Almost there ladies!" laughed the Red Soldier.

Suddenly the Red Soldier could feel some heavy breathing, thinking it was the Red Heavy doing it.

"Heavy how many times do I—oh!" cried the Red Soldier as he noticed the Headless Hatmann, "Shouldn't you be waiting for fall?"

The Headless Hatmann then promptly fragged the Red team members with his axe, for the two spies they were puzzled why the Headless Hatmann was summoned yet they had to move on with their mission but also fight the Headless Hatmann. The Puppet indeed wanted to use the Headless Hatmann as his very own puppet to divide and conquer the two teams.