Chapter 4: Drawing Out the Puppet

The two teams knew what they had to do in drawing out the Puppet by calling it out itself to come out. But the only way to succeed was to destroy the Headless Hatmann first. As they were prepared for another capture the point challenge, the two spies were communicating with each other through their communicators.

"Ready?" asked the Red Spy.

"Ready" replied the Blue Spy.

As the challenge started the two teams began as a normal challenge capturing a point, soon however, the Headless Hatmann showed up and was prepared to ax and frag anyone that came by. The Headless Hatmann first fragged a Blue Pyro who was on his way to capture a point. For the Puppet, it was watching everything in secret from afar. Observing the movement of the two teams.

"Need some help here!" cried the Blue Engineer as he was doing his best to have his sentry gun fight off the Headless Hatmann which was no use as he was quickly fragged and his sentry gun destroyed as well.

Yet soon however a few rockets from the Blue Soldier came toward the Headless Hatmann sending it flying into the air and against the wall. Then a few more from the Red Soldier as the two teams were getting closer to the middle capture point.

"I say we stick to the plan and pretend to be fighting but only hold the middle ground" continued the Red Spy.

"Agreed" replied the Blue Soldier who fired a few more rounds of rockets at the Headless Hatmann.

The Headless Hatmann got up and charged at the two teams, he was able to frag both soldiers of the two teams, and even the scouts. Yet soon he'd have to face the two heavies of the teams as they were using their chainguns against him.

"Puny coward come fight me!" laughed the Red Heavy which that remark soon changed as the Headless Hatmann came toward him with an ax, "Uh oh."

The Headless Hatmann made quick work of the Red Heavy and the Blue Heavy soon ran out of ammo.

"Great, just great!" cried the Blue Heavy which he was then fragged.

The two doctors on both teams had to come up with some sort of a plan as they were charging their urber chargers for the two heavies that respawned back at their teams' bases.

"Let's call out the Puppet after this" laughed the Red Spy to his comrades.

As both teams began to concentrate firepower on the Headless Hatmann, the Headless Hatmann was getting quite weak, and soon he was defeated by the combined firepower.

"Yes, you hear that Puppet, we beat you we know you're out there come and fight us!" roared the Blue Spy.

The Puppet soon indeed showed up as it then grabbed the Headless Hatmann's ax and began to chase each one of them.

"Now you've done it!" cried the Blue Demo as he was running for his life.

The Puppet was able to ax each member of each team with ease until he came across the two spies.

"It's just between you and us" continued the Blue Spy.

The Puppet nodded, as it wasn't very happy to see the two spies.

"Let's dance then" said the Red Spy as he took out a knife along with his Blue counterpart.

The Blue Spy lunged first at the Puppet who was then able to frst him sadly, for the Red Spy he was able to dodge the attack and was able to stab the Puppet in the back. The Puppet took out the knife from its back which stunned the Red Spy. But as it was about to charge, an Uber charged up Red Heavy literally punched out the Puppet's lights knocking it out cold.

"That's one way to handle that!" laughed the Red Heavy.

"You said it" laughed the Blue Heavy.

"Uh, what did I miss?" asked the Blue Spy as he came back from his base.

"What do you want to do about this?" asked the Red Spy.

"I have a good idea" added the Blue Spy.

Indeed the two teams were prepared to sell the Puppet to none other than Gray Mann himself, as he came right by to see everything he noticed the Puppet trapped in a special glass.

"Very nice antique, I'll take it" laughed Gray Mann, "as part of a truce."

"Agreed" laughed the Blue Spy.

"Where did you manage to find this?" asked Gray.

"Some pizzeria sold it" replied the Red Spy as he made up the best alibi.

"Good enough for me" laughed Gray as he left with the antique.

Hopefully that'd be the last time the two spies would ever see the Puppet ever again, or hopefully for what they thought would be the last time as it began to glare at them back as Gray Mann was putting it in his trunk of his car and heading off.