Symbiote Ooo

Chapter 1: The Voice Inside the Red Skull

A clone of the Red Skull sits within a tube, hoping one day to be released be found and released by his fellow loyalists in HYDRA. However "something" prematurely would release him being an entity from another universe. That entity happened to be the Lich King from the Land of Ooo.

"Wake" said a voice unfamiliar to the Red Skull.

"Who said that, I am the only one who is supposed to do such things!" declared the Red Skull.

The Red Skull bursts out of the tube not knowing who woke him from his sleep.

"Show yourself!" roared the Red Skull who was unhappy.

"I see pure darkness in you" said the strange voice, "darkness similar like mine. But I have a task for you."

"Task for me, no one gives the Red Skull tasks but the Red Skull!" roared the Red Skull.

"I need you to go to SHIELD and steal those symbiotes, everyone needs their own army" said the strange voice.

The Red Skull ended up disgusing himself as a civilian heading toward the SHIELD helicarrier that housed the symbiotes. The symbiotes that were locked away were Carnage, Scream, Hybrid, Phage, Lasher, Agony and Riot. The Red Skull was still curious to why the symbiotes were going to be acquired for what reasons. He had carefully passed security on the helicarrier, not even Hank Pym's own security measures could withstand the Red Skull's infiltration of the helicarrier.

"I don't know who or what you are, but what you want well I'd have wanted to use those symbiotes myself!" cried the Red Skull.

"Well, where I need them the most in my home reality is the best place to start" continued the strange voice, "now just steal those symbiotes away."

As the Red Skull found where each symbiote resided, he had carefully placed each one in a container. It wasn't until a security guard noticed what he was doing.

"Hey, where do you think you're taking them?" asked the security guard.

The Red Skull promptly knocked out the guard and rushed out in a hurry. He then headed for a spacecraft that was on the helicarrier.

"Glad they gave us a ride" laughed the strange voice.

The Red Skull then started the spaceship's engines and started off.

"Intruder!" cried one of the soldiers as he spotted the other soldier unconscous and the symbiotes missing from their cells.

Yet it was too late, the Red Skull ended up taking off with the symbiotes in his clutches, the strange voice was then giving the Red Skull the coordinates of a wormhole to head to. For a certain Nick Fury, he couldn't believe why anyone would want to steal those symbiotes as he had called a meeting of Flash Thompson, Captain America and Spiderman.

"Why would anyone want to steal these symbiotes and just head off like that?" asked Spiderman.

"I know what you mean, we tracked down the coordinates to apparently some wormhole the intruder was fleeing" continued Nick Fury.

"You want us to go find out whoever was responsible for it?" asked Captain America.

"Yes, the other odd thing is we have some SHIELD infiltrators in HYDRA who have stated a Red Skull clone is also missing" continued Nick Fury.

"Wait a second, why would a Red Skull clone want to steal symbiotes and not use them on Earth?" asked Spiderman, "That doesn't make any sense."

"Tell me about it" added Flash.

"We have hired Star-Lord and his crew along with Anti-Venom to guide you to find the symbiotes" continued Nick Fury.

"Shouldn't be that hard, just give us a few flamethrowers and sonic sound weapons and it'd be done" continued Spiderman.

"Not that simple if the symbiotes are going to another universe" continued Nick Fury.

A few seconds later, Star-Lord's ship had arrived on the scene with his crew.

"So, we're bringing Captain America along this time" laughed Star-Lord.

"I am Groot" said Groot.

"How should I know why a Red Skull clone would know what to do with those symbiotes" said Rocket to Groot.

"I am Groot" continued Groot.

"Yea, that does sound strange of the Red Skull, I wonder if he's controlled by a ghost" continued Rocket.

"I am Groot" added Groot.

"Groot is a smart being" said Drax as he nodded.

"So I am guessing you guys were briefed by Nick Fury before you arrived" continued Spiderman.

"You got that right" added Rocket.

"The only thing is where did this entity come from?" asked Gamora.

The scene then switches to the other universe of the Land of Ooo, where the Red Skull is just about to exit from the wormhole.