Chapter 6: Lasher Alpha and Beta

Trouble was brewing in the Land of Ooo, Lasher had split into two being one Lasher Alpha which was in control of the dead Legendary Billy and Lasher Beta which was in control of Sweat P. They were wrecking havoc in the country side of Ooo for Dr. Strange and Professor Xavier they were doing their best to communicate with the SHIELD team there and the local heroes.

"So you guys can read our minds right?" asked Jake to Dr. Strange and Professor Xavier, "What am I thinking of?"

"Bacon pancakes" sighed Professor Xavier.

"Yea that's just what I had for breakfast" laughed Jake.

"Can we be a little bit more serious than this?" asked Gamora.

"Yea we got word Lasher has split into two halves" said Star-Lord.

As the SHIELD team along with Finn and Jake headed out of Candy Kingdom they spotted Lasher Alpha controlling the dead body of the Legendary Billy.

"Let him rest!" roared Finn as he took out his sword ready for a fight.

"So you think you can stop me, well think again!" laughed Lasher Alpha.

Lasher Alpha tried to lunge at Finn, yet Spiderman ended up blocking Lasher Alpha and shot a few web shots toward him. The symbiote continued to try to attack, yet was knocked down by Captain America's shield as he tossed it toward the symbiote.

"There is no way you'll ever beat me!" laughed Lasher Alpha as he got up.

"Let's see if you like some shockwaves!" laughed Rocket as he was ready with some shockwave guns.

Rocket fired the shockwaves toward Lasher Alpha which ended up stunning him.

"Uh, cannot move!" cried Lasher Alpha.

Groot soon charged toward Lasher Alpha and gave him quite a beating, however once that was all over the symbiote left the deceased Legendary Billy's body alone and began to hurry toward Lasher Beta which was in control of Sweat P.

"I'll re-bury the Legendary Billy, you guys handle that thing" said Finn.

"It's a symbiote you know" said Drax.

As the SHIELD team headed out, Lasher Alpha had raced toward where Lasher Beta was which was controlling Sweat P who was terrorizing a village. Before Lasher Beta could burn down a local temple some grenades were tossed toward it by Agent Venom.

"Not so fast pal" said Agent Venom as he readied his weapons.

"So you dare threaten me?" asked Lasher Beta as he turned around.

Lasher Beta tried to clash and slash its claws toward Agent Venom, until Anti-Venom stepped in to protect Agent Venom. Anti-Venom was able to give Lasher Beta quite a beating until Lasher Beta couldn't take it anymore it left Sweat P who fell unconscious to the ground. For Lasher Alpha it soon met up with Lasher Beta and merged back into the original Lasher. However that'd be short lived as Rocket once again used the shockwave guns to subdue Lasher.

"Uh, what a mess" said Rocket.

"Not done yet" said Dr. Strange, "it seems that there is chaos in the Nightosphere."

"What the heck is the Nightosphere?" asked Star-Lord.

"Your new friend Finn should know" continued Professor Xavier, "once he's finished burying the Legendary Billy he'll take you there."

As the SHIELD team was prepared to head toward the Nightosphere, meanwhile in the Fire Kingdom, the Red Skull had already released Hybrid, and Hybrid had found his way toward the Fire Princess which he began to take control over of.

"Yes, now is the time to create that cosmic cube you're so good at creating" laughed the voice to the Red Skull, "this will bid me time!"

"Time for what?" asked the Red Skull.

"You'll see" laughed the voice.

The Red Skull indeed was very unaware of the Lich King's plans to use his cosmic cube to make a come back in the Land of Ooo. The symbiotes were nothing more than a diversion to his master plan at hand. For the others before going into the Nightosphere they were going to have to subdue Magic Man as he was wrecking havoc in the mountains of Ooo.