Chapter 7: Old World Drama

Once again it was time for Blaineley to give a recap to the audience.

Blaineley's commentary:

Last time on Camp Drama Doom Games, our three teams were supposed to give presents to Dr. Doom. Some of the teams did better than the others. Yet for team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool things didn't turn out so well. Since Hiro was upset he got a B- rating from Dr. Doom he was voted off once the other teams were ahead of them.

So who'll be voted off next? Find out here on Camp Drama Doom Games!

End of commentary.

As the three teams were sleeping in their cabins, Chef ended up waking each one up in his own way with Bob helping him. For team Reed Richards is a Dork, Bob was ordered to poor cockroaches down the chimney of the cabin which forced everyone out.


"That's so cruel!" cried Reed.

"Ew, ew, ew!" cried Cindy.

"Bwahahaha!" laughed Chef.

End of confessions.

For team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool, Bob was ordered to change the temperature to freezing level.


"After all they want to be cool with Doom!" laughed Chef.

"So cold!" cried Timmy as he was quite blue on the camera.

End of confessions.

For team SHIELD is Stupid, the temperature was changed in the opposite direction as team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool making them quite hot and sweaty.


"Never thought it'd be so hot in here" said Phineas.

"Same here" added Ferb who was down below Phineas in the Beak suit.

End of confessions.

As the three teams headed for the cafeteria to get their breakfast which was usually disgusting, they were not pleased with the way Chef got them all up.

"Why did you pour cockroaches down our chimney?!" cried Cindy to Chef.

"Hey, Dr. Doom gave me an order to think of a creative way to get you all up and I did" laughed Chef.

As the three teams sat down to eat their meals, both Chris and Blaineley came into the scene as they were ready to give you the challenge.

"Hope you had a nice sleep, because today's challenge you are all going to do an old world play for Dr. Doom" continued Chris.

"That's right, whoever does the best fairytale play wins immunity" continued Blaineley.

After the three teams finished their meals, they headed out to the main theater which were they were going to do the play for Dr. Doom. For team Reed Richards is a Dork, they were going to do the Three Little Pigs; for the team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool they were going to do Beauty and the Beast; for team SHIELD is Stupid they were going to do Hanselle and Grettle.

"Okay, I expect each team to be ready within six hours" continued Dr. Doom, "I'll be waiting to judge you then."


"How embarrassing" sighed Reed Richards as he didn't want to do it.

"Reed better not screw up" said Heather.

End of confessions.

For Reed Richards he was going to receive a little help from Spiderman as he was literally on the wall of the theater observing everyone.

"About time you showed up" said Reed.

"So what's the news Mr. Richards?" asked Spiderman.

"I need you to make sure our team messes up so badly everyone would want me to leave" continued Reed.

"But you tried that" added Spiderman.

"I know, but not with help" added Reed.

As Spiderman headed back into the shadows, six hours passed and the three teams were ready for their plays. Dr. Doom along with Chris and Blaineley sat as judges observing each of the teams. For the first team was the team Reed Richards is a Dork as they were going to do Three Little Pigs play. Reed was the first pig as he was making his house out of straw trying to be purposely poor about doing the job.

"That's a house?" asked Chris.

"It's made out of straw" said Reed.

"Yea that's just as dumb as you" laughed Dr. Doom.

"No, the straw house looks smarter" added Blaineley to Dr. Doom.

Jake the Dog ended up being the wolf and ended up blowing down the house of straw with ease making Reed Richards run to Sticks who was representing the second pig making the house out of wood. Jake literally blew that house down too and the duo headed to the third pig which their teammate Deadpool volunteered to be the third pig. Jake did his best to try to tear down the house, yet thanks to Deadpool and his 4th Wall Abilities he wasn't able to. Spiderman also secretly tried to help Jake knock down the house with no luck either.

"Okay, I give it a B" said Dr. Doom.

"A- from me" added Chris.

"Jake could have done more, but I say B-" said Blaineley.

For the second team it was going to be Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool as they were going to do the play Beauty and the Beast which poor Sonic was forced by Amy to play the part of the beast.

"There is no way I am going to do this" said Sonic to Alejandro.

"If you want our team to win, you'll do it" said Alejandro.

"Oh thank you for making him do this!" cried Amy as she hugged Alejandro.

"Hey the pleasure is all mine" laughed Alejandro.

As the two were going to do the Beauty and the Beast kissing part, poor Sonic had to literally kiss Amy which he detested the most. Yet only Amy enjoyed the kiss even though if it was going to be short lived. Sonic after the kiss was in backstage trying to spit out Amy's jerms.


"Ew, disgusting!" cried Sonic.

"I did it!" laughed Amy.

End of confessions.

"I give it a C+" said Dr. Doom, "it's okay."

"Same" added Chris.

"Same here" added Blaineley.

For the third team SHIELD is Stupid they were going to do the play Hanselle and Grettle which Johnny was going to play Hans and Sissy as Grettle, while Aseefa volunteered to be the witch. As the play went on, Dr. Doom was pretty impressed as Johnny pulled his usual tricks against Aseefa who whose laughter made her into a good wicked witch.

"Now that's a witch!" laughed Dr. Doom as he gave them high markings.

"Same here" added Chris.

"Here, here" added Blaineley.

As the play was over, the trio of judges were going to give scores to each team.

"Uh, the team after my name didn't do so well, so it looks like they'll have to vote off someone" said Dr. Doom.

"I hear you that, looks like team SHIELD is Stupid is the winner!" laughed Chris.

For team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool they were not so cool once again as this time the vote was going to be a vote between Sonic and Amy. Sonic was lobbying his team to vote off Amy which he was rather annoyed with Amy and the kiss he had to give to her.

"You have to get the others to vote for her off" said Sonic to Alejandro.

"Fine, only because I've already seen you suffered enough" added Alejandro.

It was indeed a done deal as the votes were being tallied by both Chris and Blaineley it was the obvious who was going to be voted off.

"Amy it looks like you got the most votes" said Blaineley.

"What that's impossible?!" cried Amy, "Sonic wouldn't never encourage everyone to vote me off!"

"Oh really?" asked Alejandro, "A blue birdy told me to get everyone to vote you off."

"You!" cried Amy as she wanted to lunge forward toward Sonic yet Chef grabbed her in the nick of time, "I'll show you when you get back!"

Chef was indeed struggling with Amy as she almost escaped him, he had to receive help from YooYee and the Cooders in restraining her on her seat in the Helicopter of Shame which would head back to the helicarrier.

"This isn't over!" cried Amy as the Helicopter of Shame took off.

"For you it might be, will team Dr. Doom is Very, Very Cool get their coolness back? Find out next time here on Camp Drama Doom Games!" laughed Chris.