Harry stared again. The elusive, white-cloaked thief was back. Finally breaking out of his shock, Harry managed to form words.

"How the bloody-how did you get in? I just updated the wards yesterday!" Harry exclaimed, watching Kaito Kid move around his room in curiosity. Kid shrugged nonchalantly, before sitting down on Harry's bed.

"Akako's amulet." Kid replied casually, checking the pockets of his suit before withdrawing another red rose and handing it to Harry, who accepted the flower with a sense of bemusement. Having previously withdrawn his wand, Harry tucked it back behind his ear, a habit he'd picked up from Luna after ditching his glasses and fixing his eyesight with potions and magical means. Speechless, Harry continued to stare at Kid as the phantom thief casually snapped his fingers, a dove appearing in his palm. Kid petted the dove's feathers calmly, amused by the wizard's shock and lack of words.

"Do you know how long I spent on the wards?" Harry almost pouted. "Four hours. Four bloody hours updating and adding wards. And you still got through the wards." Harry frowned childishly, running a hand through his raven locks as his green eyes stared into indigo ones. "That's not fair." Harry huffed, flopping backwards into his chair-though being careful as not to break his wand.

"Sincere apologies, Harry. But I'm afraid magic, real or not, cannot deter someone like me." Kid smirked at Harry, watching as Harry concealed a shiver at how Kid said his name, amused yet intrigued by the black-haired wizard.

With another snap of his fingers, the dove previously resting on his palm vanished, and Kid stretched his arms above his head before standing up. He made his way to the balcony, but was stopped by Harry as he stood up and intercepted the thief. Harry stepped closer to Kid, fighting away a blush, as his hands reached to Kid's suit and fixed his tie. When he was done fixing the tie, Harry retreated back to the chair, a blush quickly taking over his features.

"It was bothering me." Harry forced out, flushing, as Kid chuckled and sent Harry a wink.

"Well then, Harry. Once more, I must take my leave." Kid walked onto the balcony, before jumping off, and gliding away on white wings, but not before Harry shouted something.

"Next time, Kid, you decide to stop by, give me a warning, please! I'd very much appreciate that." Harry shouted, before slumping back into his chair, looking at the rose that Kid had given to him at the beginning of their encounter.