Harry woke up, as the sun started to peek through the clouds. Whatever was underneath him was soft, and fluffy, and...was that his bed? Harry clearly remembered falling asleep on the couch in the living room. What else was there yesterday? The meeting with Kaito Kid! Scrambling out of bed, Harry changed into a black long-sleeve tee-shirt and a pair of black jeans, before hurrying down the stairs, trying not to trip and fall.

Upon entering the living room, Harry stopped. The white-clad thief was sitting on one of the couches, casually sipping at what seemed to resemble hot chocolate. Confused, and unsure if he was hallucinating or not, Harry rubbed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, the phantom thief was still there. Kid looked up, seeing Harry staring at him, and smirked.

"So, Sleeping Beauty finally awoke?" Kid asked, setting the mug of hot chocolate on the table next to the couch and standing up. He walked until he was standing in front of Harry, and with a twitch of his fingers, a beautiful red rose (yes, another one) appeared in his hands and he handed it to Harry, his indigo eyes piercing into Harry's emerald ones. After regaining the use of his voice after the surprise, Harry apologized.

"Sorry, Kid-I didn't really mean to fall asleep-" Harry started, an embarrassed flush prominent on his cheeks.

"It's fine." Kid replied, waving a hand nonchalantly, before adding, "though you looked quite beautiful in your sleep, if I must say so myself, Harry." With Kid's words, Harry flushed darker. The floor now seemed very interesting to look at and observe, instead of staring the phantom thief in the face. Then the thief's expression turned serious. Seeing that, Harry couldn't resist asking.

"Is something wrong?" He asked politely, glancing at Kid with slight concern.

"Harry..." For a moment, Kid faltered, wondering how exactly he should phrase his worries, before making up his mind. "Yesterday, when I was carrying you upstairs into your bedroom-wait that sounded mildly creepy-moving on, your shirt rode up...why and who carved that word onto your chest?" Harry froze, feeling like a deer in the headlights, just waiting to be hit by the car. He, honestly, was not expecting this question.

"It's nothing." Deny everything. Avoid the question. Deny, deny, deny. Harry pretended to smile, even though his mental thoughts were filled with panic as he tried to come up with a worthy response and get away from the painful memories of his childhood.

"Harry." Kid said firmly, absentmindedly grabbing Harry's hands, holding them. Seeing Harry's pain and panic-filled emerald eyes, Kid's eyes softened. "Harry, what happened?" His grip on Harry's hand tightened slightly as he peered worriedly into the wizard's eyes. "Answer me, please."

Harry found himself stuck in 'memory lane'. He could remember the cruel taunts from Dudley, the screams of terror from Petunia, and the loud yells and shouts from Vernon. Everything was overwhelming, and Harry found himself unable to respond to the outside, the true world, too busy combating old nightmares, old wounds torn open unintentionally by Kid's question. He found himself petrified and unable to move. It was like he was made of stone.

As Harry went stiff, Kid found himself growing steadily more and more worried and concerned for Harry.

"Harry." Kid shook Harry's shoulder's softly, not missing the automatic flinch in response that he received. "Harry." Kid's voice was louder this time. "Harry, please."

The nightmares didn't stop attacking Harry. Old feelings of pain, loneliness, and rejection that Harry had harbored all these years came back up. Memories once pushed and locked back surged forth, knocking down all of Harry's attempts at Occlumency, at just making all this STOP.

Eventually, everything grew to too much for Harry's mind to handle. Distantly acknowledging Kid calling his name over and over again, his face creased with worry, Harry accepted the looming darkness, just wanting everything to stop.

He remembered hearing Kid's shout of horror as Harry's body went limp, his eyes rolling up into his head, as he collapsed into the phantom thief's arms.